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Full Version: Death Hotel Mystery
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Wynter Myth in my fan fiction i made it so that a specific character was ordered to find out
what is going on in a hotel located in Japan. He calls opon three locations.
The Black Order (D.Gray-man)
The Magdaline Order (Chrono Crusade)
And the help of Abe no Masahiro from Shonen Omnyoji.

First of all i want to make sure if this is a good idea or not...and wether you find
the characters suitble for this RP. If not I'll just change the name and give it a change
of ideas. Soo...what do you think? >_>;;;;
*wags imaginary tail extremely fast* I like it. Do it!!! I'll join in if everyone else agrees with me. XD
I'll join too I guess ^-^
Wynter Myth

Yays! i love you guys ^^ *huggles*

Alright so this is the real story.
Kantarou Ichinomiya gets a call from his editor Reiko. There is something going on in
an old abandoned hotel in the urban part of Japan. This Hotel is responsible for the dissapearance of many people who wonder in. The go in but they never come back out. So he decides to call opon 6 more exorcists to help him to find the true case of the Death Hotel.

So let the RP Begin. I guess if some more people come in they can join when ever they want.

I call shot gun on Kantarou and Haruka that is if no one else wishes to take him. I'll give the first person who sees this post to post first ^^
I as well join you.
Wynter Myth
Thanks! happy.gif

Or right i forgot to mention, Lets start where they are all on their way to Japan.
Making the people from Chrono Crusade take a boat then a train or a plane...
The same with D.Gray-man they are going to have to use a train or plane to get
to japan...Meanwhile Kantarou, Haruka, and Masahiro will have maybe a train ride there. Not too far. Alright lets get started.
You start
I'll start *rolls eyes*

Kari Rika Neko was sighing as they were in an air plane,she was a parasitic type of excorsist which was fairly clear to her cat ears on her head and her tail,oddly though she also had an equipment type innocence which was the gun strapped to her thigh/hip which she called 'Hades' and she asked boredly

"Are we there yet?"
Wynter Myth
(oops...didn't read teh post before Kari_Nekos ^^;;;;;; )

Kantarou walked through the street people passing by and little kids running around playing "Kagome". He smiled as he turned his head to watch for a moment still walking to his destination. The train station.

"So as soon as we get to Tokyo we're going to have to find the Hotel and wait for the other excorcists i believe." he said turning to his left side where Haruka walked beside him. Haruka looked down to him.

"Yeah, thats what Reiko told you didn't she?" he asked.

"hmm" he nodded. "Just making sure." he said still walking.

They finally made it to the train station where they stopped at the ticket booth before getting near the carts. Kantarou bought two tickets and then proceeded to the carts showing the ticket person their tickets. Then walking in only to realise that not that many people were thinking about traveling. They sat in a curious area and began to play the waiting game.
(Me= want to join)
Allen Wheeler and Mat-Mat Rhodes were sitting about five rows in front of Kari, Mat-Mat pretending to play piano on the plane, with Allen complaining about the entire thing. He really didn't like heights, and didn't want to be over 10,000 feet in the air

"This is boring...when are we going to get off this crazy thing?"

Allen asked, hiding his fear of heights.

"Soon, just be patient."

Mat-Mat said just staring out the window, as bored as ever. She had an equipment type Innocence, her 'Atticus' as she called it, which was a necklace that was giving to her by her adoptive father before he died. Allen had a parasitic type Innocence, obvious from the wolf ears.

Kari had no issues with heights and she said getting up,careful as to not fall over,sitting down next to them in her own funny way saying boredly as they were

"If only Aka-usagi kun and Yuu-chan were here,then it wouldn't be as well."
"Still, I really don't like heights. It really creeps me out. I have nightmares about heights every night nowadays."

Allen said shivering.

"Who were you talking about?"

Mat-Mat asked, nearly bored to death, fidgeting around, playing "her" piano.
"Lavi-kun and Kanda."

Kari said with a snort,whenever she was paired up with those two like she generally was it was utter annoying hell for Kanda,her and Lavi worked very well together in pissing off the Japanese swordsmen though Kanda never tried to kill her unlike with Lavi so she figured he liked her in some sort.
"I see...never met them."

Mat-Mat said, eyes drooping, really not paying attention to her, but to her piano playing. Allen then turned into his puppy form and slept, before mumbling, "Wake me up when we get there."
Wynter Myth
(Btw = The Artist + Join = yes ^^)

Kantaoru looked out the window watching as the scenery passed and yawned a bit.

"At least this will get me out of writing a draft of any kind" he said with a chuckle.

Haruka glanced over to him.

"Reiko is bound to make you write a report once you get back, you realise this trip to a mysterious hotel is like reference to you. I thought it was obvious to you." he said cooly.

Kantarou sulked.

"Why must my trip be ruined after thinking that this trip is for reference??" he cried.

Haruka shook his head slowly at Kantarou's immaturness.
I'll join too! happy.gif

Ashiro glanced out the window at the passing scenery as the plane continued its flight.
'How far is this hotel anyways?' Suddenly, something that look suspisously like a cat's tail flickered out of the corner of her vision, causing her to direct her attention to her left. Sure enough, across the aisle, a girl with cat ears and a tail sat slumped in her seat looking extremely bored.
'Cat ears? A tail? What in the...?' She wondered as she continued to stare.
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