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Decided to loosen up a bit and hold a r@ndom, horror-themed Fullmetal Alchemist/Bleach role-play for the month of October (but we probably won't finish until March)!

PM me if you wish to join, though you probably will decline. Heh, heh.

Anyway...plot? What plot?
It's not a very stable plot; it'll need a lot of contributing to from the other participants.
Basically, it's Halloween night in Amestris, or, since Halloween doesn't exist in that world, October 31, and paranormal happenings and bizarre, horrifying events take place around the country, most notably in Rush Valley and Central City.
The rest is up to the role-players and their characters.

RULES (they must be read!):
1. A love for horror, mysteries, and the supernatural/paranormal is a must!
2. Romance is fine, just nothing sexual.
3. No god-moding.
4. Violence, blood, gore...all are a MUST. Just nothing over PG-13.
5. Keep swearing to a minimum, please.
6. No killing-off another person's character without their permission.
7. It's 1914, Amestris; no electronics such as video games and computers are in this world, neither are videos, television sets, the works! But radios exist, of course.
8. Because this is an invite-only role-play, those who are invited, we pretty much know each other's characters, right?
9. NO ONE-LINERS. PLEASE. They're extremely frustrating!
10. HAVE FUN!!!
YAY!I WAS INVITED!XD anyway,Kari's in and Naru toooooo!AS A GHOSTIE ARRANCAR! 8D
(Ah the Wonders of A new char will explode your minds.)
ooc| Ash: WTF?! NO L?!?! *twitch*
Rosi: Tell Rosi about the new charrie! 83
Hotaru: Naru-kun! *huggles him*
Rosi: ...A shinigami and arrancar...o.O Disturbing...

Anyway...I'll start when I have the intro thought up!
Naru:Haru-Haru! *glomps* Wow....Feel bad for DNA.....He's getting yelled at both of them XD
(A Dr. Maybe L later though.)
ooc| Rosi: ...Hmm...a a horror role-play...*thinks*
...THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!! 8D Alrighty...I'll start, then! 'It was a dark and stormy night...'
The storm this night wasn't surprising for October. As is natural for any storm, lightning flashed through the sky while thunder shook the ground, rain falling from the dark clouds above.

Around Central City, the air was chilly and the storm, to most, seemed more violent than others. The streets of the city were empty while the Military HQ loomed over the city, the storm casting an ominous air about the building.

The young woman with dirty-blonde hair, commonly known as 'Ash', lay on her bed, staring out the window in her hotel room, not feeling at all tired. Meanwhile, her apprentice, a young, teen girl with cropped, black hair name Hotaru, sat with a book, a collection of horror stories, gripping the book till her knuckles practically turned white, looking not at all tired.

Ash sighed, bored out of her mind, and looked at the phone, debating whether to call a friend over to help her with her boredom.
Her phone would already have rung when she looked at it while the black clad,black haired/eared/tailed,short,girl was standing a ways from the hotel at a candy store,personally Kari needed Ash for advice on which kind of sweets she should get for this stormy night,she also had a birthday card in her hand that she was paying for.
A Slouthing Figure with a Green Suit and a party hat was outside in the rain alone. he was visable to both
The moment the phone rang, both Ash and Hotaru jumped, however, for different reasons:
Ash jumped from the bed and grabbed the phone while Hotaru screamed, shot from her chair, dropped her book, and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

Ash sighed, remembering the warnings she gave Hotaru about those horror stories. She picked up the phone and spoke into the receiver, "Hello?"

She was still staring out the window when she picked up the phone; she had noticed an oddly-dressed man standing outside in the rain. She raised a brow, sensing an air of suspicion around him.
"Do I want to know why Hotaru was screaming....?Never mind.Anyway,I need help figuring out what to get candy and sweet wise since I'm gonna be reading some scary books."

Kari said into the phone sweat dropping,noticing the green suited man blinking puzzled.
the green suited man turned around revieling a Disfigured Face. "I traded you O Lord for mammon..and what did it get me...HUH??!?!?!?" He yelled as it threw Hooks through there windows.
Ash blinked. "Scary stories? Hmmm...personally," she started as she got up and set the chair that Hotaru had been sitting in back up while picking up the book she dropped, "How about milk chocolate? Dark chocolate has never been a wise choice for me when reading scary stories, but milk chocolate's fine, along with licorice!"

With the book under her arm and the phone on her shoulder as she spoke into it, she walked back to the window, curious now about the green-suited man. When she saw the hooks, immediatley she fell the ground, ducking out of the way as the shattered shards of glass fell around her.
Kari dropped her phone,the card,and the sweets she was about to get running out the door looking at the green suited man wondering out loud "What the....."

The man just keept laughing and throwing Hooks. "ATLAS! ATLAS! RYAN! DAMN ANDREW RYAN!" He yelled
Ash heard the yelling, dropping the phone and looking around, watching the hooks flying through the hotel windows. She heard the bathroom door unlock; she twitched. "Hotaru, stay in there!" she yelled, wondering just how to solve this situation with a little alchemy.

Hotaru had already stepped out of the bathroom, but had fallen flat to the floor, dodging the hooks. "Sensei! What the hell is going on?!" she yelled, covering her own head with her hands.
"Excuse me mister."

Kari said tapping him on the shoulder and when he turned around she punched him in the jaw sending him down on the ground.
The man fell to the ground and in a Roar threw a hook again before yelling. "PATRICK! I'M COMIN'!" And sliceing his own neck.

Kari said,now having blood all over her she blinked,this didn't happen everyday even for her.
Ash grumbled, then, once the hooks had ceased, peered out the broken window to find Kari and the man. When she saw him slice his own neck, she flinched, feeling disgusted, then ran to the hotel room door.

"C'mon, Hotaru! Kari-chan's out there!" she ordered, running out and bolting down the stairs. Hotaru had followed, baffled, then, in a few seconds, the two were outsidce, Hotaru a midget compared to her sensei, and ran toward Kari.

"What the hell happened?" Ash asked calmly, twitching as she stood next to Kari, looking at the body. Hotaru froze, raising a brow. "Um...yeah, and why on earth is he wearing a party hat?" Hotaru wondered out loud, scratching her head.
"Maybe he was drunk?"

Kari suggested trying to get the blood off his face
Ash raised a brow. "Drunk? ...I guess that's possible," she murmured, scratching her chin before glancing down at the man again. Hotaru was crouching down beside him, scrutinizing him, as though to memorize his face, her eyes narrowed and her hands on her knees.
"Kari, why is there a dead man infrount of you?" L asked as he walked down the street.
"No idea; he just went crazy, started yelling, and threw a bunch of hooks that shattered some windows before cutting his throat!" Ash explained, tone aggravated. She had been bored, sure, but she didn't want to have to deal with any weirdos right now. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose between her fingers, her usual sign of stress.

Hotaru rose up to her feet, still staring at the body, head cocked to the side. Her purple eyes looked mellow, empty of any fear now; she merely looked curious. "I wonder what happened," she murmured, reminded of the horror stories she'd just been reading.
"Ah. Well..I would charge you with murder suspision but I doubt any of you would murder someone but...I can't exactlly let this go..." he said
Ash twitched and shot L a glare. "He committed suicide, 'nuff said," she muttered. "We were all just minding our own businesses when we heard him yelling," she continued while Hotaru, raising a brow and ignoring them all, looked down at the ground at one of the hooks the man had thrown. Gingerly and carefully, she picked it up with the sleeve of her purple sweater and stared at it, eyes narrowed.
"L-kun,I might have a terrible temper but if I did kill the guy I would've made sure to use a gun and not get blood all over me and I'd do it before he would know what hit him shutting him up as well and I wouldn't leave him in the middle of main street."

Kari said bluntly before adding cheerfully

"Happy birthday too....Darn it,I left the card in the store!"
A howl was heard from a distance, a low, menecing howl. Obviously the wolf was either enjoying the night, or was bored to tears. A girl with gray hair, gray eyes, a black shirt, a forest green vest over it, dark pants, and a old timey green newspaper hat walked near the wolf. She just stared at him, keeping her eyes low and not showing them.

"Ready to go see what's going on in the world, old friend?" the girl asked, her eyes flashing as she looked up at the moon. "With pleasure. I'm bored as it is anyway." the wolf said, showing his golden yellow eyes.
"Thank you. Very well I'll let it go." He said sighing. "And why are there wolfs howling as well? they aren't native here." he pointed out.
"Probably the pain in the a-I mean Allen."

Kari said sighing,he was the only one she could think of who would do that.
The girl and her wolf started walking towards them, the girl still keeping her face hidden and low, with her wolf friend in front of her. As they neared them, the wolf started to growl at them.

"Well....what do we have here?" he said flashing his eyes at them evilly. "I really don't remember any of these people being in Central. One young man with a kitty-lady and the others....this is interesting on this night, don't you think?"

"I believe so." she said, still hiding her face.
"There we are. Thats wear out Noise is Origonateing from. Frat Boys" he said sighing.
((FRAT BOYS? O_o))

"Huh? What are you talking about? We're just a simple wolf and young teenaged girl traveling this October night with amazement and wonder. That's nothing to be called Frat Boys for."

The wolf said with his head cocked as usual.
"Ah. I assumed that there was not a talking wolf but a drunken Teenager. A comman Mistake." He said showing he hadn't turned around.
"Hph. That can really hurt a person, you know, L?"

The wolf said smiling, showing all his teeth.

"Be nice." the young girl said, bringing her head up and showing who she was. It was Madison Rhodes, or as everyone knew her by, Mat-Mat.
"Yes I know. I can be an A$$." he said.
Ash rolled her eyes over at L, slightly narrowed, looking somewhat irritated. "You've always been an a$$," she muttered, though her tone hinted at teasing. Hotaru blinked and stared at the wolf.

"Um...and who are you guys?" Hotaru asked, pushing a strand of black hair behind her ear as she scrutinized the newcomers with her dark, purple eyes.
"The wolfie is a bigger a$$ then L and keeps calling me 'kitty lady' while the girl is Madison,though best to call her Mat-Mat,Mat-Mat these two are Ash and Hotaru."

Kari said doing the introductions and added to L rolling her eyes

"What're we supposed to do with dead mister crazy hook man?"
"Hey, how can you call me an a$$? I'm a good little wolfie, and my name is Allen."

Allen said as he transformed into his human form, now a normal teenager with blond hair and brown wolf ears. "Nice to meet ya."

"Pleasure to meet you, Ash and Hota...Kari, did you kill someone again?"

Mat-Mat said bowing, noticing the dead body, grimacing at the site.

Kari yelled,confused as ever
((I'm joining!! 8DD Do I have to post profiles? D:))
ooc| If you wish, Red-chan! 8D But ye don't have to *nodnod* Also, ye must abide to me rules! 8D

BiC| Ash and Hotaru just stared at Kari after she addressed this question when, finally, Hotaru answered, " this a trick question?" However, this earned her a whack in the back of her head from Ash.
((XD nice one))

Kari blinked then was in her anime emo corner picking the anime mushrooms mumbling

"They all think I just kill anybody in the street....."
" did the kitty-lady read my thoughts?"

Allen said jokingly.

"We didn't think you would kill anyone, it's just that I don't know Ash and Hotaru that well, and you seemed like the most capable person to do this kind of offense."

Mat-Mat explained, trying not be mean or anything.

Still, with her temper, she could kill anyone on the street anyway... Allen said to Mat-Mat where only they could hear it, in each other's minds.
"Am I the only one not Homacidal at this place or previouslly was homucidal?" He asked sighing.
Hotaru quickly raised her hand. "I was controlled, so, technically, no," she said with a nod. Ash rolled her eyes, then looked back down at the dead, green-suited man.

"Okay, L-kun, what do you propose we do with him?" she asked, pointing at the corpse on the sidewalk.
"I suppose That we have him with some Fava Bean and Cool Ranch. What do you think? we take him to HQ's Moruge." L said sighing
"Hm...fava beans...doesn't sound like a bad idea," Ash murmured, feeling her stomach growl as she stared at the corpse. Hotaru blinked, stared wide-eyed at Ash, then backed away to stand next to L.

Ash noticed this and shot a glare at Hotaru. "I was joking! Sheesh! Just because I'm not human doesn't mean I eat 'em," she grumbled.
"Em' where Em's now?" he asked
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