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...the fire will continue to burn.
DNA (now known as 'PUNCH!') said they needed one of my magical role-plays. Heh, heh...been a while, hasn't it? Now, I must get used to role-playing on the forum again...hmm...

Anyway, yes, this role-play is inspired by DragonForce's new album, Ultra Beatdown, which, of course, isn't one of their better albums, but it's awesome nonetheless (though my favorite is Sonic Firestorm).

First, the rules:

1. You must know how to role-play.
2. NO ONE-LINERS. They not only slow down the action in a role-play, but they get on my goddamn nerves. Please, PLEASE, obey this simple rule and I won't kick you out.
3. Romance is fine; just nothing over PG-13 and nothing sexual/perverted/etc...
4. Violence is a plus, of course! Wouldn't be a Fullmetal Alchemist role-play without it!
5. Did I mention that some language is allowed as well? Remember, nothing over PG-13!
6. No god-moding.
7. No controlling over members' characters.
8. Put up a profile of your character, please.
9. OOCs are fine; you can also use original characters.
10. You may add to the plot if you wish; I always enjoy it when other people do this as it makes the role-play more interesting. Just...keep it FMA-themed; nothing involving robots and modern technology as this is the year 1914, I believe.
11. Have fun!

The Homunculi are still at large while a war rages inside the country of Amestris: Homunculi vs. Alchemists. However, these Homunculi are a unique breed themselves, somewhat different from the Seven Deadly Sins that work for Father. These Homunculi have other ideas...
Now, character profiles:

Name: Ashley Blair
Alias: Ash, Ashy, the White Lotus Alchemist, Hatred.
Race: Homunculus
Age: 23 yrs old.
Occupation: Medical/State alchemist.
Hair: Dirty-blonde, tousled, shoulder-length; often worn in a loose ponytail.
Eyes: Used to be light-green; currently reptilian, purple (like the Seven other Homunculi).
Personality: Curious, intuitive, stubborn, tricky, serious, kind.
Strong points: Dedication, physical strength, protective.
Faults: Hot-tempered, head-strong, over-confident, reserved, foul-mouthed.
Alchemical style: Alchemy tattoos covering her hands and running up her
arms while covering her entire torso, back, and shoulders. Practices
Xingese alchemy (known as 'purification arts' or 'rentanjutsu').
Specializes in: Healing and destructive alchemy, detecting auras/flows of chi, medicine.
Family: None, save for someone who claimed to be her 'uncle', but was of no relation.
Apprentice: Hotaru Stille
History: Ash, originally, was born to a happy alchemist couple (whose names are still unknown) about 25 years before. However, when she was 6 years old, she was attacked by a chimera whom left her body hidden in a forest. Her parents could not find her and were distraught over the loss of their daughter. Several months passed and, soon, reports started flooding into military command concerning whole towns and villages slaughtered in a single night. The perpetrators were never found, always hiding and keep out of public eye. It was soon learned by Ash's parents that an old friend of theirs, an alchemist named Yagami Raito, had found their daughter's body...and turned her into a homunculus with a Philosopher's Stone inside her body. Their daughter was now a personification of Raito's hatred for evil and wrong-doing, and had become his killing machine, his weapon; it was her hands that killed the people of all the now-dead towns that Raito destroyed to create more Philosopher's Stones. To save what was once their daughter and the rest of Amestris, the two alchemists used human transmutation to put Ash's Stone into submission, and wound up dying in the process, leaving the homunculus alone.
After the transmutation, Ash awoke with no memory of her life at all before that very moment, as though she'd just been brought to life. She had no memory of her killings nor of her creator, who had disappeared during the ritual. She was found by someone who claimed to be her uncle and was raised by him. Once her Stone had been put into submission, she was able to age normally.
However, it seemed that the people of Verlorn, the town she lived in with her uncle, could sense her dark, blood-drenched past, and shunned her, leading to her becoming a 'brat'. When she turned 11, she started learning alchemy from a man named Van Hohenheim, wanting to learn it to gain the approval of the other townspeople who all knew alchemy quite well. It did not work, though, they felt she should not learn it.
Disgruntled, she pressed on with learning and cursed at anyone who told her otherwise.
When she was 13, her uncle suffered a heart attack, causing Ash to worry. With the alchemy she'd been learning, she transmuted his heart and believed she had healed it...until he died a week later from the severe wounds and injuries her alchemy had done to not only his heart but the entire inside of his body. Feeling guilt and believing she had killed him, she lived in her house and never came out. For a year she did not go outside, for a year she took a good, long, hard look at herself and realized what a brat she had been.
Around 14 years of age, her sensei took her out of her home to visit her uncle's grave. She resisted at first, but finally consented and went. While at the grave, she told her sensei that she wanted to use her alchemy to save people and that she didn't want to lose anyone else. Once that had been said, Van Hohenheim taught her everything concerning RentanJutsu (Xingese alchemy) until she joined the military at age 18. It wasn't until she was 21 years old that she got her memories back from her time as the homunculus 'Hatred' and is usually in constant conflict with herself, wondering if her hands were meant to kill or help people.
She's very protective of her loved ones, especially her friends: Hotaru, L, Kari, and Jett to name a few. Eventually, after the death of her friend, L (who returned sometime later without her knowing), she fell in love with Virus, a wolf-chimera Homunculus, and is now engaged to him.
Note: Has an Ouroboros tattoo located on the base of her neck; her 'Ultimate' ability is muscle and strength.
Theme song: Wolf & Raven - Sonata Arctica (with Hatred and Raito), Away From the Sun - 3 Doors Down, Train Wreck - Sarah McLachlen (with Virus)
I'll put up Hotaru Stille's profile later when I can find it amongst all my files. I will wait for a few more people to join.
Name:Kari Rika Neko
Age:Er,I think 24 at this point XD
Race:Half Drachma cat chimera (that would be one of the many reasons why she's so hostile XD) and the other half is Amestranian,closer to Ishbal though (her black eyes)
Alchemic style:Her most famous technique is the Flash Step art,where she can move at super sonic speeds at any time though it gets harder to do now since she's sick and she's generally slower when she has somebody else that she's dragging with her,she has recently been able to make people do what she wants from voice alchemy (clapping her hands on her throat) and does the general make,destruct,and rebuild alchemy.Though she has a tendency to make things out of moon stone or diamond these days.Can make her bullets from her gun go just as fast and just as powerful as her flash step since the trick is to make and use extra electricity in your cells to run that fast and she can store the same static electricity into her gun and use a technique similar to the 'Rail Gun'.Also has recently learned how to use destructive alchemy on people just by shoving them in the most gentle manner and poking them shutting off veins and organ systems in the process.
Looks:Her 'human' form,except she has the palest skin possible and her hair is cut now and I have to find a new pic so bear with me and think that her hair's now in a boy's cut XD.And wears a black turtleneck,black and blue sleeveless hoodie,and black sweats most of the time and Her chimera kitty form
History Ok,Kari was born a happy child,who had cat ears and a tail from her mother's family,they were a happy family with two girls a mom and a dad till they're father found out when she was 6 about the cat issues,killed they're mother and nearly killed her and her sister and put a large 'XIII' mark on her back which is why she's scared of needles.They're uncle from they're mothers side was a cop at the time,that didn't last long XD,and found the two girls and took them in.Her sister went to the military since she was talented enough and Kari was put to Naru's insane training for alchemy,which she still is mentally scarred of,and her sister was killed in the Ishbal war.Kari continued working hard at learning alchemy and her Uncle's flash step technique even with Naru being sick,which she did learn,and she went to the military and then she met her new friends and has constantly had trouble after her.Her uncle Naru died some years ago and when that happened she was taken in by her grandfather from her father's side who pretty much beat her and starved her and made her work until HE died,so now she's currently going insane little by little,and has made her purpose in life keeping L alive.Which is apparently a full time job all in it's own.And her father died shortly before this particular matter.Now her new issue is who to side with,the alchemists that generally treat her like dirt or the homunculi who who treat her like equals.
Personality:A mixture of a child and a motherly manner,blunt and cold to new people,beyond disrespectful to people she hates,likes candy and sweets and coffee.
Other Notes about her:Has a rather 'bad' habit of spouting out lyrics that generally don't make sense to most people but if she gets the chance to explain then it fits.
Theme Songs:Animal I've Become,So Cold,Iris,Broken,Sally's Song,Mr Brightside,and Surrender-By in order Three Days Grace,Crossfade,The Goo Goo's,Seether ft.Amy Lee,Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas,The Killers,and Billy Talent.
(And you know I'm to lazy to find my profile from the pages and pages from before but I'm L..and maybe a new charicter perhaps?)
ooc| Oooh, new character! 8D
And Neko-chan is joining! Alright...oh, and I'll also be bringing in Jett and Susi; I need to remake their profiles, though. Heh.
Anyway...I'LL START!!
"It's...cold..." Ash muttered, hands shoved into her pockets as she walked through Central City's streets. Her eyes were narrowed with irritation; she liked winter, but she loved autumn because it was cool, but not this cold.
As always, she wore her long, dirty-blonde hair in a loose ponytail that hung just over her shoulder. It seemed to make sense that she was cold: a heavy snow fell over the city while she wore only a thin black sweater, long, green cargo pants, and a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, her chin tucked into the fabric.
The tall Ishbalan man that walked alongside her just shrugged. His clothing style: a thin, button-down shirt with a vest and pair of slacks while a scarf hung around his neck, just shrugged his thin shoulders while shaking some snow out of his thick, black hair. When he spoke, his voice didn't match his appearence at all: it was deep, though his throat were perpetualy dry.
"It doesn't bother me," Jett said, tilting his head up to look at the clouded, gray sky. Despite the weather, cold and snowing, there were quite a few people wandering the streets, inspecting store windows and running around, having fun. It seemed rather odd.
However, the Ishbalan and the woman, Jett Faolan and Ash Blair, both State Alchemists, walked side-by-side, Ash irritated and Jett, as usual, in an easy-going mood. What they both weren't expecting was the news they would receive concerning their next assignment once they reached Military HQ.
L wacthed from a balcony. [Where have we been?] he asked himself waiting to be seen.
ooc| DNA-kun...please lengthen your replies; otherwise, Rosi can't think of anything to continue to role-play *twitch*

BiC| Ash and Jett were quietly arguing about the cold and so forth as they walked when Ash, absent-mindedly, looked around them, dully scanning over the pedestrians that surrounded them. Her thoughts were elsewhere now as her mind, in a haze, wandered through recent events and battles when her eyes caught sight of a familiar face somewhere on a balcony high up.
She furrowed her brow, the face ringing a bell, which caused her to stop in her tracks. Her companion noticed this and raised a brow. "Hm? What's Ash-san?" he inquired, following her gaze.
Ash didn't say anything; she just remembered who's face that belonged to and was now concentrating on maintaining her sanity. "Um...nothing; that man looks like L-kun," she murmured, rubbing her forehead and shaking her head, thinking she was hallucinating.

L snapped and floated down. "It Looks like L it smells like L it tastes like L it must be L." He said as he walked off of it. "Hello Ash-sama. Hotaru-sama, Jett-sama." he said. he smiled not seeing them in a while. "And where the Hell have you all been might I ask?" he asked
ooc| 'Tis fine now; didn't mean to snap ^^; It just gets a little irritating, that's all.
BTW, Hotaru isn't there; she's...hmm...somewhere, in the back of your mind *.*

BiC| Ash didn't answer L. She stared at him, her light-purple eyes wide, and pinched his nose. "That' way..." she murmured, in shock. However, the shock quickly faded and she grabbed the front of his shirt, shaking him, "WHEN IN GOD'S NAME DID YOU COME BACK?!"
Jett jumped from Ash's response, though had been expecting that sort of outburst from Ash. She'd been so jumpy lately. He, himself, was shocked that L was alive again. "Ash-san, if you keep that up, he can't answer you," he said, voice calm. Ash stopped, then let go of L's shirt and took a deep breath. "Alright, but, still...I want to know: When did you come back and how?" she asked, folding her arms over her chest, ignoring the stares that she'd gotten from the pedestrians that had witnessed her outburst.
"I'ts called Ghosts. then it's called Evil Ghosts. then it's called being interwined to become a real being. then it's called overideing the evil Ghost." he explained, rather dizzy. "I've been alive for a year or so you know...where the hell were you guys?" he asked. he was happy to see them, but he had just gotten his skull cracked again but lived. he had Kari to thank.
Ash was still taking this in; it took her a while to answer as she processed all this. " you're not a Homunculus; your chi-flow is normal," she murmured, rubbing her chin. She hadn't heard L's question, which forced Jett to answer. He scratched the top of his head, shaking more snow out of it.

"We've been busy, I guess," Jett said with another brief shrug, "though it would've been nice if the Col. or whomever had informed us of your return." He slowly nodded, looking down at L.
"He wouldn't have none. I'm way above him now. a Major General." he said with a grin. his rank was second only to the Fueher. "So tell me whats happened?" he asked them.
Jett blinked, then glanced over at Ash, hoping she'd contribute. However, she was rambling on about spirits and souls to herself, muttering under her breath as she thought out-loud, ignoring the two men.

"A lot, actually," the Ishbalan answered with an exasperated tone, "Ash should explain it, though; she knows the details better than I do." He nodded, glancing back at Ash, as though that would get her attention, which didn't; she was still muttering to herself, lost in thought.
"Hmm...Well..We were attacked by the undead a few days back. and Mai is not on our side anymore. but not our enemys ethier." he said
"Hm? Why?" Jett inquired, raising a brow. Meanwhile, the sidewalk they all stood on became crowded. Finally, Ash, feeling somewhat claustrophobic, snapped out of her thoughts and blinked. "Let's keep walking, guys," she urged with a quick nod, not wanting to be in a huge crowd of people. She walked ahead, leaving L and Jett to follow.
"Ash..why are you so out of synch?" he asked noticeing her spaceing out and doing her own thing.
Ash blinked and stared at her friend, raising a brow. "I'm just thinking, that's all. I mean, you came back to life through means that, possibly, break every law of alchemy known to man!" she explained, clearly confused and interested, as always.
Jett fell quiet now and listened to the two talk as they walked toward their destination, Military HQ.
"and half of the stuff we do don't?" he asked as he walked into the HQ signaleing them to follow.
"Hmm...yes, do have a point," Ash muttered, brow furrowed again as she thought. Once they were inside, she shook the snow out of her hair as did Jett and pulled her gloves off, revealing the Xingese alchemy tattoos that were etched into her skin with ink. She didn't exactly like to wear the gloves; her fingers could move freely. She sighed and shoved the gloves into her pocket while Jett kept his own white gloves on.
"Oh. I have an entire Floor now." he said as he walked to the stairs. "Tell me ash. How dose your Aura seeing work again?" he asked
Jett looked down at Ash, being quite taller than she, and nodded. "I've been wondering that myself; is it something Xingese alchemists can do?" he asked, head tilted to the side, "That ability can't only be limited to people of Xingese relations; you're proof of that." He blinked, waiting for her to answer.

Ash glanced at them both, sideways. She never liked this question; she was never sure how to answer because she, herself, was sure how it worked, either. "'s like you're blind, sort of, and can only detect people's souls. For example, the Homunculi, because of their Stones, have multiple souls inside their bodies, which looks and feels over-flowing bottle of liquid," she explained, making hand gestures in the air. "And auras are colored: for instance, evil people have green auras."

ooc| I need to brush-up on my aura studies sleep.gif;
"is it possible for one to take away these..auras?" he asked curiouslly "Or even Alter? and what would my aura mean or be?" he asked
Ash blinked and looked up in the air, as though she would find the answer to his question there. "Hmm...only living people have auras; if you're dead or only exist on earth as a soul, you don't have one. And a sign of one's declining health is that their aura weakens, which was always the case with you before you died," she answered, rubbing her chin, still thinking, "...and what about your aura now?" She stopped and stared at him, though looked as though she were looking through him, right into his soul when, really, she was examining his aura.
Jett's mind swirled as he tried to comprehend all this; it seemed too far-fetched to be real.
"hmm? I've found myself quite capable of Death as I have nearlly died on several thousand times before thus I must have an ever so weak one. I'm still Dyeing so unless I find a cure within 23 years I'll die again so it may simplly be a flicker." He said. "And can you take away or alter an Aura in an Agressive or Minupulative way?" he asked
Ash blinked. "23 years...23 years..." She sighed and scratched her head. "Well, I'm a friend, so we'll find a cure, most definitely, or I'll toss my State Alchemist license out the window," she said with a slight laugh. "You can only take away an aura by killing that person; altering them is another story," she explained, folding her arms over her chest.

Jett raised a brow. " were you able to determine that you only have 23 more years?" he inquired, still confused by all this talk about chi and auras. Sure, he'd been curious...but he was expecting something more scientific and alchemy based.
"I've been reborn 2 years ago and I would have died at 25 and did. but tell me more of alteration." he asked. he was Enjoying there conversation.
Jett nodded, then stayed quiet to listen to them, his usual calm silence. He never really spoke much.

Ash finally sat down in a chair in the hallway and rested her elbows on her knees with her chin in her hands, staring at L. "L...what the Homunculi do with the Stones...they're pretty much altering auras with them," she explained, pointing to herself, indicating the Philosopher's Stone inside her body. "Since the soul and the aura are one of the same and the Stone is a Homunculus' core, then what they're doing is multiplying that chi-flow, creating monsters," she said, though spoke the last word with disdain; she felt like she was refering to herself as such a monster, despite her denial.
"Creation of a Being dose not involve whither you are a monster. You actions do. But what of changeing Lets say Jett to Falling in love with a stool or changeing his personallity to the point of Mind Control? And if I were to eat a Red Stone or a Phlosipher Stone then I would distort my Aura to the point of Homunculi?" he asked
Ash couldn't help but laugh at L's given examples and had to hesitate for a moment to catch her breath from laughing so hard before answering.
"Ha, ha! Ah, ah...alright, one: Jett's in love with some one else who's not a stool," she mentioned, still chuckling, knowing without looking at the Ishbalan watching them that his face was now beet red, "and two: yes, if you ate a Philosopher's Stone or somehow absorbed it, you would alter your aura," Ash explained, expression looking less cheery, though she had to hold back some more laughter.
"Negativelly? you seem to be something along thoughs lines but you are very kind and a good person." he said. "And I ment to make him to love a stool. Or like alter my actions to eat rat posion or be a loyal follower to your cause no matter how odd it is aganist my free will?"
With sarcasm hanging heavily around her, Ash's eyes widened and a grin spread across her face as she brought her hands together in a silent clap. "Very good, L; you understood it!" she exclaimed with obvious sarcasm before her grin faded and she reverted back to her usual calm and collected self.

"Yes, yes, you could...if that person isn't strong enough to overcome that power," Ash said with a nod. "For instance, Hatred and myself are separate auras/chi-flows/people inhabiting the same body; you could say my Stone is Her," she went on with her explanation, "and, as such, whether she were in my body or not, she could control me because our minds are linked. I hear her constantly screaming in my head to let her out which, shortly put, means control my body to carry on her desires."

Jett raised a brow, blinking. " suffer from multiple personality syndrome, in a away?" he diagnosed from her explanation, to which Ash gave a brief nod.
"Thats not what I'm asking. I'm Asking if could you? outside of Homunculi?" he asked as he got to a Floor with a black corrdior with lights turning it white as he walked.
Ash stared at L, following him along with Jett, as she turned his question over in her head, thinking long and hard now. She fell quiet for several minutes, occasionally mumbling to herself as they walked. It was clear that she was figuring out an answer to L's question.

"...There is a possibility, but...I don't know; I can stop anyone, Homunculus or human, dead in their tracks, leaving them frozen as a statue just by stopping cutting off their aura from the ground. Remember? I did the same thing at that party Lust hosted," Ash said with a nod, still thinking. "Altering auras from outside...I think we could do that, but we can't use Amestrian alchemy for it; this is strictly Xingese territory," she explained, rubbing her chin.
"Hmm...Then we must do so.." he said. "Ash...I would like to know the full exstence of your aura alchemy.." he said. "And I would like to wonder the difficulty of holding off this ego of hatred.." he said. "I'm Curious." he said
Ash just blinked a few times, staring at L. She looked up in the air as she thought, mumbling to herself again while chewing, every now and then, on her thumb nail. Eventually, she cocked her head to the side, her ponytail now hanging over her back, and took a deep breath.

"Xingese alchemy and holding off Hatred?" Ash scratched the top of her head, the corner of her mouth twitching upward in what looked to be a crooked, half-smile. "Well, you weren't there when Raito released her; she was the point where I, myself, nearly died," she murmured, staring at her open hand now. She was remembering Raito and their fight, what it was like to be in Hatred's mind, felt what Hatred felt when that other Homunculus, Virus, killed him, and the disturbing delight and satisfaction from killing the latter, a thought that caused her to shudder. "But, I was able to eventually overcome her and,'s not so difficult; but I have to be careful, especially when I'm fighting. That's when she's strongest because she loves fighting and killing more than anything."
"Hmmm...if so then...Hmmm...anyway for hatred to be a personaification of negativity in your personallity?" he asked.
Jett finally intruded, putting in his two cents. "If Hatred were such, then Ash-san wouldn't exactly be such a calm and kind person, right? Personality, regardless, are all even in negative and positive points, but for something as extreme as Hatred...hmmm..." It was clear that Jett was thinking this over as well.

Ash raised a brow. "That's possible...I mean, my memories as 'Ash' started after my Stone was put into submission, thus shutting Hatred out, but she's been inside for so long...negativity...or maybe it's like that old saying, 'ying and yang'? 'Some good in evil and some evil in good?'" She stared at L and Jett, curious about their responses.
"then I can now know a great deal on Homunculious." he said. then he took out a red vial. "And I know to keep this hidden." he said. a Pholisipher Stone
Ash raised a brow. "Hm? Where did you get that?" she inquired, staring at the vial with red liquid inside it. Jett gave it an equally quizzical look, having never seen a Philosopher's Stone before.

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(Captian Falcon. FALCON PUNCH!)

"I have quiet a few of these from my travels." he said as he twisted it in his hands. "What's it's aura?" he asked
Ash cocked her head to the side, expression dull and impatient. "Remember what I said earlier about living people having auras?" She pointed to the vial in his hands, "Unless that's inside a living human, I can't see its aura." Ash then took a deep breath and sighed, looking around...then stared at Jett.

Jett noticed her stare and already knew what she was getting at, raising his hands defensively. "Oh, no...! Don't even think about it, Ash; you're not so cruel enough to do that!" He glared at her, backing away. However, Ash only laughed.

"Ha, ha! Idiot! Of course I'm not so cruel to do that! I'd never use a human as a test subject," she explained, face falling serious again as she thought, rubbing her chin.
"Human Experiment on what exactlly? I voluntter no matter what it is." he asked/said
Ash shook her head, then took the vial from his hands to examine it herself. "No, L: I'm still not 100% sure that one's aura can be altered, let alone a Homunculus' aura, so we're not risking it..." She tapped her chin, staring the vial, clearly frustrated judging by her furrowed brow.

"...I wonder if it would work on an animal," Ash suddenly muttered, turning the vial around in her fingers, listening to it clink against the golden engagement ring on her left hand as she pondered. "Animals...humans...animals..." she continued muttering absently, still thinking.
"A scientific theroy must be tested. and I don't have any pets." he said. then he took back the viail.
Ash shot him a glare. "Then we'll find one; we're not going to risk a human life on this," she stated, eyes narrowed. "We can find a chimera underneath Central and use it; I mean, they're miserable enough, what with Envy torturing them," she explained, gesturing to the window.
"Fine. Wait- What do you mean risk somethings life?" he asked
Ash took a deep breath and exhaled, impatiently. "Haven't you been listening, L-kun?" she asked before playfully hitting him on the head. "I said I wasn't 100 percent sure of this working; not only does the body need to be strong enough to accept the Stone, which is a 50/50 chance, you, yourself, need to hang on, just in case this Stone, for all we know, contains something evil like Hatred," she explained with another sigh.
"So what are we doing?" he asked.
Ash groaned loudly and ran her fingers through her hair. "Geez, I don't animal will die, a human could possibly die, a human could handle it but give into the Stone..." she rambled on, clearly irritated by their situation and stood in front of a wall, promptly knocking her forehead against it gently every few seconds, trying to think.
"By that logic then it should be used on a human..but why are we useing again?" he asked
Ash exhaled again impatiently and hit her forehead against the wall again, leaning against it now, irritated. "You asked me what this Stone's aura is. It needs to be inside a living human for me to detect it," she explained calmly despite her increasing impatience with the situation.
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