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Full Version: Episode #22 - 23 Loophole
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Ok im new to the forums but this has had me confused for a while, in episode 22 after stepping on the pool ed is absorbing the red water and lust says "even in this state an exposure to this much red water could turn the boy into a god" (or something along the lines of that). So my question is why didnt it happen? Why wasnt there any aparent changes in Ed.
if i remember right, it went something along the lines of "If exposed to so much red water, the alchemist's skills are greatly increased". also, of course, if i remember right, ed started to unconsciously turn his arm into a kind of harpoon thing instead of the normal blade, and a lot of light was coming from him, and he created a lot of sharp things that flew towards lust and gluttony. sorry i couldn't be of more help
It did happen, sort of.

After a few seconds of standing in the pool of unrefined stone he began to transmute rapidly and far neyond his previous skill.
you also have to consider that according to episodes 11 and 12 ANY exposure to the red water is extreemly dangerous to ones health. For Ed to have stayed alive after that much exposure was truely proof of how he was absorbing the alchemic energy and becomeing a stronger alchemist than before
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