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Full Version: When We Were Kids...- Mass Fma Rpg!
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Let the plotline develop...

Name: Cest Faraway (also known as Faraway)
Age: 14
Alias: Burning Ice Alchemist

Alchemy: Liquid Nitrogen boils at -195 degrees C, by transmuting nitrogen in the air into liquid nitrogen, it boils and scalds enemies. Has thick heatproof gloves with transmutation circles. He must get close to use alchemy, much like scar's alchemy. Only Faraway's alchemy is weaker and more unefficient, however, his alchemy can be applied in many different ways.

Favorite Method(s) of Killing People: 1.) Melt their face off with alchemy
2.) Use a sword that was designed by Kari so that it burns with liquid nitrogen to slice off their heads.
3.) Dismemberment with the sword.
4.) Eat them
5.) ???

Other: Outwardly paranoid, secretive, and extremely shy, he always describes it as:
"that's what you get if you work in the encryption department for so long."

Really good mathematician and awesome at keeping secrets and codes.
Very good with swordplay and uses a special sword designed by Kari.
Name:Kari Neko
Alias:Rika Keno,massive music star,and the Black Cat Alchemist

Alchemy:Recreation,Destruction,And can use her voice to command people to do things.
Other:Loves to sing and play guitar and write music and lyrics.Is also an excellent sniper and gunsgirl.One of a kind when it comes to her gun skills.Hates Mat-Mat's fidgeting,Also has a crush on L but he has yet to notice XD *shot
((Edited because I wanted to change her age and had to add things XD))
Name: Madison Rhodes
Age: 12
Alias: "Mat-Mat", "Ghosty" (by Allen because of Gray Hair...)

Alchemy: Lightning, weather/rain alchemy. Can also use alchemy to manipulate water for growth
Other: Fidgety, smart but can be an idiot at times, curious, cool headed. Likes hanging out with her friend, Allen, caring, loves to play any type of instrument. She doesn't really care what others think about her, but is really protective of her friends.

(New character!!!! XD)
Name: Allen Wheeler
Age: 12
Alias: "Nora" or "Stray Dog"
Race: Part Human, Part Wolf Chimera

Alchemy: N/A
Other, Extremely smart, caring, has a crush on Mat-Mat but she's oblivious to notice., cool headed, doesn't show much emotions, very, VERY protective of Mat-Mat.

The year is 1908, the early events of FMA are taking place. Mustang is still a Lt. Col. and I've got most of the plotline figured out. Since I want this to be pretty big, I'll wait for a few more people before I start it. I need someone to play ed, al and mustang.
Lost Alchemist
Name: Grace
Age: 12
Alias: Gracey, Neko-chan, The wind alchemist.

Alchemy: She uses the gusts of wind and sometimes if needed stone.
Other: Both legs are metal, has the great skill of sleeping just about anywhere at anytime, as well as sleeping standing up. Likes cats and dogs. Is a ditz, airhead and likes shiney things. Fell sleep in snow so thats how she got her legs.

But if thats so then how can Kari and I co-exist cuz we don't meet till a LLLLOOOONNNGGG time from now.)
TRIPLET!YOU HAD ME WORRIED SICK! *tackles and starts noogieing*

Just got power back yesterday and Cable and Internet today.

BTW don't listen to the critics. Resident evil movies are awesom (at least the first one) )
DNA please play Ed...
I'll also have to play Mustang
ED's first attempt at finding the Philosopher's stone:

1905- After the Ishbal war, Mustang tried to revive the people he killed. In doing so, he seeked for the Philosopher's stone, one of the things he did was to find Hoenheim. He stole a page from Hoenheim's diary on how to create the Philosopher's stone. When he found out it was made from human souls, he kept away and surrounded himself with skilled alchemists that he can trust. With their collaboration, the Philosopher's stone formula is locked away. However, he believes those who work hard enough can earn the Philosopher's stone formula, so they proposed a treasure hunt of enormous difficulty... Ed is the one who is supposed to complete this immense task.
(I'm sorry but I ABSOULTELLY suck at cannon charicters for anything man. And Ed...I find myself completelly unable to do that lol.)
Then play yourself... and search for the philosopher's stone...
just replace ed with a character with your personality... (L, Joker, Clovis, etc.)
( it. plz start someone.)
"On the road to get important papers!"

Kari said to herself going to the military library
elsewere a- thing in gold armor with 4 mandibles and lizard-like skin wacthed atop a building.
Mat-Mat and Allen were walking in Central, just playing around and being as careless as possible. Allen's ears started to twitch and looked in the direction of the lizard-like thing.

"Oi, Ghosty, what do you make of this?"

Allen shouted, keeping a strong eye on the creature.

"Eh.....oh that.....I really don't know....STOP CALLING ME GHOSTY!!!"

Mat-Mat said a little mad.
Kari was busy,she had somehow tripped up the stairs and was now suffering embarrassment and trying to get up without killing herself
the thing that looked like a man saw the 2. he placed purple armor on him as well as a purple headdress

(picture: )
Allen started growling and stepped in front of Mat-Mat.

"Ghosty, stay back. This thing doesn't look friendly." Allen said, baring his teeth.

"I can protect myself, but thank y-DON'T CALL ME GHOSTY!!!!!!!! And the record, I may still be in training with Van Hohenheim, but I can still use alchemy."

Mat-Mat said with an anime anger mark on her face.

the thing then jumped down from the over 10 story building And faced the 2 with an odd thing in hand.
"Nice lizard, good lizard thingy."

Mat-Mat said as she backed up a minute.

"Who and what are you and what do you want with us?"

Allen growled at him.
Faraway chased after the lizard like thing and activated his nitrogen sword, he was calling: "Come back with my cryptex!!!"

(Kari - I'm going to steer this toward the actually plotline... a cryptex is a secret container, if one attempts to open it without a proper password too many times or tries to smash it. A vial of liquid nitrogen is released and burn the secret message inside. Since your the technician... you designed this.)
"I've got this..."

Allen said as he ran in front of the lizard thing, grabbing him by headdress.

"And so he doesn't move much...."

Mat-Mat said as she used alchemy to strike him down a little bit. Allen decided to let go of him before he would get electricuted.
Kari's kitty ears twitched and she swore and used her infamous flash step technique and had her gun,Hades with the number 'XIII' on the black decorated pistol,locked and loaded and said/hissed/snarled bluntly and colder than anybody would ever think that actually knew her would think possible

"You stole the cryptex?"
The Lizard thing gave out a huff before he looked up. "I Am the Arbitor. Voice of the Covenant. Step out of my way or be Silenced." he said
Faraway saw Kari, assured himself, that person still wouldn't know the password to the cryptex. Even if he did, there are 4 more guardians of the stone to fend. However, Mustang wouldn't be pleased...
"Very well. I will Not kill you. but I will combat you." He said as he pulled the thing out and pulled a trigger as Blue blasts flung out rapidlly like a gun. only it was hotter then a gun. it was something that wasn't alchemy or bullets.
"Sounds good to me."

Kari said bluntly as she started shooting her gun as well,her bullets glowing yellow but just as hot and just as fast as his neither alchemy in it but still bullets.Her natural ability to draw out extra electricity from her rather 'screwed up' DNA had it's uses,but consequences as well.
The Arbiter simlly Dodged the bullets and ran up to her and Punched her in he face and shoot his gun into her shoulder.
Kari evaded the punch by bending over backwards,which was normally impossible for humans since they would break they're spines but Kari was not ordinary,and when he 'shot' her she brought up her custom made pistol and the unbreakable nearly unscratchable metal absorbed it and shot one of his own bullet like things enhanced with hers
however her bullet was simplly disentagrated and whent through her shoulder. He then got out a blue and purple tinted sword made of apperentlly energy.
Kari snarled in pain and got up,having clapped her hands on the empty sheath that was constantly at her waist,holding up a sword made of what appeared to be diamond
the arbiter did a single slice and tore through her sword.

Kari took the opportunity when he slashed to hit him at a nerve on his back with the bottom of her gun which would generally make people pass out but she had a feeling it would only make him sore.
The Arbiter didn't even flinch as he kicked he and Sliced part of her cat ear
Kari swore in pain as her ear started bleeding,and that guys was where her first and definitely not only slit in her ear come from XD,and she kicked him back clapping her hands onto his armour like thing making it break thanks to destructive alchemy.
/Hey!Post in Hospital's Suck!XD/
(Waiting for Fallacy.)

As this happened her hands became extreamlly burned but his purple armor disentarated showing Golden armor underneath.
Fallacy tried to strike from the shadows with a blade tipped with liquid nitrogen, ice can burn..., almost through anything... it can burn.
at that point a blue ball was thrown onto the sword after the arbiter did a backflip when seeing him. the ball exploded destroying the sword and burning Fallacy
Fallacy jumped, despite the burns and tried to touch him ( bit wrong, but neways) with his melting touch.
this however failed as it expolded and shoot him back. "I have bested you. leave me now." he said
"Hey, you never answered my question. What are you doing here?"

Allen snarled at him with his yellow eyes piercing through him.

"It's not very nice to not answer people's question, Arbiter."

Mat-Mat said as she clapped her hands, ready to use her alchemy again.
"On the Bidding of the Prophets." He simplly as he walked past then.
"Hey, you get back here!!!"

Allen growled as he started to run after him, but was stopped when Mat-Mat put her hand on his shoulder.

"Let him go. We'll find out who he is later."

Mat-Mat said as she stared the others. "I believe we haven't met yet. My name is Madison, but everyone calls me Mat-Mat....or Ghosty by Allen." Allen then turned to them as well. "Sorry for not introducing myself. I'm Allen, and that's what everyone calls me, except Mat-Mat who sometimes call me Nora."
Kari was currently nursing her burnt hands already having bandages around her shoulder and she said bluntly and as cold as ever

"Kari Neko."
Despite the will of the prophets, he won't be able to crack the cryptex, it has special measures taken against it.
as he walked away they would notice a Purple thing loom over in the sky. Like an airoplane but...Metallic..and purple.
(I'm Dna BTW.)
Faraway went to gather everyone together.

"Kari... you've been hurt... you need to go to the hospital, let me seal your wounds.
"Pleasure to meet you."

Mat-Mat and Allen said as they saw the purple thing in the sky. Allen started growling at the plane, cursing about what it was and everything.
on the plane they were ape like things and smaller things in gas masks.
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