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Ok, this is a new roleplay I really have been wanting to try. This takes place five months after Assimilation, and I won't start until a good bit of people who want to join, join in. Post your character profile below your post, and then I'll start everything up. XD

Name: Madison "Mat-Mat" Rhodes

Occupation: Traveling musician, alchemist

Alchemy: Lightning and some weather/rain alchemy

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Age: 15

Apperance: Wears a navy t-shirt with a black vest over it, black loose fitting pants, and sandles. Has gray shoulder length hair and gray eyes with a scar over the right one.

Personality: Smart, curious about everything, is serious at times, cool headed, bored all the time, and fidgety

History: Her past is sorta cloudy when she was little. Her parents abandoned her, and was adopted by Atticus Rhodes when she was eight. When he died, she was then taking to her master, Van Hohenheim, who she was with until she was around 13. Now, she just travels just around helping out anyone she can.

Name: Kido

Occupation: Mat-Mat's bodyguard and best friend

Sex: Male

Race: Wolf with powers

Age: 1 year and 5 months

Apperance: Gray wolf with white streaks in his fur

Personality: Protective, smart, has a temper problem, but once he knows you well, he's like your own personal puppy bodyguard.

History: Not much is known about him except that when he was nine months old, he was adopted by Mat-Mat, and they've been training together and being the best of friends ever since. He thinks of Mat-Mat as the mother he never really had.

Name:Kari Rika Neko,The Cat Alchemist.

Occupation:Head techie to the military,librarian,a Lt.Colonel.

Alchemy:Currently able to make people do what she wants by using alchemy in her singing voice,still is trying to get it up to scratch since it's new,can make things out of moonstone and working on diamond.Can put alchemic power into her feet to flash step at very fast speeds.


Race:Half human,half cat chimera.One of a kind.

Appearance:Just above shoulder length midnight black hair,now with brilliant white streaks in it,as hot and as black as pepper eyes,black cat ears,black bottle brush tail,wears a black turtleneck and a sleeveless black and blue striped hoodie and black loose black jeans most of the time,in battle she just wears a black form fitting short sleeve t-shirt and her jeans.Wears black converse high tops with navy laces.

Personality:Highly intelligent,blunt,cold,overly motherly to a certain person,protective,loyal,prone to having one of her 'moments'.Gets extremely annoyed with Mat-Mat's fidgeting.

History:Man this is gonna take forever to write sleep.gif *shot* Ok,Kari was born a happy child,who had cat ears and a tail from her mother's family,they were a happy family with two girls a mom and a dad till they're father found out when she was 6 about the cat issues,killed they're mother and nearly killed her and her sister and put a large 'XIII' mark on her back which is why she's scared of needles.They're uncle from they're mothers side was a cop at the time,that didn't last long XD,and found the two girls and took them in.Her sister went to the military since she was talented enough and Kari was put to Naru's insane training for alchemy,which she still is mentally scarred of,and her sister was killed in the Ishbal war.Kari continued working hard at learning alchemy and her Uncle's flash step technique even with Naru being sick,which she did learn,and she went to the military and then she met L,Zero,C.C.,Snake,Mat-Mat,Kido,and many others and has constantly had trouble after her.Her uncle Naru died some years ago and when that happened she was taken in by her grandfather from her father's side who pretty much beat her and starved her and made her work until HE died,so now she's currently going insane little by little,and has made her purpose in life keeping L alive.Which is apparently a full time job all in it's own.
And now we wait for DNA or whoever. happy.gif
Haha....well....I'm a little on the impatient side, so I'll give him....say, three hours? It's all I have before having to go back to the tournament. dry.gif
All three of us are impatient.So I guess 3 hours.......Now to pass the time..........
Little Washu
The RPing urge I try to suppress has risen up, so I shall join as well. I shall play as myself and Kakashi Hatake. But because this is FMA...

Name: Natsumi Hatake

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Occupation: Alchemist (Colonel, like my current rank)

Alchemy: Most anything with flowers and plants (The Fiore Alchemist)

Race: Human

Appearance: Typical military uniform. About 5"4, long brownish blond hair, blue eyes.

Personality: Childish, fun, has a huge ego.

Relationships: Currently married to Kakashi, rivals with Roy Mustang, and friends with Maes Hughes.

History: Normal human, with a normal life. Argues with Roy a lot, and usually stays with Kakashi, her assistant.

And now for Kakashi...

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Occupation: Lt. Colonel, assistant to Natsumi

Race: Human

Appearance: We all know what Kakashi looks like, just put him in a military outfit.

History: We all know that too.

All right then, I guess that just about sums it up.
(Ok, I've got to go in about ten minutes because of a change of schedule, so I'll just start now. smile.gif)

A dark and rainy day was happening in Central. Kido wondered the streets looking for anyone to help him. He was just a wolf in a big place, but he knew who he was looking for, so it wouldn't be that hard unless she's gone. He whimpered all through his search and on occasion, howled for his master to hear him. He was worried sick out of his mind, imagining the worse.

Madison-chan, please don't be dead. You were supposed to be back six hours ago. Where the heck are you?

Kido thought to himself as he kept searching. The rain was messing up his scent of smell, and when he tried to talk to Mat-Mat telepatchically, he received no answer. As he kept searching he, howled in pain, "MADISON-CHAN, WHERE ARE YOU?!"


On the otherside of Central, a young teenager was leaning with her back against the trees, her head down low and bleeding all over. She had multiple wounds from her chest, legs, arms, and she was even coughing up blood. Her heartbeat was faint, and she was barely breathing.

Dammit Mat-Mat, don't die on yourself, now. You've got too many people waiting on you....Kido, I'll be there as soon as I can, unless, don't be thinking that, you're going to survive this......

Mat-Mat thought to herself as she coughed up some more blood. She didn't want Kido to be alone, not after what he's been through.
A familiar half cat girl appeared seemingly out of nowhere and she said to the wolf before running again,slow enough so he could keep up,

"I smell her,and blood."
Little Washu
(I have no idea as to whats going on, so I'll try to play along. Somewhat.)

The military vehicle hurried through the streets, windshield wipers working overtime to keep the windshield clear. "What do you think?" A man, who was driving, asked.

"I dunno yet. We'll have to see." Came a woman's reply.
Kari's ears twitched as she heard some sort of car follow them and she skidded to a stop looking at the military vehicle with confusion wondering who in the world would be following them,wait.There was plenty of people who wanted to kill her.Great.
Little Washu
As the cat girl cam to a halt, so did the car at command of "Stop". The window rolled down, and a woman's voice said: "You're in quite the hurry. What's the rush? Sale on Iam's cat food?" She joked.
Kari sweat dropped,she knew who it was and said bluntly

"Natsumi-chan,you of all people know I don't eat cat food.I'm not that inhuman.And the rush is that another irritatingly jokingly friend is half dead somewhere,cat's noses can pick up they're cat nip from miles away you know."
Little Washu
"Really now? That's quite interesting." She opened the door and stepped out. "Need a hand?" She asked, opening the backseat door, and offering Kari a ride.
"Yup,c'mon Kido."

Kari said hopping in with the wolf at her heels and saying to the driver as she strapped herself in

"Hello Kakashi."
Little Washu
"Hello Kari, long time no see." He said, smiling behind the mask that covered the lower half of his face. Natsumi climbed into the car as well. "Just tell me where to go." Kakashi said.

"How have you been?" Natsumi asked.
"Fine,got a job literally baby sitting Brigadier General Lawliet,and have been saving the country from multiple threats yadda yadda.And take the next left and around the block Kakashi."

Kari said simply as she kept sniffing out the window
Little Washu
"You got it." Kakashi said turning the steering wheel.

"Blah, Lawliet." Natsumi scowled. "So annoying. Just you wait until I'm a brigadier general, I'm almost there." She said. "Then I'll beat Lawliet, I'll see to it that he goes down!"

"Alright, alright." Kakashi smiled. "Now what?" He asked Kari.
"Hey L-kun is not annoying.....Just a misbehaving child.He's gotten better since I've stayed with him!Though he gives me a heart attack everyday from getting himself half killed though."

Kari said rolling her eyes and then said to Kakashi with her tail wagging

"Right right left,then go down the street.She's on the other side of town."
Little Washu
"Alright, we'll be there in five minutes, thirty four seconds." Kakashi said, keeping his right eye on the road, the other had the usual bandages wrapped around his head.

"To me he's annoying." Natsumi said.
"He's annoying to everybody Natsumi-chan.It's in his nature.....Though it doesn't help that when I'm actually sleeping or doing something else he somehow managed to fall down his insane amount of stairs and give himself a concussion.....And I thought I was the klutz.Though,I'm still scared by his driving...."

Kari said to her and asked Kakashi curiously

"Does only using one eye affect your driving?"
Little Washu
"You'd think it would." Kakashi said. "But no, I can see quite well.

"You couldn't before though!" Natsumi laughed. "Oh! There was this one time! Where he-"

"Hey! We don't talk about that!" Kakashi cut her off. "Oh," he noted "we'll be there in two minutes, 29 seconds."
"Tell me what he did!It can't be any worse than L-kun's driving!HE DROVE THROUGH BUILDINGS AND OVER CARS!"

Kari asked clearly a curious little kitten
Little Washu
"It was funny! First, he put the car in reverse and forgot, then he accidentally broke a mirror off and kept driving. And sometimes he's go really, really fast, and then really, really slow." Natsumi said. "I ain't afraid'a roller coasters no more." Kakashi looked away in embarrassment.

"One time! Okay!? That was one time!" He said.

"I know, I know." Natsumi said, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"We're here." He said.
"Same here......I never let L drive ever again.He was going over 100 miles an hour and launched the car everywhere and literally drove on top of and over cars and crashed through buildings.I must learn how to drive so I don't have to walk to get groceries."

Kari said sweat dropping
Little Washu
Kakashi stopped the car. "What now, Kari?" He asked as she and Washu got out of the car.
"Now,we go through the tree's.Look for a girl with gray hair gray eyes and in a blue shirt and black vest and black pants."

Kari said as she tugged the whimpering wolf out of the car as well before starting to stretch her legs,she did not want leg cramps when she was going to start to flash step.
Little Washu
"Alright, here we go." Natsumi said. "Let's go!"

(...should we wait for Mat-Mat?)

"And here we go.....again."

Kari said starting to dart around the place
Lost Alchemist
Name: Grace "Neo" Ushu

Occupation: Traveling alchemist and dancer

Alchemy: Wind alchemy works best with sounds

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Age: 18

Apperance: Light blue tank top that cuts right before her belly, showing most of her navel with a black skirt that flows as she dances and walks. Sliver hair down to her sholders gray eyes and is 5'5. she has a scar over her neck.

Personality: Likes to be around people but woun't talk to them, and likes to be danceing or any sort of movement.

History: grew up in a small town, the town was fill with gypises. She learned to dance there as well as to work hard. She lost her voice while trying to put down a tent with the other women in town, one of the rods that hold up the tent snaped and cut her, leaveing her voiceless. She slowly overcame that and started danceing once more and learning alchemy to make up for her loss.

A late teen watchs the people get out of the car, she skirts behind them, keeping in step with them.
Kido ran out of the car and looked for Mat-Mat. He tried to be serious, but with Mat-Mat missing, he couldn't stay focused long, but he was able to pick up her scent and started looking. He kept whimpering all the time through, though.

Madison...... he thought to himself as he whimpered aloud.


I hear something, but it's faint....

Mat-Mat thought to herself as she lay down by the trees. She was still coughing up blood, but she didn't feel much pain. She thought at first it was the rain making her cold, but when her eyes started to become extremely heavy and she was going numb, that's when Mat-Mat became worried.

Damn it, don't die yet.....You...have to protect Kido...and at least tell Kari about what's after her.....


A man was walking down the streets of Central when he noticed some people running out of the car. He saw two women, one with cat ears, which got his attention, a man, and a wolf. He kept staring at the woman with cat ears and the wolf. He was disgusted by them and their apperance.

That must be the wolf she was talking about.....oh well, she's dead anyway. I'll get both of them before it's too late.....

He thought to himself as he brushed back his black hair and just walked away from them.
Little Washu
"Stop." Kakashi said, holding his arms out to keep Kari and Natsumi from progressing further.

"What is it Kakashi?" Natsumi asked seriously.

"You sense that?" He asked. After a few seconds, she replied with simple "Yeah."
"Someone's here...and I don't like their presence."

Kido said as he stopped in mid-step. He started to growl, bare his teeth, and his fur began to bristle.

------------------------- that you.....?

Mat-Mat thought herself as she understood the voice clearer. Her vision was going black, and her eyes were nearly shut. Her heartbeat was slowing down drastically. She, obviously, was dying, and she couldn't do anything about it. She needed get their attention, but how, she didn't know.
Little Washu
Natsumi looked down at the animal. "You know somethin' pooch?" She asked.
"There was a man, when we stepped out of the car, who was watching us. He didn't look like nothing, so I just didn't say anything. However, now that we've gotten further in the trees, I've been noticing that the man apparently doesn't like Kari or me."

Kido said as he kept smelling the ground. He didn't like the feeling of being watched, he was the one who did the watching. Then, he heard something in his mind that made him calm down and became worried again. He heard his master calling him, and she didn't sound well at all.
"I have plenty of men who dislike me,I'm used to it."

Kari mumbled and she got on her hands and knee's and sniffed the ground saying

"Blood,and it's fresh.We're close."
Little Washu
"Why would he not like you Kari?" Natsumi asked. "You're like, awesome and stuff."
Kido just kept walking foward, following the scent of blood and Mat-Mat. It was stronger now, and the smell of blood was strong, which upset Kido. He didn't like her to be really hurt; it was his job to protect her at all causes, and with her hurt, he just ignored what he promised her.
"Multiple reasons.I'm of mixed blood,I helped destroy multiple organizations,I killed many people.You name it and I've probably done it."

Kari said to her continuing to run towards Mat-Mat before coming to a stop in front of her and she immediately went over to check her pulse.
Mat-Mat had a slight pulse, but at least she had one. She still felt numb, but she was glad to see Kari and Kido and was wondering who these new people are behind her. She at least saw that they were alright, not yet harmed by the person who was after them.

"Madison-chan..." Kido said with relief and shock.
"Freakin idiot!I already have the stupid genius to keep alive you know!"

Kari mumbled clearly hiding her worry with irritation as she pulled Mat-Mat on her back piggy back style.
Mat-Mat was relieved to see her friends again. She needed to tell Kari and Kido who's after them, before he finds them.

I'm glad to see your....alright...Kido and Kari....I need to something.....

Mat-Mat tried to say telepathically to them as she nearly passed out.
"What is it Mat-Mat chan?"

Kari asked sweat dropping as she tried to keep her awake
There's.....someone after you two......

Mat-Mat told her before her eyes closed. Her heartbeat then skipped a beat, and her breathing became worse.
"Hey,quiet you.You need sleep."

Kari said to her sighing lightly and started trying to get to the hospital with her on her back
Mat-Mat then passed out on Kari's back. She was right, she needed sleep.

Kido just kept to himself and his mind kept going back to the man who was staring at them the entire time. Could he be the cause of this? Anyway, he was just glad to have Mat-Mat alive again.
Little Washu
"Alright, I'm really lost." Natsumi said. "Anyone care to explain?" She asked, Kakashi nodded.
"This is Madison, more known as Mat-Mat.Apparently somebody's after our butts since she's half dead.And we can ask her more questions when she's not on my back bleeding to death and in a hospital."

Kari said bluntly shifting the unconscious girl on her back so she would stay on
"And I guess that I never really told you who I was. My name is Kido, Madison-chan's bodyguard and friend. According to what she told me, there is someone, and I believe it was the man with the black hair I saw a few minutes ago."

Kido said as he bowed his head to Natsumi and Kakashi.
"Black hair?Odd.....We're fairly south so most are blond or brunette,you only get black hair up north."

Kari mumbled
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