Yozakura Quartet (夜桜四重奏 ~ヨザクラカルテット~ Yozakura Karutetto?) anime adaption of the manga had aired on TBS in October 2008. The anime was produced by Nomad.
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I know I'm jumping the gun, because Yozakura Quartet's anime adaption has yet to play(10/2/08) But I guess I'm just too excited. Yozakura Quartet is about a gang of 4 teenagers, Ao, Akina Kotoha and Hime, who protect the city of Sakurashin from evil apparitions. There are many other characters, but these are the main four. The manga is totally amazing, and I'm willing to bet the anime will be too. The info so far is:


Misato Fukuen as Hime Yarisakura
Miyuki Sawashiro as Kotoha Isone
Saki Fujita as Ao Nanami
Yuuki Kaji as Akina Hiizumi
Ai Matayoshi as Rin Azuma
Aiko Ōkubo as V Juri F
Daisuke Ono as Kyousuke Kishi
Haruka Tomatsu as Touka Kishi
Rie Tanaka as Maria Bell

ED and OP:

Opening Theme:
"JUST TUNE" by savage genius
Ending Theme:
"Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)" by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino

Number of episodes:

12 (Episode one is called Sakura Saku, by the way.)

Genres: action, comedy, supernatural
Themes: harem, superpowers
Episodes: 12
Age Rating: Teen
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