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(FMA rp set after L's Magical Mysteryness in Serech and Resque. act as though nothings going to happen but you MUST BE OUTSIDE!)
Kari was outside with groceries,mostly candy and fish food,and she was trying to find her key to get inside the 'house' which was really a mansion
(L no longer needs fish food. he = no fish man BTW)
(She doesn't know that?Either that or it's for the fishie friends that she bought to keep him company while she was out XD)
(..ok second ones...)

L was stop the Mansion by the roof looking out at Central. he was supposed to be in Bed but didn't for some reason. cured of the Blue Vial from Water all that remained with him from that was the abillity to breath water
(Okey dokey, I'm joining this.)

Name: Madison "Mat-Mat" Rhodes

Occupation: Traveling musician, alchemist

Alchemy: Lightning and some weather/rain alchemy

Sex: Female

Age: 15

Apperance: Wears a navy t-shirt with a black vest over it, black loose fitting pants, and sandles. Has gray shoulder length hair and gray eyes with a scar over the right one.

Personality: Smart, curious about everything, is serious at times, cool headed, bored all the time, and fidgety

History: Her past is sorta cloudy when she was little. Her parents abandoned her, and was adopted by Atticus Rhodes when she was eight. When he died, she was then taking to her master, Van Hohenheim, who she was with until she was around 13. Now, she just travels just around helping out anyone she can.

Mat-Mat walked around Central, just bored as ever. She was hoping to see someone she hadn't seen in forever, but that would be a one in a million chance.

"Hmmm....there's nothing to do today. All there is to do is to watch people walk around or to try to find her, but with this new lug following me wherever I go, that'll be weird when they actually meet...heh."

Mat-Mat mumbled to herself as she slowly walked, always now looking over her shoulder.

((You'll see a new character later when we get some more people in this. XD))
L could see Mat-Mat from his roof. is this the girl from Midgar I heard about? he thought Identifying her. she would at least glance toward him as it is not everyday you find a Mansion so large in a city out of nowhere
Kari looked up seeing him and she had an anime vein as her 'mother' side took over as she flashed up infront of him still with groceries in hand and started poking his forehead saying frowning

"L-kun you know your supposed to be in bed recovering from being octo-man."
"Was I really like that?" he asked as once he was turned back he had lost all memory of it.
Mat-Mat felt as she was being watched and turned in the direction of the mansion. On top she could see Kari, and someone who she hadn't ever seen before.

Is that L Kari was talking about a while back? If I shout out towards that way, they might notice me...and I'll look like an idiot, but then again, I've done that to myself to many times already....

Mat-Mat thought to herself and thought she would just find out herself.

"Kari! Hey is that you?!"

Mat-Mat shouted in the way of the mansion.
"You turned squishy,got things on your neck so you could breath under water,grew tentacles,turned bright red.I would think that's an octopus L-kun."

Kari said sighing and then she heard her name being called and she turned around seeing Mat-Mat she smiled and waved motioning her to come and she said grabbing L

"C'mon,she's my friend of sorts."
L walked out of his own accord walking in his odd way, though was still getting used to land Internally and nearlly slipped a few times.
Mat-Mat walked over towards the mansion, then when she was nearly there, she stopped and turned anime pale for a minute.

Oh, crap, I forgot about him....Maybe he won't come out today and protect like the crazy lap dog he is....please don't come here Kido...

Mat-Mat worried in her head.
Kari had caught L every time he tripped knowing this made them even since she always fell down his insane amount of stairs and he always caught her and she opened the door saying with a bright smile

"Hi Mat-Mat,it's been awhile."
"So this is your friend?" he asked as he tried to get onto his feet.
"Uh..yeah, it's good to see you Kari. this person with you, L who you told me about?"

Mat-Mat said still sorta anime white and worried.

Kido, you better stay and don't come anywhere near here. If you do, I'm sorta screwed..... she thought to herself.
"Hai this is L-kun,L-kun this is my friend Mat-Mat.We worked together while you were away....."

Kari said sweat dropping
"ah. so I was correct." he said putting his thumb into his mouth, and biteing it as he useally did. "Please come inside. it's the least I can do." he said as he struggled not to fall and opened the door.
"Nice to meet you, L-kun."

Mat-Mat said as she slightly bowed her head. Then, there was a rustle in some sorta nearby bushes, and Mat-Mat went all anime white. Then, she saw flashing yellow eyes protruding from the leaves.

Oh crap......
L snapped as the Figure from the Bushes flew out of them in a shockwave. "Mrs. Mat-Mat you have a bit of a stalker." he said not faceing the 3
Kari whimpered softly clutching her ears,she never could get used to L's alchemy and she frowning at him making sure he didn't fall flat on his face as she generally did

"Warn me next time!And be careful your gonna hurt yourself baka ji-niasu!(stupid genius)"
"Thats a bit of an Oxi-Moron Kari." he stated putting his finger to his chin.
"Shut up!Your going to trip and hurt yourself!Your not even supposed to be out of bed!"

Kari said pouting hiding her worry with irritation,she knew he would know though.
"A stalker, yes, a pain in butt, yes, a human, no."

Mat-Mat said as the figure could be seen better. A young gray wolf with a red collar on him appeared in front of them with dark black eyes and just stared at Kari and L, giving a "you-come-anywhere-near-my-boss-and-I'll-kill-you" type of look.

"Uh, everyone, this is Kido, my new wolf who was supposed to stay at home like the good puppy he was..."

Mat-Mat said as an anime sweat drop came down her head.
"the dog looks as though he wants to bite me in half Mat-Mat." he said as he turned around.
Strangely Kari dropped down to her hands and knee's like a wolf knowing that Mat-Mat knew about her past training and she barked softly lowering her ears and tail in a wolfish sort of bow showing they meant no harm at all in his language.
"Sorry, Kari, that's sorta not going to work. He doesn't like anyone except me, unless I tell him to be nice to them. He's always doing that to anyone he doesn't know....Kido, down, they're friends."

Mat-Mat said as she let out an anime sigh.
Aren't you a Cat? he asked himself in his mind.
"Yes L-kun I'm a cat,Naru put me on an island for a month when I was 10 so I lived with wolves while fighting bears and other large creatures so I could eat."

Kari said knowing what he was thinking
"then how can you speak to wolfs exactlly?" he asked
"When you work with foreign people don't you generally try to learn they're language so they know what your saying?And it generally helps when you already have ears and a tail since that's the major point of the wolf language."

Kari stated rolling her eyes
Kido cocked his head for a minute at Kari, then walked closely towards her and bowed at her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kari-chan and L-kun. Just don't do anything to hurt my boss, and I won't have to rip you to shreads."

Kido said as he was finally calm.

Thank God!!! I thought he was going to kill my friends....

Mat-Mat thought as she fell backwards and landed on her butt with relief.
L in a flash was sitting in his odd postion and pulling on it's cheek. "How can speak..I should have Watari take a look at you.." he said.
"L-kun quit it!And please excuse my friend's childishness.....Though I can't really say that since I'm just as bad."

Kari said bluntly to the wolf with a smile on her face
"Easy, L, before you get your hand bitten off."

Mat-Mat said as more anime sweat drops ran down her head.

"L-kun, don't touch me like that or I will kill you..."

Kido growled as he bared his teeth. He was obviously frustrated.
"Ookami-san,please try to refrain hurting L-kun so I don't have to bite your head off either."

Kari said to the wolf smacking L's hand away from the irritated wolf
"your wolf is very agressive." he noted as he rubbed his hand from being slapped
"Don't worry Kari, he's all bark and no bite. He won't bite anyone unless he's really ticked off or I tell him to. You won't hurt L-kun, now will you, Kido."

Mat-Mat said with a happy smile on her face.

"No, boss. However, he does that again, then you might lose L and me all at the same time. I won't do anything to upset Kari-chan."

Kido said as he sorta stepped away from Kari.
"Arigato Ookami-san,I won't hurt you unless you hurt this one.That's MY job."

Kari said chuckling dryly as she reached out and patted his head rubbing his ears in an affectionate manner
"What do you mean YOUR job?" he asked infasising Your sighing.
Madison-chan, I really like this person.

Kido smiled and said to Mat-Mat with his mind where only they could hear it.

She's a good friend, just don't try to hurt her or L.

Mat-Mat told him in his mind.

"Oh, and L, I'm not aggresive, just protective of my boss."

Kido pointed out to L.

"It's my job to make sure you behave,you have to do the same thing only for my sanity so we don't end up dead."

Kari said bluntly to L as she continued petting the wolf with a smile,she always did have a soft spot for wolves since they didn't try to eat her for smelling like a cat unlike dogs.....
"thus aggressive when meeting new people. anyway I'm still stunned you can talk." he said
"It's only my nature. I'm always aggresive when meeting new people because you never know if they're going to hurt you or not. Also, if I let Madison-chan get really hurt, then I'll never forgive myself."

Kido said bluntly while wagging his tail. He liked to pet like that.

"Kido doesn't call me by my nickname because of his gentleman like attitude."

Mat-Mat said to clear things up a little bit.
Kari smiled warmly at the wolf and mumbled in wolf language so L wouldn't know what she was saying

"That's the same with me,I've already gotten him very hurt before and I don't want him to get hurt ever again if possible,that's why I'm over protective."
"but gentlemen aren't aggressive." he said putting Kido into a Logical Paradock.
"Oh...I'm sorry. How unfortunate for you."

Kido whimpered in a sad tone where only they could hear it and added to L "Well, that's the kind of gentleman I am, so I'm different than the others. I like it."

"Kido, is something wrong? You sound sad."

Mat-Mat said as she heard him whimper. He usually doesn't whimper unless he's really, really hurt.
"Ookami-kun it's alright,I have him now and he's safe so make sure you keep Madison-chan safe as much as you can neh?"

Kari said in plain English with a smile as she continued petting the wolf and rubbing the back of his ears
"but in order to meet any defenition of gentleman you must be kind and Polite. thus if you are not these things you may as well call yourself something else." L stated.
"Well, I am kind and polite to the people I truely care about. For instance, if I didn't think of you as a friend already, which never really happens to me, I would have attacked and killed you by now already."

Kido said calmly and nodded to Kari, then stood up and walked over to Mat-Mat licked her hand. Mat-Mat then started to pet him gently and smiled. "Kido..." Mat-Mat said softly.
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