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Full Version: Who Are You Kidding?
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Your a state alchemist, but you hear of a small rebellion..., what's to happen after that.

Year:1909- Ed's still here...

My Character:

Name: Unknown
Age: 18
Bio: Unknown except: he's contacted you about the rebellion and he works in the security dept. It's also known he is a fairly high ranking officer.
Lost Alchemist
Name: Grace (aka Neko later)
Age: 17
start name: Lost
Bio: lost her twin sister at a early age, now lives with Roy for her mother and father where taken to the gate for trying to bring back her sister. She uses wind alchemy.
Name: Alice
Age: 18
Bio: Other than the fact that lost her parents at a very young age and now lives with General Halcrow, her past is unknown. She uses Shadow Alchemy. State Alchemist and a Lieutenat General in the army.
Is the world like it is in anime or manga? I mean, if I tried to ressurect a human, have i created homunculus? Has the fifth laboratory been uncovered yet?
But well, here is mah character:D

Age: 21
Name: Samuel Expo
Type of alchemy: Blades. Of all types. He has a bit of titanium in his pocket, that he transforms to very thin and light, but hard and durable blade. Can also use other alchemy ofc^^
Rank: 2nd leutenant
He has not any family, doesn't like to express his feelings, some doubt that he has any. He is convinced that the military is the best thing in the world, and also that all that military does, is done for the best of all humankind. Simply said, he values the military more than anything else.
Going to start anytime soon?
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