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Hey, the summer is over for some of you, or just starting to end, and frankly we all know that deep down every kid is thinking... NOOO!!!!!

So I decided to design a new RPG, a rpg about a school, where every day, every term, every month, it's about survival...

The teachers seem to split into different groups some with the same motives (whatever that is), some with their own motives, or others who want to help the students.

Anyway each student and teacher has a power, and to graduate to the next year... you have to survive. Students can only have one power. Teachers are allowed 3.

Chars (thinking about the rest):

Name: The headmaster...
Age: ??
Personality: ?
Powers: ?

Name:Kari Kitsune
Age:14,a student
Power:A fox spirit,she can control all plants.
Pro's:Intelligent,loyal,hard to upset.Can sing well,and loves to play musical instruments and listens to music next to constant.
Con's:Rather emotionless,which is why it's hard to upset her,doesn't know how to love someone,blunt and cold.
Looks:Kari,she generally wears a black sleeveless hoodie,dark purple turtleneck,and either black or purple sweat pants/jeans and her black and purple striped converse.If she has to hide her ears and tail she keeps the hood over her head and wears a trench coat.She wears the red collar in the picture as well.
Other:Her being a fox spirit also means that if she eats grain or drinks blood she turns into her actual fox spirit/demon form.
ok, um:

name: ulysses maat (ul to friends)
power: can manipulate water, but isn't very accurate
personality: self centred and vain, but loyal

name: dr mesothelae
power: can radiate ultrasonic soundwaves, very powerfully
personality: mesothelae is sly, cunning, and sneaky. he could be compared to a spider
Name: Yorishima Takeda
Age: 15
Power: Strength
Personality: He's an average kid, but he's just found himself here.

Name: Dr. Arashima
Age: 20
Powers: Flight, turning arms into weapons, eyes that can see through walls.
Personality: he works for the headmaster but thinks he is so much better than the Headmaster, he plans to overthrow him, and carry on the headmaster's ultimate plan, he's a maths and science genius, and has slight OCD
XD I'm in!

Name: Angela
Age: 14
Power: Fire control and summoning
Personality: She is kind and friendly girl but when she gets angry she can turn into the opposite. She is kind of abstenminded, shortempered and sarcastic.
For unknow reasons she loves bunnys (This is one of the main topics of her fights with other people: cause some people think bunnys are stupid AND THAT'S NOT TRUE!)
Streghts: Clever, tricky, kind, friendly and fast.
Faults: Shortempered, lazzy and sarcastic (Her temper and sarcasm is the reason of why 70% of time she finds herself arguing with other people) 100% of time she arrives late. And she get's lost easily.

(This is her with dark brown eyes and other clothes)
another teacher by request:

name: dr lochnah ay
personality: sombre and silent, intelligent and evil rolled into one
powers: has ability to summon coils from his fingertips, can also become a shadow
I wanna join! biggrin.gif

Name: Echo
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Power: Telekinesis/ ability to move objects with her mind
Personality: Echo has a lot of energy and could be described as a 'wild' kid. She doesn't use her power too much because she never needs it and she doesn't want to use it for selfish or lazy reasons, so she isn't too skilled. She always speaks her mind.
Strengths: Energetic, natural leader, enthusiasm, makes friends easily
Faults: Loud, candid, can sometimes be a bit too energetic
Looks: Basically this, but she wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans
Name: Vui Tsu


Age: 11

Powers and Abillites: Immortalalty, And able to wipe Minds or at least part of them, Immune to all mental Abllities. (I hope ot counts as Seen below, he useally takes over the class room)

BIO: A kind of Child Genius, he seems to be, not a student, but more like a Teacher, often takeing over the class when asking a question. why he remains in high school is still a mystery however.

so when do we start?
What? Um... you are either a student or a teacher I thought, you found a very good hole in the system though.
yepers. I'm know for that lol.
I will allow it, on one condition!

Your character can not be invincible, or immune to pain! If he gets shot suddenly, he cannot just miss it, and if he gets hit, he cannot just go "I AM INVINCIBLE!", he should at least gripe.
The Mad Bomber
Name: Noboru Yamaguchi
Age: 16
Personality: Quirky, careless and over-confident
Powers: Gravity Manipulation;char_id=518
yeah he feels pain don't worry. he just can't die permenatlly. useally if he gets shoot he'll 'kill' himself so his body will shut down and he will no longer feel the pain when he awakes 5 minutes later as his body is still come back 'on-line'
he's invincible?
Yeah, that sounds invincible to me... Let's face it, the rules are students have 1 power, however I am willing to make your character different, but your char. once again is practically... impossible to paralyze or harm.

Now if you know my RPGs, you'll know that characters are possible to be killed, if the player so wishes, however this does NOT mean that if you do not want your character to die, they can be immune to pain or sleep it off. These are kids, they are bound to get hurt.

So I'd like you to either make him an ordinary student, a guardian teacher, or a wierd special students with powers that DO NOT make him super cool.
now that we got that clear,when are we gonna start this RPG? huh.gif
yeah, i'm ready
fine, someone start, I don't want to be first
Kari walked through the gates,holding her jacket close to her small thin frame as she walked into her new school keeping the hood over her face shyly
The Mad Bomber
Noboru sat at his place in the classroom, leaning back in his chair in boredom, he had arrived early in order to reserve a window seat for himself and because he had nothing better to do. Yet at least he had as of late practiced a greater control over his gravitational abilities, in fact he had entered the classroom trough the window, that had been left open. No wonder one else had entered as the door was still locked, oh well, he didn`t bother getting up knowing, that the teacher would arrive to prepare for class any minute now.

He corrected his jacket and let his medium long, blond hair hang downwards as he stared at the wall behind him.
Kari blinked at the locked door and simply took a hair pin out of her pocket that she reserved for these moments and unlocked the door with a click and she said nothing to Noboru,half out of shyness and the other half of her being emotionless.
ulyssess maat walked towards his classroom purposefully, his jacket held casually over his shoulder by his fingertips, and a smug smile on his face


in the staff room, dr locknah ay sat, he held in his hand some kind of amulet, and was holding it to his chest ritually


deep in the bowels of the school, dr mesolethae was creeping the corridors, beady eyes darting across the room. his spindly form crawled along the dark corridor, as a spider would creep towards its prey. his fingers were spread like long grasping limbs and his face wore a truely devious look. even his crooked hair seemed to cluster into "pincers" hanging over his face. to look at him, one couldn't help to think of arachnids
inside the School, walked a small boy, no older then 10, with blonde hair the size of his body walked in. he wore expensive cloths that looked like a mix between mid-evil royalty and modern area.
"So if I am not mistaken, I gotta go right" Angela mumbled as she walked, "And now upstairs" She mumbled "And now a turn in the left" She said "I go down this hallway" She mumbled and nooded "And now I am pretty sure....."
*10 minutes later*
"....I'm lost" She mumbled and shighed. She looked around *Crap I am gonna be late.....again* She thought and shighed again "It's the first day of school and I alredy got lost and I'll be late" She hissed angrily as she walked.
"Are you lost?" asked a small boy's voice from behind her. it would have startled her half to death but she seemed in need of help.
Angela turn around and sweatdropped and chuckled nervously "Ermmmm....well....not really...infact I was just.....yeah I am lost" She mumbled and shighed in defeat "I was pretty sure I was heading in the right direction, but apparently I wasnt" She said "Anyway, I just need to go to this classroom" She said as she showed him the paper that showed the classroom she was supposed to go to.
"You know, thats a great way toget yourself killed here." The little boy said in a friendlly tone. he walked infrount of Angela, to show her the path, as well as un intensionally showing his long hair and his short short hight and age.
In the darkened office, was the headmaster, watching every movement the students made...

"That child knows too much..." said the metallic voice.

Dr. Arashima grinned

"Hey head, don't worry! This is just the first day of this boarding school... this kids are the equivilent of quarks... practically nothing... he's not gonna be able to do anything!"


Yorishima walked in, wearing the typical uniform, but without his tie, and his top button undone. He never liked uniforms, he'd rather be out with his gang... but the problem was his parents had sent him to this rather... boring innocent school... but he decided he'd make the most of it.

"Hey everyone..." he said smiling as he entered the classroom.
Kari gave a small wave as she stared out the window boredly with her flaming red/orange hair only showing how long it really was,to her mid back,in the front since she had her hood up,she was busy making the flowers outside the school grow and bloom to interact with people,she never did like to do it anyway.
She nooded "I know" She mumbled but after saying it she realised her mistake "I mean I dont" She said inmediatly. She then shighed and decided to just follow and shut up, she then gave the little boy a curious glare "Thanks and sorry for the all the trouble. My name is Angela and you are??" She asked, clearly she wouldnt ask about the height and the long hair, that would be rude but truth was, she really was curious about that strange boy.
"Vui Tsu. Pronouced V2." He said as he made a sharp turn to some stairs.
Yorishima smiled and looked around.

"So you guys, what's your names? I'm Yorishima Takeda"


The headmaster's voice groaned

"When does it begin?"

Dr Arashima thought

"Whenever you say?"

dr ay smiled at the headmaster "it begins now then"


ulysses walked casually into the classroom and sat down near the front


as viu tzu and angela turned into the stairs, the top of these stairs was covered by the imposing figure of dr mesolethae. arms spread wide and neck turned, as if ready to pounch, he said in a croaky voice "lost?"
Arashima walked into the classroom behind Ulysses, how he got there was his secret.

"Hello Children, before we start I'd like you all to introduce yourself... although 2 of the 20 in class are missing... but nevermind... you the kid who came in just before me, you can start!"
Kari was currently playing with the small pouch of grain that was always around her neck looking bemused as she listened to the teacher wanting them to introduce themselves and she waited for the boy near the front to introduce himself so they could get on with it.
"No more then you are." he said sighing. He led Mai into the class and sat down next to Kari with a bored look

Kari said to the boy next to her in a blunt,emotionless,and bored tone.How she generally sounded.
"I haven't seem you before." he said in an Equal tone of voice.
"I've been transferred here so I'm new."

Kari said in the same tone they both seemed to share,and she couldn't help but mentally think that she was going to like this kid.
"Hmm...Intresting." he said. "We don't get many transpers." he added
"My teachers made me transfer,though I'm 95% sure that they just did it because they hated me because I was smarter than them."

Kari said chuckling dryly
"I could say the same thing. only this is the highest rank in the food Chain I could get." he said
"That makes us two of a kind.What's your next class?"

Kari said/asked opening up slightly,but not really.
"we get our scheduals here. I'm not really that sure." he said his dead Purple Eyes looking forward.
"Ah.What do you do?"

Kari asked clearly asking what his power was as she took off her hood letting her long red brown hair out and letting the same color fox ears get some air so they wouldn't flake.
"I don't die." he said simplly.
"Interesting.I control plants,and turn into a giant fox if I eat grain or drink blood."

Kari said bluntly sitting in her odd fashion,one for keeping her deduction skills at 100% and two because it was literally a pain in the butt to sit on her tail.
"That sounds over dramtic and Cliche." he stated in a non offensive tone.
"I agree,but it's in my race.It's just what I do."

Kari said not offended at all
"it was not to my Knoldge there were other schools like this." he said
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