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Lost Alchemist
All OCCS and dot hackers are welcome. No three partys, it's a while after the games (G.U. too) we will use the classes from the first game
Heavy Axeman
Heavy Blade
Long Arm
Twin Blade
the other classes
Archer (Official name and status unknown)
Knuckle Master (Tentative English name)
Werewolf (Not a primary class - available only through the "Class Change" campaign)
Self Proclaimed Classes or Jobs
Informant: PCs who sell information on how to conquer the game for money.
Traders: PCs who broker items to be traded.
Singers and Comedians: PCs who perform on street corners and in dungeons.
Guard: PCs who voluntarily protect the justice of The World.
Rare Hunter: A collector who seeks anything that is rare or famous.
All are welcome.

Blademaster weapons
Heavy axeman weapons
Heavy blade weapon
Long arm weapons
Twin blades weapons
Wavemaster weapons

Name: Nero
Real name: DNA
Class: Wavemaster
level: 45
Weapon: Nero's weapons of choice are guns (from their appearance, possibly handguns based on the real life IMI Desert Eagle), two mechanical wings, with also dual as wands and two identical ones drawn from darkness which he uses with his real hands. He also has the power of darkness, which he can use to transport people, objects, etc, or, indeed, absorb them into the darkness like a black hole and destroy them. While fighting him in the game, he is shown to be able to spin around using his wings as melee weapons, and able to shoot dark orbs, which he calls "Dark Rain."

Lost Alchemist
OK you need a class that works with the laws. one of the nine. the others a roles you can play

Here is the start up thingy
Name (LIke the name your username):
Real name (your name like Lost Alchemist):
Here is mine
Real name (your name like Lost Alchemist):Lost Alchemist
level: 45
looks: Is a small blademaster with the sword the same size as her self, She likes hanging out near the river. She has short light blue hair with a black short kimono with light blue shorts under her kimono.
Weapon:Heavenly Sword
Lost Alchemist
wavemaster mean you have a wand and work with spells. so no fighting with guns for you

Lost Alchemist
(whee, we will start in a root town, no beasts are wecome in a root town, there are five, but we will work with one. these are the root towns.
There are numerous servers in The World, they include:

Δ Delta Server, with Root Town Mac Anu
Θ Theta Server, with Root Town Dun Loireag
Λ Lambda Server, with Root Town Carmina Gadelica
Σ Sigma Server, with Root Town Fort Ouph
Ω Omega Server, with Root Town Lia Fail

We will start in Carmina Gadelica.
Carmina Gadelica is the Root Town of Lambda Server, it means "the Song of Gael." The town is a large metropolis bathed in eternal night. The streets and canals of this town are lined with numerous shops, bars, and parks. Airships fly around the city though players are unable to ride on them. The city is generally used as a gathering point for more experienced players and is a center of trade within The World. )

A blue haired girl walks around with her sword draging on the ground. She pops on the ground watching the fake stars. She sighs. She folds out her kimono so that the fake dress wount fold over.
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