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Full Version: Wars Of Fortune
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Time Line:
Since FMA world is 6 years behind, it's 1917 in FMA, and 1923 in the real world, according to the movie. So the WWI blitz happened in 1916, when Ed was placed on the other side of the gate, so it must have been 1910 in FMA. It is now the year of 1912 in FMA, and the events unfold

Feb 1911- Transition to democratic government successful
May 1911- Rebels, backed by Xing declares independence as the Federation of Amsteris
Jun 1911- Soldiers are sent to crush the rebellion
Sep 1911- Rebels are massacred at battle of Lior
Dec 1911- The South riots against the government because of it's actions in Lior
Mar 1912- The Federal Republic of Amsteris declares independence (again)
May 1912- Civil war declared
Jun 1912- The North declares independence and joins the Federal Republic; Drachma invades the Federal Republic
Jul 1912- Xing declares war against Drachma; Federal Republic now allies itself with Areugo and Creata, the southern and western neighbours of Amsteris
Aug 1912- Amsteris wages war on 3 fronts; Drachma defeated, Xing declares war on Amsteris; Martial Law declared

1.) NO ONE LINERS, THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF! (just kidding, but dont do it)
2.) Please be polite
3.) Please don't control other characters
4.) You can make your character fairly powerful..., but not so that it affects other characters majorly

Name: Montmorency- Poison Psychic Alchemist
Age: 16
Rank: Major
Occupation: State Alchemist - Investigations Dept.
Bio: Little is known about his childhood except he was a genious. Attended law school at age of 14, became the most successful lawyer in history at age 15, He pulled a suprise in lawyer society by becoming a state alchemist. He knows he has performed human transmutation, but can't remember it. He performs alchemy by converting chemicals in himself into deadly poisons such as LSD, then uses alchemy to control the winds to create a controled poison, his circle is wind and poison fused in one. He can transmute the truth serum, earning him the title of the Poison Psychic Alchemist.

Needed Charachters:
Riza Hawkeye
Ling Yao
Heymans Breda
General Hakuro
Kain Feury
Alex Lous Armstrong
Olivia Armstrong,
and a lot of OCs
Name:Kari Rika Nekozawa-The Black Cat Alchemist
Occupation:State Alchemist-One Of The Heads Of The Tech. Department
Bio:Half cat chimera to mostly unknown reasons,the only one who did know other than her is currently deceased.Has black cat ears on top of her head and a bushy black tail,and has some of the brightest blue/green eyes in Amestris.Has one odd sense of inventing her own odd things but they're highly useful,and loves to make complicated computers that hold nearly over a million things and can't be hacked into easily.Other than that and she's very intelligent nothing much is known,and she happens to be nicknamed comically 'The sugary cat alchemist' since she's nearly always seen eating some sort of candy.
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