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Winter Phantom
Well,after the success,then failure of my Bleach RP,I finally decided to write a new one.This idea came while I was listening Sanctuary for the 62th time.

I'm writing a Kingdom Hearts 2 Roleplay!With a few rules,of course,If anyone wants to play.I'm trying to avoid anyone that wants to write Mary-Sues...I'm truly scared about how this will end.

The Story:

After finding his friends and everything's back to normal,Sora's asked to go to Hollow Bastion by King Mickey with his friends (including Donald and Goofy,of course)to battle the final Heartless (as a cleaning mission) that have been re-created by that evil computer who revived that's in the world of Tron.But,Sora and Kairi,who thought it was best to battle in the world of Tron both suffered a shocking strike and it seems Roxas and Namine have their own bodies,meaning they won't have to be One with Sora and Kairi.It seems our heros have another thing to do,but they will not be alone.

But what's this,The shock happened to some places in the worlds,making people (or creatures) come to Hollow Bastion.Sora and his friends have A LOT of cleaning up to do...

Created Characters are allowed,but no,NO Prefect Characters.Please don't make me say that your character is too perfect.Up to 2 Created Characters can have the keyblade.As said above,creatures or humans from the other worlds arrived in Hollow Bastion,so make your imagination work.For example:A Pirate from Neverland (Creatures from Worlds from KH 1 are allowed)or from the Pirates of the Caribbean world.

Canon Characters:

Sora:Lost Alchemist

Kairi:Winter Phantom




Roxas: Winter Phantom




Yuffie: Innocent-malice





Axel:Lost Alchemist

Sephiroth: The artist Formally Known as DNA

Tell me if you want any more canon chracters.

I will play Roxas and Jean,a created character.I will need to see profiles for the created chacacters.

Name: Jean Wicked

Age:...?About 16,in looks.

Birthdate: The 456th day of October.

Story:Jean has no idea how she arrived in this town.Only Daughter of a Witch,Natsumi has half of her mother's personality,explaining her evil thoughts,humor,and laughs.But on the inside,she's a sensitive crybaby and timid girl,who always has her dark;almost destoryed teddy bear in her arms.Her only powers are manipulating any living thing by entering the deepest part of their mind,and Grim,Her Teddy Bear who has a magic canon in it's stomach.Her only friend,of course,is her teddy,Grim.She's mostly seen near the cemetary,watching the moon with an empty look.

Looks:Jean has lemony-like blonde hair hidden in her witch hat and dark blue eyes.Her upper and lower body is covered by her long cape the falls to the floor.

I will wait till a few users enter.
Lost Alchemist
Cans I have Axel? and my occ.

Is a nobody that was around with Axel and the others, but she was hidden and made right before Kingdom Hearts blow up. She used to live in "the world that never was" that is till Axel's death. She ran away finding home in Hollow Bastion. She now finds home in the old castle that stands on the other side of the bailay. She likes being left alone and Axel's fire move. Dislikes too many people in one place and the 13 but Axel and Rockass (sorry Roxas)

Looks: Light bloude hair with blue tips and blue streaks in her bangs and side of her head. Two black tatoos on her arms of a hearts with a red kingdom on her back. She likes trenchs and weres one most of the time, even in the heat.
Winter Phantom
Sure happy.gif

It's just pretty sad there's not many people D= If there's not just a few people,this post might close.
can I join >>....if so how many characters can we have?
Lost Alchemist
Winter Phantom
Of course ^^ You can have about 3 characters.
((yay okay so Ill do 2 OCs and one Canon))

Character 1:
Name: Catalina Lamour

Age: 15

Birth date: December 18

Story: Catalina arrived in the town only by chance with her guardian, she lived her first few years on the streets of twilight town until her guardian took her in. she uses metal claws as her weapon and she has the ability of telekinesis, she is fast though physically weak. She is smart and tough but much too impulsive for her own good and normally only shows affection to those she knows will do the same for her. She is commonly seen with her guardian but is sometimes wandering the streets alone. She is usually kind but underneath lies a hint of cruelty

Looks: she is 5"0, has short red hair and different colored eyes, one is purple and one green. She usually adorns black or purple clothing and can never decide on a singly outfit (in other words I love to make her new clothes...)

Character 2:

Name: Alexander lamour

Age: 25

Birthdate: July 13

Story: recently arrived in town with His adopted sister Catalina. He seems cruel and distant, but when it comes to Catalina he plays the role of over protective and affectionate big brother. He can become very aggressive when pushed but usually just resorts to dirty looks. He is commonly with Catalina and when hes not he's either secretly crying at a chick flick or he's flirting with whoever catches his fancy at the moment, until Catalina comes and scares them off.

Looks: he is 6"2, and lean but muscular. He has long black hair usually pulled into a pony tail, and red eyes. Tries to dress as classy as possibly hoping to get a date.

you can see both of them here:
Catalina and Alexander Lamour

and I will take Yuffie smile.gif
Winter Phantom
^^ Good.>_> Now we need someone to take atleast Sora...
well I got 3 characters..know anybody on here that might join if you ask them?
Lost Alchemist
i play sora!
I'd like to join as Sephiroth if thats ok.
Winter Phantom
(^-^ Ok Then!We can begin!)

Jean wandered around the large town of Hollow Bastion.It was much more lighter than what she was used to in her own town,that she covered her eyes.She needed something or someplace dark.

"I miss my mom..." She winyed like a child of seven years,holding her almost destroyed teddy bear.Tears threatened to appear if she didn't understood the situation soon.She found a old bench and sat on it,where she hoped she could be a peace for a while.Her mother never taught her survival lessons,so how was she going to survive this problem?
A girl with red hair and different colored eyes noticed the girl as she was passing then thought to herself 'she looks a bit old to be carrying a doll..' she walked up to the girl "hey Im Catalina who are you?" she asked nerviously shifting her balance from one foot to another "do you know where we are?" she seemed almost as distressed as the girl
Winter Phantom
Jean looked up from her teddy bear to see a girl presenting herself.

Jean suddenly grew nervous,a small blush appearing on her cheeks."I am Jean.Nice to meet you..." She looked up and down at the girl.Somehow,she couldn't take her eyes off the girl with fiery hair.

'I am certainly not in Halloween Town anymore.' The blond thought,widening her eyes."No.I have no idea how I got here.I was at the cemetary with Grim and then..then...I found myself here." Jean couldn't remember how see appeared.It was like as soon as she blinked,she saw the light of the sun behind Hollow Bastion.
Roxas walked out of Merlin's House,stuffing his hands in his pockets.He felt really confused and lost.He was seperated from Sora just like what happened to Namine and Kairi.
They tryed to see what was the base of the problem and Sora came with the idea that they didn't need to be one again.

Roxas removed one hand from his pocket and put it to his chest.His own heart was beating.
from a distance a winged man wacthed, unseen. "Is this the boy the one from before..? no he's diffrent.." he said
she nodded "im in the same situation..this place is different from where I come from..and I got seperated by my big brother.." she seemed more upset " would you like to come explore with me?..that way hopefully we might find out where we are"


A large man with long black hair and red eyes was running frantically around "CAT!! CATALINA!" he yelled before crashing into roxas though not really affected by the impact due to his size
Winter Phantom
Roxas continued to walk silently,feeling the wind blowing past his spiky blond hair.He had a weird feeling in his chest,as if someone was watching him.
((@winter phantom: are you ever one at any other time>>))

Alexander looked at the boy"hey kid!" he yelled after him
"More of them?" he asked himself. he wondered what so many, Children were doing in someplace as dangerous as this place. or why they themselfs seemed dangerous, on Par with thoughs Organisation men. he could feel there power. however it was but a dent in a wall to his.
Winter Phantom
(( : P I'm just playing Roxas and Jean,and to be fair,I'll also be playing Kairi.))

Roxas's eye twitched when he heard the word 'boy'.He hoped it wasn't him.

Automatically,he turned around and was faced with a man."...You're talking to me?" He spat.
(((lol oops I said one I meant on..its really late the time you reply where I come from..and I was just wondering XD sorry))

"who the heck do you think Im talking about?" he retorted a bit annoyed"do you have any idea where we are?" he asked the kid muttering curse words under his breath
Sephiroth simplly wacthed from a distance. it haddn't been long since he had once again fought with cloud. Coward.. he thought. he had fleed from the fight towards the middle
Winter Phantom
((Oh..sleep.gif I feel stupid xD. I live in Europe,which is why I kinda reply late.I can't be on any other time since my parents don't want me too))

Roxas twitched at the man's response and looked up in the sky,seeing a black feather falling.He turned back to guy who called him."We're in the Radiant Garden,which was known as Hollow Bastion a while ago." The teen raised his eyebrow.

'Was this a tourist?How did someone arrive in this town without knowing its name?' He thought."Are you from somewhere else?"
Lost Alchemist
Sora walks about doing his rounds, his hands behind his head. Everything was use fine a side from the feeling that a part of his heart was missing, that and Kari went missing.

A red haired man walks but sulking over the fact that he died, if it was not for the girl that walks in his shadow. He thought is was odd to have someone walk so close but when ever he tryed to look at her she would dart behind him. she would stay like that till he gave up. all he knew is that she was shorter than him and had sliver hair, or he thought she did. when ever he would try to sleep she would stay up, but when he did nod off, he would not seee her when he would wake up, just that he had food.
Alexander rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly"well I suppose you could say that...I really have no idea how I got here though..."


Catalina spotted the boy with brown spikey hair then asked jean"hey do you think that boy knows anything..he seems familar with the place dont you think?"

((lol thats okay, its me that caused the confusion))
Whats this? I sense the boy from and somewhere else...Reguardless I should atleast see what would happen should I.. he thought as he lifted his hand and small Shadow Heartless came from the ground
Lost Alchemist
Sora walks about looking for Leon. He walks about before crashing into the red head.
"SORA!!!" (now think anime sprise) Look at 1:11
Both jump at the stight of the other while to girl tailing behind Axel, just stands there before Azel falls over, landing on the girl.
Catalina waved to the red haired man and spikey haired boy"hey do you guys know where we are!! and whats that weird shadow thingy?"she yelled/asked
((is everyone RPing with themselves...))
the heartless charged at Catalina sliceing a cut through her Cheek before swipeing at her back
Lost Alchemist
All three look at the Heartless. "Yea it's a heartless" Both (meaning Sora and Axel) speak at the same time as the girl rolls her eyes.
she dodged it and generated a pair of metal Claws, counter attacking and aiming for its head


Alexander looked up at the sky"I have a feeling Cats here..." he said as if he had some sort of special sense
Lost Alchemist
The girl behind Axel takes out a small wand and blows the Heartlees apart. Axel shurgs before griping her sholder from behind him. Sora wips out his key blade a little too late.
as they said this a Dark energy formed behind her. a Heartless Chameleon.

(Forgot the name lol)
Catalina slashed its head"what the crap..they keep coming!" she said obviously unfamiliar with them
the thing didn't die as behind them Millions of Black Shadows formed. "Now that The child of the keyblade is here.." He started as this happened
Lost Alchemist
The girl turns to the beast and uses a spell. "supernova" The beast is blinded by a brite light before burning. Axel just stands there not watching her but her spells.
as this happend Sephiroth looked amused. he sent in a Huge cloud of Heatless blacking out the sun itself. "Now...we shall see.." he said
Catalina began wacking at the army of shadows looking rather silly
Lost Alchemist
The girl keeps useing Supernova, as Axel figts besode her. Sora wacks around a few heartless not really knowing why.

(I dunno what your talking about on it lol!)

"She should be running out of energy soon." he said as he observed the girl with the supernova.
Lost Alchemist
She keeps going refilling her sp. Axel and Sora start to tire out.

(I can't figure out how to join.)

"Now." he said to himself as he unsheathed his sword and came down sliceing at both Axel and Sora from behind.
Lost Alchemist
The girl turns in time placeing her wand at his sword. She stands there holding back his sword, Axel stares at the girl that has been behind him all this time. Her blue hair floows around her, while her short wand glows in the darkness.Her black dress warps around her as the force blasts around her. "Go danna" She pulls out a spell card. "NOVA"

(it's like this but fighting is one sided, and it's a game so have fun and try)
(I'm not useing Kingdom Hearts sephiroth moves though. I'm useing FF7 ones.)

He smiled as he consumed himself in a Rageing fire that evaportated the spell and sent it back.
Lost Alchemist
She jumps back as Axel and Sora fight everthing else. She pulls more out sending waves of fire, water,earth and metal at him. she keeps backing away, knowing that she need to stop soon. "YOu where going to hurt Danna"
"Pitful Human." he said as he slice through the spells with ease and Moveing in a blue aura to her and Sliceing her Seven times before impaleing her chin and kicking her away.
Lost Alchemist
Her body heals it's self. She stands back up holding her wand. "I'm not human. WHo is this mother this world crys for?" she stops moveing to ask this.
Sephiroth Brushed off her words as he gripped her face and shoot an energy blast
Lost Alchemist
She healed her self. "thats mother" She take his arm seeing his past with her eyes. She takes a few locks of his hair. She rubs it before leting go and blowing the battle feild up with the Humans and Axel alone. She walks off, when Axel runs off to hide for a while.

Sora just stands there watching Sephiroth, fear growing quickly. "....BYE!!!" he runs away to find leon.
Winter Phantom
(( O_O Whoa.^^ Good Job guys! School is today and my mom keeps telling me that I won't be able to go on the computer often. T_T I'll have to wait for my schedule to see when I can go on or not.))

Jean's eye twitched.A battle was infront of her.Dark Creatures coming from the shadows.

Males were battling those creatures by themselves,while Jean stayed on her seat.She wasn't going to get involved.

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