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Oy, back!^^ Did anyone miss me? Just kidding, most likely not. *EMO moment* Ayway, yes I'm making another one of these. I just like them of. But this time no Guardians. Just rondomness! Who doesn't like that once in a while? What I mean is just pick a mythical species and go! Plain and simple. Maybe I shall make a plot later, but right now I'm too lazy. The Basic rules do apply. And:


Oh this annoys me SO bad! So please follow it! PLEASE! Well, that's all I can say for now. My mind is pretty shot right now. So, hasta lavesta! Also, I'll try to be on more. Key Word: TRY!
Lol ok I'll try this one,gonna need a new toy to keep me occupied while Autumn-chan is out for the next week or so,so I can't do Rental Magica so what the heck ^^

Name:Kari Neko
Race:Half cat spirit (which means she has a cat demon/spirit sealed up in her) and half ice youkai
Looks:Generally wears a black turtleneck and a black and blue striped sleeveless hoodie,black stretchy pants that end just above her knee's and navy blue converse high tops with black and bright blue striped knee length socks.Has blue/black hair with red streaks and has a bright green left eye and a bright blue right eye.Has black cat ears on top of her head and a bushy bottle-brush tail.
Personality-When meeting new people she's calm and polite till she figures out if they deserve her politeness or not,generally calm unless having lack of sugar (she's the sort of people who need to eat sugary fattening things if they want to live/not be bouncing off the walls).And as she puts it 'I'm loyaler than any mutt you'll meet.'
Powers:The ability to control nearly any plant,from innocent flowers to blood sucking vampire plants from being half cat spirit.Her other powers are her gunsman ship and her ability to heal,if it's snowing or if there's rain or water that she can make cold enough for snow.
Theme song(s)-Name,Better Days,Big Machine-The Goo Goo Dolls White Houses-Vanessa Carlton and When You Were Young-The Killers.
Her quirks-Crouches rather than sits (if you watch Death Note imagine L) and her reason generally is 'It's literally a pain in the butt to sit on your tail',generally only eats sweet things,and always has a small gray stuffed bunny in her hip holster with her Hades.Why she has a bunny is unknown at the moment since she never answers when people ask.

Yay! Here is mine, pretty long though. Uta rules!

Oy, my name is
Uta Nami

I'm this old

The date of my birth
December 25th

My species
Fallen Angel

Born to be

Fallen Angel, that is me

Uta has snowy white hair that in the dark seems gray. Her eyes are a pure onyx that only reflect sorrow and loneliness. Too most you would think her to be a little six year old, but she is really sixteen. Uta thinks she is cursed with her cute looks and shortness. There is a black ribbon tied in her short hair at all times. She is usually wearing depressing colors, basically grays, blacks, and off-whites. When she travels she wears a long black coat. When she has her wings out one is white and the other is black. That means she has yet to totally turn Fallen. Her wings are always hidden. There is a black star necklace that she hides under her shirt, but she treasures that along with her teddy bear.

How I am
Uta is usually alone; clutching a stuffed teddy bear a friend had given her a long time ago. Uta is very anti-social, and she barely even talks to Ruki. When she finds someone she likes she will cling to them. Similar to the way she has gotten attached to Ruki. When you see Uta… if you see her, she will always hold a sad and lonely expression. It is wise to never leave Uta alone, because her depression can get out of hand. When is does, her wrists will usually be cut and she will not know what happened. People who cause distress to Ruki are put on her hated list. When she meets up with those people her other emotion takes place. Hate. The look on her face that comes when she is mad scares even the strongest of people away. Uta has only been known to have three emotions: Hate, Sadness, and Loneliness.

I can't do much, sorry…
Uta can control Flora. It is a special gift that has been passed down through out her family. Uta is also very good with magic. Though it has somewhat turned dark, she can basically do anything with her magic.

Umm, there isn't much here either
Uta only likes Ruki and nothing more. But she does have a secret interest. She absolutely loves bears. That is how anyone can get on her good side. She doesn’t really show this though.

A lot here I guess
It seems that Uta dislikes everything. She hates angels, people, chocolate, and a lot more stuff. But most of the time Uta just pretends to hate most things. She is just afraid to let her emotions show.

Must I tell?
Uta was born in heaven, and like every angel her parents immediately left her. This made Uta sad, which is different because most angels don’t care. This made people laugh at her. She yelled at them, telling them that so what if she loved her parents and wanted to live a normal life. After that, every time she would try to say something… they would laugh. Always they laughed, and none of the adults seemed to notice. It was like that always, until finally Uta stopped talking all together. There was one adult who always brought a smile to her face. Though the angel could not make her talk, she did make Uta feel happy. She gave Uta a stuffed teddy bear, which she never lets go. When Uta turned 8 something terrible happened. She was accused of being a Fallen Angel. A death of an angel happened and all eyes turned on her. The angel that she had befriended tried to say that Uta would never do something like that but it was no use. Uta was sent away and she met Ruki a few weeks after she was accused of being a Fallen Angel. Ruki helped her back on her feet, but it took her until she was 11 to finally say something to Ruki. When Uta turned 15 she was accused of another murder, which sent her away from Ruki. After that, she almost killed herself. She has been traveling alone ever since. Most people still mistake her for a little kid, but she does her best to ignore them.

My Song
The Fallen by Evanescence
Oooooooooooh!So,when do we start?
As soon as we get at least two more people! I think it would be more fun with more people. My poor Fallen Angel Uta! I'm so obssessed with her now!
Lol,okey dokey.I've become obsessed with my Kari-chan,Kuro neko-chan! (yup I'm a black cat fanatic and she's the girl version of Train)
I'm in!!!! I just need some time to think about my character and profile!! Hope it's ok!!!
(DNA-kun here to save the day!!!)
For some reason I am having a sense of De-Ja-Vu. Lol, wonder why? I can't wait to start RPing with Uta!
I'm having a De Ja Vu moment too,and apparently my telepathic powers have developed since I couldn't sleep since the thought in my head kept nagging 'THEY'RE ON KARI!THEY'RE ONNNNNNNNNNNN' XDD
Name: Sheogorath

Occupation: Prince of Madness


primary weapon: Wabbajack.

Ready to start!
DNA... it's a doll... *Laughs uncontrollably!* I'm sorry but it looks funny! Gomen, Gomen! It is a doll right? Again, gomen.
Name: Mina
Age: Unknow looks like she's 19
Gender: Female
Race: A lesser god though she hates this term and would probably cut some heads off if someone calls her like that.
She prefers the term aitu. She hates the terms "ghost" or "spirit" too
(The word aitu refers to ghosts or spirits, often (70% of the time) malevolent. But aitu are in fact lesser gods.
Most of the time being patrons of specific things or places. They often take the form of animals and humans and are often
more cruel than other gods, basically trouble-making gods.)

Personality: Mature but somethimes can be the total oposite acting like a little girl, charming, tricky, proud,
ambitious, cold, and narccistic. And she always says she is "Intolerant To Stupidity"
She loves to play pranks on humans and other creatures. Hates being bossed around but ironically she is pretty bossy.
She can be kind and friendly but when she is, you can bet you are about to be victim of one of her pranks.
(That's how she looks including the tatoos)

(That's the clothes she wears exept the hair ornament and plus the wings)

Powers: Element control. Can shape-shift into any animal she pleases. And "semi-godly" powers.
Weapons: Her magic powers, a sword and a magic staff.
a video game pic actually. now plz start)
Let's start Let's start Let's start! *chibi hyper*
(Fine, fine.)

Uta gently landed, black and white feathers dancing around her. The same expression stayed on her childish face: Sad and lonely. When her feet touched the ground she opened her eyes, wings disapearing from her back. The teddy bear that a friend had once given her was being held tightly in her arms, like it usualy was. Her black coat swayed in the wind, along with her short white hair.
The Fallen Angel looked around her. A forest. That is what she saw. Uta was in a clearing at that time, but there were many trees surrounding her. It made her feel traped. She walked a few steps, bending down to gently stroke a dead flower. Then she walked away, leaving the flower to slowly come back to life.
Uta walked over to a berry bush and curiosly picked one of the berries that was on the bush, though her expression stayed the same. It tasted good, and she confurmed it to be a blackberry. She sat down by a tree, leaned on it, and stared at the ground with a blank expression.
Kari had been sleeping under the same tree Uta was sitting at,cept on the other side and when her ear twitched and moved as she heard her come down she yawned and walked around the tree with her tail naturally wagging as she walked before crouching down in front of Uta making sure she didn't scare her saying

"Hello there,what are you doing around here Little Princess?"
Uta looked up at the girl, her expression not changing. She opened her mouth to say something except no words came out. It was like they were stuck, hidden even. But one thing she knew for sure was that they wouldn't come out. She bowed her head, knowing once again that this was a problem.
"No princess." Uta had to mouth the words since she couldn't speak. Her gaze stayed to the ground, and she clutched the teddy bear tighter.
Kari couldn't help but smile saying ruffling the small little girls hair

"It's an old habit,my partner had a little girl who I used to call Little Princess,she's all grown up now I think.So you lost your voice I'm guessing?Open up so I can see if there's anything wrong in your mouth."
(damn I can't think of how to come in...)
(fall out of a tree?XD)
Mina was sitting in a tree branch swinging her legs back and forth, her sword and staff laying at the bottom of the tree. She yawned *Damn, so boring. No one around. Teasing those villagers turned pretty boring* She thought now looking angry *Those pesky humans, calling ME a ghost* She thought angrily. Suddenly she heard voices, she turn her head around and saw 2 girls talking. She tilted her head *A fallen angel and a spirit/youkai* She thought "You dont see that everyday" She mumbled.
(Sheogorath won't do that.)

as they talked the sky suddenlly turned picth dark with lightning strikeing everywhere
Kari's eyes widened and she simply picked up the little girl and started walking quickly over to the small cabin she had,she didn't want her or Little Princess to get hit with the lightning,especially since they were near tree's and she mumbled letting her into the small house

"It's not much but it'll keep the lightning and rain out."
as the walked in A giant stone face with a screaming mouth came from the sky. it landed right outside before they walked inside. outside was some sort of tiger being.
"Holy mother of freakin god!"

Kari said stepping back quickly before the giant stone face thing landed on her tail or feet and noticed the tiger being and sweat dropped saying slowly

"Now now Mr tiger,not need to eat your own kind....well sorta your own kind."
the tiger simplly put her hands over her eyes saying "go away. i'm not here.." then out of the mouth was a blue/black man in an old curilass. "N-no...y-you can't make me go back in there...I-I'll K-...KILL YOU!!!!! KILL YOU ALL!!!!!" He yelled as he took out a longsword and attempted to slice off Kair's arm.
Kari hissed meeting his sword with her gun silently thanking that her gun was made of Orichalcum and she simply raised her foot and kicked the old man in the stomach sending him into a tree painfully saying

"Oi I did nothing wrong."
"RAARRRGHGHHHGHGH" He yelled as he attempted once more. however half way through he fell down. Dead. "UNWORTHY!!! UNWORTHY UNWORTHY UNWORTHY!!!!!! Bring me a Champion!!!! one who May fair well aganist the dark GREYMARUCH!!!!!!....A bit of a shame really. he was a pleasent fellow. and do feel welcome to come in." said a booming voice

Kari said slowly with her eye twitching putting her gun back into it's holster at her hip.
"WHOSE HOUSE?!!?!? YOUR HOUSE?? MY HOUSE? HIS HOUSE?!?!? IT'S HOUSE?!?!?!? And may I say a lovelly home." Said the voice. "WALK IN IF YOU WANT ANSWERS!!!!!"
"Please stop screaming,it's giving me a headache."

Kari said walking in holding one of her ears down painfully
as they walked inside they found they were surounded by walls. once they were all in it erupted into butterflys to revil a large forrest with over grown mushrooms and a large castle in the distance

Kari screamed turning anime white
Mina sweatdropped when the saw the whole scene from the distance. "What the hell??" She mumbled. She had seen a lot of things in her life but that was just: ridiculous.
She shighed *Some creatures are just plain weird* She thought.
As they walked throughout the land they met a Small army of tree-like creatures
"My house.......What did you do?"

Kari asked anime crying and then noticed the tree-like army things and she sweat dropped wondering if they were going to attack or not.
then they snarled and ran towards them with viscous intent. they were animals. and they needed food.
Kari swore and reloaded her gun shooting at the tree things with 'burst bullets' compliments to her partner Sven,they were pretty much bombs in bullet form and with just 6 shots the whole army tree things were dead and she mumbled reloading her Hades with normal bullets

"That was boring."
just then they found themselfs in a small town. all the villagers were crouding around some gates were a large ugly Deamon who look like a mass of flesh and cuts were decimateing guards.
"Jesus Christ first dinosaurs and then this thing?!"

Kari scowled trying to figure out how to kill this thing,and she also thought that Janus would be so helpful now.What a shame he wasn't here.
it then turned attension to Kair. it roar as it charged at her

(picture: )

Kari yelled taking a rose,a rose that was black at the bottom and as it bloomed up it turned blue with purple flecks, turning it into a ten foot long whip swishing it faster than most eyes can see causing the giant to be turned into sushi and her whip retracted turning into a regular rose again putting it back in her hair.
the giant however wasn't effected at all. it grabbed the whip and pulled Kari close and puched her in the gut
Uta still held her sad expression as she walked around, holding her teddy bear as always. This place... is wierd. She followed close to the new person she had met, not wanting to get lost. When the giant had punched that person Uta slowly walked in front of it. Slowly she raised her hand, one arm still holding her bear, and then she cluthced her hand into the fist. The monster immediatly was desroyed, and Uta still held her expression.
However afterward he immediatlly reformed behind uta and became chokeing her
Kari hissed and planted a small plant in the giant and she mentally swore since that plant in particular took awhile to root and she smacked the giant making it shift it's attention to her instead of Uta.
Uta kept her sad and lonely expression while the giant choked her, not strugaling. You can not die... Forever you are cursed. The voice played over in her head. Think about what you have done Uta! You are a disgrace. You are Fallen. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the plant that the girl had planted. Grow. Was the only word she thought of, and the plant obeyed.
Kari grinned as she sensed her plant grow and she controlled it with her Yoki making it grow more and making the creature die saying "Deathbringer Weed."
Uta used her magic to get out and walked over to the girl, stading next to her with the same expression. She looked over her teddy bear, making sure it didn't get hurt in the process of escaping or anything. When she found it ok she held it close again.
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