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Full Version: Xam'd: Lost Memories [bounen No Xamdou]
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Xam'd: Lost Memories, released in Japan as Bounen no Zamned (亡念のザムド Bōnen no Zamudo?, lit. Zamned of the Lost Memory) The series received its television premiere across Japan on MBS, CBC, Tokyo MX and other Japanese broadcast networks from April 2009, featuring new opening and ending theme sequences. Xam'd: Lost Memories spanned a total of 26 episodes. On its launch week, its pilot episode was the most downloaded video on the PlayStation Network at E3. On June 24, 2010.
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List of Characters

So, once again, BONES, the studio that brought you Eureka 7, Fullmetal Alchemist, and RahXephon, has a new project.

The series has been announced by Sony as exclusive to the PlayStation Network for two seasons consisting of twenty-six episodes. An episode is $4 a pop and you only RENT it for 24 hours. It airs every Wednesdays and the US is actually getting this anime two months before Japan, interesting, no?

However, there are other ways to obtain said episodes because I for one do not even own a PS3.


The story follows a boy named Akiyuki who is heading to school with two friends when an explosion occurs. In the mysterious light from the explosion, Akiyuki transforms into a creature called Xam'd. Xam'd goes on a rampage which is only stopped when a red-haired foreign girl appears.

First impressions:

The series is interesting enough to watch but nothing much has been explained yet. The stuff so far has been pretty confusing. We still don't know what exactly a Xam'd is or what the Humanforms are. Since I've loved pretty much all of Studio BONES' works, I'll continue to watch this series but from what I've seen, they need to pick up the pace with the plot.

Genres: action, fantasy, romance, science fiction
Themes: aircraft, mutants
Episodes: 26
Age Rating: Teen
(Source - ANN)

looks interesting...even though i have a ps3 i don't really buy anything on psn.
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