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Lost Alchemist
No real plot, just like a party of demons. Any demons are welcome tailed or not. I'll post on this one post what demons we have. Really it's more of a free lance roleplay. You are free to do anything. I'm going let copys of demons in like if someone if the kyuubi and someone is a nine tailed dog (or cat) they are welcome. Freedom is everything! rude words are welcome just as long no one is dissing other person.

Demon list

Gobi no hiko (five tailed demon dog) played by Lost Alchemist
Half cat spirit half ice youkai played by Kari_Neko
Half Wolf Half Demon played by BaraXAkuma
Night Demon oftenly called Maiden of The Dark Moon played by MaiShodowAlchenist
This looks fun!

Name:Kari Neko

Age:221 but looks 21.

Demon type:Half cat spirit half ice youkai.

Looks:In her 'human' form she has long mid length straight black hair black cat ears at the top of her head,usually wears a hat if she tries to hide the ears,wears a black turtleneck with a black and blue striped sleeveless hoodie,black slightly baggy jeans and bright red converse high tops and wears a black collar with a bell on it and there's snowflakes (each one different!).

Demon Form:the first form is just her tapping into her ice youkai which makes her hair white and stand up on it's own and she has red eyes. When she takes off her collar she turns into her cat spirit,which is Roozu no Yuki (that name's put Japanese style) meaning Rose of the snow. Yuki has long waist length pure white,practically glowing, hair and gold eyes and wears a white robe and white ears and tail.
I wanna join. But all the demons must be japanase??
Lost Alchemist
No, they do not. I said that (or did I?) but all demons are welcome. I'll post a pic of Gobi for yea never mind, my printer/scaner is not working so here you go

Hair:fire red
Eyes; every shade of blue
Skin: paler than a piace of paper
outfit: sliver kimono that has been cut to be at her knees, gray shorts, brown/green gloves, lighting bolt necklace, with a coller on to

as a dog,
pale as her skin, with each of her five tails are fire, wind, water, earth, and lighting
This looks fun!^^ I'm so joining!

Name: Amaya Tenshi

Age: 387 but looks 19

Demon Type: Half Wolf Half Demon

Looks: Amaya has the odd color of turquoise hair. It falls a little above her waist and is always shining. Her ears and tail match the color of her hair. Her nails are also sharp and long like a wolf’s. Both ears are pierced except that the left holds two hoops and the right holds three studs. Amaya’s tail is all turquoise except the tip, which is a dark blue. It makes the bright color stand out. She is usually seen wearing black studded bracelets on each wrist, along with a black studded collar she never takes off. The collar and the silver bell was a gift. She is usually seen wearing a short black dress outlined in a deep red. The dress is strapless and has a heart cut out on the left side of her hip. There are two red straps that go through her collar and hold the silver bell, also holding her dress up. She wears long leggings that go above her knees and black leather, high-heeled boots.

Demon: Amaya turns into a wolf the color of turquoise. The dark blue tip on her tail turns to a raven black. Her eyes turn to a bright amber. Her fur his messy like most wolves. Her claws, in stead of white, are silver. She is a little larger than most wolves, and she has sharper fangs.

Personality: She is rude to most people because she doesn’t really care what they think of her. She holds a grudge with people and has a very evil dark side. If you happen to unlock that dark side it is best to back away slowly and leave. Amaya likes to think of herself as independent because she believes that she doesn’t need anybody but herself, and finds no need for the emotion called ‘love’. She can also have a very stubborn side when she wants to. Amaya might seem like a pain in your butt, but if you get to know her she can actually be a very sweet and kind young lady.
Name: Lilith
Age: Unknown looks like she's 20
Type of Demon: Night Demon oftenly called Maiden of The Dark Moon.
Personality: Mature but somethimes can be the total oposite acting like a little girl, charming, tricky, proud,
ambitious, cold, and narccistic. But deep down under the surface you could say she has a heart,
a cold one but a heart after all. She dosent really go well whit humans, she
just thinks they are pretty stupid and primitive. And she always says she is "Intolerant To Stupidity"
She loves to play pranks on humans and other demons. Hates being bossed around but ironically she is pretty bossy.
She can be kind and friendly but when she is you can bet you are about to be victim of one of her pranks.
Appearence: (This is her whitout the ears)

(She's wearing this clothes plus the hat she wears in the other pic)

Demon From: So far no one has ever seen her in her demon form.
Lost Alchemist
(Ok we can play now. I forgot to add the Mokoto (Gobi) is like Kakashi from Naruto. Loves to read pron. Is shy other wise. But like a dog she loves one person and sticks to one person. She had a small doll of a guy that would look like the god of darkness if he was real.

The place we will be is a house that is in the middle of space (so a great view), there are as many rooms as we want, everyone has a room. It has everything the demon needs. Like a house everything thing in a real house there is.)

Mokoto sits by a window that opens up to space. She had no clue how she got here, but all she knew is that her master was not here. She wimpered with her ears low. She curled up in a small ball, wimpering playing with the hem of her dress. Her five tails curl around her as well, she looks up seeing a sofa. She springs to it. She turns about on the spot she landed on, before siting down and pulling a small blanket over her still wimpering.
Amaya growled angrily, hand going into a fist. This was just great! Kaoru was home all alone with now food! Hopefully Lily would feed the poor bird. She felt lake breaking stuff. How the heck did she get her anyway. Her thoughts were jumbled and she couldn't think strait.
The wolf demon walked over to the window, gently putting a hand on it. She looked out into space with a blank eyes. Amaya was trying her best to calm down, breathing in and out slowly, softly. Finally she closed her eyes and thought of home. Would she ever see it again? No, she didn't think she would. Her small bird companion would be forever gone from her grasp. That was what she thought of as she rested her head on the window.
Kari was sitting in an armchair calmly,she didn't know either how she got there,but was simply eating one of her many chocolate bars reading a book and she asked looking up at the fuming wolf demon her cat ears twitching

"Ookami-san,why do you look like your going to break something?"
Lilith looked around, her eye twitched "I was on the middle of something important" She tought aloud as she looked around. Truth was: she was just playing pranks of a small village. She shighed in defeat and looked at the others "Anyone knows how we ended in here?" She asked.
"I don't,but I know that I was in the middle of an important robbery in Demon World,they're going to be screwed now."

Kari said sighing as she closed her eyes
Lost Alchemist
Mokoto looks up hideing her face in the blakets. She wimpers.
"He.....ll.....o.....,I' of line)" She sutters keeping her voice low, trying to hide.

(I forgot, Mokoto is my OCC from my Naruto fic. So shy ninja ness)
Kari being curious of the little dog demon in there lifted up the blankets and said calmly

"Your really cute Motoko-chan,I'm Kari."
"Pleasure to meet you all commoners" Lilith said anime sparkles around her (Perhaps I forgot to mention it but somethimes she gets a "Queen-Complex") "My name is Lilith" She said.
"Commoners?I happen to be a fairly rich inventor Lilith-san,I'm Kari."

Kari said in her usual blunt and cold tone looking at the girl
"Pleasure to meet you Kari" Lilith said completly unaware of the cold tone "Ok peasants this is the plan: we need to figure out how we ended in here" She said "Everybody agrees??" She asked *After 2 seconds* "Ok glad you guys like the idea" She said before someone could answer.
"Please ignore her" A voice said behind them, a young man/demon was standing behind them "Shut up Jonathan" She mumbled as she rolled her eyes "Forgive her for the actittude" He said ignoring her.
(Can I have another character??? *puppy eyes of DOOM* Please??)
Amaya kept staring out the window, eye twitching with agrivation. Such a nuesance. Where is that stupid wolf spirit when you need him? I bet he could get me out fo this situation. I think even Melaro would do at a time like this... She glared out the window, ignoring everyone the best she could. It wasn't unusual for Amaya to act like this, she hated practicaly everyone.
Kari sighed and walked over to Ayama and used her special knack for making people unable to hate her for too long without realizing it and asked lightly "Annou,what's your name?"
"Amaya." She said, still staring out the window. It was a simple answer, and for some reason it didn't hold venom like she had wanted it to. This made her even more agitaded. She bit her bottom lip, trying to hold her anger in.
Kari dug through her numerous pockets till she found a small blue squishy ball handing it to the girl and said in a blunt but nice tone with a small smile

"It's not good to bottle up your anger,so take it out on a stress ball."
Amaya glanced back at the girl, anger flashing like lightning bolts in her eyes. She took the ball and looked at it or a minute. Her fist clenched around ti and after a minute it popped in her hand. "I broke it, sorry." She said, looking at teh remains.
Kari sweat dropped saying "That's alright,I half expected that.Do you mind if I sit with you?"
"I don't mind." Amaya mumbled, turning her gaze back to the window. Her mind was a jumbled mess of thoughts. What would happen to Kaoru? Would her little bird friend be ok.
"What are you worried about so much Ayama-san?"

Kari asked sitting next to her looking out the window looking bored
Name: Jonathan
Age: Unknow looks like he is 22
Type Of Demon: Night Demon oftenly called "The Reaper"
Personality: Cold, aggresive, tricky, lazzy, hates being bossed around, charming, evil, but once in a while he can be kind. He can be responsable and mature but 99.9% of the time it just because he wants to tease people.

Both Jonathan and Lilith were yelling at eachother. He rolled his eyes and shighed in defeat "You are imposible Lilith" He mumbled, she gave him a death glare "Shut up" She hissed.
Kari looked at the two yelling at each other and sat cross legged saying in a blunt tone as her stomach growled

"Do you think there's any food around here?"
Both of them looked at Kari. And then they looked at eachother "Peasent go get some food" Lilith said to Jonathan "You gotta be jocking. Go burn in hell Lilith" He mumbled, she rolled her eyes "I've resigned myself to burn there, so yeah whatever. Now the food!!" She said/hissed.
Kari sighed and pulled out what looked like a toy gun from her back pack and shot the both of them with airball like things that were screaming 'BAKA!' and she said bluntly getting up putting her toy gun in her bag again

"Stop yelling,it's giving me a headache and I'll look for food,who's gonna come with?"
Both of them had somehow managed to avoid being hit by the weird bullets. "Ok well peasent go. Bring me something good, I dont want any "peasent" food" She said, he gave her a death glare but got up "Someday I'll get my revenge" He said "Ok well till that day arrives go get some food" She said as she smiled innocently.
Kari sighed saying as she started walking out the door with her hands in her pockets and she looked back at Jonathan pushing up her half moon glasses since they were falling off her nose

"You coming or do I have to hit you with the moron gun again?"
Jonathan raised an eyebrown "Watch your mouth babe" He mumbled as he walked "You have no idea with who you are talking to" He said as he smirked.
"And do you know who your talking to?"

Kari hissed her temper flaring as she looked up from her small black notebook and added scathingly "Least I know that I'm not an ignorant,stupid,arrogant,narcisstic,[All hail lord Xenu]."
Jonathan laughed "Belive me babe that's something I hear everyday" He said as he shrughed "Come on try again" He taunted "Give me your best shot"
"Wenn Sie mich Baby noch einmal ich anrufen, schwören Sie, dass ich Ihren Kugelkoch es abschneide und Sie dann es essen lasse."

Kari said with venom the foreign tongue easy and perfect
For less than a second a spark of anger light in Jonathan's eyes but then he chuckled and started laughing "La belle dame sans merci" He said in perfect french while smirking "Your german is really good" He said as he smiled "Nice try" He said "Pero palabras son palabras nada mas" He said.
"Merci,I've been told that I'm with the tongue and imagination and the temper of the devil.But with the voice,fingers,and beauty of an angel."

Kari responded
Amaya sighed, bowing her head. This was not going to go good. She just started to getting rid of her anger problems, with the help of Lily of course. Now she has to deal with loud, abonoxious, ignorant, arrogant fools like that male. Ugh, definalty not going to work out. Amaya sat down in a chair and held her legs to her body, hugging them.
"Really??" He asked and smirked evilly as he kept walking "They lied" He said in almost a whisper.
Lilith looked at Amaya "Are you ok??" She asked in almost a childish and innocent way.
"And whoever told you were handsome were obviously having serious brain damage."

Kari responded walking next to him in search for food
"Just annoyed is all." Amaya mumbled to her, glaring at the floor. That stress ball didn't help any... I guess I have to much anger all bottled up. She sighed again, trying to calm herself. She was so angry that she was digging her claws into her cloak fabric.
Jonathan chuckled as he smirked "So you include yourself in the "brain damage" group??" He asked basically saying he knew she thought he was really handsome.
"You need to scream into a pillow" Lilith suggested and shrughed "That always helps" She said and smiled.
"No,but alas I admit you have a pretty face but to get in my book,brains,attitude,affection,and the ability to actually look at a pretty girl without drooling are the major points."

Kari said simply pushing up her glasses with her middle finger intentionally flipping him off
"Tried it. Didn't help nothin." Amaya told her, looking at her with a blank expression. "The anger I have goes way back. I have so much inside I don't think it will ever fade." She said, a little darkly though the darkness was not towards her.
Jonathan chuckled "Pretty amusing" He said as he smirked totally unaffected by her commment.
Lilith smiled "Dont worry. I'll help you" She said "Let's destroy some stuff" She said "That'll will help you release some anger" She said.
Amaya blinked a few times, then smirked. "As tempting as it is, last time I desttroyed stuff it wasn't pretty. That wasn't even on purpose either." She said, her smirk not dissapearing though she couldn't help but feel depressed inside. That memory was a bad one indeed.
"What's even more amusing is that if you continue to try and hit on me I can just throw one of these at you and you'll be stuck as an octopus for awhile."

Kari said holding up one of her octopus bombs that would cause him to have a giant octopus hat that was nearly impossible to get off.
Jonathan rolled his eyes "I think I am not the only one that's full of himself" He mumbled, suddenly he stopped when saw the kitchen "Finally" He said as he smiled and entered.

Lilith blinked puzzled but smiled again "Dont worry peasent I'll help you. We'll find a way Amaya" She said happily, it was clear the words "peasent" and "commoner" were pretty common in her vocabulary and she called everybody like that, not because of a "I-am-superior" complex (thought she did had some of that) she used it more as a friendly term.

Kari yelled running in chibi style a complete change of attitude as she rain seeing strawberry cake and cutting herself a slice eating it *insert blue version of Hunny's flowers*
Jonathan just sweatdropped and blinked puzzled he then started looking around, after a while he found what he was looking for: a semi-giant bag of mashmellows.
He grabbed an apple and walked out of the kitchen and back were everybody was.

Lilith saw Jonathan "Finally" She said, he raised the bag of mashmellows "What's that??" She asked puzzled "Mashmellows" He said as he rolled his eyes "Candy clouds?? I cant belive it!! The only human food that's worth eating" She said as she started eating the mashmellows as Jonathan ate his apple. "Do you want some??" Lilith asked Amaya "The candy clouds are the key to happines" She said as she nooded pretty convinced about the "candy clouds" being the "key to happines".
Kari came in with several trays of whole cakes sitting down on the couch while cutting herself some cake and putting lots of sugar cubes into her tea cup while she crouched on the couch saying as she was writing in her notebook

"Actually Lilith-san,all sweet things are the key to happiness,including Candy Clouds."
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