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Full Version: Mother 3
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Your avatar and signature is awesome so it deserves its own thread IMO. wink.gif

Can't wait for the MOTHER 3 fan translation to be finished. It's funny how Japan is so dwelved in this little translation project by Tomato.

thread hijacked and moved and renamed >_>

oh for on-topicness: here's a history of how nintendo has crapped on the Earthbound/Mother fans for almost 20 years ...
Mother 3
Here's the translation project mentioned. They appear to be doing a great job and currently look to be finishing in 2-3 more months. Hopefully by then I should have finished Earthbound.

Go out and play it and if it shows up on the Wii virtual console get it there, nice and legally.

Some good Earthbound remixes. I'm really digging Shawn Phase's 'Santa is dead' and Mustin's 'Flying man'

And yes, my ava and sig are awesome, thank you. Bonus points for you.

asunder Fan Translation complete~
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