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This roleplay is pretty much a sequel to my 'War and Peace' roleplay not too long ago. Unless I invite you, you are not permitted to participate in this roleplay.
Thank you.

PLOT (refer to War and Peace for details; based on the Fullmetal Alchemist anime-plot):
Thomas Aurorialis, the mad-man alchemist that had been killed in Amestris, has returned to this world from the parrallel universe of Berlin, Germany 1924. Intoxicated with revenge on the alchemists that killed him, he one by one plans a string of pain-ridden obstacles and tricks while trying to coax his daughter, Hotaru Stille, to help him.

1. No one-liners. I mean it. I will not tolerate them.
2. Romance is fine, just nothing potentially offensive (yaoi, yuri, sexual references, vulgarity, etc...)
3. Follow the FMA theme! No introducing plots from other totally-unrelated series'!
4. Nothing over PG-13, please.
5. OOCs are fine (in fact, they're preffered!)
6. No god-moding (even if they're a Homunculus as my main RPC is)
7. Do not kill off other characters without permission from that roleplayer.
8. Have fun!

My characters:
Name: Ashley Blair
Alias: Ash, the White Lotus Alchemist, Hatred.
Race: Homunculus
Age: 23 yrs old.
Occupation: Medical/State alchemist.
Hair: Dirty-blonde, tousled, shoulder-length.
Eyes: Used to be light-green; currently reptilian, purple (like the Seven other Homunculi).
Personality: Curious, intuitive, stubborn, tricky, serious.
Strong points: Dedication, physical strength, protective.
Faults: Hot-tempered, head-strong, over-confident, reserved, numb, foul-mouthed.
Alchemical style: Alchemy tattoos covering her hands and running up her
arms while covering her entire torso, back, and shoulders. Practices
Xingese alchemy (known as 'purification arts' or 'rentanjutsu').
Specializes in: Healing and destructive alchemy, detecting auras/flows of chi, medicine.
Family: None, save for someone who claimed to be her 'uncle', but was of no relation.
Apprentice: Hotaru Stille
History: Ash, originally, was born to a happy alchemist couple (whose names are still unknown) about 25 years before. However, when she was 6 years old, she was attacked by a chimera whom left her body hidden in a forest. Her parents could not find her and were distraught over the loss of their daughter. Several months passed and, soon, reports started flooding into military command concerning whole towns and
villages slaughtered in a single night. The perpetrators were never found, always hiding and keep out of public eye. It was soon learned by Ash's parents that an old friend of theirs, an alchemist named Yagami Raito, had found their daughter's body...and turned her into a homunculus with a Philosopher's Stone inside her body. Their daughter was now a personification of Raito's hatred for evil and wrong-doing,
and had become his killing machine, his weapon; it was her hands that killed the people of all the now-dead towns that Raito destroyed to create more Philosopher's Stones. To save what was once their daughter and the rest of Amestris, the two alchemists used human transmutation to put Ash's Stone into submission, and wound up dying in the process, leaving the homunculus alone.
After the transmutation, Ash awoke with no memory of her life at all before that very moment, as though she'd just been brought to life. She had no memory of her killings nor of her creator, who had disappeared during the ritual. She was found by someone who claimed to be her uncle and was raised by him. Once her Stone had been put into submission, she was able to age normally.
However, it seemed that the people of Verlorn, the town she lived in with her uncle, could sense her dark, blood-drenched past, and shunned her, leading to her becoming
a 'brat'. When she turned 11, she started learning alchemy from a man named Van Hohenheim, wanting to learn it to gain the approval of the other townspeople who all knew alchemy quite well. It did not work, though, they felt she should not learn it.
Disgruntled, she pressed on with learning and cursed at anyone who told her otherwise.
When she was 13, her uncle suffered a heart attack, causing Ash to worry. With the alchemy she'd been learning, she transmuted his heart and believed she had healed it...until he died a week later from the severe wounds and injuries her alchemy had done to not only his heart but the entire inside of his body. Feeling guilt and
believing she had killed him, she lived in her house and never came out. For a year she did not go outside, for a year she took a good, long, hard look at herself and realized what a brat she had been.
Around 14 years of age, her sensei took her out of her home to visit her uncle's grave. She resisted at first, but finally consented and went. While at the grave, she told her sensei that she wanted to use her alchemy to save people and that she didn't want to lose anyone else. Once that had been said, Van Hohenheim taught her everything concerning RentanJutsu (Xingese alchemy) until she joined the military at age 18. It wasn't until she was 21 years old that she got her memories back
from her time as the homunculus 'Hatred' and is usually in constant conflict with herself, wondering if her hands were meant to kill or help people.
Ash never had friends when she was younger, so, those she's made to this day are those that are precious to her. She does everything in her power to protect them and values their lives over her own. After the death of L, another friend of hers, she's been more resolute to protecting the friends she has left, no matter what the
stakes are.
Note: Has an Ouroboros tattoo located on the base of her neck; her 'Ultimate' ability is muscle and strength.
Theme song: Numb - Linkin Park (with Raito), Feel the Silence - Goo Goo Dolls, Falling Inside the Black - Skillet.

Name: Hotaru Stille
Alias: Hotaru
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hair: Black (with a purple tint), thick and cut evenly with bangs.
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Caucasian
Height: 3'11''
Frame: Frail, thin, small.
Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken, peaceful, friendly, child-like.
Strong points: Kind, gentle, caring, story-telling, comforting.
Faults: Somewhat anti-social, meek.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Uses a staff-like glaive (blade shaped somewhat like a 'G') with
alchemical symbols carved into the blade and handle; performs
Rentanjutsu (Xingese alchemy).
Family: Deceased.
Sensei: Ashley Blair (the White Lotus Alchemist)
Clothing: Dark-colored skirts, pants, jackets, boots, socks.
Specializes in: Peace-making, transmuting light and silence.
History: Hotaru's life is a...strange one. Her mother died when she was 6 years old, and due to the sudden death, her father went mad and attempted human transmutation to resurrect her. However, as is the case, it failed, forcing him to learn ancient alchemy from long ago. With it, he could control humans, create golems and dolls, and so forth. Being an ex-State Alchemist, he held a grudge toward the military for letting him go after his wife's departure, and decided he would try to eliminate the military with this style of alchemy he'd discovered.
How was Hotaru involved? While she was young, he turned her into his own, personal puppet, using her as a cover-up when infiltrating towns and cities he needed for his plan. He came across the city of Schwiegengel (once a city of bloodshed and violence) and killed everyone in the city, using their souls to create a Philosopher's Stone. With the leftover bodies, he turned them into puppets to create the illusion that the city was not dead. His plan failed, however, with the arrival of a group of State Alchemists, and was ultimately killed by Hotaru's later-sensei, Ashley Blair.
With her father dead and her soul restored in her own body, Hotaru left Schwiegengel to thank the alchemists for saving her, and is now under the apprenticeship of
Ashley Blair, the White Lotus Alchemist.
Theme song: Twilight - Vanessa Carlton

Name: Jett Faolan
Alias: Jett, the Shadow Alchemist.
Age: 18 yrs old.
Occupation: State Alchemist
Rank: Major
Hair: Black, thick, short-ish.
Eyes: Dark-blue, but they do have a tendency to turn red every now and then, mostly in the winter.
Skin tone: Dark, tan (Ishbalan skin)
Personality: Odd, helpful, quiet.
Strong points: Quick reflexes, physical strength, stealth, spying.
Faults: Easily irritated, apathetic, nosy.
Bloodline: Part-Amestrian, part-Ishbalan.
Alchemical style: Symbols of different metals tattooed to tips of fingers and thumbs, followed by arrays on his palms.
Family: Older half-sister, mother (deceased), father (deceased).
Clothing: Vests, mostly, with dress shirts and gloves.
Specializes in: Sword-play, blades, metals, radios.
History: As stated in his data, Jett isn't a full-blooded Amestrian. His mother wasn't exactly a faithful woman and had an affair with an Ishbalan, causing Susi's father to leave the home. Jett is a product of his mother's sin and has a made a clear point of not being proud of it. Thus, he and Susi are only half-siblings, but keep a tight bond,
despite the fact that Jett's usually traveling.
When Jett and Susi were children, the Ishbalan Civil War took place, destroying their home and their family: to flee from the war, their mother took Susi with her to Dublith, leaving behind her son and lover in the East (Jett still holds a grudge against her for this). He and his father (name unknown) stayed in Ishbal, however, despite the war. Once the campaign to wipe-out the Ishbalans when Jett was 10-years-old, it was already too late for them to leave. Jett managed to escape while his father fought off the soldiers, but was killed by the State Alchemist known as the Crimson (or 'Red Lotus') Alchemist, Kimbley.
Over the years, Jett has taught himself alchemy after learning the basics from his father, who happened to pratice the Amestrian alchemy used in the Genocide Campaign, and earned the title of State Alchemist at age 15. He has incredible stealth skills and the odd ability to travel through shadows, hence his codename, 'Shadow Alchemist'. His reason for joining the military is simple: 'To change the Amestrians' minds about Ishbalans.'
Theme song: Replica - Sonata Arctica

Name: Thomas Aurorialis
Alias: Mortimer Stille
Age: Middle-aged
Occupation: Alchemist
Style: Puppet-alchemy; ancient alchemy used to control golems (he uses this ability to control human corpses).
Personality: Quiet, intelligent, deep, thoughtful.
Strong points: Plotting, manipulation.
Weak points: Bright lights (sensitive eyes), emotions, bloodshed.
Bloodline: Amestrian
Family: Wife (deceased), daughter (alive).
Clothing: Long-coats, sweaters, slacks, vests, boots.
Specializes in: Creating Philosopher's Stones, alchemy.
History: N/A
There are my characters!
Name-Kari 'Rika' Neko.
Alias-Rika,a musician,The Diamond Alchemist.
Race-Half cat chimera half Amestranian
Occupation:State Alchemist/musician
Hair:Dark brown,nearly black that goes to her shoulder's.
Eyes-As hot as black as pepper.
Personality-Blunt,kind,normally calm,curious,sometimes r.andom,intelligent.
Strong Points-as she puts it 'I'm as loyal as a wolf,and smell better too.',very intelligent,cautious,very protective.
Faults-Her short temper,sometimes lack of common sense,sometimes over protective.
Alchemy style-Creation,destruction,reconstruction.Generally of what she makes is diamond.
Family-Her grandfather and a couple of aunts and uncle's on her father's side,whom she'd rather not talk to.
History-She had a semi-normal childhood but having cat ears and being constantly teased about it,but she was ok with it.But then her Father went on a rage and killed her mother and nearly killed her and her sister scarring her back with a needle 'XIII'.But her and her sister worked through it happily with sometimes help with her uncle Naru from her mom's side.But then her sister had to go to the Ishbal war,she never came back.So she stayed with Naru at his house constantly eating candy,which caused a small issue and she simply joined the military for cash,always had the ability to make things she had made most of the computer's since they had been damaged or destroyed.Which she likes to say 'I can just blow up the computer's if they fire me,which is why they don't.' So now after Naru had past from cancer she lives on her own,scratch that with her evil grandfather whom she'd like to chuck something at but doesn't.It was better to stay with him then on her own in Naru's house.So now a days she generally either goes to work at the library/techie room or to the park to go on the swings for hours,or to go to musician's hall where she plays a variety of either piano,guitar (acoustic and electric),bass occasionally,and sometimes the cello.
Theme song-Iris and Big Machine-Goo Goo Dolls,Faint-Linkin Park (to her father who is currently in jail),White Houses-Vanessa Carlton.
(L of coruse and since everyone knows who that is.....please start!!!!!)
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Alright, first, put up character profiles, please. Makes things a little easier *nods*
I'll start when I have the intro written up.
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I'm using Virus... aaaand... Shadow. :3 I don't use Shadow much.
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Now...the intro!

The rain fell heavily that night. Lightning illuminated the sky while thunder shook the earth. Central was strangely quiet around this time of the morning, darkness still reigning over the skies. Only a few cars were out this early, which was around 4am, and the rain from that evening still poured in heavy amounts.

A man with thick, graying hair that covered his head and dappled his chin and upper lip walked through the city, right wrist wrapped in bandages while his right leg showed signs of a limp. His expression was less than pleasant, but otherwise he appeared to be your average alchemist. His clothing, however, showed signs of having been caught in a feud with rips and tears here. He mumbled slightly under his breath. He was on a search, looking for certain people...and he wasn't going to stop until he'd found them.
A small, forest-like grove of trees sat near Central in the shadows where several moments before alchemical energy had illuminated the branches and shrubbery. In the battle, only one came out of the forest while the other had yet to come out.
Blood ran on the ground as the rain washed it away from the forest, signs of some poor creature wounded in the trees. Deeper into the forest, the blood grew thicker, endlessly pouring from some enormous wound. It trickled down from one of the large oak trees in the center of the forest, and, it appeared that someone had been pinned to the tree, bleeding profusely.

A long, metal pole had been pierced through the tree to serve as a hold for whomever was hanging from it. The pole had pierced through two hands, keeping the young woman with dirty-blonde hair hanging by her palms. Blood poured from the wounds while multiple wounds from a variety of weapons bled, especially the deep, jagged cut that ran from her shoulder to her waist. She looked dead, but wasn't quite dead, her breathing quite, quite shallow.

She was still very much alive, even if she were on the very brink of death.
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bic| A man about the age of 26 was running through the streets of the city, his messy black hair was soaked and so were his clothes. His voice was weak from yelling a repeated name over and over. "Ash." He had asked thousands of people, but none knew where the girl was.

Tears stained Virus' cheeks as he continued his search for the girl, looking everywhere he possibly could. His eyes fell upon a dark forest, and as he took a step in to it, his heart began to pound.

Finally, using what left of his voice he could, he called out her name.
"Ash?" he asked, his voice rough, "Where are you?"
Kari being the isnomiac she was was looking out the window to her and her grandfather's house and she sniffed the rainy air mumbling with a frown grabbing her boots that gave her more height to her small frame,her trench coat,her ear muffs in her bag just in case she met with an alchemist like L who could use sound,and grabbed her pack and climbing out the window and mumbled running to the forest

"I smell blood." and then she found Virus saying with a puzzled expression "Virus?Where's Ash?!"
Virus heard Kari's voice and turned around. He was shaking, not from the cold, but in fear.

"I-I-I can't find her," he stammered, nervous of what could have happened to her. Some of his worst fears were flashing through his mind- but one stood out. Ash being dead. He was shaking, terrified, and soaked. He wanted to find her, and as quickly as possible.
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BiC| Dammit...
My I dead...?
The young woman that had been pinned to the tree by a pole coughed, blood spilling from her mouth and splattering on the distant ground below. Rain soaked through her hair and blood-drenched clothing, washing away the blood from the wounds that refused to stop bleeding.

Ash, as she was often called, couldn't even lift her head. She felt pain while, at the same time, didn't, as though her body had gone numb. But she was aware of the rain and the cold. The blood kept her warm, though, as it dribbled down her body. Ah...ow...this is bad, she thought, her brain still functioning. She tried to speak, but more blood only came out of her mouth.

Am I really hurt that bad...? hands, my arms...damn, damn...


bic| Virus finally heard something, and followed his ears. Finally he stopped.

He saw Ash.

His face was really pale, as white as a sheet and he shook with fear.
"Ash..." he murmured, tears springing to his eyes, thinking she was dead.

Kari mumbled and slowly brought her ear to her chest checking for a heart beat and there was!Just very faint and she said quickly

"Ash!Ash wake up! I know your still in there."
Ash couldn't really talk nor lift her head. Blood from a wound taken to the head had trickled over her eyes, making it difficult to see. But she recongized the chi and voices around her. Kari...Virus...damn...

She coughed again, as though to indicate that, yes, she was still there, but wound up coughing up more blood that splattered on Kari's feet. Ash still couldn't move her body, though; still couldn't.
Virus decided he should definitely get her down. He transformed into his wolf form and leaped onto the tree. He grabbed hold of the pole in his mouth and yanked it out, causing Ash to fall to the ground. He leapt down and transformed back, picking her up and holding her real close.

"I'm sorry..." he murmured.
Kari gave them a moment and said clearing her throat awkwardly

"We should get her to a hospital,ASAP."
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BiC| You're sorry...? Dammit, Virus, I was the one that left when I should have stayed put...
Ash still couldn't really move and just lay there limp in Virus' arms. However, with her hands free from the pole, her arms her still somewhat functional and she somehow draped one arm across Virus' shoulders, her head resting against his shoulder. It was warm there, in his arms, and she liked it.

Yes, please...take me to the hospital...
Virus nodded, and got to her feet. He followed Kari to the hospital, running as fast as he possibly could go. His body was soaked but he kept a firm grip on Ash and kept running.

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"We're almost there."

Kari said as they neared the hospital and skidded to a stop in front of it and started running in soaked to the bone but not caring at the moment and she said to the receptionist clearly pissed off

"Lady my friend here needs medical attention ASAP!Now do you really want to start picking a fight with me just because some poor kid's just got a runny nose while my friend here is bleeding to death!?" The receptionist shook her head quickly and started calling up doctors and Kari mumbled "Thought not."

((I'm listening to So Close Jon Mclaughlin XDDD))
Virus cautiously laid her on a hospital bed, and watched them take her away. He held Kari's hand nervously, wondering if she'd be all right.

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Hm. Ash can't exactly do anything at the moment, so...

BiC| The doctors took Ash away as she cursed in her mind; if she could speak, she would've complained about going to the hospital, the one place she'd rather not be. However, she just lay there on the bed while the doctors disappeared with her, thinking about her encounter with Thomas, which caused her to shudder slightly.
Several hours later, Ash was lying in a hospital room, bandages wrapped around her torso, legs, hands, arms, and forehead. Even her throat had suffered some damage and had gauze wrapped about it. However, she lay there in the bed, sound asleep.
"She should be alright,she's a tough girl."

Kari mumbled in a reassuring tone to Virus squeezing his hand in a gentle and friendly manner as she had grabbed a chocolate bar from her bag eating it and offered one to him.
"Are you sure?"

Virus was sitting in Ash's room with Kari. He kindly refused the chocolate bar, knowing his younger sister had opposite tastes then him, and she liked chocolate. He gazed at Ash, hoping she was ok.
"Uh huh,she's always been a tough girl.Well with having Hotaru-chan as a apprentice I guess you would be."

Kari said with a weak laugh

ooc| to introduce Hotaru! Heh, heh...
'Apprentice'; not 'sensei' tongue.gif

BiC| "Hey! How's she doing?!" a young girl's voice inquired from the window above Ash's bed. Hotaru sat on the sill, crouched down with her arms resting on her knees. It was still raining outside, but the thunder and lightning had ceased. Her clothing was soaked, but she didn't look as though she minded. Her dark-purple hair was wet, plastered to her head. She looked down at her sensei with a look of worry, but otherwise looked as though she knew she would be alright.
"According to the doctors she should be fine after a little while."

Kari said having looked at the files on the clipboard in front of the bed eating her chocolate bar and she said to Hotaru getting an extra blanket from the closet putting it around Hotaru "Your gonna catch a cold Hotaru-chan."

((^Man....I can never get that right!))
Hotaru blinked, then hopped down into the room and sat cross-legged on the floor by Kari. "I'll be fine," she said with a nod, wrapping the blanket around herself to keep warm. Feeling an awkward silence settle in the room, she felt the need to break it, although the rain outside had kept any form of silence from falling.

"Say, do you two know exactly what happened?" Hotaru asked, looking up at Kari, then at Virus, "I only heard from the Col. that she was found severely injured."
"Iie,I could smell alot of blood from somewhere and simply grabbed my bag and followed my nose till I found Virus who said he had no clue where Ash was,So we ran towards where the smell was and found her stuck to a tree by her hands with her rod and brought her here."

Kari said in a simple and blunt tone as she ate her chocolate
" that so?" Asked an unfamilier charicter as he walked into the room. he was trent. a charicter only Kari would reckonise.
Kari's eyes were as wide as coins briefly but smiled slightly getting over the shock before saying to him

"Ah so I was right we do get to see each other again Trent-san,what's the significance this time?"
"A simple warning. the dead have risen again. wacth your backs. Imagen if Any of you were in Mrs. Ash's position. he's comeing after you most-likelly." he said simplly. his lavender eyes peared at Hotaru. "espisally you madame." he said.
Kari slowly nodded saying to Trent

"I had a feeling it was something like that."
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Ash: -///-


BiC| Hotaru raised a brow at the appearance of the strange man. She felt herself shudder under his gaze, sitting perched on her seat with her legs crossed and chin in her palm.

"Hm? How so?" Hotaru inquired, brow furrowing now in concern. Her eyes, as always, obscured any sort of emotion she was feeling.

The rain hadn't ceased outside, still coming down in a downpour, tapping away at the hospital window.
(I can't help it!!!! i try to make them long but there always Post-midgets!!!)

but trent had already leaft. in his place however a face that hadn't been seen in a while appeared. or well...lack there of...face... "I came as soon As I got news." stated zero

Kari said obviously surprised that he came as well and she said sweat dropping "It's been awhile since I've seen you...."
"I've been in britaninnia." he stated simplly
Kari's sweat dropping worsened and she asked

"Any other visitors coming?"
"no. maybe Kallen or Rolo. you haven't meet them yet though." zero said
"Ok.....Well it's always nice to meet new people?"

Kari said sweat dropping
"whats happened here?" he asked
"Ugh,I have to keep repeating myself.I could smell alot of blood from somewhere and simply grabbed my bag and followed my nose till I found Virus who said he had no clue where Ash was,So we ran towards where the smell was and found her stuck to a tree by her hands with her rod and brought her here."

Kari said sighing
"give me a discription of the rod." Zero Requested.
"I think it's the rod she uses for her alchemy."

Kari said blinking
"so we can assume she's gotten her [All hail lord Xenu] kicked.." Zero said plainlly.
"That would be putting it bluntly."

Kari agreed sighing sitting back in her chair closing her eyes trying to think as she ate a chocolate bar.
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