Ok. This is a roleplay that just happened to happen when I was talking to Little Washu in Spam Central. It's basically a online pokemon battle. You get your pokemon, you choose the trainers you want to battle, and you just battle like on the games. You might want to make you a profile on here like a normal roleplay, so it can sorta help you out. biggrin.gif


1) You must have at least 3 pokemon.
2) Once you join, you must tell what your pokemon are so we don't think that your just getting the strongest pokemon for that particular battle.
3) In your battles, don't everyone use hyper beam, and right after that use deflect/protect.
4) Make the battles interesting. Don't just use an attack, say you won and get it over with.
5) You can make up names for your pokemon. In fact, itís recommended. It'll probably be easier for the other trainers who just log in to tell which one is which.
6) Name the level. (I don't really know why.) Also, only pokemon that have evolved all the way to their final stage or can't evolve can use hyper beam.
7) After you give a move for your pokemon, it's their until this topic ends. Also, after four moves, you can't make up any other moves. (It's only fair for the other members.)
8) Have fun with it!!!

Here's mine.

Trainer Mat-Mat
Age: 14
Home Region: Sinnoh
Race: Female

Lv. 88 Washu (Sceptile)
Lv. 70 Sasuke (Empoleon)
Lv. 52 Webo (Floatzel)
Lv. 52 Allen (Staraptor)
Lv. 52 Shippo (Luxray)
Lv. 52 Inuyasha (Lucario)

Ok, I guess let's begin.

Mat-Mat walks around in the Valley Windworks, looking for any type of battle to have with her pokemon. Her Luxray, Shippo, is at her side, making sure she's safe. She hasn't seen any trainers in a while, so she has been trying to teach her pokemon some new moves, unsuccessfully, though.