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Full Version: Let's Ride The Flying Pussyfoot
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It's the roaring 30's. The Stock Market has crashed, Prohibition is in full force and it's the age of Mobsters and Speakeasies.
Baccano it a 13 episode series that follows a large casts intertwining stories about missing relatives, a formula for Eternal youth and Immortality and one of the most muddled and gory train heists history will ever see each taking place in separate time lines. To make things a bit more complex the time lines are mixed together so enjoy trying to remember what happened when.
There's also something to do with Alchemists but I doubt anyone here would like that kind of stuff.

Now when I say large cast I mean it. I think we have about 15 main characters, all of whom have significant roles. So without further, or lesser, ado here they are:

The idiot thieves Issac and Miria;

This lovable pair of fools show up in the 1930 and 31 stories.
During the 30's we see their eventful trip through the city and their biggest heist yet, a good chunk of a mafia families wealth. One year later after a fruitless attempt to steal all the World's gold (yes, that's grammatically right (I think), they do try and steal gold from poor old Earth) they are invited by a friend to ride the Flying Pussyfoot, a transcontinental steam train. What could go wrong?

Also on the train we have the murderous representative of the Russo family, Ladd Russo and his dear wife Lua whom Ladd swears to kill.

They and their gang (wearing all white so the blood shows up better) have a job to do on the train and, by sheer luck, a score to settle with someone who killed a few of their men. Ladd is not a pleasant fellow but damn if he isn't cool. He's pretty handy with guns and knives but he'd make a good boxer.

To keep the men in white company we have Nice and Jacuzzi.

They're a couple of crazy kids who have interest in the luggage compartment of the Flying Pussyfoot. They also happen to be very handy with explosives. Despite their intentions they and their two friends are a pleasant group.

Also on board are a few strange individuals;

A girl in black who travels with an Orchestra and appears to be armed with a menacing knife, a young boy who's more than he seems (take wild guess) and a strangely clad woman who enjoys ninja'ing about the place.

Oh, and let's not forget the Rail Tracer that's claimed more than a few lives.

Back in the 30's we have Firo and Miaza.

Part of a small Mafia family, they're about to celebrate Firo's inauguration. Firo isn't a bad guy though, as shown when he helps an old man being mugged for just two bottles of Liquor.

They are also friends with the Gador family.

They're having a bad day dealing with a local gang leader who wants to play with the big boys. Safe to say things turn nasty. Two years later their actions come back to cause them a head ache.

Also causing trouble at the start of the decade is Dallas.

The no good Texan city name sake is out looking to make a name for himself. After a tough day I think he could use a drink...

Also on the scene is Szilard and Ennis.

They don't get up to much until later but I'll include them because they're in the OP.

Now in '32 we have Miss. Eve.

She's searching for her dear brother, Dallas, who has been missing for quite some time. She'd best get asking about town.

Naturally I could have avoided a lot of fuss resizing images and fighting imageshack just by showing you the very catchy OP.
Guns and Roses (not the band)

As I said, the series is 13 episodes long and covers two of the 13(?) Light Novels. Despite my light hearted description this is often a very dark series and while no as gory as Elfen Lied it is just as graphic in it's depiction of violence and is at times fairly brutal. Still, it's very well written, it's funny, it's engrossing.
There are also three DVD only episodes that cover the days after Flying Pussyfoot arc and introduce one more character, Graham.

Picked up by Funi;
Dub now available for sampling;
First two eps for your viewing pleasure.

Other information:! (contains spoilers)

Warning: I have been up all night. As such I may have gotten a few plot points slightly wrong. But only slightly. Also, imageshack is terrible. Why am I not using photobucket?
Well, this anime seems interesting. I like the fact that it's set in the 30's.
I also like how the steam train is called The Flying Pussyfoot. XD
(The topic's title is actually what brought me here in the first place *shiftyeyes*)
The characters look cool, but too many characters in an anime or manga always end with me struggling to memorize all their names. ><
The opening is awesome!!! I think I'm going to like it, in all its gory glory. Ah yay, white suits are always great to wear when going on a killing spree.
I can't wait to get started on it, it's been too long since I've last watched a good anime. x_x
just started watching this

here's the first two episodes if anyone's interested:
<removed D:>
You beat me to making a Baccano! thread. D:

I finished it about two weeks. Very good series for those looking for some good hot-blooded action and a solid suspensful plot.
And Funi scoops it up. You can see ep one, subbed, in glorious crappy stream on their site;
Subs aren't bright yellow and sound good so the DVD's are already on my wanted list. I hope the dub is good.
Speaky voices announced;
Isaac Dian - J. Michael Tatum
Miria Harvent - Caitlin Glass
Firo Prochainezo - Todd Haberkorn
Szilard Quates - R Bruce Elliot
Chane Laforet - Monica Rial
Nice Holystone - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Jacuzzi Splot - Joel McDonald

Source: Funi
Triple post score. New Trailer is up. It's something...
"Remember, Baccano isn't about beginnings and ends, it's about the twists and turn."

As mentioned in the the OP the dub (or two eps of it atleast) is now being steamed on Funi's website.
I'm really liking it for what it matters. One or two of the voices seemed off at first (looking at you, Ladd and Issac) but the VA's really seem to put their all into it and really grew on me. The solid writing works as well. They really nailed Issac's humour.
Rest of the voices are surprisingly great. Firo's accent kind of caught me off at first, sounding like Joe Pesci from Goodfellas, but like Ladd and Issac once you get over the initial oddness it works.
Wynter Myth
Wow i watched the first three episodes and i'm already hooked xD
Really interesting and then i have question marks all over me by the end of every ep.
Firo is hot though...
I came to discover this anime by accidently clicking on Popogeejo's sig. And now I'm hooked. You can't go wrong with a jazzy, swing-y opening. And mafiosi. Crazy homicidal mafiosi. And alchemists. And a train called the Flying Pussyfoot.

I am slightly disturbed, though, that Ladd's seiyuu voiced Hughes. It's like hearing Hughes raving about killing people, and telling his girlfriend that he'll be the one to kill her! It scares the hell outta me. blink.gif
I kept hearing the name of this anime being thrown around but never really gave it a second thought until last week.

Seriously, I`m trying my best to just watch an episode a day (so I can prolong the goodness) but it`s hard. I`m also watching the dubbed version so I can bask in the glorious Brooklyn accents (Firo :3). I`ve fallen in love with this anime. 16 episodes won`t be enough for me.
Ohh!! Baccano!! I'm currently in ep. 5!! I love it, it has: thugs, explotions, heists, a cool opening, alchemist, crazy people...can we ask for more?? XDXDXD
QUOTE (MaiShadowAlchemist @ May 15 2009, 11:25 PM) *
can we ask for more??

A second series?
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