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Full Version: Z- Loan Roleplay
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Storyline: It is now a year after the events of Z-Loan. You are one who is gifted with the powers of death, however to attain that power, you must die. At the last moment, you make a deal with the Z-Loan office and this is where the story begins.
Characters needed:
Name: Varzaigo
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: Calm, Determined
Status: Zombie
Weapon: Able to perform alchemy, able to control light, does not need circles
Occupation: Occultist
Bio: As a young occultist, he dabbled in the Alchemic process when he was young. He only 'discovered' alchemy in this world at the cost of being mortally wounded. He signed the Zombie Loan contract shortly after he died. He is forced to hunt Zombies for Bekko, he is able to perform alchemy by transmuting certain types of energy into light.

Original Characters are welcome, will update soon.
I am in!!!

Name: Jillian
Age: 18
Gender: Female

(This is the clothes she uses when she is working in the circus)

(This is her)
Personality: Friendly, kind, funny, loyal, tricky, shortempered, sarcastic, prankster and agressive.
Status: Zombie
Weapon: She uses 2 katanas. The 1 katana is named "Fallen Angel" with this katana, Jillian is able to guide the souls of those zombies she defeats to Heaven.
The 2 katana is named "Bloody Rose" whit this katana she is able to guide souls to Hell.
"Fallen Angel" appears in her right hand and "Bloody Rose" appears in her left hand.
Story: She used to work in a circus as a tightrope walker, but one day she had a terrible accident wich left her paralised and in the verge of death. She then signed the contract whit Zombie-Loan and currently she is still trying to pay her debt.
Strong Points: Fast, great balance, smart and tricky.
Faults: Impatient, shortempered and aggresive and always arrives late.
Extra Info: She dosent really talks about her past, when people ask her she just avoids the subject. She gets in trouble easily but she always says "I dont look for trouble, trouble comes looking for me"
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