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The next megaman game has been announced!
Here's what we know so far:
It's going to be 8bit and on the Wii.
It'll be released in September.
It'll cost $10 (or 1000 Wii points!)


oh and for some added bonus:

150 megaman related wallpapers

Megaman retrospective
Tris the Reaper
Heh, I didn't find out about this 'til the other day. I thought they were honestly joking when they said it'd be 8-bit, and I looked up a trailer...clearly I was wrong.

I can see some people being miffed at it being Wiiware, but eh...*looks at her Wii* I'm not complaining.
Request we make this a general megaman thread.
I have the first 2 on the Virtual Console and they just kick my [All hail lord Xenu].
I might have to get them on an emulator just to have save states helping me out.

I'll be grabbing this as soon as I can.

I don't have enough Wii points for it right now.

ETA: Dec. 17, 2009
Megaman 10 was announced a few days ago.
In an act of mercy Capcom are including selectable Difficulty.

Also Sheepman is a new robotmaster. I approve.
Broken Chouchou
Not much interest here, eh?

@Popogeejo, Megaman 1 is easy-peasy, once you've figured out how to play each level. Like all the games; it's just a matter of trial and error XD

I will definitely be getting Megaman 9 and 10 once I get my PS3.
Kale Mustang
Have Megaman 9 on both my Wii and PS3 and intend to pick it up 10 once it comes out.

Been a huge fan of the series since MM2 (as my older cousins had this one and not the first game) and though it's probably one of the few series that's caused me to throw my controller in frustration (MM2 was the game that first caused me to use profanity at the age of 8), it's still one of my favorites.
I'm currently playing Megaman II on my itouch, 2 more to kill.
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