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Full Version: Memories And Nightmares
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...what life would've been like had you not made those mistakes in the past.
But, hey, everyone makes mistakes.
You just have to live with them.

Most State Alchemists that had a role in the Ishvalan Massacre still live with that regret seven years later while watching newly appointed alchemists going through troubling times themselves, using their powers against the people.
The original Seven Homunculi are taking action again, this time with a few new Homunculi to help out with things. Who are these new Homunculi? The few State Alchemists that are aware of their existance work together to figure it out while at the same time protect the populace from them.
But it seems the Homunculi want to do more than attack...
It seems they want the State Alchemist to remember the wars of the past...

...And that's where the roleplay begins.
1. No god-moding.
2. No one-liners (DNA-kun, Kari-chan...this means you two!)
3. Please be descriptive; makes the roleplay a lot more enjoyable and fun.
4. Romance is allowed, but nothing potentially offensive (such as yaoi, yuri, etc...)
5. Keep everything at PG-13! (but violence...well, lots and lots of violence is fine.)
6. OOCs are allowed (in fact, they are preffered.)
7. Have fun!

I'll start when someone else (or a few others) join. Here are my character statistics:

Name: Ashley Blair
Alias: Ash, the White Lotus Alchemist, Hatred.
Race: Homunculus
Age: 23 yrs old.
Occupation: Medical/State alchemist.
Hair: Dirty-blonde, tousled, shoulder-length.
Eyes: Used to be light-green; currently reptilian, purple (like the Seven other Homunculi).
Personality: Curious, intuitive, stubborn, tricky, serious.
Strong points: Dedication, physical strength, protective.
Faults: Hot-tempered, head-strong, over-confident, reserved, numb, foul-mouthed.
Alchemical style: Alchemy tattoos covering her hands and running up her
arms while covering her entire torso, back, and shoulders. Practices
Xingese alchemy (known as 'purification arts' or 'rentanjutsu').
Specializes in: Healing and destructive alchemy, detecting auras/flows of chi, medicine.
Family: None, save for someone who claimed to be her 'uncle', but was of no relation.
Apprentice: Hotaru Stille
History: Ash, originally, was born to a happy alchemist couple (whose names are still unknown) about 25 years before. However, when she was 6 years old, she was attacked by a chimera whom left her body hidden in a forest. Her parents could not find her and were distraught over the loss of their daughter. Several months passed and, soon, reports started flooding into military command concerning whole towns and
villages slaughtered in a single night. The perpetrators were never found, always hiding and keep out of public eye. It was soon learned by Ash's parents that an old friend of theirs, an alchemist named Yagami Raito, had found their daughter's body...and turned her into a homunculus with a Philosopher's Stone inside her body. Their daughter was now a personification of Raito's hatred for evil and wrong-doing,
and had become his killing machine, his weapon; it was her hands that killed the people of all the now-dead towns that Raito destroyed to create more Philosopher's Stones. To save what was once their daughter and the rest of Amestris, the two alchemists used human transmutation to put Ash's Stone into submission, and wound up dying in the process, leaving the homunculus alone.
After the transmutation, Ash awoke with no memory of her life at all before that very moment, as though she'd just been brought to life. She had no memory of her killings nor of her creator, who had disappeared during the ritual. She was found by someone who claimed to be her uncle and was raised by him. Once her Stone had been put into submission, she was able to age normally.
However, it seemed that the people of Verlorn, the town she lived in with her uncle, could sense her dark, blood-drenched past, and shunned her, leading to her becoming
a 'brat'. When she turned 11, she started learning alchemy from a man named Van Hohenheim, wanting to learn it to gain the approval of the other townspeople who all knew alchemy quite well. It did not work, though, they felt she should not learn it.
Disgruntled, she pressed on with learning and cursed at anyone who told her otherwise.
When she was 13, her uncle suffered a heart attack, causing Ash to worry. With the alchemy she'd been learning, she transmuted his heart and believed she had healed it...until he died a week later from the severe wounds and injuries her alchemy had done to not only his heart but the entire inside of his body. Feeling guilt and
believing she had killed him, she lived in her house and never came out. For a year she did not go outside, for a year she took a good, long, hard look at herself and realized what a brat she had been.
Around 14 years of age, her sensei took her out of her home to visit her uncle's grave. She resisted at first, but finally consented and went. While at the grave, she told her sensei that she wanted to use her alchemy to save people and that she didn't want to lose anyone else. Once that had been said, Van Hohenheim taught her everything concerning RentanJutsu (Xingese alchemy) until she joined the military at age 18. It wasn't until she was 21 years old that she got her memories back
from her time as the homunculus 'Hatred' and is usually in constant conflict with herself, wondering if her hands were meant to kill or help people.
Ash never had friends when she was younger, so, those she's made to this day are those that are precious to her. She does everything in her power to protect them and values their lives over her own. After the death of L, another friend of hers, she's been more resolute to protecting the friends she has left, no matter what the
stakes are.
Note: Has an Ouroboros tattoo located on the base of her neck; her 'Ultimate' ability is muscle and strength.
Theme song: <u>Numb</u> - Linkin Park (with Raito), <u>Feel the Silence</u> - Goo Goo Dolls.

Name: Hotaru Stille
Alias: Hotaru
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hair: Black (with a purple tint), thick and cut evenly with bangs.
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Caucasian
Height: 3'11''
Frame: Frail, thin, small.
Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken, peaceful, friendly, child-like.
Strong points: Kind, gentle, caring, story-telling, comforting.
Faults: Somewhat anti-social, meek.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Uses a staff-like glaive (blade shaped somewhat like a 'G') with
alchemical symbols carved into the blade and handle; performs
Rentanjutsu (Xingese alchemy).
Family: Deceased.
Sensei: Ashley Blair (the White Lotus Alchemist)
Clothing: Dark-colored skirts, pants, jackets, boots, socks.
Specializes in: Peace-making, transmuting light and silence.
History: Hotaru's life is a...strange one. Her mother died when she was 6 years old, and due to the sudden death, her father went mad and attempted human transmutation to resurrect her. However, as is the case, it failed, forcing him to learn ancient alchemy from long ago. With it, he could control humans, create golems and dolls, and so forth. Being an ex-State Alchemist, he held a grudge toward the military for letting him go after his wife's departure, and decided he would try to eliminate the military with this style of alchemy he'd discovered.
How was Hotaru involved? While she was young, he turned her into his own, personal puppet, using her as a cover-up when infiltrating towns and cities he needed for his plan. He came across the city of Schwiegengel (once a city of bloodshed and violence) and killed everyone in the city, using their souls to create a Philosopher's Stone. With the leftover bodies, he turned them into puppets to create the illusion
that the city was not dead. His plan failed, however, with the arrival of a group of State Alchemists, and was ultimately killed by Hotaru's later-sensei, Ashley Blair.
With her father dead and her soul restored in her own body, Hotaru left Schwiegengel to thank the alchemists for saving her, and is now under the apprenticeship of
Ashley Blair, the White Lotus Alchemist.
Theme song: <u>Twilight</u> - Vanessa Carlton

Name: Jett Faolan
Alias: Jett, the Shadow Alchemist.
Age: 18 yrs old.
Occupation: State Alchemist
Rank: Major
Hair: Black, thick, short-ish.
Eyes: Dark-blue, but they do have a tendency to turn red every now and then, mostly in the winter.
Skin tone: Dark, tan (Ishbalan skin)
Personality: Odd, helpful, quiet.
Strong points: Quick reflexes, physical strength, stealth, spying.
Faults: Easily irritated, apathetic, nosy.
Bloodline: Part-Amestrian, part-Ishbalan.
Alchemical style: Symbols of different metals tattooed to tips of fingers and thumbs, followed by arrays on his palms.
Family: Older half-sister, mother (deceased), father (deceased).
Clothing: Vests, mostly, with dress shirts and gloves.
Specializes in: Sword-play, blades, metals, radios.
History: As stated in his data, Jett isn't a full-blooded Amestrian. His mother wasn't exactly a faithful woman and had an affair with an Ishbalan, causing Susi's father to leave the home. Jett is a product of his mother's sin and has a made a clear point of not being proud of it. Thus, he and Susi are only half-siblings, but keep a tight bond,
despite the fact that Jett's usually traveling.
When Jett and Susi were children, the Ishbalan Civil War took place, destroying their home and their family: to flee from the war, their mother took Susi with her to Dublith, leaving behind her son and lover in the East (Jett still holds a grudge against her for this). He and his father (name unknown) stayed in Ishbal, however, despite the war. Once the campaign to wipe-out the Ishbalans when Jett was 10-years-old, it was already too late for them to leave. Jett managed to escape while his father fought off the soldiers, but was killed by the State Alchemist known as the Crimson (or 'Red Lotus') Alchemist, Kimbley (yeah, I know he killed off Scar's family, but this guy killed other Ishbalans, so why not?).
Over the years, Jett has taught himself alchemy after learning the basics from his father, who happened to pratice the Amestrian alchemy used in the Genocide Campaign, and earned the title of State Alchemist at age 15. He has incredible stealth skills and the odd ability to travel through shadows, hence his codename, 'Shadow Alchemist'. His reason for joining the military is simple: 'To change the Amestrians' minds about Ishbalans.'
Theme song: 'die Töne sind Verklungen' - Peter Maffay
The Mad Bomber
Hmh, heres one profile, IŽll have to see about making a state alchemist as well.

Name: Agony
Alias: Stephen Blois
Race: Homunculus
Age: Unknown
Occupation: None
Build: Average tall, somewhat skinny, sharp features.
Hair: Dark brown, short and somewhat curled
Eyes: Formerly greyish; currently reptilian, purple (Homunculi eyes).
Personality: Extremely masochistic and sadistic(hence the name), careless, schadenfreude(takes enjoyment from the misfortune of others) and irresponsible.
Strong points: Aggressive, determined, unwavering in his decisions and physically strong.
Faults: Careless, rash, never thinks things trough nor reasons about anything, that doesn`t really require him to.
Family: None

Clothing: A dark green hooded sweater over a white t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers.
History: Not known by anyone else except for the original homonculus as, if they cared. (IŽll reveal somethings along the way). However it should be remarked, that on a few occasions he has attempted suicide as a homonculus at first, but before long realized that he was able to enjoy pain.

Note: His Ouroboros tattoo is located on his left shoulder, his power as a homonculus is regeneration, but his healing power is significantly more powerful/faster compared to the others.
Theme song: Sentenced - The Suicider
Name: Mark Galen
Alias: The Yearning Alchemist
Age: 17
Occupation: State Alchemist
Hair: Black, like that of Roy Mustang
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Caucasian-asian mix
Height: 6"1"
Frame: Tall, medium build
Personality: Violent, Depressed, Overly Emotional
Strong points: Battle Hardened, Strong Willed, Sympathetic, good at hand-to hand combat
Faults: Meek, overly emotional and depressed
Bloodline:1/2 Amestrian, 1/2 Xing
Alchemical style: Uses transmutation circles carved in the middle of his silver pocket watch. He uses it to change the feelings of his opponents to the extreme emotions. In the battlefield, he simply used his alchemy to change an entire city's emotions to paranoid, every one thought all the food had been poisoned by the Amestris military, and they starved one by one.
Family: Deceased
Sensei: Izumi Curtis
Clothing: Dark jacket, pants, boots, and white gloves.
Specializes in: Assasinations, Swordfighting, Sharpshooting, and Alchemy
History: Mark lived in Xing with his rich aristocratic parents. He lived there for 5 years. Soon after, their parents were convicted of being spies for Amestris. He returned to Amestris only to find that their parents had escaped. Unfortunately for them, they were rejected by the Amestris Military and soon ran out of money. They were forced onto the streets when Mark was just 6 years old. His parents were determined to make sure that this fate last any longer. He was taught basic reading writing, and when he was 8, he learned how to steal from elsewhere and never to get caught. Even though, he had lived on the streets with his parents for 3 years, with little food, his parents wouldn't accept that their son was going to be a theif.

They knew there had to be a way. They met Izumi Curtis, they pleaded her to teach their son Mark, Izumi agreed only after she saw them kill themselves. Izumi taught the now 9 year old mark Alchemy, he hoped it would help him realize Alchemy is for the good of the people. That was impossible, Mark ran away from Izumi Curtis saying that he was too emotional to understand all of Izumi's Alchemy, after what happened these years. Mark, now 10, began to wander the streets, he realized his letter. Emotions, they were natural of humans! He saw two alchemists fight a duel against each other in an alleyway, one hesitated and was killed.

Mark learned from this lesson and developed his alchemy at age 12. The next 3 years was a mystery, he tried to look for the Philosopher's Stone, but he failed miserably. Now, Mark 15, decided to get revenge on those that put him on the streets. He joined the state military at age 15 and decided to fight the war in Ishbal. After he returned, he realized that what he made people do (starve themselves) was exactly what people did to him 10 years ago. He still fought to the very end and promoted to a Lt. Col. thinking it was his duty, while killing other people, he shortened the war and saved many lives of the people on the Amestris side. He stayed in the military and worked for it, although he got depressed of it over time.

Name: Stealth
Alias: Xevin Zhang
Race: Homunculus
Age: 400+, looks 21
Occupation: None.
Build: Heavy Build, fairly tall
Hair: Black, much like Roy's hair.
Eyes: purple.
Personality: Quick Witted, Anti-Social, Meek
Strong points: Strong, Determined
Faults: Shy, Meek, Anti-Social
Clothing: Blue shirt, jacket, and black boots
History: A Xing native, he was visiting Xerxes when Hoenheim performed the transmutation that destroyed Xerxes. He lived and became the Philosopher's Stone. Only to realize that he didn't want to be tied to this, he killed himself by forcing his lover to perform human transmutation (thus using up all of the energy in him). However, although a perfect human transmutation was performed, it still died, so his lover performed human transmutation to get him back by sacrificing her father. So, he gained her father's limbs. However, she had failed and he was born as a humunculus. The Oroboroos tatoo is on his belly, and he is able to perform alchemy like wrath who used Edward's limbs, while Xevin used her father's limbs. He is extremely stealthy. (hence the name)
Name: Michiiya.
Alias: Luna Clarkson.
Race: Homunculus.
Age: Unknown, looks around the age of 18.
Occupation: None.
Build: Not to short and not to tall, thin.
Hair: Long, in a high pony tail, black, smooth and shiny.
Eyes: Reptilian, purple.
Personality: Doesn't seem to care about anyone other then herself(unless she had someone very close to her), doesn't hesitate to kill.
Strong points: Determined, strong
Faults: Will tend to act without thinking it through fully, gets upset easily
Family: --
Clothing: A tight black t-shirt that shows her belly-button, tight long black pants.
History: Some many years ago, a family lived together. One day, the husband died from an illness, leaving the wife alone with her two daughters to take care of. Then not long after that, one of the daughters; named Luna Clarkson, died from the same illness. Unable to contain herself, the mother; knowing alchemy, attempted a human transmutation on Luna. She failed, the equivalent exchange took its toll on both of her ears, and she became deaf. Yet she still didn't give up, with the other daughter away and already married, she was able to put her full concentration on making a perfectly good homunculous. This the mother succeeded at. But soon, the mother too soon passed away, leaving Luna. Luna had forgotten her name so she named herself Michiiya. During all this time of being alone, Michiiya had begun to hope she would find others like herself.
Note: Her Ouroboros tattoo is located on the side of her neck. And she doesn't really have a power, but knows the pressure points of the human body, and depending on where she attacks, will do something to that part of the body.
Theme song: Paint it Black - Vanessa Carlton

Name: Petra White
Alias: --
Race: Amestrian
Age: 13
Occupation: None
Build: Rather short, skinny.
Hair: Stops around the shoulders but most of the time in a pony-tail, dark brown and has a blue flower pin thats on the base of her pony-tail that was given to her by her mother.
Eyes: Hazel
Personality: Tries her best to be nice, shy, determined.
Strong points: Sticks up for people who need help
Faults: Stubborn, picky eater
Family: --
Clothing: Old blue jeans, baggy light brown t-shirt with a sleeveless jean jacket thats open.
History: Not much is known, all except that she left her family when she was younger.
I apologize for the wait; I needed to think of an intro and on top of that...I'm sick with a summer cold *sneezes* And, for some reason, this cold doesn't qualify as a "reason to miss work" (thank god I don't work at a fast-food place).

Anyway...I'll start now. And those are some pretty awesome characters, guys! Thanks for joining!

"Seven's been seven years..." The young man on the park bench sighed, tilting his head back as he glanced up at the clouded, afternoon sky. Despite the cool conditions, he wore rather thin clothing consisting of a pair of gloves, a thin vest, thin button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a pair of loose brown slacks that fell to his ankles. However, what else caught the eye of others about this man was his heritage: his brown skin and red eyes were all that needed to be seen to guess that he was of Ishvalan descent. For this, he often got glares while others took pity on him for the massacre of his people. But whenever this came about, he'd just shrug and leave quietly.

He scratched the top of his head which was covered in thin, black hair, and reached down for his pocket watch to check the time. Frustration seemed to settle in his eyes at the moment, frustration from the silence of the Homunculi lately. It kept him on edge, made him too cautious; it was a feeling he did not like.

I wonder...what are they planning...? he thought as he shut his watch, stood up and stretched, then headed over to Central's Military HQ.
The Mad Bomber
The crowd was as thick as ever, not to mention noisy thus annoying, making his only regret that he could not chop off a few heads to make the people dissipate before him. Of course it would cause a roar in the public, not to mention catch the attention of the military, but worst of all anger the others. Agony could not, but grin at the thought of a punishment, it wouldn`t be physically nor mentally painful, but absolutely humiliating, one aspect that he absolutely hated. At the moment however he was not looking for trouble nor attention, but he was still bored could only ponder what kind of entertainment he could discover amongst these humans. Finally the crowd seemed to disappear before him as he believed to have reached it`s very edge and indeed he had, but the crowd before him had stopped for a very good reason.

Agony kept walking calmly forward despite a drop in the street level, which he did not even notice as he was pondering about his current situation. However once he had taken another step, a voice shouted something, unclear and blurry to his hearing as his hood was thrown over his head. He turned his head with a dull and bored look on his face to meet the one shouting at him, but from the corner of his eye he noticed something green, moving. Not one second later an army truck hit Agony at full speed, the snapping of bones could be heard over the roar of the engine, that lamented as the driver attempted to brake down.


The next second he could tell, that he was flying trough the air in a large arc and a moment later crashing trough a glass window into a convenient store. A warm feeling over came him as he laid on the shop floor, admits the broken pieces of glass and groceries, that had been destroyed by his landing. His vision was blurry, he could not tell an apple from a human fist at that moment despite his `condition`.

"Ku ku ku... Darn that stings"

He lamented as he pushed his upper body up onto his elbows, causing himself to grin during the attempt as the broken bones had not been able to regenerate. For a brief while he gave up, allowing himself to fall down and simply stare at the roof with his limbs extended. It was a nice feeling, the sensation of pain, that was. He could feel how the pieces of glass had sank, forced their way trough his skin and carved themselves into his flesh. The broken bones each had snapped by the unforgiving force, making his body weep internally as well as the cuts he had received in the process from the glass. His forehead wept crimson tears, staining his face, eyebrows and hair.

However during the whole time Agony could not help, but smile at the sudden boost of joy he had experienced during the most depressing hour of his life.
Mark stood in his office, maybe investigations wasn't what I'd asked for. Atleast torture is better than killing, this is inhumane... I have to torture people to get the truth. This is just bad. Let's see, today, cases are: investigation of Lab. 5, physical training, supervise a group of young alchemists, and finally ... WHAT !!!! STALK THE SHADOW ALCHEMIST!?!?!?!?!?

Okay... that's what does he have anything to do with this stupid investigation. Investigation of Lab. 5, I'll authorize someone else to do it..., Physical training- do it later, supervise young alchemists... Let's do that first, it's time to ask a good friend, maybe he cares about the things going on at Lab 5. Now, let's get this letter to be delivered to Roy.

This concerns your department and your friend Maes Hughes, I've been ordered to do more investigations there (lab 5), maybe you'd be more interested.

He got into a taxi and left for to see the new alchemy recruits. He finished rather quickly and nervously, he kept on wondering about the last thing on his list: Stalk the Shadow Alchemist... He went to the Fuhrer and asked his reason to do so, the Fuhrer simply gave him a dossier on the shadow alchemist. That's red eyes, but this one, the eyes are different... The fuhrer simply nodded, before he left the room, the Fuhrer told him that this was an extremely important mission, and Mark should be in charge of it. So, he should outrank Frank Archer in the investigations department, so Mark was promoted to a Colonel.
Michiiya was walking down the streets of Central, simply minding her own business. A light rain shower started from the gloomy looking clouds, pouring down on top her head. This didn't seem to bother her at all, as she just continued to walk.
Such a boring day...just like all the others..., Michiiya thought to herself while she let out a small sigh. Not too long after that thought, did she hear a screeching sound, and then the sound of a window shattering to pieces. Not something you hear to often..., she thought. Being as bored as she was, Michiiya decided to check it out.

Only a minute after walking to the source of the sound, she spotted a huge crowd gathered around a shop. Slowly, she continued to make her way over and then pushed her way through the annoying and loud crowd.
The Mad Bomber
(Hope ya don`t mind my post biggrin.gif)

The world kept on spinning and reared it`s ugly face at him, mocking him for being what he was and prosecuting him because of his nature. No... wait a second, that wasn`t the face of... surely the face was ugly and staring over him, asking for something. It was a human face, to say the least, old and wrinkled. It seemed to be worried yet in an amusing way angered, probably demanding payment for the broken window he guessed. Yet Agony didn`t have any money on him and he sure as hell was not going to work for the geezer, but first things first, scram.

He quietly sighed as he felt his flesh mending, the wounds began to close, but he allowed the one on the forehead to remain just for show. The throbbing pain in his head disappeared, a shame, it had been a fuzzy and a warm feeling indeed, but now it was gone. The world was once again dark and cold, shadowed by the stares of ignorant human trash, that surrounded the store. The shattered bones united, every fragment mended together to form a solid structure once more and slowly the pain faded away.

Agony sighed as he began first by moving his toes, then his fingers, following he pushed himself on his elbow and shook his head. Then suddenly and to the astonishment of the crowd, he suddenly bounced upright and stared quietly around with an innocent face.


He inquired before suddenly pushing himself past the people in the store, escaping the reaching grasp of the shopkeeper. Quickly he had slipped past to the doorway, but just as he stepped right out of the store he bumped into someone. Slowly turning his face to meet a girl about his own age, or well that in itself was a relative concept, and at the same time his eyes widened as, if they were about to drop out of their sockets. Eyes, her eyes were the same, but the face was not familiar.... No, was it Envy? Nah, she didn`t seem like `it` and besides `it` would not have been so sloppy in it``s disguise as to not transform it`s eyes.

Suddenly Agony`s index finger and thumb lunged forward as, if to grab out her right eye, but they stopped on the edges of her eye, forcing the eyelid to remain open. The same pair of purple reptilian eyes stared back at him and Agony was able to mutter a few words.

"Who the hell are you then?"

He inquired with an astonished tone, but his face remain dull yet ponderous as he tried to verify whether the eye was real or not.
Mark was returning to the Investigations Corp. he set his sights on the Shadow Alchemist only to return finding that his men are called to investigate a window shattering. Mark simply thought it as a total waste of his time, only until the man who broke the window's picture was shown. Those eyes... they are strangely familliar, purple eyes, quite like a Hummunculus. It wasn't Stealth, it must have been someone else or something else. The case has takena dangerous turn...

Although he was aware of the risks of taking on another humunculus, he was to the point... He called up his men, 15 to patrol each and every one of the city blocks. It was unlikely that he would run. After all, then he headed to do the task of stalking the Shadow Alchemist personally, he would agree to co-operate with Roy, the Shadow Alchemist's superior on the researches of laboratory 5.

Through him, he would plant some of his men to stalk the Shadow Alchemist and then deliver regular reports to central. Although he was not very powerful in the eyes of the military, he would eventually convince the Fuhrer by getting this job done well and proving that he deserved the new promotion.

Mark wandered around central, trying to find the best way to convince Roy. He cosplayed a magician and made him the center of attention, performing magic tricks with alchemic circles hidden in his sleeves.
ooc| rule to be added: take turns when posting, please, so that others roleplaying do not fall too far behind.
Thank you.

BiC| Jett had heard the shattering of glass and was already running toward the scene of the damage when a hand reached up and grabbed his left shoulder tightly.

"Nothing to worry about, Jett; the man will be fine," a mellow, feminine voice assured as the hand released his shoulder. He turned around to find a young woman standing behind him, just an inch taller than himself but quite older. Her dirty-blonde hair fell to her shoulders in thick, messy strands while bangs of a lighter shade hung over her purple, reptilian eyes. She wore a long-sleeved black t-shirt with a collar high enough to hide her Ouroboros tattoo at the base of her neck followed by a pair of green, cargo pants that fell to her feet, nearly hiding the black boots she normally wore. Like Jett, she wore a pair of brown gloves to hide the alchemy tattoos that entwined her fingers and arms, clear up to her shoulders.

Her expression was calm and cool as she shoved both her gloved hands into her pockets and walked alongside Jett to the commotion in the street caused by the accident. Jett cocked his head and folded his arms, looking a bit annoyed, "And how do you know this, Ash? I didn't see you coming from around here."

The woman shrugged, "He has an abnormal chi-flow; in other words...he isn't exactly human."
"Hey!" Michiiya snapped, stepping back a few steps when her eyelid was forced open against it's will. She had no clue why this man would ask such a question, until she noticed, the purple eyes. Those same reptilian eyes were staring back down at her. "Why do you have the same eyes as me?!" she asked, her tone lowering, part of her not wanting to attract unwanted attention if they hadn't already. It wasn't everyday you saw someone with purple eyes, so this confused her as much as the next person. Seeing that it was rather rude of her not to answer his own question towards her, Michiiya answered, still with the same rough tone, "And whats it to you to know who I am?"
The Mad Bomber

Agony, briefly implemented his own interest in the situation as well as answered her questions both at once. However the mass of people around them began to bother him and surely the discussion was not one to be shared with the public, with humans to be correct. He firmly, even violently grasped her hand by the wrist and began to lead her out of the crowd to a nearby alley.

"Not here"

He said, again leaving his answer brief and harsh. After a few moments they managed to blend into the crowd, that seemed to quickly lose interest in the incident all tough the miraculous recovery had caused some stir. They managed to finally slip to a dark alley and come out trough the next end, where there was a stone fence, which Agony promptly jumped onto after letting go of her hand. He sat down on the wide stone fence and placed his palm against his chin, whilst displaying curiosity towards the apparent new homonculus he had found.

"Name`s Agony, a homonculus like you apparently" He said bluntly and intentionally leaving out the my word out of the sentence. "What`s your name?"

He inquired in turn, expecting a straight and honest answer in return all tough some of his manners and speech made him seem somewhat childish.
Stealth watched over the 'secret' metting, well, if it isn't Agony. I'll tell this to the boss, he'll be pleased. Who is that woman, I'm not exactly sure... oh well, lets give them a round of applause for their electrifying departure. He drew a transmutation circle, but then regretted... boss isn't going to be happy. Might leave them alone here... With that, Stealth left.

He went to the military HQ and barged into the Colonel's office, only to find that he wasn't there. He left a note for the Colonel and wen't outside. 'Where could he be??' Fighting Agony might be a sinch for the Yearning Alchemist... however, Stealth thought it was bad to turn in a fellow Hummunculus. Although the Yearning Alchemist was just another puppet for him to search the complete Philosopher's Stone.

Being a hummunculus without any real weaknesses, he wanted to die, the only way to do so is the Philosopher's Stone. He'd been looking for it for 400 years to no avail... This century might be his lucky century...
Once they reached the crash scene, the debris was already being cleaned up. However, the victim was no where to be found. Amidst the chi-flows Ash sensed, she was having difficulty finding the victim's. Jett, meanwhile, looked down at the ground and noticed something odd.

" suspect he's not a human, right?" he inquired while Ash turned to him and nodded. Jett picked up a few shards of glass and noticed something about the blood that stained them: it was disappearing into a fine dust, not drying up like human blood would. Remembering past fights with the Seven Homunculi, Jett took note of this and sighed, annoyed.

"The homunculi again, right?" Jett dropped the pieces and wandered through the crowd to look for the man while Ash followed behind, brow furrowed, determined to find that abnormal chi-flow that only a Homunculus would have. After several minutes, the two stopped on top of a building, scanning the alleyways for anyone out-of-the-ordinary. Finally, Ash twitched and started walked towards a building the bordered the alley that Agony and the woman were in.

"Hey, Jett? I think I found them..."
Michiiya stared up at Agony, glaring at him with her purple eyes. She thought twice about giving him her name, but he said that she was a Homunculus like him. A Homunculus? What was that? Finally decided to give Agony her name, she answered, "Michiiya...and whats with this Homunculus? What the hell is that?" she asked in a demanding voice yet not yelling.
During this, she took no notice that they had been found out.
The Mad Bomber
"Wow, you really are an outsider... well you`ll get used to things once you join us."

Agony said as he jumped off the fence, but at the same time reached for his back for something and pulled something out almost instantly. In his fingers he held a piece of glass, that had stuck to his back and he simply formed a fist with his hand as hard as he could. Blood began to drip from the self inflicted wound and Agony opened his hand whilst turning it around, making the blood fall to the ground.

However almost as quickly as the wound had appeared it began to close and a brief smile appeared on Agony`s face.

"A homonculus is this, a human with `inhuman` abilities, an artificial human or so they say... however in the end it all comes down to the philosophers stones, that are contained within our bodies. Yours, mine and the others...

Say... if you are indeed... a freaky experiment created by some poor alchemist, then was it by chance some relative of yours or what? Any alchemists in your family?"

He inquired in return with a somewhat bored face as he grew quickly tired of this meddlesome babble, he should just take her to Envy and the others to see their faces when presented what he had found by chance.
Mark was in the streets, he had heard rumors. The hummunculus had a name, Agony, otherwise known as Stephen Blois. Mark had just realized to return to his office, Stealth would be waiting. Although he wanted to keep him for his investigations, but he kept on pressuring him to start an offensive in Xing.

He went to stalk the Shadow Alchemist, he looked at the dossier again, able to travel through shadows, mother from Amestris. Sister Susi, that is interesting... Maybe I can find her and get her in my department. She would make an good hostage... she would be useful to blackmail. The Shadow Alchemist's mother lives in Dublith... I should be able to track her there. Archer is the leader of investigations in the south, I'll pay him a visit, and more likely revenge... ...

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BiC| Ash folded her arms, watching the two from her perch as she crouched low on the building's ledge, expression numb. Jett stood behind her with an air of caution while he watched his friend silently debate whether to interfere or not.

"Hm...looks like she didn't know she was a Homunculus..." Ash murmured under her breath in an unchanging, dull tone as she rested her folded arms on her knees and her chin likewise.
"I don't know if I had any alchemists in my family. I don't remember anything about my past..." Michiiya answered, her eyes seemed glued to the hand that just healed in seconds. Michiiya had never been injured severely, though of course she had gotten small cuts here in there. They would always seem to heal rather quickly. "That explains a lot..." she muttered under to breath. "And what do you mean, 'Once you join us'?" she asked.
The Mad Bomber
"Oh well..."

Agony uttered gazing around quietly for a moment before stepping closer and smirking.

"Do you think I am the only one like you? IŽll take you to them, if you want to, but I think it would be best that you did cause some of them might not be so kind about it. It`s not a threat, but... well we are known to have been a little violent from time to time or was it just me? I dunno...

So how about it?"

He inquired, raising an eyebrow and it was quite clear no was not acceptable. However it would be her best chance to find out about her origins and what she really was.
I'm sorry but i can't allow that. L answered for her appearing behind agony and snapping blowing a hole through his arm. I've seen what homunculi do to thoughs whom join them. I'm not giveing her a chooce. he said. Oh yeah and hello everyone else. I've been stalking all of you the entire day. L said bluntlly

(have to make profile.....

Name: L Lawliet
Occupation: Echo Alchemist
Bio: raised as an orphan he has a transmutation circle on his heart whicth saddly slowlly kills him. haveing died from it before and comeing back to life after being possesed he is trying furiouslly to fine a way to destroy the circle. ).
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