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Full Version: 20th Century Boys Live Action Film
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The official Japanese website for the live-action film adaptations of Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys suspense manga has posted a new trailer. (In the linked page, select the continuously playing thumbnail version of the trailer on the bottom left to see a larger version.) The first film in the planned trilogy will open in Japan on August 30.

Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi is adapting this acclaimed manga about a man who realizes that a deadly cult threatening the world has ties to his childhood memories. Toshiaki Karasawa (Casshern's Brayking Boss) will star as Kenji, and Etsushi Toyokawa (Hula Girls) and Takako Tokiwa (Brave Story) will star as Kenji's childhood friends Otcho and Yukiji, respectively.

I recently read through the manga for 20th century boys and I can vouch that it is as good as the mangaka's other work Monster. I'll be sure to check out the movies :3 Anyone else interested in seeing this?!

moar news on the rest of the trilogy.
The release date of the second live-action film based on of Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys suspense manga has been set for January 31, while the third movie will open in the fall of 2009. Airi Taira was selected out of 3,000 candidates to play the main character Kenji's niece Kanna. Yūsuke Santamaria will play Kenji's classmate Sadakiyo, Naohito Fujiki will play Chōno, Arata Furuta will play Mio Haruna, and Eiko Koike will play Takasu.

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