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As a return I decided to return my original anime idea. This will have nothing to do with the previous one, we are wiping the slate clean. What is happening is we will make characters and watch the plot and world grow around the characters we make, the set up we make.

So I hope we all know the rules, if you are new to me or this site or need a refresher here they are again:

1. Original characters and original places (PLEASE)

2. You can have one main character and 2 or 3 lesser characters.

3. You have to say when writing your characters which ones are the lesser ones.

4. To cause tension, lesser characters CAN BE KILLED! HOWEVER ONLY WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER OF THAT LESSER CHARACTER, it would be easier to write "killable" or "Don't kill" next to the character.


6. Don't make characters SO powerful that it is impossible to kill them, I like superman but when you watch the film your never think he's going to die because he's invincible.

7. Otherwise, don't limit the story, there could be loads of worlds, or just one! Anything!

Enjoy, I'll make my char in a second
Yo,joining as usual

Name:Kari Rika Neko
Looks:Black cat ears/tail,black hair,eyes as hot and black as pepper,wears what I want her to wear and I shall change her clothes often so yeah.
Personality:Short tempered,loyal,funny,sarcastic,has smart [All hail lord Xenu] moments,blunt,can be very hyper,can be serious,has lots of mood swings,a very complex girl
Ooccupation:A detective,one of the best too.Though happens to sing in a band at a bar every once in awhile for fun
Name: Jillian /Also called The Illusionist/ and when she works in Crescendo her allias is "Cordelia".
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Hard to say.She works in the circus (Named Crescendo)as a high rope walker whit Cordelia as her allias.When the circus is not working she does street performances (Magic tricks./That is why she is called The Illusionist/) And when there is no money, she works as a thief /Reason of why she always get into trouble whit the law/

(This is the clothes she uses when she is working in the circus (Crescendo)

(This is her)
Personality: Friendly, kind, funny, loyal, tricky, shortempered, sarcastic, prankster and agressive.
Extra Info: She dosent really talks about her past, when people ask her she just avoids the subject. She gets in trouble easily but she always says "I dont look for trouble, trouble comes looking for me" And money dosent last long in her hands, so when she is not doing magic tricks, or in the circus or stealing (But she says stealing is an ugly term, she calls it "Borrowing money from people that dont need it") she is always found in bars playing cards to get money.
So glad people are coming on, and that I have come back, now to get Kaboom back on

Anyway Char:

Name: Sol Flame
Age: 17
Personality: He's quite a happy guy, he lives on the street and gets curious odd jobs, but he wasn't expecting the recent one. He can be a bit stingy, or lazy, he tends to pretend to be a beggar. He seems to have faster reactions and stronger than most.
Weapons: usually anything but he can summon 2 wierd magic knives.

Name: Takata Hishime
Age: 40

(Horray for joinage!!!! I hope it's ok if I use an unorigional charicter in a way to revamp him completelly makeing him something a difrent charicter but with the same outline..I'm way to resident evil'd not to use him...

Name: Wesker
Occupation: ???

Occupation:Demi-god and prience of madness

Very good, oh and status's by the way can change in case you feel like getting rid of them, and usually, loads more characters are made. But those chars are good.
(Also can I make another main guy? or is the limit 2?)
(I did once put a limit but that rule I think is show and tell, we all eventually ignored that rule, so you can have as many as you like, there might also be maybe fill in characters that you might need to move on the story, but can stop using after that scene. THe early one I started off with 2 chars and I ended up with about 6 or 7, one being temporary)

So should we start after DNA-nii posts his new person?
QUOTE(Kari_Neko @ Jun 29 2008, 08:22 PM) *
So should we start after DNA-nii posts his new person?

Should warn kaboom
Geez this is gonna take forever to open,I think DNA-nii left too *hits head on keyboard several times*
Fine, we'll start if DNA comes back on, give it a while. If he doesn't withing 1 hour we'll do it then
.....Fine.....But I am not patient what so ever. oh I found a pic of Kari,though her hair's longer,it's supposed to be just past her shoulder's

ok ok, soz i'm late. was busy ya know.

ok, main char (non killable for now)
name: idaho smith
age: early 20's
bio: an orphan kid who acts as a runner for a gang of thieves known as the xing dawn. he is a master acrobat, but none too clever, much to his annoyance. he often tries to lighten the atmosphere with jokes, but is maddeninly bad at this.
weapon: not a fond fighter, but carries a small knife to be safe

second char (villain as usual, so don't kill yet!)
name: theran jayde
age: late 20's
bio: mostly unknown, a highflyer in the arms trade, developing the latest and deadliest weapons. also a pyromaniac
weapon: several strange weapons incorporated around him

name: choy xiandan
bio: a dock worker with no goal in life
appearance: cinese in overalls and messy black hair with bandana
weapons: a wooden sword

name: the watcher
age: unknown
bio: he appears strangely, a shape shifter, watching events
appearance: ???
weapons: seemingly none
( KK. Makeing.

Name: HUNK
Occupaion:??? Works for wesker

That One Dude
I humbly submit this request to join >3<

Name: Caligula (Don't kill)
Age: Unknown, looks about in his mid/late thirties
Looks: Short black hair, brown eyes, sleek athletic build.
Gender: Male

Name: Roma (Don't kill)
Age: 21
Looks: Scruffy black hair, red eyes, bulky athletic build.
Gender: Male

Name: Aogi (Killable)
Age: 27
Looks: Brown hair, silver eyes, slim build.
Gender: Male

Name: Kara (Killable)
Age: 20
Looks: Short to the neck black hair, green eyes, runner's build.
Gender: Female

May I still join?
Yep, you can join! It's not too late.

Name: Persio
Age: 32
Personality: Rich arrogant ruler with a large army.
Weapons: Sword

ok, everyone is done we can begin.

Sol was sitting on the streets as usual, begging, or at least pretending to.

"Hey I'm an orphan, got three bros to feed, I need money," he said in a poorly tone, with a hint of sarcasm. A passer by threw him an object, as Sol looked in his hat to see what kind of coin it was, he was disappointed... it was a button...

"YOU B*****D!"
The Mad Bomber
Name: Razakel
Age: Presumably around 20
Personality: A silent swordsman, who shows very little interest or care for things he does not consider `worthy`
Weapons: A Tachi (A japanese sword, that is longer and slightly more curved than the regular katana.)
nice. ok, we started? ok, so

idaho was lazily staring down the dusty street. it was hot, rediculously so. although he seemed to be taking in the glorious sun, he was actually assessing the street. he thought to himself:

*mmm...this could be a spot. many of the houses have weak locks. also not exactly sociable, most people are loners. theres a group of kossars watching the market for thieves, but they'll probably move on soon. that house at the end looks promising, its hidden behind the market crates....*


"oi, get up you dogs! this timber ain't gonna unload itself!"
choy slowly got up from the floor of the pier, and heaed with the other labourers to a large galleon that was waiting to be unpacked. as he walked, his mind wandered, and he found himself watching the sails and flags shimmering in the cool breeze.


theran dismounted his black horse, leaving it in the care of a nervous looking stable hand. as he looked behind him at the city gates, a pack of five kossars approached him. the packleader, a gruff looking man with a long black mostache, said to theran "mr jayde, on behalf of rimeav, i welcome you to our city. my kossars and i shall be your guides to your meeting."
he made a small, short bow, clunking his fur boots together. theran smiled in return, and said "thank you packmaster. i am eager to meet with rimeav"
the pack led theran slowly down the roads.
The Mad Bomber
Razakel walked quietly along the street, peering from behind the opening of his helmet at the busy street and at the busy dock workers unloading a galleon. He quietly gazed away, uninterested in the every day act that would no doubt play itself over and over again in these docks. His hand gripped tightly around his sword in it`s scabbard, that he carried in his left hand instead of his belt where it may have been more convenient.

Only then did he note the glances he received from the citizen around him, suspicious even frightened looks were targeted at him and his weapon. No doubt he might have to expect a visit from the cities guard at some point during his visit, if he remained in the city for long enough for his appearance to stir enough restlessness. He made no effort to notice their glances after that, but decided to make take a break after all he had been a walking for quite a bit even before entering the city in the morning.

He quietly walked up to a somewhat distant pile of crates, that did not seem to moving anywhere in a short while and sat on one of them. He placed his tachi, on his lap whilst crossing his legs as, if meditating. In truth he was simply, and utterly, bored out of his mind.

How long had it been? How long had he wondered with out a destination, only slaying all those who he deemed on par with his own skills or at least able to even cross blades with him?

He wondered to himself as he glanced quietly at the tip of his sheathed sword, but grinned as he knew that it did not matter. The sword would not rest until the weary hand could not wield it, the blade would not rust as long as there was a hand to guide it to feast on the flesh of men and were these things come to pass then the sword would shatter, be forgotten in an age that knew no war nor famine.
Name: Harold Zidler (Just imagine Harold Zidler from Moulin Rouge as an anime)
Age: 54
Profession: Owner of Crescendo and the announcer.
Personality: Lazy, ambitious but kind and friendly.
Gender: Male

"Cordelia The High Rope Walker" The announcer yelled, Jillian/Cordelia waved and smiled. Her act was over and she was about to get her paycheck.
*After A While In The Dressing Rooms*
"Harold what is this supposed to mean??" Jillian asked puzzled when saw her paycheck was cut in a half, he shrughed "Not my fault Jillian, last time I lend you some money so I am taking it back" Harold said as he gave her a "sorry" smile. She shighed "You gotta be jocking. The next presentation is in a week and I am supposed to survive whit THIS??" She asked, he shrughed again "Sorry Jillian" He said and walked away.
She cursed and walked into the dressing room to change her clothes.

Jillian now walked trough the streets a frustrated look in her face. She stoped and looked at Cresendo's tent and shighed. "I cant belive this" She mumbled *What should I do?? This money wont be enough for a whole week* She thought, she took a deap breath *Ok, perhaps it will be enough, I will only use it for food, and I can sleep anywhere* She thought trying to think positive.
That One Dude
Barely more than a shadow of a thought, Roma walked around the city silently. Although, perhaps not so silently as his heavy black boots tortured the floor with loud clicks and clacks at the same time his cloak billowed and howled against the cool breeze. His gaze drifted from side to side, though his mind took in the odd city life beauty absently, his thoughts on something else. He felt her near, and he felt her in danger. His beloved sister, whom he shared a powerful link with, though said link was weakened. He had not seen her in perhaps seven, eight years, he didn't really care. What he truly cared about though, was that her small burst of pain and energy had not attracted anything else that might be a threat to her... or to him.


Walking down the streets, the man without a purpose wearily lifted his gaze to the sky. He saw nothing of interest to him, so he looked down once more. He looked around his mid-thirties minimum, early forties maximum, and yet his eyes had a strange look in them. Moist, yet unknowing. His expression was similar to that of a lost child's, though perhaps at his age it seemed almost silly to look at. His muscles seemed strained from a long journey and no rest, and his steps were heavy. In a sense, he seemed like he was either running away from something, or trying to find it.
(damn, i always have too many useless chars! i just needed one more to fit things together, soz!)

name: rimaev (killable whenever the heck you want)
age: 43
bio: rimeav is the enforcement officer and effective leader of the city. he controls the kossars, the equivalent of the police, who are trained perculiarly and thier strategies and tactics resemble wolf packs. he gets detailed reports of all crime, trade, and visits to the city.
appearance: typical kossar look, with furry clothes and long black mostache. has a longer coat and richer furs
weapons: carries a ceremonial sabre


rimaev stood as a kossar entered his office. the kossar quickly stood to attention and growled lowly ( the kossar salute) then said "sir, reports of the day." he handed him several papers "imports, exports, crimes, executions, etc"
rimaev looked quickly over them, scanning as if unconcerned, then asked "what about new entrants?"
"the usual ammount of immigrants, vagrants, and traders" the kossar answered in a sure tone
"anyone unusual" rimaev pressed on.
"only a few" the kossar admitted "a man in his late 30's, sleek and athletic build, looked suspicious. a bulky guy, messy hair, possibly merc. a man with a large sword, looking very suspicious"
before rimaev could talk, the kossar continued "i have three kossars tracking him as we speak" rimaev growled a little in acknowledgment, then the kossar finished "oh, and theran jayde has arrived, looking for trade probably"

rimaev said "good, keep up the good work kossar" and lazily dismissed the man.
(jesus christ I missed a bit, quick info kaboom)
no you didn't to put bluntly, nothing has happened at all
Sol went into the Crescendo to try and find some work, today he had managed to get 2 gold coins, enough for a candyfloss


Persio entered the city with some armed guards, he to discuss about weapons trade.

"Is it here, in this filthy city?"

His sergeant nodded vigorously to please his king.

"Yes, right here, there's a weapons trader!!"

a flutstered kossar ran into into rimaev's study, and bowed so fast he almost fell over, before panting "persio is here"

rimaev shouted, fingering his collar nervously "send a pack to greet him. go quickly, we must keep him happy."

then, slightly more quietly, to another kossar he said "speed along theran's meeting. i want a look at his weapons before persio"

the two men saluted, and left


idaho had been watching the house behind the crates, but after noticing a man with a large sword heading behind the crates, he decided to come back later. wandering, he noticed a wind-battered sign with the words "crescendo" painted on colourfully, with a picture of a lion beside it.
idaho grinned inwardly. he liked circus's. people were close together and preoccupied, not noticing thier wallets.
he wandered towards the tent casually


choy continued to unload the galleon, trying but failing to finish his lunch at the same time.


the packmaster leading therans escort, after speaking briefly with another kossar who appeared out of breath, said to theran "rimaev has changed his scedule. he will see you now, rush to see him"

theran knew full well that persio was in the city. he could tell by the hightend air of fear and nervousness amoung the people. however, he headed towards rimaev's residence anyway, curious to know what he was up to.
"I need money" Jillian mumbled, Harold shighed and shook his head "Well you will have to wait till the next presentation" He said "Ok but what am I supposed to do till the next presentation??" She asked "Well there is a lot of work to do in here" He said, she groaned "By that you mean cleaning right??" She asked angrily, he nooded. She shighed and thought about the small amout of money she had. She groaned but nooded "Ok I will do it" She mumbled, he smiled and nooded.
*After A While*
Jillian was now cleaning the stage, she shighed and wiped the sweat that was falling down her forehead. She looked around *I had never noticed this stage was so big* She thought. When she was in the tightrope the stage below looked small.
The Mad Bomber
After a moment of sitting like a statue, meditating, Razakel or Raz began to awaken from what seemed like almost a trance like state. He began by tilting his neck from left to right, then he stretched both of his arms in turn and finally he performed an agile jump to stand on the crate. As he gazed at the streets and the citizen, he began to realize that his presence alone was not enough to startle everyone. It was the kossars and something else, obviously related to the local law enforcement and Raz grew curious. He made a long leap into the street, but continued his motion casually by starting to walk in a calm phase. His tachi was in his left hand again and his fingers wrapped around it tightly in anticipation of what was to come, or what was hopefully something interesting.

He might find a worthy prey for his hungering blade or not, but the chaos of the masses could not be denied and the unease was only an effect of something else, that did not have anything to do with them directly. Raz set out to stalk a group of kossars, that had just passed him, escorting some sort of official it appeared or at least a person held in higher regard than a common street peddler.

It might be interesting to see, who was able to cause this much stir in the populace and perhaps, just maybe challenge him into a duel, if he was a warrior and not a politician.
That One Dude
Roma turned his head slightly to look at a large group of kossars seemingly guarding someone. He looked for a moment, hoping to see someone, perhaps a young princess or a beautiful queen... no, just some man. He's probably some type of royalty... maybe just a politician. Oh, well. he resumed torturing the ground with his boots, and quickened his pace a bit as he didn't have the time to get caught up in some sort of mess just because someone 'important' was passing by the area.
Persio walked into Rimaev's study

"Sorry to be so early... I couldn't stand your filthy streets... everything's positively disgusting," said Persio smirking spitefully at his host.


Following Persio was a man in dark robes wielding a large sword... he stood at the city gates, eager to get in. A kossar soldier walked up to him...

"Your Immigration card please."

The swordsman stared at him seriously,

"I'm afraid I don't have them..."

"Then we'll have to detain..."

Before the soldier could finish he found a sword in his stomach, the kossar moaned quietely and fell to the ground. As the crowd surrounded the body, the swordsman walked through the gate.


Sol watched Jillian, eating his candyfloss happily.

"Do you want some help with that?" he asked smiling innocently
Jillian looked at Sol and smiled "Dont worry I finished alredy". Suddenly Harold came running toward her "Jillian!! What are you doing?? That show is about to begin!!" He said, her eyes widened "But you sai..." She was about to say but he interrupted "It dosent matter, just go get ready" He said. She looked at Sol "Sorry but I must go" She said and ran toward the dressing rooms.
idaho brsuhed the entrance to the circus tent aside, and saw two figures inside the tent.; he said casually "you guys know when the next show starts?"


startled, rimaev stood up straight and said "lord persio, lord always a pleasure" he bowed very low, his ears twitching with nervousness. the kossars behind him also bowed extremely low.
rimaev manadged to mutter "th..theran jayde is on his way here n-now actually. convinient"


choy dropped his crate and ran with many other workers to seewhan the noise was about. he sneakily made his way to the centre of the crowd by the gate, and saw athe body of a kossar, a stab wound to the chest.
choy was no fan of the kossars, but this was worrying that one had been attacked in public in broad daylight.

as he watched, he thought he noticed the glindt of a blade being sheathed behind him. he turned quickly to see a man walking away quickly. choy tied to follow, but was buffered by te crowd and found it difficult to keep the man in sight


theran walked along with the kossars, but he had noticed a man was following them. the man was clealy a professional, as he was silent, the kossars hadn't noticed him. yet theran has, and was curious to know who he was and what he wanted.
The swordsman bumped into Roma and shrugged her off quickly, in a rather rude manner, he started running to hide from some angry Kossars. He hid in an alleyway and waited for the curious Choy to follow him...


Sol just blinked in confustion...


Persio smiled

"At least your people are extremely efficient! I can't wait to meet this Theran Jade!"

The Mad Bomber
Raz remained at a reasonable distance from the kossars and their precious escorted official, his eyes preyed at the man in the center from time to time, that he hardly wanted to gaze to check his surroundings, which he however did out of habit from time to time. Behind them there was some commotion about, but whatever it might have been, Raz did not believe it to be noteworthy enough to check out.

Instead he increased his own phase, approaching the escorted official and allowing the kossars to notice him on purpose to gain some grasp on the officials importance. Their reaction would hopefully give some facts away and he might even be able to have a chat with them.
That One Dude
Roma let out an angered hiss as he was bumped into. "How rude." he commented, shrugging it off and continuing about his way.


A man hiding himself in a corner looked around and noticed a small crowd. I wonder what happened... he thought absent mindedly as he turned to leave elsewhere, where there were fewer people.
All the people started buying their tickets to see the show.
Jillian changed her clothes and put on some light makeup. She took a deap breath "Showtime" She mumbled and waited for Harold and his usual introduction.
Jillian felt her stomach growl, she cursed *Damn I havent eat anything* She thought angrily.
theran did not turn around, but chuckled a bit as the kossars began to gather behind him, the leader marching to their forefront with all the power and fearsomeness he could muster, and boombed "swordsman, be on you way, or we will be forced to remove you by force"
the kossar gripped his sabre hilt, trying to look menacing. he also motioned theran to remain behind the kossars


choy ran as fast as he could through the crowd, and into the alley. as he ran, he grabbed a wooden pole from the floor, readsy to try and combat this attacker. he ran full pelt down the alley after the swordsman

as rimaev watchied persio, a kossar whispered in his ear "we've just had this in. a kossar murdered at the east gate"
rimaev replied as cooly as he could "keep it under your hat, don't let persio know. we'll deal with this later"
The swordsman grabbed Choy and whispered

"Help me, or your a dead man..."

He pulled out his sword


Sol watched intently at Jillian.


Persio looked outside in a very condescending manner

"More trouble... this is ridiculous

(gotta go, my dad is an absolute pain)
Jillian bowed and then put one foot in the rope and then the other. She started walking across the tightrope, people clapped. She smiled, but her smiled vanished when felt the rope move, she cursed when noticed the rope wasnt moving, she was the one that was moving. Her head was spinning, and she could hardly mantain balance. Suddenly her foot slipped, and she felt all her body falling down. People screamed and all the lights went off.
(When acrobats fall, all the lights go off)
rimaev muttered "no no, nothing whatsoever great lord. just the usual pickpockets. the kossars can deal with them easily"


choy squirmed a little to try and escape, but he soon knew that the swordsmans grip was iron. he dropped his wooden pole and muttered "what do i have to do?"


theran, although allowing the kossars to protect him, turned to face raz, and bared his gloved hands, as if ready to fight. a small grin flashed across his face


seeing the crowds rushing in, idaho quickly sat down, looking for easy targets to pickpocket. suddenly, the lights went out. a pickpockets paradise! idaho fumbled around looking for people. unknowingly, he had walked onto the stage.
The Mad Bomber
Raz stopped as the kossars gathered, his eyes blazed right trough them and were nailed at the man behind them. Raz could only wonder, who the man was yet kept his curiosity under control for a moment. The kossar leader spoke something, but those words fell to deaf ears as Raz completely ignored him until his hand moved to the sabre hilt. A murderous intent awoke in his eyes as he stared at the kossar and his sword.

"If you draw your sword I shall recognize it as a challenge and give this street a new, refreshing paint"

Raz said with a calm tone and moved his right hand to the handle of his tachi, fingering the end of the sword and pondering whether these poor people were worth getting into trouble. His fingers formed a palm and he pushed the handle as, if a sign of not wishing to fight all tough he hadn`t even gotten to a pose suitable for attack.

"I shall bother you no more, if the man you are escorting will state his name and purpose in this city. People around here seem tense and it has nothing to do with my arrival, but someone else yet you do not seem to fit the picture of a feared man, do you? Yet I do not believe it to be a coincidence, that these fellows escort you with fast phase somewhere...

So answer and I shall begone, refuse... well..."

Raz left the sentence hanging in the air expecting a straight and honest answer after presenting his assessment of the current situation.
That One Dude
Seeing as everyone else was off doing something fun, Roma wandered over to the docks. He looked about and saw a rather nice pile of crates, then decided to search through them. It was odd for him to be so easily distracted from finding whatever it was he wanted to find, but something suddenly called to him. So, he broke open one of the crates and grinned as all he saw inside were blades... obviously they would've been going to some pompous collector and be unused for the next six decades. But not anymore. He browsed through them, trying to find the one blade that would catch his attention. He didn't want a big one, or a long one... he wasn't trying to compensate for anything.


Caligula leaned against the wall and drew out a heavy sigh as he found peace once more. There were only a few people around, even though it was near a circus. He tilted his head slightly at a banner he saw. "Crescendo". What importance did that word hold?


Aogi yawned as he sat up on his bed. His servant had woken him up about an hour ago, then told him to go back up to his room. He could only wonder why on earth she was acting so strange.
the kossar leader was startled and scared, and prepared to attack the man. however, behind them, theran said "packmaster, stand down your men"
the kossar thankfully did as he was ordered, and hasitly distanced himself from the man.
theran walked calmly towards the man, until he was about a metre away. after eyeing him over fully, he said "stranger, my name is theran jayde. i am a collector, creator, designer, and..." he pulled a rapier like sword from his scabbard "..user of weapons"

he look a moment to look at his own blade, before pulling a trigger on the hilt, causing the sword to split into two halves, pointing outwards and serrated on the inside.
theran smiled at his own work, and then said "i have come here to find clients. but who are you. you sure have a nifty sword, thats for sure"

The Mad Bomber
A victorious, even amused smirk rose onto Raz`s face all tough none could witness it, but his eyes deceived him as they had a certain glance, that gave the expression that he was laughing on the inside.

"I see, I am sorry to have bothered you and this thing?" Raz inquired raising his sword before him as, if to allow Theran to admire it. "It is just a heirloom, a memento of my family, but then again there is no other sword I could imagine myself wielding."

He casually said presenting the sword before pulling his left hand back to his side again and making a full turn on his heels. He gazed over his shoulder at the weapon and then at Theran, this person had turned out to be more interesting than he had thought. Yet because he was an interesting person Raz gave him an ounce of his respect and decided to let him go about his business, for now.

"I am Razakel, but please amongst fellow fighters ad warriors alike I am simply referred to as Raz... IŽll be around Theran Jayde and I might pay you a visit once your urgent business with some city official is over. Ah and please do not be startled all tough you drew your weapon, I will not take that as a challenge, more like a friendly gesture and besides precious blood shouldn`t be wasted..."

He said before starting to casually tread along the road without another word, but inside his mask he was almost smiling. Perhaps this city was not so dull after all, now to see whatever other `treasures` he might be able to dig out of this place.
theran too grinned. he knew raz was not the type to buy a new weapon, but the man himself intrigued theran. after staying still for a while, thinking, he suddenly spun around and fired a small steel crossbow from under his sleeve. the silver bolt struck hard into the wooden post near where the kossar leader was standing, again scaring him.
after theran laughed out loud, he said to the leader "come on, do you job. get me to rimaev"
the group continued towarss the city villa
((......Geez.I hate traveling in cars,I miss to much DX))

Kari was at the circus tent sitting in her seat watching intently,truthfully she was as bored as Raz was.She had no new cases.Least not any that were worth her time,so she simply was trying to amuse herself with the circus and jumped down to the snacks vendor and got some candy floss eating it and asked Sol noticing her seat was taken in her usual blunt and cold manner

"Can I sit here?Someone took my seat."
Sol in the darkness just shouted out "sure!" to Kari as he went to find Jillian, hoping she was ok... stumbling around in the darkness, he was hoping to catch her.


The swordsman thought for a second...

"Improvise!" he whispered violently to Choy.


Persio sat down bored...

"I am so bored... how long is this going to take!!"
Kari sighed,she really wanted a case to do since it was getting aggravating to not be at her house and look through tons of files over a case,it was fun for her so she simply got up and went home going towards her house on the other side of town,on foot.
idaho stumbled around in the darkness, wondering what had happened in the tent. he couldn't find any people, and wondred what part of the circus he has wandered into


choy, calmer now, but still confused "improvise what? where do i go? what do i do?". he looked at the swordsman, halfheartedly hoping for an answer


rimaev, eager to keep persio happy, grabbed a paper off his desk. he said "my lord, have you read this yet?"
he indicated with his bony finger a large headline, reading "tantalan ups offensive on the southern front"
he said "those tantalans are warlike, don't you think. thier leader must be a right maniac"
he quickly added "not half as great as you, sir. thats for sure."

the silence was broken with the door being banged aside. theran entered, some kossars hauling large cloth sacks full of unseen metal behind him. hang points were protruding from the tufts of the bags.
theran, bowing briefly, then said "i believe you both wish to see me"
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