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Full Version: Batman: Gotham Knight
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So today (or Yesterday) DC released Batman: Gotham Knight, an anthology of original Batman animations animated by different anime directors and studios.
I've had a quick look through the different stories and while some styles aren't that great looking they have some cool methods for telling the stories. In total there's roughly an hour and a quarter of action.

The first story, "Have I got a story for you!" is told through the eyes of some kids so naturally they've embellished it somewhat, making Batman a lot more super natural than the eccentric business man really is.

Batman looks kinda fugly in this but it's an interesting idea and I liked how they pulled it off. Nice if obvious ending as well.

The second story looks a lot more like the original animated series but Bat looks like he's been hitting the gym to an obsessive level. We get a visit to Arkham Asylum and Batman deals with some organised crime as only he can. The Italian and Russian gangs are a running theme in the stories. Mostly it's two cops in Lt.Gordon's new squad arguing about whether or not Batman is trust worthy.
Conclusion: He's awesome. And speaking of the Original animated series, I'm pretty certain Bruce's voice actor is the same one they used for this.

"Field test" has both the appeal of metrosexual Bruce and Golf. It also has the Batmobile being incredibly sexy, a cool addition to the Bat arsenal and the worlds longest sign. Mostly Bruce having a wang waving contest with anohter businessman and Batman settling gang disputes and being very Jesus like. I'm kinda pissed that Gotham looked so nice and cheery instead of the dark and moody cess pit it should be.

Next up is "Darkness Dwells" in which we first see the bat signal (and only 35 minutes in!) This is possibly my favourite one stylistically. Brilliant Gotham, Batman looks good and the colouring and general art style is really awesome. It also marks the first proper Batman villain showing up in the shape of farmers friend everywhere, The Scarecrow and scaly scallywag Killer Croc.

Killer Croc and Scarecrow look cool but are barely on screen for five minutes. Shame really.

Going for Emo appeal we move onto "Working through Pain" which starts with Batman preforming a very crude patch job on himself before jumping to Bruce's time in some kind of hospital. Well I say "hospital" but it's really a bunch of beds and some dudes with scalpels. Also, it's in India. From then on out we just follow his training in India on how to handle pain. Kind of boring but it has some cool fights though so it's not all bad, right?
It also has Batman rooting around in garbage and finding a [lot] of guns. This makes him sad sad.gif

Finally we have "Deadshot" and Batman faces his old enemy, Guns. I really liked this one if only for one of the most needlessly stylish sniper shots ever. Very classy. The art style is kind of hit and miss, I really like it but I can see it's not for everyone (possibly more so than the first story). Bruce looks like he has tumour on his chin. It also has a rather Freudian monologue from Bat explaining the appeal of guns and a standard issue train top fight.

So there we have it, I guess. The plots are criminally short and shallow but they're entertaining enough and for the most part look rather tasty. Highly recommended.
Little Washu
Now here's something I didn't expect. Hmmm, I'd have to say my impressions are:

"Have I got a Story for You!"- The art is a little odd, and Batman looks a little like a zombie to me, but that sorta has it's own charm to it.

The Second One- The art seems more Batman, but he looks very Lt. Armstrong. It sort of reminds me of one of those older anime, but with a newer feel.

"Field Test"- I like the art in this one the best, especially that first picture. Is that supposed to be Batman ^^U? But it looks more like a generic anime. And Gotham should not be cheery, that's why it's called Gotham.

"Darkness Dwells"- Alliteration. The art looks very clean, and the appearance of Scarecrow and Killer Croc is good (what, no Joker or Penguin?)

"Working Through Pain"- He looks like a tourist.

"Deadshot"- At first, I was unsure about that one until I saw those last two pictures. To be honest, when I first saw the second picture from the bottom, I thought it was rather Helsing-like, at first. But the last one makes him look evil, which is definitely different. The first picture though(he's doing a one-handed push-up), to me, looks like it's from an old series.

I think I'll check out "Field Test" and "Have I Got a Story for You!". I say the next slew should be about the The Green Lantern.
looks interesting, i'll check this out ( eventually <____< )
Wouldn't have known about this otherwise so thanks Popo

Sounds like a cool collection, and since its meant to be the filler inbetween Batman Begins and Dark Knight they had to be careful about who they'd picked (but Scarecrow, anything to do with the fact he was in Batman Begins?)

Anyway pre-ordered so will see them in a couple of weeks.
watched this last night. Reminded me of the animatrix.

Some of the later stories were pretty decent. The first story wasn't so great.

didn't like the emo or anime manifestations of bruce wayne but at least the voice was spot on. Sounded very similar to the voice actor for the animated tv series.
Sounded very similar to the voice actor for the animated tv series.

That would be down to it being the same guy.
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