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It is the year of 1919, a years after the leaving of Edward and Alphonse. The wars have been fought, and Amestris is now turned into a complete democracy. However, it was still unable to let go of certain things, investigations are still controled by the military. The Attorney General is an evil man and wishes to manipulate the military through the investigations departments. Young attorneys are exploited to sue the governments, eventually bring it down and set a new rise to a militant government. Little is known about the Attorney General. The story begins altogether in 1916, when the Ishbal war ended, soldiers and state alchemists, were ridiculed because of their actions in Ishbal. One young alchemist Montmorency, with a flair in law, now found himself debarred. Others, left the judicial circuit altogether. When Montmorency returns to law, he is thrown into case involving an Arquoyan thief, he realizes the true intentions of the Attorney General, he realizes that there is more than that meets the eye.
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Name: Montmorency (i think there is a book called that... not sure), not known as anything besides Montmorency and his role.
Role: State Alchemist - The Psychic Alchemist
Age: 18
Bio: A genius in law, became a defense attorney at age of 15. In that time, he studied Alchemy with close relations at that time with the military court martialls. As a genius in law, he amassed a great fortune, at became the country's youngest millionare at age 16. During that time, he felt bored with law, mainly because it had a kind a hypnotic effect on people who studied it. He investigated alchemy, after studying hard for a year, and finding a technique that is as boring as law, he became a state alchemist at age of 17. He then was promoted to a Lt. Col. after the Ishbal war, where he worked closely with Roy Mustang.
Look: We wears a black jacket, black pants, shoes, and carries a pendulum. He carries a chemical transmutation circle on his hands, transmutation circles on his pendulum.
Height: About the same height as roy.
Alchemy: Behind his pendulum, he has a transmutation circle which he can turn natural body chemicals such as insulin into a deadly dose of LSD, causing their opponents to have hallucinations, or other chemicals that would make the opponent fall asleep.
I'll join ^^

Name:Kari 'Rika' Neko
Role:State Alchemist-The Diamond And Alchemist
Bio:As a child she'd been made of for having cat ears and a tail from being from her specific family on her mom's side though she never planned revenge or anything she simply played by herself or studied alchemy or read other books,mostly mystery.However since the time she was 15 she'd been a fairly known detective because of that but she decided to keep that job while working at the military after her family had died from going to the war and not coming back.Though she usually says it 'I had nothing to do and the cases were too easy' but from being a world renound detective she'd had quite a fortune-most of it going to her vast sweet supplies though.Also happens to be a member of the technology team at the military since she had a talent (probably because her fingers were so long and dainty it made things easier to make with) along with a habit to make rather odd but useful things which she usually sells to the military for money.Also happens to love playing guitar,piano,violen,and cello along with singing which she makes her own lyrics and music just to pass time.Also works part time at a bar in a small band just for fun occasionally,called 'Rika' as a stage name,also her middle name.
Look:Black fairly baggy pants and usually a black and red striped sleevless hoodie with a black turtleneck underneath with black and white striped fingerless gloves that went up to her knuckles.In public keeps a black cap over her head to hide her ears and a sweat shirt around her waist to hide her tail but around people she's used to and the military personel she doesn't wear them.She usually wears her shoulder length black spikey hair down and has eyes as hot and as black as pepper that sometimes scare people.
Alchemy:Has done human transmutation before,on who is unknown at the moment but anyway she can clap her hands together on surfaces and make it into diamond.
I am in!! Whit one of my new characters!!

Name: Jillian /Also called The Illusionist/ and when she works in Crescendo her allias is "Cordelia".
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Hard to say.She works in the circus (Named Crescendo)as a high rope walker whit Cordelia as her allias.When the circus is not working she does street performances (Magic tricks. Basically they are just ilusions that she makes whit alchemy. /That is why she is called The Illusionist/) And when there is no money, she works as a thief /Reason of why she always get into trouble whit the law/

(This is the clothes she uses when she is working in the circus (Crescendo)

Hometown: Aquiroya (Were Psiren lives)
Personality: Friendly, funny, loyal, tricky, shortempered, sarcastic, prankster and agressive.
Extra Info: She dosent really talks about her past, when people ask her she just avoids the subject. She gets in trouble easily but she always says "I dont look for trouble, trouble comes looking for me" And money dosent last long in her hands, so when she is not doing magic tricks, or in the circus or stealing (But she says stealing is an ugly term, she calls it "Borrowing money from people that dont need it") she is always found in bars playing cards to get money.
Alchemy: She can do any alchemy, but most of the time she uses a special tipe that allows her to create illusions (Just like her magic tricks)
((count me in! ^^))

Name:Jherem (The Steam Alchemist)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Occupation: He was an astronomer and Steam mechanic, but now he got stuck at the other side of the gate, a state alchemist.

Bio: (um can i write this later? Im kina in a hurry D: but he is from the other side of the gate [not from the gate, but the other side of it])

Looks: Wears Black belted pants, a dark brown shirt, and a long brown trench coat, and carries around an atache case with some metals, just in case he cant get enough resources. Oh yah, and its really really heavy! XD

Alchemy types: He uses matirials in what he is transmuting to make metals and constructs working mechanics out of them, He is also a fine gunsman, so when needed, transmute then use! Only problem is, depending on how much minerals he has to work with, he cant transmute too fast XD
Name: Petra White
Age: 13
Role: Just a traveling alchemist
Bio: When she was only 12, both her parent's died. She was sent to a Foster Home. Hating it there, Petra packed her things and ran away. For making money, every once in a while, she'll stop somewhere, get a small job, earn money, and then continue. She's actually pretty good at alchemy, but has never thought about joining the military as a State Alchemist. During her traveling, Petra is also is learning and researching on the Philosopher's Stone in hopes of someday, bringing her parents back.
Look: She has a transmutation circle drawn on her hands.
Height: Around the same height as Edward Elric.
So you guys think we should start?We got *goes and looks* 5 people including me.
okay... here we go:

Montmorency was taking the month off. He needed it, after working tirelessly in the investigations department with his ex-worst enemy Prosecutor (help me here)
He decided to take a train to the beautiful water city of Arquoya, where he heard of a magician that could perform amazing illusions. Of course, Montmorency knew that it was alchemy, no doubt about it. He also heard there was a theif snooping around, perhaps it is time to study law again?
Kari sighed walking to the train station as well,she had her signature hat covering her ears and a jacket around her waist hiding her tail.She was going to Arquoya as well,apparentally there was a case to be solved there and it seemed easy as usual but she noticed Montomercy going as well,she'd seen him before around the library before and she accidentally dropped her binder full of papers and swore bending over to pick them up.
"Cordelia The High Rope Walker" The announcer yelled. Jillian (Cordelia) waved and smiled, she then took a deep breath and smirked, it was the end of her act. She bowed and closed her eyes. Suddenly blue flames surronded her, the crowd screamed in awe and everybody clapped when saw Cordelia was gone.
Suddenly there was a spark of light in the dressing rooms, Jillian appeard and smiled proudly. "I must admit the illusion of the blue flames at the end was a nice touch Jillian" A fat guy dressed in a black tuxedo (The announcher) said, she nooded "Nice comments, wont make me forget about my paycheck"She said, he sweatdropped and handed some money to her, she raised an eyebrown "Harold what it this?? There is only half in here" She said puzzled, he shrughed "Not my fault, last time I lend you some money,so I am taking it back" He said, she shighed "I cant belive this" She mumbled "What am I supposed to do now?? The next presentation is in a week, this money will only be enough for 3 days" She said, he shook his head "Sorry Jillian" He said and walked away.
She cursed and walked into the dressing room to change her clothes.
*After A While*
Jillian now walked trough the streets of Aquiroya, she cursed again "I cant belive this" She mumbled, she looked around and bit her lip *Perhaps I could "borrow" /steal/ some money* She thought "What am I thinking?? Last time, those filthy cops almost got me. I must wait and let things calm down till those cops stop looking for me" She mumbled, she looked at the sky *Guess I will have to survive whit street performances till the next week* She thought. It was time to admit all the roles "Cordelia The Highrope Walker, The Illusionist and Jillian" Were about to colide and she didnt knew how much longer she would be able to keep a low profile.
She stopped and looked at Crescendo tent, a sad smile in her face, she took a deep breath and keep walking.
Petra walked along the streets with her hands in her pockets and her head always looking around at the houses, shops and the such. She had just came from Dublith, where she earned a whole bunch of money working at a shop. After finishing the job she had there, Petra heard about a thief in Aquiroya, so she decided to stop there.

Aquiroya seemed like a really nice place. It was always so lively, and she kept hearing people talking about someone named Psiren and where she would strike. Could that be the thief? But...why would a thief say where they would strike next? Petra thought in her mind, rubbing her head in the process.
A big crowd was standing around a small table and Jillian was sitting infront of the table. A man humphed suspiciously "How did you do that??" He asked, Jillian smirked as she shuffled the deck of cards (She always starts whit small tricks whit cards and that sort of stuff she then starts whit the "big" magic tricks) "A magician like me never reveals his secrets" She said, she then looked at the money she had earned and smiled *Dinner is served* She thought happily. She had decided that the money she would earn in the street performances would go for food, and her paycheck would go for extra things. Were to sleep wasnt big deal, cause she could sleep anywere. She had been living for 3 years like that and she was used to it. It was true she had lost the luxurys and comfort of her old life but she had gained freedom and for her that was priceless.
Montmorency was at that bar... He then performed the same magic tricks, just only with one twist, he used alchemy to dim their consciousness so they didn't notice. Now, he called Jillian to a table, he waved his pendulum in front of her, transmuting LSD. Jillian was horrified, too scared, she told the truth to Montmorency. Interesting... I see... The police are hunting you, would you like a really good lawyer free of charge? Jillian was confused, why? Montmorency calmly answers, it's Equivalent Exchange... I saw your magic show, I'll defend you in court.
Petra neared the big crowd and looked at it with a puzzled expression. "Hey. Whats the big crowd for?" she asked, pushing her way through the crowd to see what was the the center of it all.
((Hey, do you think we could somehow pull the homunculi and/or Ed and Al into this RP? Wouldn't it be cool? ^^))
((Yuppers it would,but let's have everybody meet up at stuff first XD))

Kari the puzzled and curious girl she was managed to wiggle through the crowd and stopped at Montomercy and said frowning slightly

"Mr.Montomercy it's rather rude to make people be frightened and half concious just for you to get a new client you know."
"Perhaps, but it is useful, I'm not looking for clients, this case is easy to defend... However, 2 years ago, my reputation as a lawyer was ruined when I joined the military to serve at the Ishbal War. I was de-barred and finally, they have reinstated me. To prove a soldier can be a good lawyer..."

-2 years ago-
"Montmorency! Wait up!!!"
"No... I'm bored with law... they are all cynics, prosecutors, judges, all alike"
"So what????"
"Law is not for soldiers they say, law is not for killers and people who like to massacre."
"Just because you've been de-barred doesn't mean you cant put that genius to good use..."
"Maybe think about the reason that I studied alchemy in the first place."
"Then stop torturing the girl if you'd please,if she's done anything wrong then it's not our business to know about it.And she's clearly stopped doing her little Robin Hood adventures anyway."

Kari said icily her eye's narrowing as she was heavily resisting to start scratching at the few flee's she had on her ear's.
Petra slowly made her way out of the crowd and back out into the streets. Night was beginning to fall and she hadn't found a place to stay for the night. Next to her was a bench. Looking down at it, Petra said in a whisper to herself, "Guess its the bench for tonight again..."
She sat on the bench and watched the people walking by. Most of them with a friend or family member. Why can't I have someone like that? she asked herself in thought, now laying on the bench, looking up at the sky which was a mix of pink and orange.
Kari sighed and walked away from him and walked to the bench Petra was at and yawned asking polietly

"Can I sit here?"
Petra quickly sat up from her laying position and scoot over. "Um, sure." She mumbled, patting the space next to her.
"Thanks Miss."

Kari said with a smile sitting down leaning back and checked her pocket watch issued from the military from her belt loop to know the time and said looking up at the sky

"Ah,it's such a pretty sunset tonight."
"Yeah it sure is..." Petra agreed, looking up at the sunset as well. Looking back down, her eyes caught the sight of the pocket watch. "You're a...State Alchemist...?" she asked. Petra had never really talked to anyone from the military, so she felt somewhat nervous for some unknown reason to her.
"Hm?Yeah I am,nothin to worry about though really I'm just here on vacation give or take...."

Kari said quickly sweat dropping
"Oooh..." she mumbled. Thinking it was time for a proper introduction, she held out her hand and said with a friendly smile, "My name's Petra."
"Kari,Kari Neko."

Kari said with a equaly friendly smile shaking her hand with her small abnormally long nailed/fingered hand,they were probably like a young child's to Petra.
Petra was beginning to get too tired, too tired to even notice this. "It nice to meet you." she said, gently pulling her hand away from the handshake.
"Hm,you look tired.Where are you staying Petra-san if I can ask?"

Kari asked polite as ever,it was a abnormal habit of hers.Be nice and polite till you figure out if they deserve it or not,if they don't then treat them like dirt till they earn respect.
"Well to be honest..." Petra started, a sweat drop forming on her head. "Nowhere. I'm just traveling around so I don't really have a home."
"Heh can't have my new friend sleeping on the bench now can I?Well if you want I can share my hotel room with you."

Kari said with a cat like grin
"Really?" she asked, Petra's face beamed. "I would love that! It wouldn't be too much trouble would it?"
"Course not,sides I can always use some company.Anyway shall we go?It's getting late."

Kari said getting up stretching like a cat as usual
Petra nodded. "Sure!" She got up and looked around. "So where is the hotel you're staying at?"
"Doesn't matter which one."

Kari said a very mischevious glint in her peppery eyes as she grabbed Petra's hand and started running,everything seemed to whirl behind them since she ran so fast.Though she wasn't even breaking a sweat,it seemed like normal speed to her till she stopped at a very large and expensive looking hotel and said looking at it

"Hm...this one looks good."
Petra felt like she was only being dragged behind while Kari ran. That is, until she stopped and Petra had to put on her breaks while trying to keep her hold on Kari's hand. Looking up at the hotel, her mind wondered at how much it might cost. "How much for one room do you think it might cost?" she asked.
"Don't know,don't care either."

Kari said chuckling as she went in with Petra and said sweetly to the boy at the counter

"The best of the best room please,for two."

He gawked at her for a minute than said

"Wait....your Rika right?The famous musician?!"


"Right this way ma'm!" he said taking Kari's bag and she motioned Petra to follow grinning.
While following, Petra stared at Kari's grinning face. "You're a famous musician?" she whispered to her in question.
"I didn't think I was that famous.....Thought he'd just go for the sweet innocent look."

Kari whispered back sweat dropping as she went into their room,IT WAS HUGE!It had dark blue walls several couches 2 bathroom's a jacuzzi and two king sized bed's the whole shibang as some would think.
Petra's jaw dropped as she stared at the room. "Its...huge......" she said, looking around it. "How much is this gonna cost...?" she asked, her hands trembling as she touched one of the king sized beds. The blankets, they were so soft that she felt as if she could melt at the touch.
"Can't be more than a quarter of my sweet supplies.As bad it sounds I don't pay attention to money since I have so much of it,even after donating a ton of it to chairty....."

Kari said sheepishly,she got paid quite alot for being a musician,inventor,and an alchemist and then there was the money she'd gotten from her parent's when they died.

The what looked liked the manager of the hotel came up and he asked more begged

"Miss Rika-sama please please please bless us with your beuatiful music,it'd attract customers please play the piano down in the lobby.You cna stay in the room as long as you'd like free of charge as long as you play once a night!"

Kari blushed clearly never going to get used to it and she mumbled "I guess....If you really want me too."

"Oh thank you thank you!" the manager said practically dragging her to the elevator and she signaled Petra to come too.
"Wow you're some celebrity..." Petra laughed as she followed.
"Shut up,people like me too much."

Kari said pouting as she was dragged to the lobby and he the manager said pointing to a bathroom

"You can change into your stage look if you want."

Kari simply sighed and went to the bathroom and took off her hat and the jacket around her waist revealing her tail and ears but everybody would think they're fake since she put a headband the same color as her ears in her hair and walked out and sat at the piano and started playing,she had the finger's and the voice of an angel as most would think as she started singing

"The lights go out all around me
One last candle to keep out the night
And then the darkness surrounds me
I know i'm alive but i feel like i've died
And all that's left is to accept that it's over
My dreams ran like sand through the fists that i made
I try to keep warm but i just grow colder
I feel like i'm slipping away.After all this has passed, i still will remain
After i've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today,
Someday i'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain.You will bring beauty from my pain
My whole world is the pain inside me
The best i can do is just get through the day
When life before is only a memory
I'll wonder why God lets me walk through this place.And though i can't understand why this happened
I know that i will when i look back someday
And see how you've brought beauty from ashes
And made me as gold purified through these flames
After all this has passed, i still will remain
After i've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today,
Someday i'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain
You will bring beauty from my pain.Here i am, at the end of me
Tryin to hold to what i can't see
I forgot how to hope
This night's been so long
I cling to Your promise
There will be a dawn
After all this has passed, i still will remain
After i've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain
Though it won't be today,
Someday i'll hope again
And there'll be beauty from pain
You will bring beauty from my pain."
((Oh I love that song! Its by Superchick, am I right?))

After she was done, Petra clapped her hands in approval. Yet, as Petra looked at the tail and ears, she couldn't help but think that they looked so real.
((Yuppers,love it!XD))
Kari had now been surrounded by people complimenting her and she blushed and simply ran for it to the elevator before they could follow,she had issues with fans and caulstrophobia.
Petra quickly went after her and into the elevator. She pressed the button for their floor number and waited while it went up. "You were really good!" she complemented.
"Don't say that,I already have 50 people after me saying that!"

Kari said anime crying,she didn't like publicity.It was bothersome.
"Oh, sorry." Petra mumbled. She looked over to Kari's tail and ears. "Are those real?" she asked.
"Uhhh no of course not!Who would really have cat ears and a tail?!"

Kari lied quickly in a panicky voice,she didn't like people knowing they were real
Petra poked the ears. "Well they feel really real..." she muttered.
Kari sweat dropped when her ears moved according to her poking it and then moved back and she said sighing

"Damn your smart,they are real."
"Cooool..." Petra said in amazement. "How did you get them?"
Maybe they were right, Montmorency doesn't have it as a lawyer anymore. The soldiering techniques have told me to torture for the truth. It's sad, how I was used this way... I'll take the girl home, let her tell the truth on her own accord. It's too late anyways, the absolute truth is known for this case...

The girl is even too scared to move. My techniques have changed from when I was 16. It is maybe time that no... I won't give up law...

"Montmorency wait..."
"No, I won't let it happen again..."

With that, Montmorency simply walked off into the rain...
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