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edo little kid

File Not Foound
Ohh, he's just adorable! biggrin.gif You did a great job, I love how detailed the eyes look. I envy (heh, Envy tongue.gif) your ability to shade hair!
edo little kid
hehehe really Oh blush.gif

this another NEW pic


Very cute picture! The second one doesn't seem to be showing up, though.
That is a very cute drawing! He almost looks like a girl, but I like it!
edo little kid
oh really thaaaaaaaanks wub.gif

and this is the second pic



Ed and Winry
Your drawings are great! Keep on producing awesome works! X3
edo little kid
thanks DustStorm you are Great ^^

Not to question your artistic integrity, but why are the styles between the two drawings so different? huh.gif
edo little kid
one in woody colors

and another in Adobe Photoshop happy.gif
The two have absolutely nothing in common style wise. It's almost as if they were drawn by different people...
edo little kid

yes I can draw different pic in same time

OK, I was done this Pics also in Fhotoshop

and this pics with woody colors

I am sorry my English is so bad ><
Wow. Pretty diverse styles there, eh? mellow.gif
I can't help but be suspicious.
edo little kid
Ok thanks Ailuro ........
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