I'm new here. Hi. I recently lent out my copy of the film to a friend who just finished the series and I have a question about the special features on the Region one discs.

In the regular edition box there was a second disc with a special feature on it. It was a bunch of interviews with the English Dub cast. I'm sure the special feature has a title, but I can't remember what the title is. Does anyone know?

Also (and this is the controversial part, so please don't transmute me into a blob of goo) I wanted to put that special feature on my Zen media player, but I don't have a DVD ripper/burner on my computer. And I know it would need conversion after ripping it, but I have a program for that. My question is this, does anyone know where I can find this enigmatic special feature to download or torrent? Remember, I already own the DVD, but I don't have the proper equipment to do this myself, so any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your help, time, and knowledge.