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...darkness prevails.
Amestris isn't as troublesome a country as it used to be, but problems have started up in Ishval of all places, despite its desolation: a toxic gas has risen from the ruins of the country, creating a barrier around the area barren of trees and shrubbery. A handful of soldiers were sent to investigate the oddities occuring in the former battleground, but the men never returned. The Military then decides that State Alchemists should be sent due to their powers in the mythical science.

Yet another FMA roleplay, inspired somewhat by The Happening. Usual rules, no god-moding, no controlling others characters, please, PLEASE, for the love of God, no one-liners! And, this is an add-on roleplay; other roleplayers may add to it as they wish, but, please, keep it true to the Fullmetal Alchemist theme. It really bugs me when mixtures of other series that usually have no relation to the storyline are mixed into the plot.

Anyway...I'll start when others join. Here are my characters:
Name: Ashley Blair
Alias: Ash, the White Lotus Alchemist, Hatred.
Race: Homunculus
Age: 23 yrs old.
Occupation: Medical/State alchemist.
Hair: Dirty-blonde, tousled, shoulder-length.
Eyes: Used to be light-green; currently reptilian, purple (like the Seven other Homunculi).
Personality: Curious, intuitive, stubborn, tricky, serious.
Strong points: Dedication, physical strength, protective.
Faults: Hot-tempered, head-strong, over-confident, reserved, numb, foul-mouthed.
Alchemical style: Alchemy tattoos covering her hands and running up her arms while covering her entire torso, back, and shoulders. Practices Xingese alchemy (known as 'purification arts' or 'rentanjutsu').
Specializes in: Healing and destructive alchemy, detecting auras/flows of chi, medicine.
Family: None, save for someone who claimed to be her 'uncle', but was of no relation.
Apprentice: Hotaru Stille
History: Ash, originally, was born to a happy alchemist couple (whose names are still unknown) about 25 years before. However, when she was 6 years old, she was attacked by a chimera whom left her body hidden in a forest. Her parents could not find her and were distraught over the loss of their daughter. Several months passed and, soon, reports started flooding into military command concerning whole towns and villages slaughtered in a single night. The perpetrators were never found, always hiding and keep out of public eye. It was soon learned by Ash's parents that an old friend of theirs, an alchemist named Yagami Raito, had found their daughter's body...and turned her into a homunculus with a Philosopher's Stone inside her body. Their daughter was now a personification of Raito's hatred for evil and wrong-doing, and had become his killing machine, his weapon; it was her hands that killed the people of all the now-dead towns that Raito destroyed to create more Philosopher's Stones. To save what was once their daughter and the rest of Amestris, the two alchemists used human transmutation to put Ash's Stone into submission, and wound up dying in the process, leaving the homunculus alone.
After the transmutation, Ash awoke with no memory of her life at all before that very moment, as though she'd just been brought to life. She had no memory of her killings nor of her creator, who had disappeared during the ritual. She was found by someone who claimed to be her uncle and was raised by him. Once her Stone had been put into submission, she was able to age normally. However, it seemed that the people of Verlorn, the town she lived in with her uncle, could sense her dark, blood-drenched past, and shunned her, leading to her becoming a 'brat'. When she turned 11, she started learning alchemy from a man named Van Hohenheim, wanting to learn it to gain the approval of the other townspeople who all knew alchemy quite well. It did not work, though, they felt she should not learn it. Disgruntled, she pressed on with learning and cursed at anyone who told her otherwise.
When she was 13, her uncle suffered a heart attack, causing Ash to worry. With the alchemy she'd been learning, she transmuted his heart and believed she had healed it...until he died a week later from the severe wounds and injuries her alchemy had done to not only his heart but the entire inside of his body. Feeling guilt and believing she had killed him, she lived in her house and never came out. For a year she did not go outside, for a year she took a good, long, hard look at herself and realized what a brat she had been.
Around 14 years of age, her sensei took her out of her home to visit her uncle's grave. She resisted at first, but finally consented and went. While at the grave, she told her sensei that she wanted to use her alchemy to save people and that she didn't want to lose anyone else. Once that had been said, Van Hohenheim taught her everything concerning RentanJutsu (Xingese alchemy) until she joined the military at age 18. It wasn't until she was 21 years old that she got her memories back from her time as the homunculus 'Hatred' and is usually in constant conflict with herself, wondering if her hands were meant to kill or help people.
Ash never had friends when she was younger, so, those she's made to this day are those that are precious to her. She does everything in her power to protect them and values their lives over her own. After the death of L, another friend of hers, she's been more resolute to protecting the friends she has left, no matter what the stakes are.
Note: Has an Ouroboros tattoo located on the base of her neck; her 'Ultimate' ability is muscle and strength.
Theme song: Numb - Linkin Park (with Raito), Feel the Silence - Goo Goo Dolls.

Name: Hotaru Stille
Alias: Hotaru
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hair: Black (with a purple tint), thick and cut evenly with bangs.
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Caucasian
Height: 3'11''
Frame: Frail, thin, small.
Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken, peaceful, friendly, child-like.
Strong points: Kind, gentle, caring, story-telling, comforting.
Faults: Somewhat anti-social, meek.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Uses a staff-like glaive (blade shaped somewhat like a 'G') with alchemical symbols carved into the blade and handle; performs Rentanjutsu (Xingese alchemy).
Family: Deceased.
Sensei: Ashley Blair (the White Lotus Alchemist)
Clothing: Dark-colored skirts, pants, jackets, boots, socks.
Specializes in: Peace-making, transmuting light and silence.
History: Hotaru's life is a...strange one. Her mother died when she was 6 years old, and due to the sudden death, her father went mad and attempted human transmutation to resurrect her. However, as is the case, it failed, forcing him to learn ancient alchemy from long ago. With it, he could control humans, create golems and dolls, and so forth. Being an ex-State Alchemist, he held a grudge toward the military for letting him go after his wife's departure, and decided he would try to eliminate the military with this style of alchemy he'd discovered.
How was Hotaru involved? While she was young, he turned her into his own, personal puppet, using her as a cover-up when infiltrating towns and cities he needed for his plan. He came across the city of Schwiegengel (once a city of bloodshed and violence) and killed everyone in the city, using their souls to create a Philosopher's Stone. With the leftover bodies, he turned them into puppets to create the illusion that the city was not dead. His plan failed, however, with the arrival of a group of State Alchemists, and was ultimately killed by Hotaru's later-sensei, Ashley Blair.
With her father dead and her soul restored in her own body, Hotaru left Schwiegengel to thank the alchemists for saving her, and is now under the apprenticeship of Ashley Blair, the White Lotus Alchemist.
Theme song: Twilight - Vanessa Carlton
(What ever happened to jett and susi? Anyway I promise no adding seriris! Useing L.)
ooc| Of course you're using L. Heh.
Eh...because I can't really think of anything for them to be in. HOWEVER...Jett will probably show up in this one, since he's part Ishvalan and all.
(Hurah! anyways I'll also introduce the darkest evil in the universe here....Something so vile....It strikes fear into L....A DENTIST!!!!)
ooc| Muaha! Dentists fit the description well!
Ash: Gah! Don't say that! *slaps hands over Rosi's and DNA's mouths*
Hotaru: *heard it**traumatized; assumes fetal position* don't want to go, poppa...*keeps muttering*
Ash: ...great; she heard.
(Also i will copy Kari because I found the best dentist song ever thus I must use Kari's Thing once....)
ooc| Eh? What 'Thing'...?
Oh. Wait. You mean, 'needles'?
Ash: ...o_O *slightly disturbed* What did your father do to you, girl?!
(no the song thing.)
ooc| What song thing? *confused*
Jett: That song thing.
Rosi: Which song thing?
Jett: That song thing.
Susi: Third base!
Rosi: two wonder...why I haven't roleplayed you in a while...*twitches*
(Ha! Abit and Costello. Anyway when she always sings the songs? it dosn't matter. you'll fing out Just start.)
ooc| I was listening to that recording just an hour ago. Heh.
Eh, yes, I will. Before Ash kills you for mentioning 'dentist'.
Ash: *cracks knuckles* Hotaru is very traumatized at the moment...

BiC| "I many soldiers were sent?" Hotaru asked as she and Ash stepped off the train in Resembool. It was around twilight, the sun just setting, while the cool night air settled over the village. Ash looked up at the sky as she thought for a moment, hand shoved into the pocket of her green, cargo pants.

"Um...I think 8. Maybe more..." she muttered, scratching her chin as she and Hotaru left the station and headed toward the general direction of Ishval.
L was driveing in a car next to the train and was going surprizeinglly at the same speed. when he notice Ash and Hotaru he jumped out the car and into the open window in there compartment. "Hello ladys." He said smileing as his Car crashed and exploded in the distance.
ooc| ...They're not on the train; they just left the station. Har. Poor L's car; IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTY!!! *sob*

BiC| Ash nodded her head at L in greeting. "Hi. Decided to make yet another dramatic appearance?" she inquired, arms folded as he watched the car drive off and crash. Hotaru's eyes widened at the crash. " many of those do you have?" Hotaru asked, looking up at L curiously.
487. he said. then half of the car the flew to the top of the train. and a half he added
ooc| Hey! *thwacks* I said no one-liners!

BiC| Ash sighed and scratched her head, "You really shouldn't throw money away like that, L." She slung her suitcase over her shoulder as she spoke while Hotaru gawked at the halved car.

"Um...say, since you use sound alchemy...why don't you just float on one of your sound platforms instead of driving?" Hotaru asked, head cocked to the side.
do I need a reason? L asked. so do we have the same mission or no? L asked
"Yes, we do. In Ishval," Ash informed, setting down her suitcase to tie her hair into a loose ponytail. Hotaru blinked, then piped up, "Oh! Wait! Isn't that Ishvalan boy supposed to be here? The one with the black hair?"

Ash glance down at her apprentice briefly before answering. "Hm? Jett? He's coming? Um...why wasn't I told this?" She seemed a tad irritated by this piece of news.
Can I join??? Please?? *puppy eyes*
Jett! I haven't seen him in a while. said L
ooc| Sure you can, Mai! one-liners...I mean it...*thwacks again*

BiC| Hotaru blinked and sighed, irritated as well, but mostly toward her Sensei. "Sensei...he already apologized for intruding on you in the military showers," she lectured, arms folded as she glared up at Ash, "The least you could do is forgive him."

Ash grumbled and rolled her eyes while muttering a string of obscenities about Jett. "Yeah, right, little pervert..." she muttered, hands shoved into her pockets.

"I heard that," Jett muttered as he walked up behind Ash and Hotaru, suitcase in hand with a slight expression of irritation on his face. He knew he was being talked about, mostly by Ash.
You did what jett? L asked smileing with A mistchevious face.
ooc| *irritated now* ...It couldn't possibly be that hard to write a couple sentences for a -censored- roleplay...*rolls eyes*

"Hm? Did what?" Jett inquired, though he knew what L meant. He shot a glare at Hotaru for mentioning it, knowing it was something Ash wouldn't tell anyone unless provoked into telling. "You're worse than Susi, you know that?" he said, arms folded as he looked down at Hotaru who just blinked and tilted her head to the side.

"I didn't really say anything; I just told her that she needed to forgive you. Right?" Hotaru said with a slight nod. But, Ash didn't hear; she had started walking again despite the darkness of the night as the sun disappeared in the east.
(I'm sorry...i've writers block.)

Anger leads to hate....hate leads to suffering.... L said immataeing Yoda though ametris wouldn't know. he Spent a long time in the other world thus leant alot about it while there
ooc| ...Ah. I see. *pokes* Here, I'll help *grabs mallet*

BiC| Jett blinked and raised a brow. "...You sound like some Ishvalan priest," he commented, slinging his suitcase over his shoulder as she followed Ash while Hotaru followed them both quietly.

"But L's right: hate does lead to suffering, and suffering leads to pain, etc, etc..." she rambled on with a shrug of her shoudlers.
wha- oh I was supposed to be giveing a life lesson? I was just saying things. L said

ooc| won't *whacks DNA hard with mallet* MUAHAHA!!! *high on Dr. Pepper*

BiC| "Eh? Didn't sound like it to me," Hotaru said, raising a brow as she looked up at L, following close behind him. Jett just slowly nodded, beginning to question L's sanity after everything else he heard that happened to him. Ash was still quiet as she walked ahead.
L simplly made thr sound waves of Ash's footsteps form a kind of a tread mill thus ash was moveing nowhere. So do you think you should make up with jett? L asked as he moved in her direction
Ash looked down, noticing she was walking but not moving anywhere, and muttered something about L's cursed alchemy. She snorted as she glanced at L. "No, I don't. Not until he admits that it wasn't an accident; he stood there for a whole five minutes," she muttered bitterly, eyes rolled.

Jett walked up next to her, "I said I was sorry, already, give it a rest!" He narrowed his eyes, looking straight ahead. The situation wasn't helped at all by their difference in age, Ash being at least six years his senior, nor his reputation for preferring older women. But that wasn't important. What was their mission again...?
However untead of Jett speaking thoughs words unstead what came out was. "Yes i'm sorry for everything it was me now we should get back to the dead town thing. this is a public sevace announcement by L ."
Jett slapped his hand over his mouth. "L," he said in a muffled tone, "don't do that again." Ash briefly chuckled. "Yes, let's. far away is Ishval...?" she asked, scratching her chin.
L simplly sighed and pointed left to where a large city was visable. 15 minutes. he said
Ash looked in the direction with wide eyes. Jett blinked and furrowed his brow, "Actually...there shouldn't be a city all," he said, scratching his head. Hotaru raised a brow, "Yeah, it was destroyed in the massacre, right?"
Most of it. They left little sectons for reserech among other things. I was even put in charge of one were I immedatlly set them all free. L said.

(Rosi-sama!!!!can i name the city??!??!?!?!? PLEASE!!?!?!?!?!?)
ooc| Eh, go ahead.

"I'm surprised you weren't court-martialed for that," Jett commented, raising a brow. "No one probably noticed," Ash said, trying to figure out a way to cancel L's alchemy that kept her in one place.
At that time I was the highest ranking person there. all the big wigs had cleared out. L said snapping his fingers to let Ash out. This one was named Racoon City I belive. L said as he walked toward it. near the entirnce- he noted there for no reason- was an umbrella.

(Ode to one of my favorite video games)
Resident Evil!!! SQUEE!! *fangirl moment*

A lonely figure was standing in the top of a building. Mai yawned and rubbed her eyes and then looked around. "For the first time in my whole life, I am not late. But life ironic as it is: they dont arrive yet" She mumbled and took a bottle of water and drank as she waited for the others.
"...Raccoon...City?" Jett raised a brow, never hearing of such a town in Ishval. Ash blinked, "You're kidding, aren't you, L? I highly doubt Ishval would have a city named that." Hotaru nodded in agreement.
That fault actually....this was once the city of my competeator's studys. I "altered" the name of it in his reaport and it was called that afterward
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