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This story begins, taking place doruing the : hoenheim / dante inncodent..

And concludes 3 years after : the conquror, of shamballa..

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Here is my Prelude, to a new progressing story.
Full Metal Alchemist : Leguacy.

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- The beginning, of a leguacy.. -
FMA OST 1 : The philosipher's stone.
Full Metal alchemist : Leguacy - Prelude. -
( Xing.. 110 years ago..)

- Atomsk Rinwell Age : 3 years. -
- Raina Rinwell : Age 6 months -

We find a young boy,
racing from a large city.. in the dead of night..

A Bright light..
shining from the middle of the large metropolis,
almost stumbling trying to keep pace..
trying to run away, from the ever consuming light.

The boy cradel's his infant sister, in his arms..
crying, while trying to outrun the consuming light.

he finally reaches a large hill, now turning to look back.
the light growing brighter, and ever closer to them.

they simply,
cannot escape the overwhelming lightforce...
The light soon engulfs him, and his infant sister..

The walls of the city begin to tower over,
then crumble to the ground around the lighted dome..

The city, it's self.. the now submerged, in sand....

Then, nothing.. only darkness remain....
the gate stand before, the boy and the infant girl..
arm's streched out, overwhelming the children..

As the gate dissapear slowly,
into the now risen catacomb...
The only sound's are, of the door closing..
and the older child screaming, into the darkness..

FMA OST 2 : - Remnants. -
( Location : Within the gate. )

Atomsk begin's to explain, his situation..
whille being enclosed, within the gate.

Atomsk : " In the beginning.. it was like falling through water, then fire..
..then water, again.

a continuous congestion, of fragmented feelings..
from the entites, who were once concidered, ..human..

I was scarred, trembeling for my life as i held my baby sister in my arms..
not knowing when the dark nightmar-ish feeling's would ever, go away..

the feeling of eyes, all around me..
..peering, into my very soul..

I cried, for what seemed, an eternity..

Feeling the loneless, inside the gate of alchemy..
the entities inside, crying. ..urning, for freedom..

I soon fell into a deep sleep,
still holding my infant sister..

Untill, I began hearing.. movement, infront of me.. "
FMA OST 3 : - PITY. -
( xerxes... 100 years later )

Some soldiers,
digging through the rubble of the now destroyed city..
find Two small children of Ishbalan decent,

Noone truly know's how they got there..
Soldier one : " hey, we found someone..!!!"

Basque : " ..Impossible.. it's probably, just a body.."

basque walk's calmly forward,
pacing toword the rubble and debrie.

The soldiers soon step aside,
revieling two small children..
Basque : - impossible..!!!
how can this happon..?!
nooone, was supposed to of.. -look's in shock. -
survived, that inncodent.. -

The military soldiers, that were investigating the inncodent.. Found the children..
..exactly one hundred years, to the date..

They have found noone else,
who has survived that horrible inncodent..

Basque : " Truly.. a miracle..
these children, survived.."
Basque and the rest of the soldiers, stare on in shock..

as the children emmerge,
out of the rubbel hole they we're incased in.

FMA OST 1 : - Equivalent exchange. -

Atomsk Rinwell : " ..human kind,
can not gain anything..
without first, loosing something in return..
To obtain, somthing of equal value must be lost.

..We'd like to think that, that..
is our first law of.. equivalent, exchange..

But, somethings are ment to change..

for years we prayed for redemption,
Struggling to find, some peace of mind.. "

Raina : "This is our story, our origin..
on how we became.. Alchemists.
And how we found, the elric brothers.. "
Full Metal alchemist : Leguacy - Origin, of the Rinwells -
Opening Song : ****Chu - Bura****
- 12th opening -
for the one's who own this track. -

Original Creator : Hiromu Arakawa.
Story By : Jason davis.
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( Location : Xerxes )
100 years after, the xerxes inncodent.
..20 years, to preasent date..
FMA OST 2 : - Sign's of spring. -

Atomsk, the oldest of the two..
tries to plead with some of the other officer's
to assist him, and his infant sister..

holding her in his arm's, he begin's to cry out..
Pleading with some of the soldiers, who walk by..
Atomsk :" Won't someone, please.... help us..? "

now on his knees, still cradle's his sibling in his arms..
He tries to calm the baby, as best he can..
both, starving from hunger..
Atomsk still manages, to shush her to sleep..
she crying softly, from starvation..
like his mother before him..
Basque : - Hes'..only three..?!
and already, thinking like an adult..!!
It almost... reminds me of, myself. -

Grand, flashes back a bit to his own childhood..
and how his father treated him, kindly..
but basques desire for power..
overwhelmed, his passionate heart..

Still.. he cannot help,
but be moved by Atomsk's courage..

the boy finally sushes the infant to sleep,
trying to calm himself down as well..
there the boy sit, humming a familier tune to her..

as he sing's she fall's alseep, silently..
in atomsk's arms..
he then slowly kisses her brow,
as she nestle's in.. to sleep.

Basque suddenly places his hand,
on the boy's shoulder.
Speaking calmly as he look's on, with saddness.
Basque Grand : "this burden.. Is, a very harsh one..
and I too, know what it's like.. ..Struggling, to survive.."

Atomsk could only look up to the man,
as Basque offer a hand, to the boy..

atomsk resist's for a moment,
then think's about his sister's well being.

..Then, finally..
Atomsk, takes ahold of basque's hand.

FMA OST 3 : - Reminiscence. -

Atomsk : " And so..
we were taken in, by the cold-hearted general..
Basque, Issac grand..
otherwise known as, the blood iron alchemist.
This might of been, the only humain act..
my adopted father, had ever done.

For years.. he raised us, as his own..

Tira his wife, became our adopted mother..
and tried her best, with us raising us.. as her own..
We, loved her so..

But, we were too free hearted..
and almost living, a normal life..
that was untill, our sereget mother. ..passed on.
FMA OST 2 : - Life and death. -
( Location - Lebis : Drachma. ) - City, of twillight. -
10 year's later..
- Atomsk : age 13 -
- Raina : age 10 -
Atomsk stand in the master bedroom,
of the mansion in lebis..
now arguing with a servant, of their family..
Atomsk : "No!! "
atomsk scream's toword one of the servants,
now trying to calm him down..
charles for the last several years,
had been retaining to the children's need's..

Servant - Charles : " sir please.. she's ..gone.."

Atomsk spit's back, out of anger toword him.
Atomsk : " NOOO!!! "

S.Charles : " Master atomsk.. please stop this..!?"


Atomsk gives a complete expression, on his face..
of shock, fear, and denial, all at once.

Atomsk : " ..she can't, be dead.. " - tears. -

charles : " atomsk..
you're father will be return home, in the morning.. "
Atomsk : " I don't care about him..!!!"

Atomsk soon look's down in shame, continuing to speak to the servant.
Atomsk : " ..please, leave me.."

the servant, could only lower his head before leaving.
Charles : " as you wish, sir.. "

Raina peek's her head back, from around the corner.

and huddles her body, aginst the wall..
as the servant turn the corner,
and walk silently down the hall..
atomsk stand there, with a look of silent depression..
looking toword the floor,
infront of there sereget mother's body..

Raina now realizing what has happoned,
rushes to her room.. crying the entire time.

Tira grand, queen of lebis.. has died..

Later that night..

Atomsk pledged his life to bring tira back..
out of love for a mother, once lost before..
He wished riana would never again,
suffer the same fate..
He tried to escape, so many years ago.

Atomsk began using the forbiddon alchemy,
to ressurect there seraget mother..
but instead, he created bliss.. the ninth, homunculus.
Raina cried her self to sleep,
on the large bed in her room..
she soon awaken's to hear strange sounds,
comming from down the hallway.
raising up and rubbing an eye,
she follows the sounds quietly..
watching and listening,
as she crept down the hallway...

Riana watches as the light..
begins to grow brighter,
from inside of her brother's room..
she creeps along the hallway floor, slowly..

She soon hear's the chanting,
comming from inside.. realizing it was him, speaking..
but what he was speaking,
she couldn't understand..
FMA OST movie : - Vanishing existiance.. -

There was a flash of light, for a breif instiance..
she holding her arm up to block the bright light beaming in here eyes..

Raina soon removes her arm,
and looks up at the monsterous gate infront of her..

It slowly open's, and hands begin to reach out for her..
thinking it was a game,
she innocently followed there voices..

The entities of the gate, calling out to her...

Atomsk : - chanting.. -
Atomsk soon turn's his head,
and notices her walking tword the circle..
atomsk : " r..raina.?"

As he reaches out to stop her,
from wondering any further..
Atomsk : " Raina.!! Stop, what are you..?"
One of atomsk's hand's dissapear,
he immediatly notices it missing..
and out of shock, begins to scream..
Atomsk : " AAAAAUUUUHHHH!!!! "
FMA OST movie : - Unseasing lunacy. -

Raina's eyes begin to dissapear..
she soon scream's in horror..
as her eyes are ripped, from her face..

Atomsk looking on helplessly as his other hand,
now vanishes before his eyes..

he then shreiks in horror..
riana, falling to her she cries out..
Raina : "MY EYES !!.. GOD'S WHY,MY EYES...!?"

now blinded by the gate, the circle activates..
and as the gate vanish,
a large imaplement of smoke is left..
surrounding, the transmutation circle..

Behind it..
there was only silence, for the next moments...
then, movement..
as atomsk looks on with a spark of hope, in his eye..
he asks himnself..
Atomsk : " god's please.. let this, of worked.. "

he begins to smile..
then looking onto the horror he had created,
as soon as the smoke cleared..
reviel's a monsterous breathing, clump of a creation..
the runny looking face, stairing back to him...

Atomsk shreik's horribly, into the night...
Atomsk : "RRrrraaaaaghhh!!!.."
- And thus, their burden.. became one. -
FMA OST Movie : - Dietlinde Eckart. -

Basque, soon rushes inside..
he arriving early, for the morning funeral.

Grand swing's open the door,
finding them both horribly incompasitated..

Loosing both his hands, and some of his flesh..
Atomsk then screamed ,in a bloodshreaking..
currdling, shreik.
knowing the pain setting in, was his own doing..
atomsk reaches out toword grand, in a plea of regret..

Atomsk : "Fa, ther.. ..Please..?"

Atomsk soon passes out, reaching his limb out...
toword's basque..
Basque issac, looking back in horror..

Riana lay there uncontious..
no eyes, and nearly bleeding to death..

she soon scream's again, from the pain..

bleeding from her eye sockets,
as as she is horrifiyed by the inncodent....

she tries to hold the blood in,
but cannot hold the pressure...

Basque now looking onto both, just as helplessly..
fall's to his knees.
Basque : " You.. used, forbiddon alchemy..!?"
- ..Why..? -

Ever since, that fatefull night..

Basque has blamed atomsk,
for the god's taking Raina's sight..
forever cursing him, for doing such a thing
Basque simply wanted nothing,
to do with the young man..
And atomsk, soon left the countryside..
whille raina, stayed behind..
for a year..
atomsk trained himself, in the ways of alchemy..

soon becomming known as : the sonic wave alchemist.
( Drachma : Lebis. -city of twilight - )
FMA OST 2 : - Commandment. -

The siblings for another 8 years..
reside in Drachma, Lebis..
both training, as they grew up..

Atomsk learning toplay his acustic guitar,
whille learning in secret, everything possible..
..about alchemy...

comming to raina's side..
every now and again, when she needed guidence..

After time,
riana learned how to controll her abilities..
senceing things, and people around her..
able to controll a new sight, of the sixth kind..

she is able to feel the presence of people,
and opponent's around her..

she being able to pinpoint, exactly where they are..
using soundwaves like a bat,
she was able to see using the sound's around her.

Riana soon, trained herself in martial arts..
Grand knew at first sight.. riana, even though blind..

Would make, the perfect assassin..

One day, finally came.
when she would prove, her worth..
( Location : Creata - Land, of the shogun. - )

Raina drop's the dagger,
before striking to her opponent..

Raina : " NO! ..I will not kill, my best friend..!"

Her opponent lay still, awaiting the blade..
Shogun - Shun :
" You must, to complete you're training.!"

Raina look to the old man, with tears..
her feelings getting in the way, of her task..

her opponent grip's the dagger,
and they begin to struggle..
soon the struggling stops,
when she pierces her opponent's stomach..

the masked opponent looking back, in shock..
she doing the same..

the masked opponent struggles for a moment,
then soon passes away.

shogun shun : " you have done, well.. Raina grand.. "

Raina : " I.. decline, the offer.. of 1st command..
after taking his life, you bastard..!!
I cannot proceed, ..with you're plan,
of countermesure's toword's the military..
It's unhumaine.!!"

she scream's as she cries, for her dead friend..
everyone standing around her, slowly back away.

Shun : " very well.. gather you're things then..
and leave, as soon as you can..
I do not need someone here,
that would allow themselves..
to show emotions, douring battle"
FMA OST 2 : - Lonely -

Raina :" I declined the title, of head commander..
and forfited, under premature surcumstances..

I soon fled the country,
Searching for a way, I could atone for my sin...
soon finding my way back home,
to my brother's open arms...

Atomsk : " we soon, began our journey..
to search for the legendary relic,
The philosiper's stone.
but douring our travels..
we stumbled upon the legendary elric's notes,
they left behind.. before there demise..
FMA OST 3 : - Dancing -

Atomsk : " we researched and scrambled, for years..
trying to find, the remaining alchemy documents..

Through dr. marcho's, cook book..
we stumbled upon a shocking discovery,
someone had already tried to conduct,
and recreate the notes..

we already knew of cheska's involvement..
knowing she was the only one,
who could recreate the notes..
we asked her about others, who knew of this..
she told us.. "

Sheska : " King bradly, would be the only likely canidate."

he being dead and pressumed, before the rebellion.

Atomsk : " we decided to take a look over, what had happoned.. "

( A year later.. Lesuriea : Militent compound. )

Raina : " we finally stumbled upon, some hardcore evidence..
leading to the Impersonator,
of the deseased king bradley.

Atomsk : " so.. bradley's a homunculi.. this is bad."
they peer into a room,
as several high ranking officer's gather around.

they discuss about events, and make plans..
leading through, the elric's leguacy.
- For Refferance, look through - Saga 3 -

Soon after finding out..
we found pride, chasing after the two brothers..
only discovering about, sin and bliss..

bliss attack's us, without our knoweldge..
we unknowingly at the time,
didn't understand who exactly, bliss was..

At that moment we found that..
..our troubles, were just beginning.

- Images of tira, comming into atomsk's mind -
Atomsk : - it.. can't be..?
she look's exactly, like.. her..? -
( A year later.. Lesuriea : Central command )

Raina : " soon after,
the destruction of the orborus seal..
and the ressurection of the philosipher's stone..
we searched throughout the land's..
trying to find some inkling, to atone for our sin.

But that was when we, discovered..
Pride, was still alive..
somehow the now skullion figure,
had managed to prolong his life..
after being burned nearly, to ashes.. "

- Images of the fight :
between the flame alchemist,
and the homunculi pride. -

Atomsk :
" Roy mustang..
who sought a way to destroy, the vial homunculi..
only managed, to scathe the being..

using his graphite ignition glove..
the only obligation, on pride's end..

was the simple fact....
roy didn't seal the homunculi, inside of a binding circle.
thus the creature still lives..
and still plot's with in his mind.
..mass destruction.. "

Raina : " ever since..
we sought a way to bring, the vial creature down..
using, any mean's necessary..
FMA OST 2 : - Resentment. -

( Preasent Day : Amestris..)
**3 years after, the conqorur of shamballa.**

Atomsk stand along a vast valley,
leading toword's lesuriea..
Raina his sister, stand aside him..
knowing there destiny, lay before them..

To search out and destroy the new threat,
before the world is torn apart..

Atomsk sigh's before, looking to raina..
Atomsk : " ..we lost the battle, sister.."

Raina looks forward, with a band covering her eyes.
Raina : " yes.. but not, the war.. "

Atomsk fold's his arm's inward,
and looks ahead before speaking..
Atomsk : " then it's setteled..
We'll search out pride, sin, and bliss..
and destroy them, together.."

Raina look's to him, then speak's..
raina : " don't ever feel, like this burden..
is you're alone, to bear..
remember that i'm here, too.. brother.. "

Atomsk sighs once more, showing a bit of depression..
Atomsk : " the first place we should investigate,
would be the library back in central..
everything on the philosipher's stone,
has been moved and consealed there.."

Raina look's back, in suprise.
Raina : " the fuher.. would let us look over, the documents.?
but.. we're not certified.. ? "

atomsk soon pull's out two cirtified documents,
served by a colonel louis armstrong.. earlier, that day..

Atomsk smiles,
before explaining to raina about the documents..
Atomsk : " correction..
we are now.. we just gotta pick, a last name.
we've been approved, after my cirtification exam..
they took a look onto you're records..
and were impressed by you're skill,
and knoweldge..
we're gonna get you're sight back,
that's all that matter's.."

Raina look's down and away a bit, before speaking..
her tone slightly cracked..
Raina : " I dont care, if i can't see.. anymore..
Least i can sence, you when you're near.. brother.."

Atomsk let's a solom tear drop, before he speak..
his tone rather cracked, as well..

Atomsk : " let's go. we've got alot of ground, to cover..
before this, is all over.."
- Raina : 18 years old. -
Raina look's forward, before standing up to walk..
Raina : " a quest to bring justice back,
to the land's of amestris..?
sound's like more, then just a journey.."

- Atomsk : 21 years old. -
Atomsk smiles, before following raina.
Atomsk :" well then.. it's our adventure, Raina.."
FMA OST movie : - Requiem. -

Atomsk begin's to ponder a last name, for themselves..
and speak's when thinking of the first name,
poping into his head..

Atomsk : " so.. whatcha think of, reswald.?"

Raina shakes her head,
knowing the first choice isn't necessarly the best.
Raina : " naw.. too common.. how, about..

Atomsk ponder's a second choice..
it sounding better, then the first.
Atomsk : " naw.. hey, i got it ! about, rinwell.?
it's catchy, and it doesn't leave a sour aftertaste."
- grins -

Raina smiles whille looking forward,
speaking to atomsk as they walk the long trail.
Raina : " that sound's perfect.
and it's not too dry at all, brother. "

Atomsk agrees..
Atomsk : " then that's setteled.. from now on..
we're atomsk, and raina.. The Rinwell Siblings."

raina caringly grab's onto one,
of her older brother's arms..
peacefully walking along side him..
they now slowly travel, toword lesuriea.

Searhing for a way to destroy,
the newly erected homunculus that terrorize the land..

( Location : Creata - unknown cavern. - )

Pride look on with bliss, walking aside of him..
as sin walk forward of the two,
with a giant deviant grin on her face..
they pacing toword a dark, errie cavern..
then slowly desend, to a bottom base area..

As pride slowly light's the torches,
surrounding the walls..
Pride begin' s to speak, out of frustration.
as he slowly light's each torch.
the skullion figure, begin's explaining his defeat.

Pride : " ever since my encounter, with mustang..
I've had this feeling of his eyes, upon my neck..
Ever since, the explosion..
my flesh, and body, have been trying.. to rejuvinate.."

Sin sneer's toword pride, as he speak.
the cloaked figure, pacing around the area..
reading the inscription's along the wall.

Sin then speak's in question,
looking to the cloaked homunculi.
Sin : " so what are you're plan's now, bradley ? "

Pride continues to read, carefully..
Pride : " my plan is simply, revenge on that fool.."

Sin smierks then speak's..
sin : " you will need, alot of help..
especially now that the kingdom's searching,
for new potentials.."

Pride : " you only think that,
simply because you are blind to the greed of man.
you who once were the same, being.."

sin look's away in disgust.
Sin : " heh, don't flatter you're self..
I'm nothing like envy, at all..
I'm smarter, faster, stronger then he, would ever be.!
besides.. he let the thought of destroying hoenheim,
get in the way. blind fool, he desurved what he got.."

Pride : " enough, we've arrived at the chamber.."

Sin slowly takes the torch from pride's hand,
and she lift's it up high over her head..
to illuminate, the surrounding area.

Pride : " ahh.. he's here, just beyond these doors.."

Sin looks back with suprise, as pride speak..
sin : " what are you talking about..?"

Pride awnser's sin's question, in a calm tone.
Pride : " A being, that was sealed long ago..
is within these chambers..
he maybe of use to us, later.."

Sin grunt's then soon step's back,
speaking whille looking to pride.
sin : " then, have bliss go..
I'm not stepping foot inside, of a burial chamber.."

Pride simply awnser's back.
Pride : " have it you're way, sin.."

Then look's to bliss and without question,
speak's her name.
Pride : ..bliss..?"
FMA OST : - The incomplete, alchemic circle. -

And thus bliss soon follow..
she staying silent, the entire time.

both soon enter a large chamber,
as sin stand guard outside..
Pride looking forward walking,
whille bliss carefully wonder..
she, gazing upon the vastness of the structure.
As pride advance..
the torches begin to light, themselves..
lighting a path..
to the large monsterous looking creature..
pride slowly paces to the being.. and gazes upon it..
the stone statue, sit with a never enging glare.. of fury..

it's mouth open wide,
it holding inside a small scroll.
pride then begin to tug at it.. untill it releases..

Suddenly the area begin to quake..
Bliss looks around, untill the rumbling's subside.
Pride glare on as the figure begin stringing to life..
then kneels before him..

Pride holding the scroll, in the palm of his hand.
Pride : " you will do, as I command.. is that clear..?"
The large monster gases onto pride,
as his red eye's glow back.. silently..
the monster replies, with a dark tone..
Chaos : " I chaos,
shall obey the one.. who hold's the scroll.."

Pride silently places, the scroll into a pocket..
Located inside of his, cloak.
Pride then speaks
Pride : "Good.. now follow me.."

silently, bliss follow pride.. as does, the creature..

soon leaving out, of the chasem.
Bliss : " what are youre plans pride ?"

Pride : " first..
we find someone, who's mind, body, and soul..
are still strongly bound, to the gate..

you and sin, work of the specs of the bomb I've designed.
He, he, ha, ha, ha !
those pethedic human's thought they could dispose, of me so easily..
I will consume the gate, and free our commrads..
Ushering in a new era.. ..An era, for homunculus.. "

As pride, bliss and chaos begin to leave the area..
the toches begin to go out.. one by one.
As pride.. laugh's miniacly, into the darkness..
- Fin, of the prelude.. To be continued. -
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Act : 01 - Lost reward -
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