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The Mad Bomber
This idea just came to me, and thought whether an original rp idea would work biggrin.gif yeah I know the chosen thing is kinda used, but I didn`t come up with anything better. If you have any questions, shoot and confirm anything you want about the rp.


In a dystopia created by the third world war, town and cities have become disconnected from each others and nations have fractured into several pieces. Only few true nations remain and are able to maintain power over large areas, but still struggle with the aftermath of the devastation. The war was fought between the west and the east briefly after the second world war, but the ending was catastrophic for the whole world. The americas fell into a years of civil wars and their economies collapsed as everything was ruined, there is hardly any connection across the Atlantic ocean to Europe.

Russia stands a desolate wasteland as a consequence of American nuclear attacks as they had been the first to deploy the bomb despite the soviets own project to develop a nuclear weapon. Asia and Africa have finally broken free of colonial empires, there countries develop and go to war occasionally, seemingly the region being far more stable than any other.

Europe has begun a phase of rebuilding after the soviets swarmed over the eastern parts of it until they were stopped in the middle of Germany by the nuclear attacks to the motherland and the combined forces of the western powers. Now in the year 1980, the world is a place of chaos and self interest. Technology is still at the same level as it had been during world war 2 on most areas yet mankind has made incredible advances in bionics and gene manipulation technologies. With these advances the nature of human life has been changed forever as mankind are not as they used to be.

An organization, referred to as the mutant cult by many ordinary humans and that couldn`t be further away from the truth, has begun to spread it`s influence over Europe and concentrates it`s activities in Britain. London`s dark streets have become a major scene for `non-human` incursions and events, the cult`s agents move in the shadows always recruiting new members and ever vigilant, searching for something under the watchful eye of their enigmatic leader only known as `Ec`. Those that are `recruited` have been many times taken against their will and despite this the rest of the community regards them as freaks, who are to arrested on sight, which is the main reason many decide to adapt to their new lives in the cult. Only a few groups have ever rose to fight these `gene power` wielding humans such as a religious group known as The Crusade and bionics users known as The Fist, all tough relations between fist and the chosen have been rather mellow and passive as they see their causes related.

One night a group of people find themselves suddenly waking up, thinking still, that they are in their own beds or somewhere else, they are in for a shock as they are tied down to chairs side by side. At first all they see are blurry figures as their senses seems to have dulled, then there is a sound as something moves and a light is lit. For a moment the light envelops them and blocks their vision making them blink, but after a while their senses sharpen and they see a young man in a white lab coat sitting on a box across them in an abandoned medical room.

The young man smirks at them with a cigarette in his hand and tells them, that no one can hear their screaming and all will be explained due time. He also adds, that the CYL should be soon kicking in and before any of them manage to ask what CYL means, a mind ripping pain strikes them making them struggle in their bonds whilst the young man calmly watches the events unfold.

Then they fall into the darkness again and when they wake up they find themselves lying in the medical ward of an abandoned hospital, untied and with a mind throbbing pain in their heads. Then after a moment of looking around themselves they notice the young man sitting at the end of the room, snoring. Luckily for him, the abducted have no clue of what has happened to them, yet.


In short your characters have been abducted by my character and they have just woken up at the abandoned medical ward, they can immediately demand to know what happened and wake up my character or exhange words with each others. Either way my character will wake up and the events will start to unfold. More in the profile section... In that section everyone can name a power, that their characters will come to possess, but here is the requirement for the power. It has to do something with manipulating one`s own body, growing new body parts like extra hands etc can be an ability, instead of fire control there can one that can set his/her skin of fire and that way use that power, perhaps grow wings or use their own bones as weapons.

In this it`s known as gene power or manipulation, all tough some characters refer to it as a gift or a curse. Gene powers are manipulation, alteration and other kinds of use of a persons own genes and cells in order to use their own bodies as weapons. This wouldn`t normally work, but the chosen who have been infected with CYL(to be explained in the rp) or their genes have `awakened`(which is nothing far from a miracle), will have gained a certain amount of newly regenerating cells, that can take a certain shape and purpose according to each chosens unique genes. This also ensures the chosen a longer life span and somewhat enhanced endurance, but nothing more unless their powers boost any particular thing such as speed.


Name: Emmerich D'Angerville
Alias/Nickname: `Heartbeat` or simply in short `Heart`
Age: Apparently around 24
Occupation: a medic in the Chosen
Hair: Long dark brown hair that reach his shoulders in the back and sides of his head, but in front they only cover his eyes, that are usually covered by them.
Eyes: Supposedly dark green with a hint of gray, mainly because not too many have actually seen his eyes past his hair despite he ensures they don`t block his own vision.
Personality: Laid back, calm and controlling in most situations yet has a temper when struck in the right nerve or when debating against superiors.
Virtues: Calm, collected, clever and somewhat passionate about his work.
Vices: Neglecting something he doesn`t like or appreciate, arrogant when questioned and over confident.
Gene manipulation/power: Cell implanting, Heart has the ability to implant his own dead skin cells to another persons body and use them to attack the person from within, they work like a poison yet the effects can be altered as Heart wishes. His favorite method of attack is to cause the target a heart attack, which has gained him his moniker and his profession only adds to that name in an ironic way.

Weapons/equipment: A set of surgical knives, med pack, an array of vaccines and toxins, that he can implant into other humans or himself.
Clothing: Heart wears a white lab coat over a green shirt and a brown vest, he wears brown pants with a chain hanging from the other pocket and connecting to his belt and he has a pair of black leather shoes in his feet. He usually keeps the the lab coat open and hardly ever takes the other end of the chain out of his pocket as it is connected to a pocket watch.

Family: Not known, presumably dead
History: Heart mainly keeps to himself about his past, but reveals as much that he was born and raised in France, afterwards he had served as a medic in the military, but had become a deserter later on an escaping to London where he had found his fate with `Ec`. Whether one would want to know more they would have to ask around carefully from other chosen because Heart himself wouldn`t reveal anything.
Theme song: KoRn - Hold On


So the question remains, will the newcomers embrace the Chosen and do the bidding of Ec? or will they seek another path despite knowing the rest of the world would hate them for what they are?
I am in!! But can you please put more examples for powers?? Well I am not posting my character profile yet!!! (Currently whit writerblock sleep.gif)
The Mad Bomber
Ah cool, umm... sure I`ll put in a list of sorts...

Example Power list(you can come up with your own):

Body temperature control (set themselves on flames, thus able to use fire as a weapon. this all fictional so play along)

Growing extra limbs

Growing various inhuman body parts (wings etc)

Modifying body parts (being able to grow predatory claws, teeth. Ability to modify bones and use them as weapons, being able to extend one`s body parts etc)

Shapeshifter (this will however be mainly limited to face and copying people instead of freely turning into whatever they want)

Superhuman strength (creating new muscles with the modifiable cells)

Skin cell hardening (being able to turn their skins into an armor and thus making them also quite capable hand to hand fighters due to hardness of their body.)

More to come
Name: Victoria Ackleir
Age: 20
Personality: Kind, friendly, charming, clever but her "dark" side is more like: sarcastic, shortempered, tricky and aggresive. She is mature but somethimes can be really childish.
Strong Points: Clever, tricky, charming.
Faults: Aggresive, sarcastic, she rarely follows orders, childish.
Power: Body Temperature Control (Set herself on blue flames)
That is her whit dark blue eyes

Is that ok??
The Mad Bomber
Fine by me, but for now lets see whether more people would be willing to join and then IŽll see whether I`ll start the rp tomorrow.
The Mad Bomber
(IŽll start the rp now, but ppl can still join if they are interested)

Name: Christopher Reeve
Alias/Nickname: None
Age: 21
Occupation: Gangster
Hair: Short black hair with the hair at front dyed blue
Eyes: Dark brown with a hint of orange about them.
Personality: Straightforward, rash and unshakable
Virtues: Will to act, fearless and knowledge of the streets.
Vices: Rash, unprepared at most times.
Gene manipulation/power: Shapeshifter/Imitator (mainly limited to face and copying people instead of freely turning into whatever he wants)

Weapons/equipment: Christoper carries a pair of Webley-Fosbery automatic revolvers, that he acquired whilst stealing goods from an army depot on a job. Occasionally he hides a stiletto in his left sleeve.
Clothing: A black and ragged suit without a tie, he has a white shirt underneath the jacket, he wears a pair of brown shoes and a dark brown belt.
Family: Orphan, considers all those who he has come to work with on a long term as `friends` yet only those he finds trustworthy

Christopher was abandoned to the streets at a very young age after the death of his parents. For a couple of years he managed to survive by begging for food and when he could, stealing it. Naturally he became involved with gangs and the criminal underworld of London, as he grew up he would become the leader of a small gang operating for a larger organization. As life finally seemed to make some sense and stabilize, Christoper finds himself knocked out and then waking up with a throbbing pain in his head.


Where the hell was he? All he could remember before the blackouts was a mind throbbing pain and the creep smirking at them. Slowly, but decisively Christoper forced his eyes open and realized he staring at a roof. Following this he felt the rest of his body awaken from what seemed like a long slumber, his fingers began to tap against something metallic and search for support as the rest of his body got up. Finally sitting on a hospital bed whilst holding his head as the vision remained blurry, he gazed around at the crumbling room around them and realized he was not alone.

There was someone else, at least in a bed opposite his and then there was the creep, snoring on a chair at the far end of the room. In anger Christopher looked for his guns, but couldn`t find them nor the stiletto hidden in his left sleeve. He quietly gazed around again before taking a few wobbling steps out of the bed, his mind was cloudy and his memory poked full of holes. He couldn`t tell where the whole mess had started nor where it would end, all he knew, that the bastard had done something to him and the others around him.

However as the man might be dangerous Christopher wanted to see whether he could get some help from the others, he quietly gazed around hoping for others to wake up.


admits the long dark hair an eye blinked open and stared at the man, who had risen up, but the body did not react and the `snoring continued.
Victoria groaned she felt a throbbing pain in her head, she blinked furiolsy. What the hell happened?? She tried to remember. She was going to her house and then....Then what happened?? She then rememberd, a abandoned hospital room, and a man in a doctor's coat and a horrible pain. She tried to get up but failed. She cursed *What the hell is going on??* She thought as she closed her eyes *Perhaps I am just dreaming* She thought hopefully.
The Mad Bomber
Christopher uttered a few curses as he noticed someone else waking and kicked the end of their bed in order to get their attention. He gazed at the man snoring in the far end of the room and then at the girl, whose bed he had kicked.

"Any clue where we are? Or who the hell that guy is?"

He asked whilst holding his own head with his left hand and leaning against the end of the bed with his right hand, staring at the girl. He guessed he wasn`t really giving a good impression of himself in this situation, but it couldn`t be helped, all he wanted to do was to fill the doctor with lead. Yet it seemed that his gun had been taken and he was armless, sneaking up on the man had seemed like an option just a while ago, but now a sound caught his attention and he realized, that it would be impossible now.

Emmerich had just pretended to wake up all tough his yawn was genuine and he rubbed the back of his head with a bothered face, it was always an unpleasant task telling newcomers what had just happened yet they would adjust, he had, everyone did. He quietly clapped his shoes against the floor making a distinct sound, catching the attention of those whom were awake and began to slowly walk down the row of hospital beds before arriving to the two waking up.

"Good morning, hope ya kids slept tight?" He suddenly inquired with a cheerful tone, but it was somewhat impossible to read his mood or thoughts as his eyes were covered by his thick dark hair.

"Tch..." Christopher let out a sound between his teeth and changed his grip on the end of the bed, turning to face Emmerich with a grin on his face. He didn`t know, who this guy was, but his acting and appearance alone were worrying enough not to mention the situation they were in.

"Who the hell are you? And mo.. more importantly what is the deal with all this pain? What did you do?"

Christopher demanded as he tried hard to stay on his feet and luckily began to find the strength to do so, but the reaction of Emmerich was enough to throw him off his feet. Emmerich reached into his jacket pocket and drew a syringe, pushing the blue liquid inside to moisture the tip of the needle. The expression on his face had changed into a smirk, but in this way he came across creepier than ever and the syringe wasn`t helping things. Not to mention the words, that came pouring out of Emmerich`s mouth were enough to confuse Christopher even more.

"My name is Emmerich D`Angerville, your personal doctor from now on... you see I am a very frank and blunt person, that is why I captured you and injected you with this little thing. This is the Nirvana vaccine, you may have heard about it in some rumors, that are passed around on the streets. Personally I like to call it CYL as in Change Your Life because that`s what this little bugger really does to people, it changes them and opens their eyes to a new world..."

Emmerich introduced himself bluntly and as well as named the vaccine now coursing in their bodies, that would in a short while become a permanent part of their bodies once it had settled in and created enough cells. Emmerich put the syringe away and took out a surgical knife into his hand before spinning it nervously in his fingers.

"Currently you might be experiencing minor throbbing in the head, an annoying side effect before CYL settles in and activates your slumbering Nirvana genes, a gene particularly rare amongst humans, that allows them to take another step in their evolution as it were. As the vaccine settles in it creates a number of new cells, that allow the use of... inhuman powers...

Am I making myself clear? I am one of the chosen, a group that is commonly referred to as a cult with terrorist connections on the streets and in news.... and you my little friends are the newest members of our happy little family."

Emmerich said with a steady and cold tone as he pointed the knife at both of them before stabbing the knife into his own left palm, it sank enough to make a nasty cut and blood began to pour out. Christopher could only listen and watched in utter confusion, but in slight awe as Emmerich acted. Also suddenly the palm, that had been stabbed began to slowly stop bleeding and seemingly heal itself. It didn`t seem to be fast, but it was still incredible speed for a human body to recover so quickly. Emmerich could not, but help keep smirking at them.

"A little side effect, that the drug grants once it sets in yet there of course more.... well if your interested you can follow and if not well... IŽll see you in about a week because in a week you`ll have either been imprisoned or got hunted, I promise you that. Society looks down on and doesn`t tolerate abnormalities such as ourselves, but should you come with me I can make sure, that whatever manifests itself it won`t go rampant."

Emmerich said with a smile whilst offering his left hand, no longer bleeding hand to Victoria for help to get out of the bed. Christopher on the other hand had sat down on an empty bed, simply stunned at what had happened to him. It was in the news and everyone knew, that abnormalities would be hunted down like those of this `cult` and the one`s known as The Fist, a group of bionics. He breathed heavily as his head started to clear and cursed whilst staring at his own hands, wondering what kind of a power would manifest itself.

There was no going back to his gang like that, they had specific orders to shoot down any inhuman elements as the mafia didn`t tolerate them at all as they were bad for business. He had been an outcast before, but at least that life had stability and thus it took a while for Christopher to digest the idea of being infected with CYL. Christopher made a quiet, noticeable and accepting nod towards Emmerich as he sat on the bed. This did not go unnoticed by Emmerich, who turned to stare at Victoria.

"It seems that our friend Christopher has accepted the future, will you Victoria?"

Emmerich said, revealing yet another disturbing aspect as he knew their names.
Victoria eyes widened whit Emmerich explanation, she felt her blood froze into her veins. The fact that Emmerich knew her name didnt help either. She took a deap breath and looked at Emmerich, she closed her eyes thigtly, trying to calm the storm in her head *What will happen to me??* She thought as she bit her lip. Deep inside she had alredy take a decision but she was still unsure. She opened her eyes, clinched her fists and nooded. But still gave Emmerich a suspicious glare "Now do you mind to tell us, what will exactly happen to us??" She asked
The Mad Bomber
"Medically speaking your headache will end, as it is a side effect, the vaccine will blend into your bodies creating new cells, that no normal human supposedly possesses. These cells in fact will make you inhuman, but your appearance will remain, on the outside you will be the same. However in time certain abilities will surface in different situations, one such as more paid healing as you just witnessed. If you are of course speaking about what you will have to do then it`s pretty simple, follow me and adjust to the new life about to thrown upon you. All of society might hate you, but there is another society amongst them, that will look to you and never abandon you as long as you remain loyal to it.

I will take you to our headquarters to meet the big man himself, it`s customary that he meets all the new members, afterwards IŽll show the ropes and make sure you won`t become a danger to anyone or in other words accidentally go berserk with your newly born powers. I can`t also say how or when they manifest, but there`s no need to freak out, here let me demonstrate..."

Emmerich said with a quirky attitude, suddenly stabbing with his right hand index and middle fingers at Victoria`s shoulder. Despite the aggressiveness of the move Christopher simply sat by and watched as Emmerich`s fingers had seemingly entered the shoulder, but when he pulled his hand back there was no mark. However suddenly Victoria would come to realize that she couldn`t move her left shoulder nor the arm below it as Emmerich had implanted his cells into her nervous system blocking all signals from the brain.

"As you may notice your left arm is numb, unusable, yet fret not your arm will be soon yours again. It`s temporary paralysis as your body`s immune system will take care of the invaders thus no long term damage has been done. I simply implanted some of my own Nirvana or extra cells into your body in order to control it, that is my ability as it were, a little useful gift in my line of work.

Now can you stand, I`d like to get moving."

He inquired from the both of them, still offering Victoria his left hand for help. Christopher shrugged at the whole thought of running away as he had planned a moment ago, but now he was too freaked and at the same time bizarrely intrigued by these Chosen. Maybe it might turn out well after all, maybe this was a kind of a blessing, but he hoped he wasn`t wrong.
(I'm in.

Name: Lelouch Lamperouge

Age: 18 though is far beyond his years.

Eyes: Purple but turn red when useing his Genetic...stuff...


Muatations: Brain rewireing Via eye contact. (Absolue obideience once per person, Ablile to make people lose complete track of time for 5 seconds - seeminglly altering time, createing memories and eraseing others)

Weapons: 2 conciled Magums, throwing knives, Poison darts and dart shooter, Capsules of Nitrocide oxcide with gas mask

History: Once British royalty, when his mother was assanated by an unknown group and his father did nothing about it calling him and her weak, he was cast down and made into a political hostage, liveing in a college building by a weathly family. He seeks to find who murdered his mother and De-throne his father.

Theme song: )

Lelouch awoke with a yell of pain. His eye had a hole in it and was bleeding from a CYL injection. within a moment it healed. "Bastard....What did you do to me?" he said. unlike the others he remebered being kidnapped from his home before being knocked out.
Victoria eyes widened in horror when saw Emerich's fingers in her shoulder, she was now seriolsy freaked out, she touched her shoulder, and hold a sigh of relief when saw there was no wound. *I shouldnt have asked* She thought, she then grabbed Emerich hand, she still didnt trust him but she knew she would hardly walk by herself, her body was still a little numb and weak. When heard Lelouch wake up, she turn around and looked at him.
The Mad Bomber
(hmh, your power could be in short made into hypnosis, no?)

Emmerich seemed pleased at Victoria taking his hand and getting up without further protests, it seemed like they were almost ready to go all tough as he looked at Christopher he couldn`t swear he over the shock yet. Christopher dug up a cigarette box from the left pocket of his jacket and placed one sticking out of the box between his teeth, but it seemed like a lot of effort as his hands trembled. Christopher finally also managed to lit the darn thing as his hand were shaking, making him wonder whether it was the sudden axiety of the situation or the countless thoughts of mutation, that went around in his head.

He was already an outcast, he didn`t want to end up being a freak, not like this guy. In Emmerich`s appearance, in Christopher opinion, there was nothing freaky except the hair covering his eyes and the weird way it made his smirk look creepy as his eyes were not visible. However it was that very thing, that made him nervous, made him wonder what kind of eyes this man had or whether his face had mutated. Suddenly everyone turned towards another bed as a third one had woken up and Emmerich was once again smirking as he noticed this. He took a few bold steps towards Lelouch as he placed his surgical knife back into his jacket pocket.

"Ah you woke up too, lovely, you asked the same as these two already. It`s really bothersome to explain everything to you, but in short you have certainly head of a certain group referred to as `the cult`, which supposedly has terrorist connections. It`s all over the streets and news like a silent whisper really, but anyway...

I am Emmerich D`Angerville and have injected you with CYL, Change Your Life as I call it all tough the official term would be the Nirvana vaccine. The vaccine in itself courses trough your whole body with your blood and settles in, it recognizes the slumbering Nirvana genes you carry and activates them. Thus at the same time creating new cells, that in a way are limitless as they have a way of regenerating themselves...

In short you will in time gain some non-human abilities not to mention well... would someone like to guess my age?"

There was an awkward silence creeping in as everyone stared at Emmerich and he could feel a sweat drop fall down his face, but luckily Christopher finally managed to mutter something out between his teeth before taking another puff of the cigarette he had taken out.

"What, about twenty-something?"

"Eh... not quite, it`s actually 60, I served in the Second and Third World War"

Another silence crept in and this time it was all because of awe, not to mention shock at the fact, that the man was 60 years old and that he had witnessed both of those bloody conflicts, that stained mankind's history as the ultimate madness. Christopher chuckled slightly at the claim and got off the hospital bed he was sitting on.

"Your an old geezer! Did you dye your hair or something?" He inquired with a suspicious face.

"What? No! Unlike you, I have some integrity left." Emmerich said pointing at Christopher's front hair.

"Say that again IŽll fill you with lead" Christopher threatened, taking a step forward.

"You mean with this?"

Emmerich suddenly said and pointed a revolver at Christopher with a sadistic expression on his face, but didn`t fire, instead he grabbed another revolver as well a stiletto and threw them to the floor before Christopher, who silently stared at them with suspicion. Yet after a short moment he grabbed them and hid them away in his jacket without any expression of violence as a show of gratitude of sorts. Emmerich gazed at Lelouch with a rather bothered face now.

"So are you ready to go your highness? Your weapons are at the table at the end of the room, you can take them as we leave."

Emmerich said with a somewhat quirky, but sad face as he gazed at Lelouch.
Victoria was now looking at Emmerich in awe. *This has to be a dream* She thought. She rubbed her eyes "Wake Up Victoria" She mumbled. She took a deap breath and tried to calm herslef, but it wasnt really working.
"Change your Life? you've injected me with that?" Lelouch said sounding calmer. "Ha.I've been looking for A sample of just that...In whicth case I shouldn't be yelling at you. my sinserist apologys." Lelouch said recovering as he got up, still slightlly feeling the effects of an hole in his eye as it hadn't healed yet. you've speed up my scheidual Dramaticlly... he thought as he grabbed his weapons. "Thought don't think I'll be joining your cult for very long...espessally after kiddnapping me." He said
The Mad Bomber

Emmerich suddenly said with a relaxed attitude as his hands rested in his pockets whilst Christopher calmly walked towards the entrance, but gazed at Victoria for a moment and felt like slapping her for mumbling something as, if in disbelief. However Christopher held his own hands in his pocket in order to avoid anyone seeing them tremble a little bit, it was kind of nerve racking and he wanted to express himself violently.

"Oh well I suppose a man has a right to dream right, personally I have nothing against wanting to pursue your own goals, but I think you misunderstand us and do not realize that the media`s labels never apply. We are not a cult, we are a community of people, who are simply stained with a bad reputation. Besides... I tend to be somewhat punctual when it comes to recruiting new members... ah well you`ll find out soon enough I think."

Emmerich said before himself leaving the room and leading down an old, dirty stairway. Every step of his seemed light as, if he was on a good mood all tough he was completely impossible to read at times. Christopher still felt a little dizzy, but managed trough the stairway fine however at the end of it he felt weird as the his whole body still seemed to have a certain numbness about it. He thought of asking about it from Emmerich, but guessed, that it was just another side effect of the drug.

However no side effect of the drug was enough to make him sicker than he was when he witnessed the sight in the hospital entrance, that had to pass trough before entering the stairway. There were people, young and middle aged, all lying around by the dozens and they all had horrified expressions shadowing their dead faces as, if something had eaten them up from the inside. Christopher pushed Lelouch aside and charged at Emmerich placing a revolver on his head, which naturally caused Emmerich to halt. Biting his teeth together Christopher grinned quietly before asking, if it had been freaky all ready this crowned the whole thing.

"What are these peop... bodies doing here?"

"Curious isn`t it?"

Emmerich shot back as he knelt before one of the corpses and slapped it across the face as, if it had been a ragged doll of sorts. There was no compassion in his expression, it was simply null yet one might have detected a bit of a sadistic feeling from his attitude.

"I forgot to tell you about a tiny little detail concerning vaccine, the reason we are actually made out to be terrorists is the low chance of finding people carrying the Nirvana genes. The people themselves might be anyone, their background nor culture makes no difference yet... in the course of our search for recruits we have realized, that only 1 out of a 100 subjects can accept the vaccine. All tough I might be onto something as in this case I found 3 out of a 100, but I digress.

If the subject does not carry the specific Nirvana gene, that persons immune system will attack the new cells created by the drug and in short it`s like fighting an invader. However the drugs effect is quite strong and the dosage has to be large in order to take proper effect thus creating war inside the persons body. Eventually the body basically kills itself, if it cannot adapt to the new cells. Do you wonder whether this is cruel or did someone like me hesitate to inject you with a needle?"

Emmerich inquired as Christopher felt a great urge to shoot the man in the foot, but decided against it as there was no telling how dangerous he was after all. If even the three of them now tried to attack him, he might be able to take them all down thinking about his age and probably experience not to mention having been a soldier once.

"No, this is far from the cruelties and the worst atrocities, that mankind has committed. This my friends is natural selection taking it`s course, one might say we are the next link in evolution because of our genes however it seems, that natural selection doesn`t always favor the strong."

Emmerich got up and shrugged it all before continuing to a stairway, that lead to the basement where he stopped and gazed at them quickly before kicking trough an apparently hollow stone wall. The exit was somewhat small, but each one of them would manage. Christopher went first, arriving to a riverside trough the small tunnel and he couldn`t, but happily gaze at the dark London for once.
Victoria had to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming when saw the corpses laying in the floor. She looked at Emmerich in horror. But followed whitout saying a word. When saw the dark London and felt the cold brezee in her skin. She felt the sudden urge to get the hell of there, but if what Emmerich said was true, she had no longer a place to run to.
Natural selection? This man is just like him...However I won't press this to him right now..I'm not in such of a position.. Lelouch thought to himself as he saw the dark london sky.
The Mad Bomber
Christopher finally finished his cigarette and threw end of it into the murky waters of the river, he could only begin to wonder what would come next and much to his surprise he saw a car waiting on a nearby bridge. The driver was waving his hand at Emmerich, who had made his way trough the whole and waved back briefly, in an annoyed manner. Emmerich led the group to the bridge and as he approached the driver, he greeted him with a kick to the stomach. However the man clearly wasn`t even shook by this kick, he simply grinned back as a greeting. He was somewhat slim and Christopher could only think, that he was either very enduring or the kick had no effect because of his ability.

At a closer examination this man seemed like any formal car driver, he had a uniform and a short cut hair, but there were few signs indicating a rough past, a gang life. There was a scar on his left cheek and a large tattoo creeping up his neck, almost undetectable at first, but it was far more eye catching once it was noticed at all.

"Idiot, waving your hand at me when I am coming out of a place, where I never supposedly was. What if someone saw me?"

Emmerich uttered as everyone got into the car, Emmerich taking the front eat with the driver and thus leaving the newly recruited trio to sit in the back. He seemed somewhat bored as the car took off and Christopher tried not to speak about anything, but suddenly he realized something as he went trough the events of the hospital. Why had Emmerich just left the bodies there as evidence? Did it not leave a great deal of evidence to the police? And what about the CYL infected cells? What, if the police were somehow able to get something out of that tissue?

All and all it seemed extremely careless for someone to be doing so, especially when the police would love to fill you with lead. Christopher turned to stare at Emmerich quietly for a moment and he could only guess, that the driver of the car was naturally part of their organization so talking out loud wouldn`t hurt.

"Why did you leave the bodies there? You could have just burned the whole place with them and gotten rid of the evidence. I mean someone will eventually find the place and realize, that it wasn`t just a family meeting gone bad."

There was silence as Emmerich stared at the window for a while with a dreamy face and leaned back in his seat, but started talking then with a bored sound. He obviously didn`t want to be bothered really, but decided to answer a few questions on the way to their base.

"I don`t think their bodies should have been desecrated like that besides, the police got their hands on a sample of a tissue with CYL a long time ago, but it doesn`t matter really... because the only person, who actually knows how to create the vaccine is our leader-sama, Ec. No need to inquire about him, you`ll meet the man in person soon enough."

He said and continued staring outside, which made Christopher sigh and scratch his head. He didn`t get any of this really, but he had no choice and tried to yet it seemed like radical change from the life of a petty mobster. He quietly gazed at the two, who shared his face and wondered what were their backgrounds. He hadn`t heard the other guys name, but odd enough Emmerich had referred to him as `your highness`, what was he? Royalty? Christopher was too confused to even bother, but decided to break the tension by talking again.

"Despite him blabbering our names out loud earlier, I think we should introduce ourselves properly. I`m Christopher Reeve, a mobs... well for now former gangster of a low class, but at least it taught me how to deal with sticky situations and how to use a gun."

He said with a somewhat calm tone as, if being a gangster had been a normal job amongst others and he wasn`t anything special. However when he talked, he almost instinctively brushed his dyed front hair aside and stared at them for replies.
"Ec? What kind of a name is that? he sounds like a middle school elective." Lelouch commented as he sat in the car.
The Mad Bomber
Both the driver and Emmerich chuckled out loud in clear amusement at Lelouch`s reaction to hearing the name of their leader, but they remained quiet for a while as they exchanged gazes. Emmerich had hoped for them to have pissed off leader-sama by calling him, that. In the city and the streets everyone called him that, even his followers as it were they, who came up with it. Emmerich scratched the back of his head and gazed at Lelouch with an amused expression.

"Well... it`s not his real name, not that anyone knows or could know it, but Ec is in fact just a shortening of leader-sama`s `name`. We did use his whole name at first, but... well people started figuring the whole name was annoying to pronounce and in a conversation alone it seemed a bit disturbing.

The name is actually Ecclesiates, not to startle you off, but the actual meaning for the word is in fact preacher...."

"And you say you aren`t a cult?" Christopher argumented against him, but remained a little pissed off as the others had not reacted to his words just now.


Emmerich said with a calm tone and peered outside again.
"try Euphiemia,Cornelilia, and Schneizel all in the same sentince everyday. his name is not hard to pronouce." said Lelouch sighing.
The Mad Bomber
"Two first I can understand, but IŽve never liked germans..."

Emmerich retorted suddenly with an amused expression, referring to the fact, that he had served in the second world war. Meanwhile Christopher pulled out a cigarette, but never lit it, simply placed it behind his ear to wait for a more suitable time to be used. Emmerich glanced over his shoulder at Lelouch, who had earlier ignored Christopher`s words.

"Anyway Lelouch, it`s not polite to ignore your new comrades, I suggest you introduce yourself properly or shall I do it for you?"

Emmerich inquired with a mocking smirk on his face, clearly hinting, that he knew about Lelouch`s heritage and what had happened in the past.
"You say Commrades I say assiosiates. same as you to a point." Lelouch said as he thoght of his predicament. "revil everything if you wish. Just not to the public. But then again none of you really can speak to the public can you?" Lelouch asked
The Mad Bomber
"Neither can you, not anymore... stop speaking like you are not with us Lelouch, you are now one of us and that`s that... or are you still dreaming? Are hoping? Waiting for a better tomorrow, a day to reclaim what was once yours? To sit upon the... well IŽll speak no more."

Emmerich said with a teasing tone as he gazed at Lelouch briefly, but turned away with a clever smirk on his face as he was already telling the poor boy more than enough. To think, that the crown would be involved with such degenerates, my what shameful idea indeed!

"He says seeming it's possible to keep seceret the CYL. and should you revile this That man may get slightlly angry at you takeing away his politacul hostage and decide to Blanket bomb London." Lelouch said smirking. even if they were to leave his father would still find him. He was known to be extreamlly resorceful. "I myself Don't look to the throne. I just won't allow that man to have it any longer." Lelouch added. and I'm considered dead by the public anyway. who would belive you?
The Mad Bomber
"Like I said CYL can`t be extracted from the dead bodies in anyway and our leader is the only one with the knowledge to produce it so far... however why do you think, that CYL and our organization have remained as mysterious rumors for so long?"

Emmerich inquired with a clever face as Christopher interest in the whole conversation grew, he gazed at Lelouch quietly with a pondering face as the people of England very well knew about the situation. Or at least to the extent, that the rightful heir was not seen in public and had become somewhat of a shadow. Also there had been whispers, every now and then, in the criminal underworld about the situation. Information was a key tool in the war against law and order, sometimes bits and pieces were revealed to even low key personnel like him. It was all very troubling as kidnapping the heir to the throne would cause quite a fuzz, but it only concerned Christopher about Emmerich`s abilities. Emmerich continued his reasoning as he stared blankly outside.

"It`s because the police and all official have kept us hidden, they clear the evidence and anyone normal related to these incidents are silenced one way or the other. Our informants have told us this and it made us ask why on earth would they want to keep us a secret? Well otherwise it would make them appear incompetent and it might cause serious unrest among the masses of London...

And in any case you hardly look at the serious political implications, that even your father must take into concern, even a madman cannot jeopardize his position at the top when there are so many, that want to drag him down. In today`s world monarchs are more and more becoming symbols of an old age, the force known as democracy has taken hold as the `people` want to govern themselves. Bombing the capital city, killing thousands in the process and angering the parliament would not be in his best interest.

Even, if you father had such power there would be a serious backlash and we might have a conflict in our hands, something that a country like this does not need. He might be powerful and mad, but not stupid as you assume in your hatred. In the end it is in everyone`s best interest to handle our affairs away from the public eye as not to cause any unnecessary problems."

The car slowly pulled to a halt and all of them got out of the car, they were standing before a bar named The King of Hearts with the affiliated card as a symbol over the entrance. Emmerich entered casually as Christopher followed him and gazed around nervously, he for one knew this place and now truly realized where it had gotten it`s reputation. Despite it wasn`t known to the public, that the King of Hearts was an outpost of the Chosen, it commonly had quite the rough fame. It was a bar where criminal and other low lives could gather with ease because when someone started trouble, the owner would definitely put them in their place, occasionally even killing them `in self defense`.

The King of Hearts and The King of Diamonds are referred to as the `suicide kings` as in both cards it seems, that the character is committing suicide. The bar was named this due to the owners weird sense of humor and dangerous nature, for one Christopher would have normally avoided a place like that, however now he was somewhat relieved. The bar inside was quiet and no one was there, that night and only the bartender behind the counter, casually greeting Emmerich. Emmerich had already made his way to a table and sat down to wait for something, probably the owner, Christopher guessed. The bar was quite normal and nothing seemed odd, but all around there were signs of past fighting as the walls had scratches and bumps.

"This place.." Christopher began. "I always took it for a place, that was kind of an urban legend of sorts all tough I knew where it was yet the stories were kind of unnerving. You know the owner I`m guessing?"

Christopher inquired as he pulled out the cigarette behind his ear and lit it, blowing a cloud of smoke towards Lelouch. Meanwhile Emmerich leaned back in his chair and crossed his hands behind his back.

"He is one of the so called inner circle as one might refer, it is the core structure of our society. The inner circle are the governing body along with our leader, who originally formed the circle. The circle are the five original recruits of our leader-same, the only one`s he has recruited himself back in the day... You`d best show respect to those six people whenever meet them and talk to them."

He said with a patient tone all tough he hated waiting around like this.
Victoria looked around, she didnt looked unconfortable just looked curious. *The King Of Hearts. Interesting place* She thought still looking around. She then looked at Emmerich, Lelouch and Christopher, but didnt say a word. She shighed.
That man wouldn't care. Your foolish. he's done so with prince Clovis in Bristol...or do you know this? Are you the ones that kiddnaped him as well? There is no more paralment. there is no more bristol. to the rest of the world bristol is reguler as can be...London would be the same...though I'm not surpirzed he's part of this..though i don't know how he'll reacte to me being kiddnaped. I'm supposed to stay there.. though Lelouch as he walked into the bar. he waited quietlly as he gripped his hidden capsule incase anything should get ugly
The Mad Bomber
A man in his forties wandered in from the back rooms, but at first he did not even realize, that people had entered the bar. He headed straight for the bartender, who handed out a whiskey bottle to the man. The man had a rugged appearance about him, his short hair were curly and brown, he bore some visible scars on his face and hands, his clothes were relatively normal all tough torn. He only stopped as he spotted them in the corner of his eye, quietly Emmerich got up and walked right before the man. They briefly eyed each others,

"Three? Man, you`re pushing the limits Heart." The man said with a smile, that made him remind of a shark ready to catch a prey between it`s jaws.

"Well a junior has to show off with his skills, if he wishes to outshine the elders huh, Ulrich?"

Emmerich said with an embarrassed tone as, if the comment before had been a compliment, but his eyes were keenly nailed at the bottle then at the bartender for some reason. Ulrich flashed an innocent smile and waved with as a signal for them to follow him to the back rooms, Emmerich and Ulrich went before the trio. Christopher exchanged a nervous gaze with Lelouch, knowing that if this was a sudden death trap the most likely person he could trust at first was him. That was a frail hope at least, however once they entered the hallway leading to the back rooms and followed the two men into a side room, he was relieved, but then again terrified.

Three new pairs of eyes turned to glare at them, nailing him still for a moment as, if there had been an unforeseen pressure about their gazes. Christopher gazed around the room, which was simply, but blatant. There were no decorations or many furnitures, all that filled the center of the room was a long table and six chairs at it. One stood threateningly empty at the very end as it was not too hard to guess to whom it belonged to, the leader Ecclesiastes. However the rest of the chairs were filled, with one exception, by unknown people. There were two women and two males filling the seats, Ulrich was the second closest to the end of the table and was currently pouring himself a whiskey shot.

However at that moment Cristopher grinned as he should have guessed the following coming, but he had been so hung up with the current, that was now pulling him ever downwards into it`s murky depths. Emmerich laid his hand on the back of the vacant seat farthest from far end of the table before collapsing onto it, then in a relaxed manner he placed his feet on the table whilst resting his head against the back of the chair.

"Everyone meet my three lovely, newly sprung followers. His royal highness Lelouch, Christopher the gangster and... what were you again Victoria?... Oh well IŽll come up with something."

He said with a clever and cheerful tone as the others still inspected the trio with interest gazes, only Ulrich and Emmerich at the moment seemed uninterested unlike the rest. Emmerich was currently occupied grasping the bottle, that Ulrich slid along the table to him and Ulrich after this was simply too busy appearing bored. The one nearest the end of the table was a woman with long dark hair, who rested her chin against her palm, that rested on the table. She had sharp, inquisitive eyes, that nailed at first onto the trio, one at a time and then they turned somewhat neutral as they looked at Emmerich.

"Hey junior, it`s not really polite to call us simply everyone." She said with a polite tone.

"Hmh?" Emmerich mumbled as he was just grabbing a glass for himself from the middle of the table, where there was one for each of the members. Then his expression suddenly turned thoughtful as, if he was trying to determine the best way to introduce them and gazed at each of the other inner circle members. He then snapped his fingers and began with the obvious, his gaze and pointing fingers followed as he spoke of each person.

"Ah I suppose you`re right, well how shall I put this... well you know me, obviously and Ulrich you already met. He`s the second oldest of us, geezer, then there is the friendly lade opposite her, that`s Lora, a hag even by her nature and just pretends to be nice. In the middle you have, the annoying, but somewhat likable Asian, Meifen and next to him you find `my big brother` Juan, a real uptight guy with great passion."

A long silence crept in as Emmerich introduced everyone and received murderous glares for this, a short while later Emmerich found himself being punched rapidly in the face as a thanks for his words, each one contribution hits respectively. Afterwards Emmerich took a moment to regain himself from the small pond of his own blood, that he was laying in besides the table.

"Man you guys can be mean..."

He muttered and forced himself back onto his seat only to find the bottle gone, he glanced across the table at Juan, who was helping himself to a glass of whiskey. Emmerich rubbed his own chin with a bothered face, meanwhile Christopher couldn`t, but help feel a little embarrassed to have been recruited by this occasionally childish maniac.

"Bastards, drinking my liquors, do you know how much running this bar costs?"

Emmerich said, this time totally catching Christopher`s expectations off guard and he wondered how he had not realized it earlier. Ulrich had called Emmerich `Heart`, at first Christopher had taken it for a nickname, but only now he realized it had a direct connection to the name of the place. He could also see the connection with the twisted sense of humor of the name and the reputation of the place, but his thoughts were cut short as Ulrich suddenly opened his mouth.

"So each one of you now realize what you have gotten yourselves into? We know all about you and running will be pointless, all tough it`s Emmerich`s duty to keep you in line at first, it will be our whole societies duty to kill traitors. Get it? We won`t blame you for pursuing individual gains, but you will have to earn, that right in this society and if you do so the society will pay you back by helping you in turn to achieve that goal.

You aren`t prisoners, but you are no longer the people you used to be, any contact wit people from your past is forbidden. Family included, as long as you follow our rules you`ll do fine and I think assimilating will be easier for you will be easier with a nut ball like Heart. However watch your steps, there are many, who want us dead and I am not talking about the public authorities, but criminals and fanatics.

So anyway... what`s your opinions and sentiments on this `new life` thus far?"

He inquired after the profound lecture from each and everyone one of them, but during the lecture as he spoke of Emmerich his face darkened in a certain way and they exchanged glares, telling of a conflict in the past. However after this he nailed his eyes on the trio as each one answered.
May I join?
You're probably wondering how my character would be able to get to the King of Hearts from the hospital bed. It's something to do with her special abilities and whatnot. But if it's too late to join, I'll understand if I can't. ^^
"What do you people do exactlly?" Lelouch asked infrount of Christapher and Victoria. he gripped his capsule tight. he knew that if he didn't like his answer he would have to guide the trio out of there, he however had a plan though he knew the odds of all three excapeing were slim. All I need is to get us to Suzaku... he thought
The Mad Bomber
(IŽll go godmodding, but it`s kinda essential to the plot and keeps them at the society as they would hardly gain anything anyway by running away. )

"We do not go around killing people, if that`s the impression we are giving, it`s true that people perish at the effect of the Nirvana vaccine or CYL as Heart tends to call it. curious recruiting is very rare and this had to be done as a certain situation dictated it, Heart can explain you later on what I mean."

Ulrich said as he leaned against the table with a somewhat calm expression on his face, but he did not speak any longer as there were steps approaching from behind the trio and figure appeared into the door way. His face couldn`t be seen as it was covered by the shadows of a dark hood of the black robes he was wearing, it reminded Christopher of a priest or a monk. Everyone else seemed calm except for the trio, no matter how emotionless they were the person behind them was drilling trough the back of their skulls with his gaze or at least it felt like it. The person hmhed to himself and proceeded to the end of the table, Emmerich smirked at pointed his open palm at the person sitting down at the end of the table.

"This is our leader-sama, Ecclesiastes... kids you better show some respect."

Emmerich said introducing the man at the end of the table, who just threw his hood down and Christopher amazement the person was not what he had imagined him to be. Out of every single inner circle member, physically the leader was also the youngest, he appeared to be around 18 old barely. Ecclesiastes had white short hair, blue piercing eyes, thin complex over all and pale skin, like an angel one might think, but that was hardly on Christopher's mind as he suddenly felt his legs failing him. What was this feeling, like an unfathomable and unseen force was pushing him down all tough he did nothing? He could only gaze in fear he was simply forced onto his knee, he could only see the quirk, mocking smile of Emmerich and the blue eyes observing him, piercing him. The others were being forced onto their knee`s as well by the leaders powers, that Christopher could not quite grasp.

Then after a short moment something flew from Lelouch`s grasp and even from Christopher sleeve, a stiletto and some sort of capsule hovered trough the air to the leaders hands. He examined them with calm eyes before laying them on the table and releasing his sudden hold over the trio as he had forced them onto their knee`s. Christopher got up slowly, shaking and looking downwards. He would do so for the rest of the meeting, only pondering about the scope of the leaders powers as he had simply forced them to kneel with a thought it had seemed. He could Hearts malevolent chuckle from the background, but that was rushed over by the voice of Ecclesiastes.

"If you be rude to us with your doubts then I am afraid I must retort with the same amount of rudeness in return, Lelouch and Christopher, but forgive me Victoria for forcing you to kneel, but it is necessary to know how to be humble. Surely some of your questions have been answered and need to be answered, but to answer what Ulrich was about to say before I interrupted.

No, we do not kill people nor was that our goal. We only recruit at a slow phase and your recruiting was an exception, these conditions were forced upon Emmerich and he was forced to revel in the stench of corpses for too long. He may wish to explain later, but normally we recruit people with most likeliness to accept the drug. All tough normally backgrounds do not make much difference, we have discovered a pattern, that we can use and we never intentionally do not kill as many as today.

Certainly the picture is far more grimmer when our junior member presents it, he has a tendency for tragedy, but his medical knowledge have alone been a great help to advancing our recruiting efforts to where they are. If we recruit patiently, we are able to find only one or two recruits in a year with the death ratio likeliness of 22,2 %, but Emmerich did was find three recruits in a month. I admit the unfortunate amount of deaths related, but it was neccessary to encounter a set back we had faced at a time like this when our existence needs to remain hidden and we need to grow."

Ecclesiastes explained with a calm and peaceful voice, as he spoke more appeared as a peace loving person all tough only a naive person would have believed it. However this person actually radiated some kind of an aura, it was not oppressing like before with the power attacking them, but calm and serene. Christopher could only guess how this person came to be and was sort of surprised as the objects flew back to their owners, not to mention he made a small bow like move as he asked for forgiveness. Christopher couldn`t help, but smirk slightly at the situation, they were worms at the giants feet here, they could be crushed at anytime and the most dangerous was asking for them to forgive him?

"Forgive any inconvenience or troubles these issues have brought you, but now you must leave, we are about to discuss tedious politics and I am sure you must be very tired by now. Emmerich?"

At this inquiry Emmerich clapped his hands and yet another person entered the room, clearly expecting to be called in. Emmerich gazed towards the new entry with a polite expression on his face.

"Would your new comrades their quarters?"

Emmerich inquired from new entry.

( The person entering will be Muzai`s character, who can lead them to their quarters where they`ll have food provided. Muzai, you can write about your character leading them to their quarters in the back rooms of the bar and how your character came to be serving under Emmerich, also describe your chars opinion of Emmerich perhaps. Just a suggestion, the last one)
"Show me your face...We are the guests.." Lelouch demanded ,frustrated. This guy...theres more to him then what he's giveing off. Lelouch noted. he Reliesed if he were to excape then he would do so away for the big wigs. Maybe with this new person "And you didn't answer my question." he added "You simplly said you don't kill"

(Maybe later I'll excape but not now. when the plot grows more)
Victoria looked at Ec (I am not even gonna try to spell that name ^-^U) There was something about that man, he just gave her an uneasy feeling. After somehow he oblied them to kneel, she felt vunerable and weak and she really didnt like that feeling.
When Ec mentioned "resting" she had to hold a sigh of relief, she could barely stand in her feet anymore, so much had happened in a few hours, she need time to think, to understand what was going on and what was going to happen. She then looked at Lelouch from the corner of her eye, wondering what was going trough his mind.
Lelouch used his finger to crave out a message in his other Capsule. "R U STAY/LEAVE" he wrote. it was all he could do in secert.
(My username is Razzy now, to avoid confusion. XD)

Name: Rose (eh, last name? I suck at making those up...)
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: intent black eyes, long black hair pulled up into a bun, her appearance and presence is creepy and a bit unnerving
Clothing: she wears a knee-lenth black skirt, black shoes (they're not high heels) and a grey blouse
Personality: stoic, obedient, intelligent, observative, candid, curious, calm, likes to seek new knowledge
Pros: can make split-second decisions with ease, speaks her mind when necessary, loyal
Cons: she seems like a cold person, due to her stoic personality

Family: not important
History: Not much is known about Rose's childhood. Frankly, she thinks (and has blatantly pointed out that) one's past is just something one should discard from their mind like a piece of trash. Rose always wanted to be a nurse at a hospital, but had heard about the CYL (Nirvana vaccine) through word of mouth (some rumors spread throughout the streets at some time) and she immediately became curious. She was always the kind of person who loved to experiment. Through very risky efforts, she eventually found out who was involved in the 'cult'. Rose wanted to join very badly; her curiousity seemed to be driving her crazy. Eventually, she was allowed to work for Emmerich, and she has been working for him ever since. As for her opinion of Emmerich, she never openly talks about or outwardly shows her opinions of the members. Her true opinion of him is that she thinks he can be immature and unreasonable at times, but for the most part he is a confident and intelligent person.


Rose entered the room, her light footsteps making barely any sound against the floor as she came into view. She silently kneeled to Ecclesiastes, then stood up again. She briefly glanced at the group and commanded simply, "Follow me."

She led the three out of the room, and through a lengthy, poorly-lit hallway. They finally reached rooms at the end, and Rose turned around smoothly to face the others. "Here are your rooms." She said, and without another word of advice, she started back down the hallway.
"Perhaps you can anwser for me." Lelouch said pulling out his written on capsule. "In here is a dose of Nitriox oxcide enough for an entire City. answer me or I'll activate it killing everyone in this building except for me." Lelouch said putting on a gas mask
Rose calmly turned around to face Lelouch, undaunted by his threat. "May I ask what your question is?"

'What is he thinking? He's not serious, is he? Or is he insane?' Rose thought, continuing to stare at Lelouch.
"I belive you heard. What are the oberations around here and why?" He asked grining. even if she dosn't know I can make use of her
"The operations?" Rose echoed. "I'm afraid I'm not very updated with that sort of information. Would you like to address your question to the superiors?" She made one smooth hand motion to the other end of the hallway, where Ecclesiastes, Emmerich, and the others were.

Truthfully, Rose did know more than she was letting on. Even though she was not directly told to do so, she kept that kind of information to herself. She felt it was not in her power to give away information freely to others.

She further added, "Would you like me to accompany you to the others, Sir?"
"Now now. they said that they wanted us to leave due to major discussion. now who would be to blame there if the puppets learnt the tricks of the puppeters due to the ignorence of a stage hand?" Lelouch asked. "Tell me everything you know." he said as he pressed down on the buttion to detonate it to show he was serious
The Mad Bomber
(btw DNA Ecclesiastes did reveal his face, Razzy your idea for that power is fine with me(from your PM) or you choose some of those listed on the first page. Is Rose your recruited character now? Sorry I just got kinda confused a bit there with your PM)

After a moments calm Lelouch was again shooting at their new superiors with annoying questions as, if he was on top of the world and was entitled to know everything. Stupid spoiled brat Christopher thought as they followed the new arrival into the hallway in relief until Lelouch began to make stupid threats to Rose and it wa more than enough. Rose was probably the same as them and she couldn`t possibly know anything more than they really, if she had stayed with Emmerich it wouldn`t be a very informative experience for one. Not to mention she was far more polite than anyone else, despite the fact, that it could have been an act, Christopher wasn`t in the mood for idiocy like this.

In a quick flash Christopher`s revolver was pressed against Lelouch`s head and his trigger finger felt itchy.

"Shut up already Lelouch, you honestly think they`ll tell her or any of us what`s really going on yet? You think, that worms like us have any right to question our position and what comes to your plans... escaping? Surely I was just being paranoid I admit, but you are being an idiot. You might have gotten something for granted in the past or not, like I give a damn, but if you value our futures and your own then stop asking too many questions.

Besides, if you didn`t notice they kept constantly saying to ask Emmerich for the reason of our recruitment. We`ll wait until the meeting is over, then ask him, that and see whether that whiskey has also loosened his tongue to the point where you can shoot off your questions... Besides if we are involved with this organization don`t you think we are going to find out what are going to do?"

Christopher inquired with an frustrated tone and pulled back his revolver as there was no more need for it, he was hoping Lelouch had more sense in his head than arrogance, otherwise despite his attitude he wouldn`t last for long in a world like this.
Victoria shighed, she wasnt really in the mood for this now. "He is right Lelouch" She said as she rubbed her eyes. "So could you please just put that thing down?" She asked refering to the detonator.
"You speak as though you enjoy being a puppet in these games Christopher" Lelouch said. "I have no plans to excape now. only when these people have out-lived there purpose to me. Untill then All i need is information. And this person knows more then she says. I can tell." He added. "However...You are correct. I should wait for them to come out.." He said as he took his gas mask off and walked over to rose and took his capsule back. "Don't think I'm done with you." He added as he walked off signaleing the others to come.
Rose didn't like this Lelouch kid. Not one bit. She felt as though she wanted to attack him. 'Damnit, that kind of behavior of his will just give us all trouble.' Rose thought, irritated. 'Why did Emmerich choose him ?!'
"Don't think I'm done with you, either," Rose replied, staring coldly at Lelouch. "Farewell for now, though."
The Mad Bomber
"Idiot, you speak of yourself as, if you were something great, but in the end your just a messed up royal brat. People know all about it, your father disowning you apparently and the messed up security resulting with the death of your mother. Don`t speak to us like we should be like you, trying to achieve something and using people as tools.

I was a gangster and I know all about being used, but honestly I am going to make the most of my stay here and learn a new way of life. I might even stay, if things start to look good because I am not worried about some idiot cause, I just want to enjoy my life, my own way, end of story."

Christopher stated with a clearly annoyed attitude as he placed his hands into his pockets and followed Lelouch into the room. Once entering he immediately sat down to the table centering the room and grabbed a piece of bread from the somewhat simple meal provided for three people. Christopher concentrated on the meal first all tough there were still a ton of things bothering him and one person annoying him or well at least somehow. He could understand Lelouch`s frustration, he too was used to getting answers and what he wanted, but he had never had any real arrogance about it.

Christopher liked to think of himself as a simple person, he did not want a miracle nor to know all the secrets, but half of that had already come true.
"Ha. you don't really know anything, do you? these people aren't someone that you want to 'hang around' with. I don't know there motives but they seem extreamlly shadey to me." Lelouch said. "To me people are not tools. thats exactlly th opposite of what I think." he added as he contuied walking
The Mad Bomber
"Fine, your suspicious of their motives, so am I, but all we can do is wait at the moment and try to be polite."

Christopher said with a bothered face as he confessed his concern as Lelouch was probably speaking the truth, but his even his true motives seemed somewhat shadey.


At that very moment different kind of conversation took place in the room, that the four had departed from. Everyone was exchanging their opinions on some of the matters, it would take an hour or so until they would be finished at least.

"Quite the annoying brat is he not? And he could prove to be troublesome, the only thing he cares about is killing his father, but that won`t be easy, it wouldn`t be easy even for us together."

Meifeng, who was third oldest of the group, reasoned with a somewhat bored expression on her face before sipping at her drink, which was different from the others. Everyone else had a shot of whiskey, except for Ecclesiastes, who always defended himself by saying that alcohol would just make him sick.

"Well, we did what we were meant to do, did we not?" Emmerich inquired in a relaxed manner as he leaned back in his chair.

"Yes, but it doesn`t put us at ease, yet. There are still things to be solved... especially those three people involved with Fist have forced us to tread lightly... However I do not think Fist has anything to do with their actions and a war between our factions would only cause them more harm, they are the newcomers on the block after all.... any recent news of the crusaders?" Ecclesiastes said with a rather neutral face all tough he seemed bothered by the smoke coming from a cigar, that Ulrich had lit up.

"The rats have gone underground, apparently their `mysterious supporter` has withdrawn his aid all of the sudden and it is more likely now, that we would be conducting raids on their hideouts. Fist has also actually acted already they attacked a church near Edinburgh, tough awfully far away from their base of operations it seems they found out a cache of Crusader weaponry." Lora informed as she went trough some detailed reports from their spies.

"Things are starting to look up... now all we have to worry about are Emmerich`s new trainee`s or at least one of them, who might pull off something stupid. Then there are those three, no sightings?" Juan inquired.

"Not one." Lora confirmed the common suspicions.

"We will have to start a large scale investigation about their involvement with our setback and the death of Emmerich`s former followers."

Ecclesiastes finally ruled with a calm face as Emmerich quietly gazed into space at the mention of his dead subordinates, but suddenly rose to leave the table and simply walked outside to meet Rose. No one in the room said a word as things seemed to be somewhat wrapped up for what concerned Emmerich as the rest of the meeting was concentrated on singular members, that did not include new members.

Emmerich stopped his gaze at Rose, it was an empty, dreamy void. It stopped to stare at Rose, who did not apparently appear happy with the situation or so Emmerich would have wanted to guess.

"What did you think of them?"

Emmerich inquired with a curious tone, but his motions and speech seemed dull as his hands rested in his jacket pockets.
Rose turned to Emmerich and immediately replied, "Well, the girl didn't say much, but the Lelouch boy was really a problem, though I think the other one- the one with the colored hair in the front- is able to keep him in line." Now Rose's tone turned irritated, "But Lelouch threatened to kill everyone in the building if I didn't answer a question he had- Could you believe that? He's drastic, and is only focused on his own goals. I don't know if he'd ever accept being a part of this new lifestyle." She glanced down the hallway towards the rooms where the 'new' people were now in, them turned back to Emmerich with a serious glare. "Why was a person like Lelouch chosen for this?" Rose was clearly angered by that fact.
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