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"Thats not how this game works...You need to have them pay close attension to you. that way I can make a battle I'll surelly win". Lelouch said crypticlly. it was nosence to the others yet made perfect sense to him the moment we head out tommorow...I'll call Suzaku about this guy.... he thought as he walked through a door to a room
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Emmerich chuckled openly at her comments about the trio, just as he had anticipated and her argument was completely understandable. For a moment he thought of tapping her on the shoulder to comfort her, but then again she would just get even angrier at the show of concern. Lelouch was a fool to try something like, that all tough he well knew that he couldn`t kill everyone in the house. Gas? Such a silly boy, playing with his silly toys. Emmerich finally sighed and leaned on the wall as well.

"It was... not my decision, that boy..." Emmerich said before biting the fingernail of his right tumb with a thoughtful face. "Rose, you are a person, who understands how our society works and why we have our king and queens deciding things along with Ec-sama. However this goes farther than that, this recruitment was an opportunity, we were offered a payment for the recruitment of Lelouch.

Despite being disowned by his father, he still holds important political value to many factions and who controls him can easily engage in negotiations with the king, knowing they have an ace up their sleeves. Yet Ec-sama kept an eye on the kid, he foresaw, that Lelouch could not be used as an ally nor slave. He is too stubborn and determined, however this deal came from outside our organization from an unknown person.

Things are slowly getting out of hands, with the death of my first recruits and with our set back of losing one of the most talented genetics researcher in the world, they are connected and so is this as well. Even Ec-sama seems nerved and cautious, but he won`t even talk to us about it straightly... I think that this person is seeking to attack the king, one way or the another. Personally I think it`s fine, but then again our society doesn`t need any outside pressure from politicians should the new ruler see our rumored existence as a threat.

Initially we took Fist, now our allies, and the Crusaders, now almost crushed in England as the major threats to our society. However there seems to be another faction plotting here, despite their apparent involvement with us, I think they are just waiting... anyway we should get on their trail soon enough as we find, that researcher and three people, who were suspected of being involved in my followers deaths.

But that`s all complicated and I might as well be wrong... just be ready to act when you`re needed..."

Emmerich said with a pondering face, he wondered why he even bothered telling Rose all this, she for one had been desperate to enter the organization all tough she fully well knew the risks. It was a miracle, that her genes were even able to accept the vaccine, not that she was different, but she was willing too. Emmerich did not know much about her background, but in their short time at the King of Hearts he grown to like her. Odd enough, but true, he of course wouldn`t tell her about that, ever or at least he wanted to keep it that way. He was comfortable with the atmosphere of quiet respect and agreement.


Christopher grinned and took a bite out of the bread he had snatched from the table, he quietly swalloved after a few bites and pointed the bread at Lelouch. There was a somewhat careless and at the same time annoyed expression on his face.

"You freak me out with your words like `game` and `battle`, you have great confidence I grant you that, but that guy, Ecclesiastes.... we all felt it, his aura, that is not normal. Not to mention he was different from the rest, they did not send out anything like that, not even Emmerich, who gives me the creeps...

Talk like a normal person and relax for a while, otherwise we have enough crap to deal with here."

Christopher said in exhaustion and took another bite out of the bread.
Lelouch seemed asleep when he was asked this. he wasn't and instead was listing to the 2 via a mircrophone he hid on rose when he took his capsule back. unknown person requested my recuritment? That man? could it be him? No he's trying to kill him from what I heard...Could he be an ally? This is extreamlly confuseing. he thought. "You are a stupid man." he whispered. "Nitroxis Oxcide is Laughing gas. Dentistry Tools. however I could still hold her hostage. it could kill her with the dose I had but not anyone else." he added chuckleing slightlly.
Rose nodded and mused as Emmerich explained. "Yes... I understand," She finally said. She silently pondered for a while and then asked, a question seemingly coming out of nowhere, "Have you seen what kind of powers they've received yet?" She looked at Emmerich and smiled slightly.

It was a typical question for Rose to ask. Afterall, she was a very curious individual, whose curiosity did eventually bring her to the doorstep of the King of Hearts. Of course she wanted to know about the results. Experiments and Results; that was what Rose was interested in. And How and Why and What were also important. Rose was excited at the prospect of finding out which kinds of inhuman powers these newcomers could possess.
"Ha...I'm intrested as well...but will he know? I wonder." Lelouch said. he the signaled Victoria and Chirstopher to come close to him so they could hear. "Do you want to know what we can do?" he asked as he signaled them.
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(sigh, DNA, no offense, but I kinda hope your character won`t be doing that kinda things always in the future where you character suddenly knows everything etc.)

For a second Emmerich seemed even more serious at the mention of powers and pushed himself off the wall with a pondering expression as, if he was recapping some earlier events and trying to put together pieces of knowledge.

"I have...." Emmerich began quietly."Absolutely no freaking idea"

He finished in a teasing manner, but his smirking expression also told, that he had a guess. Interrupted suddenly, he gazed to his right at the sound of a door opening, everyone from the meeting room began to depart, each quietly and without a single word. The talk had been quiet all along and it had been hard to make out any words from the hallway, but Emmerich was not concerned. He made quiet nods as each member of the inner circle passed by and naturally stopped to make a small bow at Ecclesiastes, who out of modesty forbid it by raising his palm to face Emmerich.

Soon they all had departed and Emmerich ordered the bartender from another room to clean the meeting room.

"Nah I shouldn`t lie, I do have clues. I discovered abnormal elements in certain of their cells, Lelouch`s were concentrated on a very small area in the end all tough in contrast Christopher's and Victoria`s were spread out. I can guess, but that`s as far as it goes... well I guess we`ll have to wait, activating the power isn`t that easy and it usually comes by accident not to mention it takes a while for the cells to properly adapt.

But you remember that, don`t you? Well anyway... I think it`s time we check on our little guests, I`d be delighted, if you joined me."

Emmerich said with an encouraging smile all tough he knew, that she and Lelouch wouldn`t get along, no, Lelouch couldn`t get along with anyone it seemed. With quick steps Emmerich made his way to the trio`s room and almost seemingly rammed the door open as he entered.

"Hia, do you mind sitting around the table, I believe some other idiots made promises out loud about me telling you a few things. Personally I`d prefer you to figure it out yourselves, but it cannot be helped eh?"

He inquired as he sat at the square table, on the sea nearest to the window.


"Man you are a paranoid one"

Christopher said gazing at what Lelouch was doing and doubted, that even Emmerich could predict what would happen to them. At the hospital he had offered his help to control the coming powers, but that implied he had no idea what they were, how could he? Soon enough Emmerich barged in and sat at the table, promising to answer a few questions.
"Yes, I'll come," Rose said a bit cheerfully, then followed Emmerich down the hallway and into the room where the others were sitting. She tried to not turn her gaze toward Lelouch as she entered, since she figured it would be best if she could ignore him as much as possible, and sat down in a seat next to Emmerich. Rose looked around at the people seated at the table. 'This might prove interesting.' she thought, considering what each person might say to the other.
"I understand I was recruited by an unknown person." Lelouch said as he walked over to rose and took off the tiny mircrophone on her sholder. "Give me all information on him. whatever you may have no matter how small." He demanded

(It won't lol.)
Rose glared balefully at Lelouch, who was holding a microphone that had just been perched on her shoulder without her knowledge a moment ago. "As if I would tell you anything," she practically growled. "And what makes you think you can go around freely asking whatever you want?" She added further, "Especially this day in age. You'll just end up dead if you keep this up. How can you find out the answers to your precious little questions when you're dead?"

Rose really was irritated, but she managed to calm down a bit. "Lelouch, you should be more patient about obtaining the things you want in life," she said, and this sounded more like advice than an angry remark. "Just calm down and shut up."
"I wasn't talking to you. had I wanted to, I could have keeped this on you for the rest of the day without you knowning who put it on or even that it was on you. You have no way to critize me." Lelouch said. "And theres no patenice here. I need to get what i need when I need it so I can recach my ultamite goal. no heisitation." he said
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(Oh yeah, I leave to my relatives summer cottage today and return tomorrow so no posts from me during that short time)

"Really?... and you realize that I have absolutely no obligation to aid you reaching this ultimate goal unless I am aware of it and the consequences, that follow... you know, I am a very tidy person when I simply want to and this is one of those matters, I reap what I sow. I do not make a habit of talking about secret information to strangers or punks like you....

You have some guts I`ll give you that, but you also realize that this goes far beyond you and you are not the center of the universe? There are for more important things at stake than your `ultimate goal`.... Well anyway the truth is... I know absolutely nothing about the man or his methods.

However... hmh well shall I put this way? We may have a common interest here..."

He said with a cheerful attitude as he leaned his chin against his palm all tough at the last sentence he gazed outside with a pondering face, he was telling the truth, but nothing about what he suspected yet that had nothing to do with this matter. Lelouch didn`t probably know the dangers he was getting involved in or he did, but in any case he could be helpful in the end.

"You see I am myself interest in this person, thus we have a common goal as even I do not know anything about him and inquiring from the Inner circle will get us nowhere, they know nothing. I personally would like to know this person, his goals and tools as well, in order to secure our back, if we are to make any deals with him anymore. If that sounds good, then I`ll also help you with your powers and training, it`s a rough world and you`ll need it. There`s just one little but...

Emmerich suddenly protested his own words even tough he never gained an answer to his inquiry, but assumed that Lelouch realized this wasn`t a one way street and that they would need his help in the coming days. Emmerich gazed at Rose and then at Lelouch with a polite smile on his face.

"Please apologize to Rose, if you want to gain anything out of me. I really hate it when you kids start to fight and get offensive, as far as I see it Rose has been a `real angel` towards you and by the way... listening in on our conversation? Of which part of your `royal` upbringing contained proper manners and where the hell did you get your gadgets?"

Emmerich joked, but he was dead serious about the apology.
this guy...he's trying to use me. this will be a challenge yet.However this will end up with my life at stake at one point and he could help me out of a fix... i'll accept though i wonder who will end up pulling the strings ... lelouch thought. "How can I possiblelly refuse? We may very well need one another..." Lelouch said "But...I will ask you one thing...The servace of the CYL control... spreed that special 'Training' to the other two." he said
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"That was my intention, but there is something I`d like to find about you, to set you apart from your father. The blood connects you physically and the genes have been passed down onto you of course. You are not the same, but as the saying goes like father like son. I wonder whether you are worthy enough to rise above your fathers madness and swallow your pride by simply saying your sorry to Rose here?"

Emmerich inquired with an innocent expression.
"Ha. You certainlly are impatient." Lelouch said Chuckleing. "Very well. Rose. I apologize for all preivious actions." He said. You miss judge my charicter greatlly. he thought
"It's quite alright, Lelouch," Rose replied, and smiled out of courtesy, though her eyes were cast down as she spoke. 'And he's accusing Emmerich of being impatient. That's kind of ironic,' she thought, smiling slightly with amusement. Rose glanced at Lelouch, then Emmerich, anticipating another conversation to occur.
The Mad Bomber
Emmerich made a satisfied nod after Lelouch made the shallow, exaggerated and flippant apology, but the idea was still remained, he was beyond saying those words out loud in front of others. Emmerich could guess by how Lelouch had already acted, he would continue doing so without any heed to any cause, but his own. Emmerich didn`t think he was being unreasonable in some measure, but he could have been far more subtle and polite, but alas the kid was a blunt tool.

Christopher remained quiet during the opening conversation, but suddenly waved his hand up and down between the two talking. He wasn`t going to sit by and let Lelouch think he was in charge of things or it was all about him, arrogant brat, seemed to be thinking that Emmerich was beyond trust. If it was anyone then it was Emmerich they should trust, Christopher thought, the feeling he got from the other room was that they should stay by their guardians protection as long as they could. He quietly gazed at Lelouch, Rose and then at Emmerich with an impatient gaze.

"Not to be rude, but Lelouch for once stop acting like a jerk and be more appreciative of what he`s done for you thus far.... well not that it`s really anything good for your social life, but I doubt you ever had one... anyway... " Christopher muttered after a chuckle. "If we are going to stay here then and `be trained` would you explain to me what I happened in the meeting room with the leader?"

Christopher demanded with a warning gaze at Emmerich as he was dead certain, that the inner circle member knew exactly was had happened. Emmerich smirked and leaned back in his chair, he gazed at all of them quietly and snapped his fingers as, if preparing to tell something dramatic.

"Ec-sama has never been injected with CYL" Emmerich said cleverly and scratched his own forehead briefly. "All tough we can only take his word for it, as far as we know he is about 500 years old. His gene powers were `awakened` on their own and conveniently during the middle ages when people were burned at the stake for `witchcraft`. He is the first to have been able to achieve this on his own, as far as he knows, and has been travelled the globe for all his years after his awakening.

During that time he taking on followers, only one in a century joined him, and those followers are the inner circle. I do not know by which means Ec-sama was able to convert the first others, but I am the very first CYL infected follower, ever. However I suspect it might have been something to do with his own flesh or blood, that allowed only four followers to join him in that long time. Naturally as technology developed, Ec-sama was able to create a vaccine to secure a more safe way of recruitment.

The thing you felt, was the power of a 500 hundred years old being and his powers, that`s it... I can`t confirm anything, but that`s how he told it to us. I know you might say he could be lying, but honestly it doesn`t matter...."

Christopher remained quiet for a while, pondering whether he would be able to live so long and look so young as Ec did. It was possible, that the man was immortal and so were the rest of them, looking at Emmerich proved it as he hadn`t changed in 40 years at all from the appearance of a 20 year old man.

"What about our powers?" Christopher inquired afterwards.

"Well, they`ll come... I guess I can tell, that it`s different for each of you... I used my abilities to make an assessment of which cells in your bodies were undergoing the most change and came to the following conclusions. Lelouch`s vision and eye cells have changed quite a bit, Christophers whole body has had some changes and interestingly Victoria`s skin cells have been changing...."

Emmerich said with a smug expression at his own knowledge.
That old huh?... I should take that into consideration. he'll be hard for me to use. he's bound to gain some wisedom from all thouse years... Lelouch thought. "The name Saddler comes to mind. anyway you've obviouslly seen alot of 'recruits'. when the cells act up in our pacsific area what normally happens?" Lelouch said/asked
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"It`s hard to say as it solely depends on your powers, but for example one night everyone awoke into a scream, it was coming from one of the new recruits... I naturally rushed to him to see what had happened and when I arrived... well.. it wasn`t pretty. His right hand had turned into a beasts claw, that wasn`t really the problem and it had seemed he had been thrilled at first.

However you won`t be thrilled when you cannot control the process and accidentally maul yourself in the face as you are trying to use it as a normal human hand. Poor thing, still wears bandages to cover his shame and has had a nasty attitude ever since then..."

Emmerich said, partially confessed with an amused yet saddened tone as he spoke of what had happened to a certain recruit.

"In your case... well.. hard to say, something concentrated in the eye is quite curious and it`s hard to say... each case is unique and thus far there have not been similar changes all tough it is confirmed similar powers can be apparent in the same family."

He added with a calm stare, they were being impatient all tough it was understandable.
"How long dose the process useally take? for them to manifest." Lelouch asked once more. as soon as this guy is done maybe I can....Yes. that may just work. Wesker probolly noticed me gone and is sending his agents... Lelouch thought. he wasn't going to excape then. but use the orginasation to a higher level
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"Hmh... depends.... a week? A month or two? And the training might take... well one can never truly master their power well enough I think, but... I`d say it takes about a while to learn how to properly control the power... that kind of depends on the person..."

Emmerich flippantly answered as he was no longer interested in explaining the facts about their powers.
"So long? Tell me. how long were we knocked out for." Lelouch asked. "I assume it would take quiet a while to do a proper medical operation"
The Mad Bomber

Emmerich mumbled and gazed at Lelouch with an confused gaze, but then realized something and smirked. Christopher at that time couldn`t, but help look at Victoria briefly, especially her shoulder. Emmerich raised up his index and middle fingers, making a slash like move with them.

"You know I do carry surgical knives with me, but truth be told, this is the only `knife` I need. Like this..."

Emmerich said with a hint of sadism on his face before he plunged his hand into the hand of Christopher, who was sitting right next to him. Christopher couldn`t help, but let out suppressed scream as Emmerich`s hands sticked into his right hand. He had witnessed Emmerich`s power before, but the feeling that someone was intruding in your own cellular structure and that some abnormal was happening threw him off guard. Emmerich took out his fingers slowly to show there was no wound created by the operation. Christopher again was forced to stare at his own hand to make sure it was still functioning and had not started to rot away.

"Had I wanted I could have caused Christopher to suffer a stroke, that is my power, cell implantation, peculiarly handy when it comes to operating with the human body... You were out different times. Christopher was the first one I found, who spent two weeks in the hospital, then came you Lelouch and you were there for a week. Victoria was the last and spent 6 days in there....

You seem quite interested in knowing what, where and why Lelouch.... not plotting anything?"

Emmerich suddenly inquired with a friendly smile.
"Me? Now why would you think thatt?...." Lelouch said with a grin. "So if thats true then at the least they'll surface within the next few days." he said.
The Mad Bomber
"Ah thank you for the heads up..."

Emmerich said with a pretentious smile and shook his head.

"You cannot say nor can I, besides there is no rush is there? It wouldn`t be fun at all, if I could not get to know the three of you. Not to mention you need to be trained properly in the use of your powers and for the record I should fill you in on something about your powers. Using them against older, more experienced members of our organization will prove futile.

Its not that you are weak or anything, but it is simply a difference of control and experience. Older and more skilled members have shown abilities to thwart any abilities used against them all tough even that depends on the power.... Hmh, was there anything else you needed of me? Or are we done here? You must want to get some rest before your training begins tomorrow."

Emmerich said and without giving any one a chance to say anything, he jumped up from his chair and began slowly walking to the door. He quietly waved for a signal for Rose to follow him.
elsewhere on a building not to far away a man with a long dark overcoat with sunglasses and a Blonde army-like cut looked through the window of the bar and saw Lelouch. Target Acuired. He thought. He then took out a wakie-talkie. "Tell Birkin to prep the Tyrant-002" he said
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Christopher sighed as Emmerich and Rose started to depart, he was no longer in the mood for questioning and babbling about this stuff, right now he wanted to sleep undisturbed. He gazed at Lelouch quietly, but minded not to bother him anymore as the answer would be blunt or arrogant, very troublesome in other words.

Out of boredom he placed his two revolvers on the table along with a half moon clips of bullets and spun the cylinders around for a while. Casually he began loading them, as they hadn`t even been loaded before when he had pointed the other at Lelouch`s head, but it didn`t really matter as he wouldn`t have shot anyway. He once again gazed at Lelouch as, if to figure out what he was thinking yet he decided to ask it anyway. It bothered him all the time, with all the talk about the royalty as Lelouch was one and the awkward, plotting atmosphere that existed between Emmerich and Lelouch was another reason for him to ask.

"I am just curious, what`s your father, the king like Lelouch? Of course we, the normal folk, get a lot of gossip and rumours, but you being one of the royal household should be able to fill us in on what`s the problem."

Christopher suddenly inquired whilst sluggishly loading his revolvers.


Meanwhile Emmerich again stopped the hallway and leaned against the wall, staring at Rose without blinking an eye, not that anyone else could tell. It was somewhat rare, that the `master` would ask `a servant` for advice, but Rose was clear headed and bright enough in Emmerich`s eyes. Not that Emmerich ever thought Rose as a servant, more of a student than anything at first.

"Any suggestions about what we should do with him? Personally I am going to watch and hold my breath, see how he acts upon his new life and what mistakes he manages to make. However, if you can come up with any preemptive actions, I`d like to hear them... and what of the others? What do you make of Christopher and Victoria?"

Emmerich inquired, again with a bothered tone as had a gut feeling, that everything would go to hell.
"Ha. If your entagled with me at this point you'll soon find out." Lelouch said. then he noticed the figure in the distance and grined. weskers come early. he thought
The Mad Bomber
Christopher gazed at Victoria, who had obviously seemed to be coping with the changes most silently and not even asking questions all tough the two might have asked enough to even answer her questions. Christopher hmhed as he finished loading the other gun and spun the cylinder before pointing it at a wall.

"So what`s your story Victoria, nothing special I presume? Or?"

Christopher asked in turn from her.
Victoria looked at the ceiling a blank expreccion in her face "By now Phantom must be far away, thinking his daughter got caught by the police" She shighed sadly "At least he should pretend he cares, I am his daughter after all" She thought now an angry expreccion in her face, she shook her head and took a deap breath trying to put those thoughts aside. She then rememberd what he once told her "We thiefs can't afford trust, loyalty or love" She rolled her eyes "Yeah great nice lesson, did it ever ocurred to him I wanted more than just stealing??" She clinched her fists "What am I talking about?? Gues after all I am my father counterpart. The daughter of the Phantom Thief. Wonder if I'll ever be more than that" She thought as she shighed again "Phantom you idiot" She mumbled angrily. She then looked at Christopher and shrughed "Yep, nothing special" She said as she smiled lightly.
The Mad Bomber
"Hmh? Well I suppose not...."

Christopher said with a bored tone as he began loading the remaining gun, but couldn`t help trying to keep up the conversation, all tough the subject coming to his mind wasn`t pleasant for Lelouch obviously as he had avoided it. So he might as well try Victoria, who seemed normal enough to have some family.

"By ordinary you might mean you hav... had a family, that will be looking for you by now?"

He asked in a stumbling way as he recalled, that contacting the people in their `pasts` would be pointless, they were monsters now and no one would recognize them as `humans` except the chosen.
Victoria felt her blood boiling in her veins "If by family you mean: bastards that treath you like a servant, well yes" She said as she shrughed "My dear father is the only family I got" She mumbled sarcastically "And well I doubt he is looking for me now. Cause he cant come to London. And he dosent really care" She said now sadly *He dosent really care. He said it. Thiefs can afford trust or love* She thought, she then shighed and shook her head "Sorry for all the ranting" She said an ashamed smile in her face, she then looked at Christopher "So what about you??" She asked
Rose stared back at Emmerich, then replied while her eyes wandered around the hallway, "I suppose we could just wait it out and see what will happen with Lelouch. However, if we do that, we would never know what he would do in a split-second. Like... an animal, I guess. A person can keep a domesticated animal for a long time, but the owner will never know when the animal will go back to its instincts and just- snap. Sort of see what I'm saying?" She gazed at Emmerich with a bit of an uncertain expression that showed that she was thinking that perhaps she made a wrong choice of words or that she was incorrect in her perspective.

"Anyway..." Rose continued, looking at the floor thoughtfully. "If he's already involved, I guess there isn't anything we can do about him. It's a troublesome situation... And, as for the others, I think they'll be cooperative. I don't see any problems with them, do you?"
The Mad Bomber
Christopher stopped for a moment, but slightly smirked at the question and shook his head quietly whilst finishing to load the revolver.

"Never `knew` any of my real family, I got tossed to the streets at an early age and had to fight for my survival, eventually crime seemed like a sensible and easy choice to drag myself out of the gutter. I began stealing things for a gang, eventually joined that gang, rose in ranks and finally was accepted as a member of the mafia.

I had few friends here and there, but mostly what you might think of as contacts... and well these days, most of my real friends are either six feet under or on the run... Not a bright past, but one that taught me not to let anyone step on my toes or I`ll splatter their brains on the walls.... heh, sorry for the grim expression."

Christopher said with an amused tone as he finished checking and loading his weapons before placing them back in their holsters inside his jacket.


As soon as Rose had spoken her mind about Lelouch and the others, Emmerich let out an amused chuckle and gazed at the door of the trio`s room. He seemed careless in a sense, but his eyes slitted slightly as he stared at the door.

"I wonder, they might be more obedient, but that doesn`t suggest they don`t have a few dirty little secrets of their own.... and well what comes to our royal guest, I think he will realize, that for once not everything is centered around him..."

At the same time Emmerich reached for his pocket and took out three photos, each were on different people however they all seemed to be wearing similar dark clothing, similiar to that of a priest.

"We are going to start a man hunt for these three people, all supporters and members of the crusade. They are the very last commanding officers those catholic pricks have left on these isles, but these guys... well they are stubborn devils and not just priests, more like extremely dangerous fanatics justifying their acts with their god.

Spread the word to look out for them, supposedly one of them at least is hiding in London... we can`t have Fist catch them before us despite the friendly relations between our factions. We might seem sloppy and lose a good opportunity to seize the crusaders possessions.... relating to that... you`ve been training to control your powers when I was gone?"

Emmerich inquired calmly after explaining the upcoming situation and their orders.
Rose briefly but intently studied the three photos, then looked up at Emmerich and said, "Alright. No problem." Then, to Emmerich's last question, Rose replied, "Yes, I've been training." Then she paused and added a bit hastily, "Oh, I was wondering... Are you able to use your powers to implant cells into me while I'm using my power? I was just curious if you knew if you could..." Rose looked around a bit uneasily, since she wasn't sure if she should be asking that kind of question, but it was in her nature to seek answers to any question that happened to come into her mind, no matter how ridiculous those questions seemed. However, this kind of behavior reminded Rose of something a child would do, and therefore Rose was somewhat embarrassed about it.
The Mad Bomber
Emmerich remained quiet for a while and stared down, not because he was annoyed, but because he felt the same way about things. He too was somewhat curious about certain things all tough Rose came across more childlike in the matter, but he didn`t blame her for asking, after all sciences shaped their forms trough a simple code: trial and error. From various attempts and tests had arisen failures, that had stemmed the need for further work and trials in order to fix the errors.

"All tough I have not tried to use my power on you, I can hypothesis, that my power is able to do so with some difficulty considering the nature of your power. The cells are still the same, but their nature will have changed radically compared to the `normal` human body and thus I think they`ll be harder to pass. However in time you might become even immune to my powers, depending on certain factors....

I have had no problems in doing so with our beastly friend, who I mentioned earlier when he transforms his limbs, but the purpose of the change is not to protect like yours."

Emmerich concluded his thoughts in a short explanation.
Victoria looked at Christopher, the phrace " that taught me not to let anyone step on my toes..." reminded her to something her father would say. She looked at the ceiling "Well I somehow know how you feel" She muttered.
"Oh, I see," Rose said and nodded in an understanding tone, and she was also satisfied that her question was answered. She pondered over what Emmerich had explained.

Rose realized that her words seemed disconnected from her mind at the moment. 'Most likely because of the excitement of the new recruits,' she thought to herself, trying to justify her over-inquisitiveness. It was true she asked numerous questions normally, but today it seemed like she was asking the most aimless questions.

Her eyes darted around the hallway and then finally landed on the door, behind which Ecclesiastes and the others were, and Rose could only guess what kinds of topics they were discussing.

As soon as her eyes stopped on the door, Rose promptly turned back to Emmerich and asked, "Do you know when they will be finished with their discussion?", only to realize that, once again, she had carelessly asked an aimless question.
The Mad Bomber
"Oh they used the other door in the room to exit already"

Emmerich said with a calm tone whilst gazing at the door as the recent developments were rather intriguing, it would be one hell of a mess when all of this might be over, if things got out of hands. Those three crusaders had decided to make a final stand, no doubt they were begging for more support from their organizations branches in the Vatican, Spain and France. A little, if any might come, but that would be it. Britain was already a lost cause for the crusaders and they had to keep an eye on other countries to suppress the two other factions they opposed.

"They discussed some boring things after I left, but before that these guys were a heavy topic, we wipe them out and then Britain `will be ours`. Of course that leaves Fist, but they`ll be satisfied with minimal operations in the isles and wouldn`t dare to start fighting us on our home ground.... Do you know what those three guys in the photos have loved to do most? Crucify people like us, torture them and make them beg for gods forgiveness.

Sadistic f***s deserve to be taken alive, I think, all tough we have orders to kill them, but if I come across any of them I will torture them for weeks on end and enjoy it. Because I know that is exactly what they did to my `guys` before they whacked them, it is no longer about war of ideals, it`s become bloody revenge against these three...."

Emmerich spoke with relative calmness, but as he began to think about the friends he had recently lost he wished to rip someone apart. However he suddenly calmed down as he knew, that there was no need to freak Rose out all tough she didn`t seem like the type that scared easily.

"Once the trio have learned their powers, we make our move, at the meantime our agents are searching for those three.... Rose before I recruited you, was your life empty or did you even have anything to look forward to?"

He suddenly inquired as he had wondered what kind of lives he was destroying by recruiting those three all tough something told him, that he had actually given them all a new chance at life. Lelouch seemed pleased somehow as well as Christopher, who hadn`t had much of a life to begin with and Victoria all tough shy didn`t seem to complain in anyway.
As Emmerich spoke, Rose became upset by the stories of the people tortured by the crusaders, but she had to calm down when Emmerich asked her a question.

"Hm? My life?" Rose looked at Emmerich almost incredulously, since his question seemed a bit out of place, though she continued with a response. "I never really aspired to become anything, to be completely honest. When my mother and father wanted me to seek religion, I just wanted to seek answers. Even as a young child, I couldn't grasp the idea of 'God', though I pretended to pray and be pious to satisfy my parents. My parents never really understood me, and therefore never did support my decisions, while my older sister was praised for all of her 'wonderful' talents." Now Rose sighed and continued, "I never understood that, either. I never understood society or the ways of the world. So I just asked questions and never got answers from anyone. As I got older, my parents had high expectations for my sister, but not as much for me. So I decided that I wanted to have an average life; get a job, get money, and someday when I'm older get married and have a family. It wasn't really my ideal dream for my life; I wanted to do something rewarding, but at least my parents would be happy. The life of a scientist- which was what I was hoping to possibly be, or do something along those lines- was out of the question for my parents. I was going to be a nurse when I heard about something called CYL, and that's when I came here." Rose caught herself there, realizing she was prattling.

She further added with sincerity, "But I had no real hopes for my future before I came here, and you know that I came here by choice. I really wouldn't have wished for any life other than this."
The Mad Bomber
"Hmh? Well I never really thought, that `normal` people would have to apply, that particular life philosophy, but then again Ive never had a `normal` life"

Christopher said at first with slight confusion, which turned into a somewhat ponderous statement about what was the definition of normal.

Elsewhere a man with a gas mask on and a black suit with the logo of an umbrella burst through the door with an explosion. he had several others with him and gunned down everyone in a section of the bar untill the room was clear. "V-7 cleared. moveing in." he said as he walked down a narrow corridor that was reviled by the explosion
The Mad Bomber
Emmerich was startled by the sounds, but then seemingly calmed down and sighed, he immediately took out a whistle and blew it. Luckily most of the recruits had been resting and some employees, that had worked at the bar had been gunned down. The chosen quickly grabbed their belongings and made their way down into the basement with military precision from where they would use a number of escape tunnels to relocate into designated pick up points. The King of Hearts after all was only an outpost and it hardly housed even many recruits, who would have been moving out anyway, but it saddened Emmerich himself.

An attack was always possible and even expected under the meeting of the circle, but something told Emmerich, that these guys weren`t late for the party. Fist or Crusaders would have charged in when the circle had been still present, but which one was behind this one? Neither made sense and a suspicion crept into his mind.

"Rose see to it that our three guests make their way to the escape tunnels in the basement, should there be any attacks even after that then everyone know how to take care of themselves except for those three perhaps. I want you to see to their safety... Ill clean up things here..."

He said with a depressed tone before disappearing into the meeting room, which had a door leading into his own personal quarters. The room was quite barren except for a bed, a window and a large locker against the wall. Emmerich headed for the locker and opened it with a key from his pocket, the lock clicked and the doors swung open. Inside were a few personal belongings, that he hid inside his jacket, a couple vials of CYL and an arsenal of throwing knives. The knives were assembled into three belts, that were to wrapped around the right hand, left leg and torso. After discarding his white lab coat and putting on the belts Emmerich rushed out of the room.

When the invaders entered the hallway the only thing some of them managed to react was the sound of their comrades falling slump to the ground, two of the men had fallen down with a dagger in their chests. Emmerich had turned into one of the doorways for cover with the next set of knives between his fingers, ready to fly. A sadistic grin gleamed on his face as he stared forward, but at the same time he couldn`t feel a bit annoyed as well as disappointed.

"Nope... they aren`t crusaders nor Fist... how bothersome, I`ll have to spare some of them in that case."

He said out loud to himself whilst quickly gazing to his left at the blaze he had created in the room just a few moments before, this and his own room would soon enough be engulfed in flames. It was saddening, even heart braking to destroy his own little hideout, that he had grown to like, but alas those were the procedures when under attack. Ec-sama was particularly harsh when in came to things like these, but for a reason he might guess and then again Emmerich would have the satisfaction of burning his enemies alive perhaps.


Christopher, startled by the sudden sound of gunfire, pulled out his revolvers and pointed them immediately at the doorway. His expression was tense and he couldn`t, but help gaze at the two others, to check their expressions and attitudes in the situation, before speaking out loud.

"Tch, should have known that the quiet was too good to be true, guess we`ll be getting into a mess or the hell out of it."

He said and approached the door quietly.
Victoria just looked at the door calmly it could even be said she looked bored. How many times had she been trough the same: people breaking in, gunshoots, bombs, scream and curses?? All her life.
She couldnt stop asking herself: was this life any different from her old life??
Sooner or later she would find out.
Rose walked at a brisk pace down the hall toward the room where the three, most likely confused, new recruits were. 'What is going on!?' Rose thought, both angered and bewildered. She approached the door to the room somewhat gingerly, afraid she might startle the three inside if she had suddenly burst through the door; she might have been mistaken for an enemy. Instead, she knocked on the door loudly, and shouted, "It's Rose. I'm coming in."

Rose opened the door and further yelled, "You all need to come with me right now!" She widened the door, as if to lure the three out in some way. "Follow me. I'll take you to a safe place." And without another word, she turned around and started to walk back down the hallway toward a flight of downward stairs that led to a basement.
Lelouch compied not wanting to get mixed up in the battle. Meanwhile the leader of the group took out a knife as well and ran to knife fight him. "Give us a sample of the Vaccine." he said jumping the landing on emmeirech and holding it to is throat
The Mad Bomber
"How peculiarly careless of you, revealing out your intent to me and leaving yourself open like this..."

Emmerich said, maintaining his smirk as he grabbed the man`s knife hand and forced a knife of his own into the man`s chest with his free hand. Emmerich then realized, that the room he was in was getting awfully crowded as the flames began to draw closer and he decided to scram, but not before destroying the vaccine. Fire, among some chemicals and the failed injection to a human body, was a way to destroy the vaccine and render it useless. The chemical would evaporate quickly and once in the flames it would be impossible to collect when it was in it`s liquid form.

Thus, freeing his own knife hand, but still keeping his recent attacker as a meat shield for the incoming bullets, Emmerich tossed the vaccine vials into the flames. Next he grabbed the knife sticking out of the man`s chest and turned into the hallway, using the attackers dead body as a human shield. It would have been quite difficult otherwise, but using his power Emmerich sent signals along the dead mans nervous systems to the legs, forcing them to do his biding. Emmerich was surprised how careless and open their attack was, a frontal assault was no good all tough he still couldn`t tell who they served, but he already could take a few guesses.

None of them seemed pleasant to him as he felt how his `shield` was starting to reach it`s limits.
"Good move." Said the 'Dead Man' as a large spike shoot out of his stomach and Impaled he unsespecting emmerich. however he missed his target and only got his arm. when he dropped from his grip he did a back flip and started shooting a TMP at him. "but i'm much harder to kill." he said. apperentlly the bullets had been stoped by a metal plate as well as the knife. however his new spike was apperentlly comeing from the metal and it quicklly defromed back to it.
The Mad Bomber
(Ill be jumping forward a bit with the trio and Rose)

"My... we are freaks alike...ku ku ku... hahaha"

Emmerich said as he felt his own blood falling and burst into a maniacal laughter, but started making maneuvers of his own and still persistently moving backwards. He had not lived 90 years and spent at least 60 of them as a soldier in one form or another to fall for such a petty surprise. He finally made a spin in the cover of a wall, that was next to the stairs into the stairway. Next to the stairs were a couple bottles converted into molotov cocktail`s, that he lit and threw around, blocking the entrance into the basement with flames after everyone else had entered. Next he used his power and placed his own hands into his regenerating wounds, he began systematically and with great speed to pull out the bullets.

He finally spun into view of the soldiers holding the one remaining bottle and knives between the fingers on his other hand. He couldn`t, but help grin at the bullet wounds he had received however they would soon enough close. He quietly stared at the man, standing threatening before his own subordinates and Emmerich knew this battle would turn nasty.

"Well monsters and demons belong to hell anyway don`t they? Which one I am, I really can`t say, but how about you and I find out?"

He said and gestured for the man to attack before lighting the molotov cocktail, he threw it first at the man and then an array of throwing knives whilst charging forward.


Chris managed to crawl his way out of the murky tunnel, that had awaited them at the basement of the King of Hearts yet he was a bit worried as he didn`t see Emmerich following them. The tunnel had various intersections and different groups took different paths, as the three of them and Rose, who obvious lead them and knew the way finally arrived outside Christopher sighed. They had arrived to an empty garage, seemingly safe and Christopher strectched his sore neck.

"I am starting to hate this organizations exit routes, why couldn`t we just bust our way out of there?... ah yeah... we need some secrecy right?"

Christopher said with an annoyed tone and gazed at the others for a while, then finally at Rose.

"Where to now?"
All of the attackers in the area died except for the leader. "You don't know who I am do you? I am death. I have never once failed a misssion. I am always the only survivor. I am HUNK. Now you will die." the man said. His arm begain an odd metamorphisis into an odd, organic, Giant, claw. it seem like a monstrosity and nothing emmerench had ever seen. Then he ran at him.

"The Hive. But first we need to find out 'fearless Leader'." Lelouch said.

(I swear Mai! This is a Zombie free hive!!!)
The Mad Bomber
"Wait, we are not going anywhere unless Rose tells otherwise as she is logically more experienced than us and probably knows a place to hide at, besides don`t you think Emmerich can take care of himself?"

Christopher said, protesting to Lelouch`s proposition and gazing towards Rose.

(I was kinda planning on Rose to lead them somewhere and along the way they might get into a fight etc)
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