Kakashi’s Farewell: The story of his Love and Sacrifice ( Part 1 )

Sasuke was in shock at what he had just done. Looking over at the motionless body of the person he regarded as his best friend with the very instrument he used to kill him still embedded in his heart.

What was this sensation he was feeling, was it regret? Of the time he spent with Orochimaru, he never thought he could feel nothing else but anger and hatred. But now he felt as if a floodgate had opened inside himself and all the emotions of the past rushed into his body.

His eyes started burning and the physical pain coupled with his emotional pain of killing Naruto was too much and caused Sasuke to collapse on the ground, breathing heavily.

This must be the Mangekyou Sharingan, but something inside him says it wasn’t. Sasuke crawled to the edge of a nearby puddle and looked at his reflection. His eyes didn’t show the Mangekyou Sharingan, but something different, something new.

Might have his guilt in killing Naruto have ended the Uchiha Curse that plagued his clan for generations?

Then he begins to hear crying right behind him, it was Sakura. She removed Sasuke’s sword, got on her knees, and then held Naruto’s lifeless body against her bosom.

With her speech impeded by tears, she spoke, “Why? Why did you have to die? I was finally ready to tell you how I felt. You were always there for me.”

Sasuke didn’t know what to do, what words to say to Sakura. And then he remembered the words of the Nine-Tailed Fox echo in his mind, “But I warn you, do not kill Naruto. Or else you will regret it.”

Sasuke now fully realized what the Fox had meant. He just killed his best friend, who only wanted to save him from pain and vengeance.

Then in the distance he hears the many footsteps of his former comrades quickly approaching. Fearing they would seek vengeance against him and with the intense emotional pain that was tearing up inside him was too much for him to bear.

All he could think of is to run, run away and to find atonement for his sins. Maybe someday his friends would forgive him.

Shikamaru and the other eight rookies entered the gloomy cavern through a damaged wall. The first thing they see is a large pool of blood and Naruto’s lifeless body in Sakura’s arms.

All nine of them were stunned and they immediately realized that their comrade was no more among the living.

Shikamaru sorrowfully remarked, “Oh geez, Naruto.”

Ino felt terrible as she saw the sorrow in her best friend’s eyes and tried to console her, but she could not move.

Neji with a battle-weary Rock Lee in his arms arrived and in spite of their experiences, the sight of the bloodbath was unspeakable.

Lee’s expression turned regretful, for he admired Naruto’s fighting spirit and wanted to test his proficiency against him, and now that opportunity sadly would never come. Seeing him in such a state was painful to him.

Then a figure emerges from behind Shino, Hinata Hyuuga couldn’t believe that Naruto was truly dead.

Barely audible she whispers, “Naruto-kun.” Her years of building up the courage to confess her feelings to him were now all in vain.

Out of nowhere a battle-worn Hatake Kakashi arrived in wisp of smoke. Chouji was the first to notice, “Kakashi-sensei.”

Everyone but Sakura gazed at the new arrival as he approached the pink-haired Kunoichi.

Kakashi stood over Sakura and sighed heavily as he saw his student’s body. He was disappointed in Sasuke’s action and felt responsible for Naruto’s death. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t on time, Naruto.” Kneeling down next to Naruto’s dead body and placed his right hand on Naruto’s chest as if in hopes of detecting a heartbeat.

Kakashi paused silently moment and then knew what he had to do. He looked over to Sakura and gives her his ever confident smile, “Sakura, everything is going to be okay. I won’t let my comrades die.”

Sakura had heard those words before and she instinctively knew that everything was going to be okay.

As if a great weight of sadness had been lifted off her chest, she turned her head to the right and for the first time noticed that Kakashi’s mask was torn off from his fighting.

She was surprised at what she saw, “Sensei, your mask.”

To Be Continued...