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Full Version: Scar's Work
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Well i'm not a fanartist at all but couldnt find more suitable place for that topic. If it's not just fit here, feel free to lock it sleep.gif tongue.gif

Well... That's enough for now i guess happy.gif
@Scar-San - I did not know you can draw like this! Nice works!!
They have distinct style, and the feel of the drawings somehow matches all your pics I have seen.
I would love to see more of your drawings. ^^
I'm glad you like them wink.gif Thanks...

Well i didnt put my drawings before because they are not fanart smile.gif But then i decided to post some of them... Actually im drawing for an online magazine (turkish) (

I can post more of them soon wink.gif
Wow!!! Those are amazing! You probably already knew that, though.
Thanks dude wink.gif
I havent gottien in my own drawing for year but that my friend... is fantastic.
That is just plain epic. You're awesome!
These are awesome! ohmy.gif
I can't draw. >___>"

I'd love to see more! biggrin.gif
Little Washu
They're really cool =D Kind of scary, but cool none the less~
OMR that is so cool. they are so cool. lol
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