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Full Version: Alphonse And Al Comparison (Movie Spoiler)
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I realized during the series Edward's dad was talking about that there is someone completely identical to you physically and has the same name, but in the movie how come The Alphonese(sp?) in England was light blond hair and blue eyes, while Al on the other side of the gate (can't remember name: Alchemy using side) had dirty blond hair and brown eyes, but they did have the same name. Does that mean he really wasn't the right Al?
i think that they just look a little bit similar and are the same age, and the Ed counterpart had short hair instead of long hair but the Hughes and Gracia ones look exactly alike.
Ed counterpart had short hair instead of long hair

That's not the same as eye/hair colour...

The Alphonese(sp?) in England

They were in Germany.
It is the right Al.
In the movie Ed says somthing along the lines of : And if my little brother had the chance to grow up, I'm sure they'd look exactly the same.
If you watch the extras, it was one of the questions the directors had: how similar should they be?
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