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Journel Entry 77: Misson Quota 7


Large construction for raw alchemic minrals has awoken some kind of large insectiod, that was burrowing beneath Earth. these insects, that Watari and I reffer to as Killiks, have been useing some kind of psycological Link between them to draw other life into an odd form of Mind control which casues one to enter into a territorry of these insects. these things deprive one of personallity and even form as they intrap humans in egg-sacs in whicth the life form gose through a metamorphasis that transforms there mind and body into part of one of these Killiks depending on the hive. this is all that has been assesed by me, Watari, and Z. I wish, if you choose to except this misson, to meet me at my manor. the pass word is Alpha-beta-nine-seven-cornelilia. this is due to the hive mind trying to slience me and must be used to get in untill we finish this misson.

Yours Truelly, Lt.General L.Lawliet
Joining (of course)! With Ash and Hotaru:

Name: Ashley Blair
Alias: Ash, the White Lotus Alchemist, Hatred.
Race: Homunculus
Age: 23 yrs old.
Occupation: Medical/State alchemist.
Hair: Dirty-blonde, tousled, shoulder-length.
Eyes: Used to be light-green; currently reptilian, purple (like the Seven other Homunculi).
Personality: Curious, intuitive, stubborn, tricky, serious.
Strong points: Dedication, physical strength, protective.
Faults: Hot-tempered, head-strong, over-confident, reserved, numb, foul-mouthed.
Alchemical style: Alchemy tattoos covering her hands and running up her arms while covering her entire torso, back, and shoulders. Practices Xingese alchemy (known as 'purification arts' or 'rentanjutsu').
Specializes in: Healing and destructive alchemy, detecting auras/flows of chi, medicine.
Family: None, save for someone who claimed to be her 'uncle', but was of no relation.
Apprentice: Hotaru Stille
History: Ash, originally, was born to a happy alchemist couple (whose names are still unknown) about 25 years before. However, when she was 6 years old, she was attacked by a chimera whom left her body hidden in a forest. Her parents could not find her and were distraught over the loss of their daughter. Several months passed and, soon, reports started flooding into military command concerning whole towns and villages slaughtered in a single night. The perpetrators were never found, always hiding and keep out of public eye. It was soon learned by Ash's parents that an old friend of theirs, an alchemist named Yagami Raito, had found their daughter's body...and turned her into a homunculus with a Philosopher's Stone inside her body. Their daughter was now a personification of Raito's hatred for evil and wrong-doing, and had become his killing machine, his weapon; it was her hands that killed the people of all the now-dead towns that Raito destroyed to create more Philosopher's Stones. To save what was once their daughter and the rest of Amestris, the two alchemists used human transmutation to put Ash's Stone into submission, and wound up dying in the process, leaving the homunculus alone.
After the transmutation, Ash awoke with no memory of her life at all before that very moment, as though she'd just been brought to life. She had no memory of her killings nor of her creator, who had disappeared during the ritual. She was found by someone who claimed to be her uncle and was raised by him. Once her Stone had been put into submission, she was able to age normally. However, it seemed that the people of Verlorn, the town she lived in with her uncle, could sense her dark, blood-drenched past, and shunned her, leading to her becoming a 'brat'. When she turned 11, she started learning alchemy from a man named Van Hohenheim, wanting to learn it to gain the approval of the other townspeople who all knew alchemy quite well. It did not work, though, they felt she should not learn it. Disgruntled, she pressed on with learning and cursed at anyone who told her otherwise.
When she was 13, her uncle suffered a heart attack, causing Ash to worry. With the alchemy she'd been learning, she transmuted his heart and believed she had healed it...until he died a week later from the severe wounds and injuries her alchemy had done to not only his heart but the entire inside of his body. Feeling guilt and believing she had killed him, she lived in her house and never came out. For a year she did not go outside, for a year she took a good, long, hard look at herself and realized what a brat she had been.
Around 14 years of age, her sensei took her out of her home to visit her uncle's grave. She resisted at first, but finally consented and went. While at the grave, she told her sensei that she wanted to use her alchemy to save people and that she didn't want to lose anyone else. Once that had been said, Van Hohenheim taught her everything concerning RentanJutsu (Xingese alchemy) until she joined the military at age 18. It wasn't until she was 21 years old that she got her memories back from her time as the homunculus 'Hatred' and is usually in constant conflict with herself, wondering if her hands were meant to kill or help people.
Ash never had friends when she was younger, so, those she's made to this day are those that are precious to her. She does everything in her power to protect them and values their lives over her own. After the death of L, another friend of hers, she's been more resolute to protecting the friends she has left, no matter what the stakes are.
Note: Has an Ouroboros tattoo located on the base of her neck; her 'Ultimate' ability is muscle and strength.
Theme song: Numb - Linkin Park (with Raito), Feel the Silence - Goo Goo Dolls.

Name: Hotaru Stille
Alias: Hotaru
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hair: Black (with a purple tint), thick and cut evenly with bangs.
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Caucasian
Height: 3'11''
Frame: Frail, thin, small.
Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken, peaceful, friendly, child-like.
Strong points: Kind, gentle, caring, story-telling, comforting.
Faults: Somewhat anti-social, meek.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Uses a staff-like glaive (blade shaped somewhat like a 'G') with alchemical symbols carved into the blade and handle; performs Rentanjutsu (Xingese alchemy).
Family: Deceased.
Sensei: Ashley Blair (the White Lotus Alchemist)
Clothing: Dark-colored skirts, pants, jackets, boots, socks.
Specializes in: Peace-making, transmuting light and silence.
History: Hotaru's life is a...strange one. Her mother died when she was 6 years old, and due to the sudden death, her father went mad and attempted human transmutation to resurrect her. However, as is the case, it failed, forcing him to learn ancient alchemy from long ago. With it, he could control humans, create golems and dolls, and so forth. Being an ex-State Alchemist, he held a grudge toward the military for letting him go after his wife's departure, and decided he would try to eliminate the military with this style of alchemy he'd discovered.
How was Hotaru involved? While she was young, he turned her into his own, personal puppet, using her as a cover-up when infiltrating towns and cities he needed for his plan. He came across the city of Schwiegengel (once a city of bloodshed and violence) and killed everyone in the city, using their souls to create a Philosopher's Stone. With the leftover bodies, he turned them into puppets to create the illusion that the city was not dead. His plan failed, however, with the arrival of a group of State Alchemists, and was ultimately killed by Hotaru's later-sensei, Ashley Blair.
With her father dead and her soul restored in her own body, Hotaru left Schwiegengel to thank the alchemists for saving her, and is now under the apprenticeship of Ashley Blair, the White Lotus Alchemist.
Theme song: Twilight - Vanessa Carlton

Ash read over the note from L as she and Hotaru walked towards the manor. It was dark out, the sun having set a while ago. However, the two couldn't sleep due to...stress. Hotaru walked close by her sensei's side as they made their way to the front door.

"Now...where do we insert the password?" Hotaru asked, looking around for an intercom of some sort or a phone to call in. Ash raised a brow and did some looking herself. Cocking her head to the side, she sighed and said to the front door in hopes of that being the insertion for the code, she said in low, yet clear tone, "
Joining with Kari-chan and Naru of course!

Name-Kari Rika Neko.
State Alchemist Name-The Cat Alchemist
Occupation-State Alchemist/librarian/head tech. person/sniper
Hair-Raven black/blue,shoulder length and spiky at the ends.
Eyes-As hot and as a black as pepper.
Personality-Very short temper,loyal,fairly intelligent,headstrong,stubborn,blunt,cold,sarcastic,can be very hyper occasionally.
Strong Points-Loyaler than a wolf,doesn't usually miss her mark with a gun or slingshot,intelligent
Weak Points-Hyper,Gets aggravated easily,has a tendency to be rather violent,HATES needles,fairly foul mouthed.
Alchemy style-Uses her alchemy with guns to hit her mark exactly,also uses the normal destruction,reconstruction sort of thing.Also is a very good spy because of her cat ears.
Family-Narumi Hyuuga,her uncle on her mother's side.
History-From her birth to the age of 5 she was a happy normal little child,always hiding her ears and tail to keep it that way.But when she turned 6 her father found out about her mother's,hers,and her sister Helena's secret about them being half homoncules (CAN'T SPELL!) and killed her mother and scarred a 'XIII' mark on Kari's back for the rest of her life,her sister had one on her shoulder before she died which was 'VII'.Her sister and her took care of themselves till Kari turned 12-13 and her sister went off to the Ishbalian war and got killed on the battlefield.So she and her friend Nate Rivers tried to bring her sister back,Nate was taken to the other side of the gate in the process though the homoncules was never complete since Kari hesitated and didn't put her hands until after Nate did,so troubled and in need of money she went to the military and became one of they're snipers and thieves nick named the 'Black Cat'.But she quit that particular part of the military soon after and became a state alchemist with her Tech. and librarian job.Along with helping out detectives from time to time. Theme song-Animal I Have Become-3 Days Grace and Iris-The Goo Goo Dolls

Name-Narumi Ruka Hyuuga
Hair-Dirty blond,nearly brown.Kept back in a stubby ponytail at the base of his neck usually.
Eyes-Slate gray.
Personality-Rather perverted but not to the extreme,likes to joke around alot but is serious when he has to be.
Strong Points-Loyal,friendly,excellent cook
Weak Points-Rather ignorant of things,doesn't know when to stop talking,and doesn't know when to stop annoying his niece.
Alchemy style-Reconstruction,Destruction,and in thunder storms can use the lightning in his alchemy.
Family-Kari Neko
History-Unknown. EVEN TO ME!XD *shot*
Theme Song-Dude Looks Like A Lady!-Aerosmith (I have chosen to make Naru look like a girl XD)

"Oi Naru hurry up!"

Kari complained running to L's mansion with her annoying uncle at her heels,it was rather odd to see a 4"11 girl out running a guy that's nearly 6 feet tall since her legs were shorter but she was,Naru was taking his sweet old time,they were nearly there and she saw Ash and Hotaru and she yelled tackling Ash in a bear hug as usual


((Edited because me being a moron put 'Better Days' instead of 'Iris' for Kari's other theme song caus I was listening to it XD))
I am in!!!

Name: Mai (Blue Diamond Alchemist)
Age: 19
Occupation: State Alchemist

(She has icy blue eyes) And she is whit other clothes.
Personality: Shortempered, sarcastic, tricky, but she is kind and friendly.
Strong Points: Fast, strong, sly, cunning, tricky.
Faults: When angered lost focus, when lost in her thoughts lets her guard down, shortempered. And no matter how hard she tries she always arrives late. XD
Alchemical Style: Can use alchemy whitout circles because of a special ring. She especcialies in water and ice alchemy (She always has a chain whit a blue diamond on it)
Weapons: Little knives whit alchemical arrays that when the knives touches somthing it freezes, sword, and she is very good in martial arts.
History: Unknown

Name: Alexander
Age: 24
Personality: Sarcastic, narcissist, lazzy, sly, bossy, smart but he is also loyal and protects those he loves. It is just he dosent really show his emotions he thinks it is a weakness and a waste of time. His favorite word is "troublesome"
Ocuppation: Unknown
Strong Points: Sly, tricky, fast, pacient, loyal.
Faults: Narccissit, sarcastic, bossy, lazzy.
Weapons: Handgun (If anyone has seen Vampire Knight, Alexander gun is like Zero's gun)
History: Unknown

Mai jumped from builiding to building, she cursed as she ran "No way I am arriving late again" She mumbled, she then jumped to the ground infront of L's mansion.
"You are late" A voice said, she cursed when saw Alexander infront of her, she gave him a death glare, he smirked "Seems I won" He said "Not really it wasnt an official bet it was more like "Lets have a race" thing" She said and then walked away before he could say something else. She walked toward, Ash, Hotaru, Kari and Naru "Hey there" She said as she waved.
"You can come in." Said a masked figure. Zero. He slowlly opened the door. 'L has allowed the Black Knights to make this our base camp." He added
"You can come in." Said a masked figure. Zero. He slowlly opened the door. 'L has allowed the Black Knights to make this our base camp." He added
"Mmk!Well guy's let's go in and see what new puzzle L-kun has for us to do!"

Kari said obviously hyper as she was bouncing up and down on her feet as she practically ran into the mansion and Naru sighed at his niece's behavior and said sweat dropping going into the mansion as well

"Well now I know to never make her eat normal food,she'll be hyper."
Hello! Yelled L running down the corridors, notablly without the cruths from before. come in

Kari yelled tackling him in a hug and Naru sweat dropped at her hyperness and said to L with a pitiful glance as he was tackled.

"Sorry,made her eat normal food for once so she's hyper because of it.Though it'd be smarter to just give her sugar,wonder if her brain's reverse so that if she eats sugar she won't be hyper,and if she eats normal food she'll get hyper."
ACK!!!! My....lungs....are...bleeding! L said squirming around trying to break free of Kari's grip
Kari sweat dropped and got of L quickly helping him up and said worriedly/and yelled at her uncle

"Neh L-kun I'm sorry!I didn't know that would happen if I hugged you!NARU THIS IS YOUR FAULT FOR MAKING ME EAT CARROTS!"
Mai chuckled and Alexander rolled his eyes "Hi there L" Mai said "L this is Alexander" She said "Alexander this is L" she said. "Hi" Alexander said coldy as always.
YOU WEREN'T LIKE THIS WHEN YOU ATE THE MOLDY BANANA! L said to her. it may have sounded like a scream but was little more then a slight good-natued playfulness well now, you have much of a personality. L said leaning toward alexander's side apperentlly moveing when he closed his eyes after shakeing.
Ash staggered inside with Hotaru in tow, limping from the tackle-hug she got from Kari. When she saw L, she sighed, walked over, and noogied him. "Hey, L; long time, no see," she said in a less-than-mellow tone.

ooc| We all love Mello here, don't we? *huggles plushie*
Hello Ash-sama. You sound like somethings bugging you. L commented
Ash blinked. "Eh? No, just a bit tired," she said, shrugging. "I haven't gotten much sleep lately." She sighed and rubbed her eyes, but maintained her usual, crooked smile. Hotaru, however, seemed to be a bit more suspicious, but said nothing and just cocked her head to the side.

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Really...? L asked in a mischavious tone. he turnred to ash and jumped onto her sholders getting out a flash light and pulleding open her eyelids and flashing the flashlight in it. YOUR LYEING!!!!!! He yelled
Ash seemed more than a little annoyed by this action, though it was something she expected from him. However, she sighed and picked him up by his shirt collar. "And if I am lying, there's a reason, L-kun," she said, titling her head to the side, holding him with both hands.
Must we turn every visit into a brawl? L asked upercutting Ash in the chin.
Kari simply whacked the two of them upside the head with a lollipop in her mouth and said now calm

"No fighting you two,and L-kun the only reason why I wasn't hyper from that disgusting banana was because I had a candy cane right after it."

Naru snorted and said to Jillian and Alexander

"Hi Jillian er hi new guy."

((MAKE THEM COMMENT ON HOW NARU LOOKS LIKE A GIRL XDDDD!Oh yeah just so ya know Naru's a full chimera so he can show his kitty ears/tail become a giant panther sort of thing at will unlike Kari,just saying that he looks like a normal person now XD))
Ash gripped her head and groaned. "Man, Kari...did you have to whack us?" she grumbled, rubbing her sore head and chin while sitting on the ground, grumbling.
^-^U It is "Mai" Kari!!

Alexander raised an eyebrown "It is Alexander. And what are you?? A boy or a gi...." Alexander was saying but Mai punched him in the stomach "Hi Naru" She said as she waved and ignored Alexander that was gasping for air due the punch and giving her some nasty death glares.
(But you put Jillian Mai-chan!)

"Yup because I'm immature myself so I know that whack upside the head is the only way you two idiots would stop fighting."

Kari said blunt as ever and noticed the conversation with Mai,Alexander and Naru and sweat dropped going over to Alexander mumbling

"He's a guy,and if you don't want limbs dislocated you won't ask."

Naru didn't seem to notice Alexander's comment,or he ignore it and said to Mai hugging her saying in a childish manner "Mai-san,Kari-chan's been beating me up!"


Kari defended anime sighing.

"Oh just go hug the life out of L-san meanie."

Naru said sticking out his thumb and Kari went anime white with a '0_0' face,it was the calm before the storm!

((Note in Japan when you stick out your thumb your talking about somebody's boyfriend,pinkie for girlfriends XD))
You know I keep the deadlly weapons in the next room Kari-sama. L said with an annoyed look
"Naru,you have two seconds to run for your life."

Kari said glaring and her uncle screamed (like a girl XD) and started running and Kari in a flash took out her slingshot and what looked like a VERY large piece of chalk and aiming it she shot him straight in the back of the head with a bullseye and he fell to the ground seemingly knocked out and she growled angrily obviously thinking that chalk to the back of the head wouldn't have made him knock out so easily and started dragging him back to the living room,he head anime swirly eyes.
Ash just quirked a brow at the scene. Then, she sighed and rested her head on her fist with her legs crossed.

"Kari, I'm sorry, but you're uncle is poor excuse for a man," she said in a mellow tone.
"Anyway. we should disscuss the killiks." L said as he moved to the liveing room
"Ah, yes...the freakish bug creatures," Ash said as she followed L into the living room and reclined back in an easy chair she found. Hotaru followed and sat on a sofa arm, head cocked to the side.
"I've trackd primary disturbences to a town once run by 1st Lt. Yoki before he was relived. Youswell." L said handing Ash a map. "However I'm worryed about how we can avade there hive control" L added
Ash took the map and examined it. Hotaru, curiously, leaned over her Sensei's shoulder to also take a look at the map. Her brow furrowed.

"Youswell...isn't that the mining town...?" Hotaru inquired, looking up at L. Ash nodded, chewing on her pinkie nail as she looked over the map again. "Makes sense," Ash murmured, running a finger along the different lines where mines were indicated.
"Yes. they seem to reside in mines and caves."
"Hm...I don't recall any incidents occurring in Youswell for a while, though..." Ash said, scratching her head. "Are they in mines that have long since been deserted...?" she asked, keeping her eyes on the map.
Yeah. they have. however resentlly a fugitave was tracked into a cave. The millitary tossed a grenade in to try to kill him but instad reliased killiks. L said
Ash finally looked up from the map with a dull expression on her face. "'The Military'?" she inquired, huffing. "Geez...seems like ever little problem we have involves them somehow," she muttered, looking back down at the map.

"And're a State Alchemist..." Hotaru said, resting her elbow on Ash's head.
"Great,the military always seems involved with everything these days and yes Ash I agree with that Naru is a poor excuse of a man.Usually people can atleast get up again once before I hit 'em again and they knock out."

Kari said sighing slightly and took out a pack of gum and started chewing a piece blowing a bubble.
reguardless of responsibllility we need to end this threat. now I don't think Ash will be effected due to her being a HOMUNCULIOUS but we need to worry about us. L said enphasising Homunculious out of frustration due to a secert being keep from him
Kari sweat dropped at L's frustration and said handing him a lollipop

"Calm down or you'll do something stupid like play with the burnt out of flame's gloves and burn yourself."
Ash glanced up at L and huffed. Pissed, she promptly rose up from her seat, folded up the map, and punched him across the face. "Not like I chose to be one, L," she muttered, snorting and cracking her knuckles.
I know' just that....I wasn't told untill I was dead.... anyway back on subject, any ideas?L asked
Kari sighed and took out what looked like a pipe from her bag and started chewing on the stem feeling the splinter go up into her teeth,she didn't light it or put tobacco in it or anything,she just like chewing on it and blinked obviously concentrating and asked

"Alright guessing that blowing up the mine is out,so why don't we just figure out some sort of antidote to the blasted things and spray the whole place with it?"
"Becasue they have immunity. they lived in caves and mines for years that have most of the plants and herbs for insecticide." Zero intterupted
"Great.So that's out of the plans how exactly do they get in your system?"

Kari said clearly frustrated by something that she wasn't talking about since she was taking it out on the poor pipe's stem.
ooc| Gotta go after this; I have church. Heh.

BiC| "So, if they're immune to that, then...alchemy?" Hotaru suggested, pushing Ash's head down to the ground as she sat in a means to punish her for punching L.
I doubt we can get close enough. if we get between two of them then we are automaticlly going to get taken over. they have some kind of psychic connection between one another and use that to communicate. when humans get in the way of that we get absorbed into the hive mind L explained
((Awww bye Rosi-chan!))

Kari groaned hitting her head against the wall and asked raising her eye brows

"So since they're bugs if we burn them all will they die?"
well do you mean set them on fire or burn a plant? L asked
"As in stealing the burnt out of flame's gloves and burning them all for example."

Kari said rubbing the soon to be goose egg on the back of her head wincing slightly,she hit the wall harder than she meant to.
"Well yes. that would be just as deadlly as shooting one thouge." zero said
Ash had just wrestled Hotaru to the ground and was now pinning her to the floor, knee in her back while pulling her right arm back as well, leaving the poor girl helpless.

"Just one? Meaning these things will be harder to kill, right?" she inquired, ignoring Hotaru's string of curses.
"Yes." Zero replied.

(Rosi-sama Post in Choices!!!)
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