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Full Version: Show All Emotions Page Is Making My Computer Go Haywire!
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Show all emotions page is making my computer go haywire!

I'm trying to view all the emotions and the webpage kinda flickers and goes haywire on me. Help please fix! sad.gif
I thought you left because of evil hackers who were not me messing with your profile.

Also, your browser is probably crashing due to the sheer amount of emotes. Just don't use them.
Little Washu
It might be because of the kind of browser, or something. Like, whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or MSN. Maybe something like that.
@LegendaryDragonAlchemistOfPower - I just tried viewing that window and it's working fine for my computer, leading me to suspect it may not be the site problem? Could you describe in little more details how your computer goes "heywire"? unsure.gif
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