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Full Version: The Fma Breakdown (series+ova) ?
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Good Morning everyone ! laugh.gif

Im here to ask for youre help.
Since yesterday, im integrating a group of fans here in Brazil that are trying (very hard) to get FMA to be viewed on the biggest nacional TV channel we got !! Since FMA was never on the nacional TV, or Cartoon Network, the only channel we get to see it here is on "Locomotion" (awsome anime channel)....
Problem is; very few (not to say nobody), has Locomotion in Brazil.
So we are gathering info, to send a memo to the nacional TV sets. And i need to know untill where the hole went....
Cause im going nuts searching the web for solid info ! dry.gif
Is it only the Series + Conq. of Shamballa ?
Is there more ?
Will there be more (be official channels) ?
This will be extremely helpfull to the cause !!!

Thanks !!
@sephiroth07 - Good morning, and welcome to the board!
There are 51 FMA anime episodes, plus "the reflections special" which Edamame has already explained to you on "Is there another sequel?" thread, then "Shambara" movie, and 4 official OVAs, of which 3 are anime, plus 1 live action short film.
You can read FMA OVA info and discussions on FMA OVA thread.
That's it. Sorry, but no more anime, as far as we know. smile.gif

BTW, if you haven't done so yet, read FMA manga and join FMA manga discussions in FMA manga section of this board! ^^

Good luck with your campaign to get the FMA anime on your National TV channel in your country!
Closing the thread. smile.gif
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