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Little Washu
After a good long, thorough search, I've discovered that this site has no Tenchi thread, so I figured why not make one? This place is looong overdue for one.

Tenchi is an amazingly epic anime. It played on Cartoon Network's Toonami in 2000(that's right, the old Toonami with DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho). That's when I first liked it as well. It was originally made as an anime, but as many series. Tenchi Muyo was th first. It was 12 episodes, and is noted as an OVA/OAV. Then there's Tenchi Universe, and 26 episode series. And then Tenchi in Tokyo, the 3rd spin-off which is also 26 episodes. In each series, the characters are different in background stories, and how they meet, but their personalities stay the same.

In 2005, the 'continuation' of the first OVA was made into a six episode series, with almost all the voice actors and actresses reclaiming their original roles. All except for Petrea Burchard, who originally played the 2nd main character Ryoko, and Bob Papenbrook who played Tenchi's father(Nobuyuki) and grandfather(Katsuhito). It's not known why Burchard gave her role to Mona Marshall, but Papenbrook could not continue because he died of chronic lung complications at the age of 50 sad.gif.

There are also other spin-offs that are unrelated to the original series. These would be the Pretty Sammy series, starring Tenchi's Sasami Masaki Jurai. Other characters like Ryo-oh-ki(who is made into a male for these series), Mihoshi and Washu reappear for these.

There are 3 movies, all of which are presumed to have branched off of the Universe series, because the character Kiyone appears in the movies as well as Tenchi Universe and Tench in Tokyo, while she doesn't in the OVAs.

Tenchi Muyo! (all series) on Wikipedia
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Now, to sit back and watch thread die.
Rosi won't let the thread die. At least, for now. Heh.

Anyway, yeah, I remember that series; watched it when I was younger, but that was the dubbed version. Ya see, back then, I did not have the internet, so...I wasn't aware that the shows I watched back then were actually made in Japan.

Getting back on the topic, I loved the series. Ryoko was and always will be my favorite character, probably due to her fiery and unladylike attitude; she and Ayaka's (can't remember her name) arguments over poor Tenchi were always hilarious.

I believe the season I liked most was...*thinks over* ...Tenchi Universe! Most amusing of the series happy.gif
Little Washu
^*gasp* I'm not alone T^T.

Yeah, Ayeka and Ryoko's squabbles were great >w<.

My favorite character, as you can plainly see, is Washu(or Little Washu, as she prefers). Ya see, I was in 2nd grade when I saw the series. So I couldn't comprehend the fact that it was a new season. I though that for every season, they forgot each other and met again .__.

My favorite was the OVA, but Universe was great too >w<. I think I liked the OVA better because there's more character depth. Like Sasami being Tsunami and Washu being Ryoko's mother. I recently watched like, half the series yesterday. I don't have all the Tenchi Universe DVDs though, just 1 and 6 through 8.

*could talk about Tenchi for hours on end*
Yes, yes, I remember...when I first saw those episodes, though, I got a little confused o_O For a moment, I thought Sasami had died and Tsunami was really Sasami, then when they explained that Sasami would grow up to be like Tsunami...I got confused (I was, I think, 10 yrs old).

Anyway...same here. It confused me greatly when they switched series. Heh.

I haven't watched that series since I got rid of my TV set 5-6 years ago. I'd watch the original Japanese anime, but...heh, I saw some screenshots of a topless Ryoko and immediately declined on the idea of buying the DVDs. If I started watching it, my little brothers would and I don't want that happening.

But, I do miss watching it...*thinks*
Little Washu
^Yeah, Ryoko is topless quite a bit ^^U. And the DVD doesn't censor it like Toonami did. (They also censored the word sake with the word tea XD) I went out and bought just about all the DVDs. And then box sets of all the series came out a month later.
That happens to me a lot >.<

But if you do buy the DVDs, since it's such an old series, they're like, $11.00 per DVD. It sorta made me mad when they made a new spin-off in 2005. Not because of that fact, but because of the new styled animation. I prefer the old animation :<!

It's hard to stay away from Tenchi. It's like trying not to breath. Well, for me at least.

I think I'll go watch some Tenchi again, and then the 2nd movie(for the 20th time).
oh ya i remeber that and i was confused to. so i watch it again i think then i kinda understand it more.
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