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Full Version: Iron Man
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I just went out to see this movie tonight and I was fairly sceptical because I have never really gotten into Iron Man and a lot of movies ruin the character, but this movie rocked! The special effects and story were very good for a superhero movie and Robert Downey Jr. as Stark was perfect. This is definitely one of my favourite superhero films to date.
Iron Man is amazing. The humor was especially great, and Robert Downey Jr. just nailed Tony Stark's character.
I guess i'll be the dissenting voice and leave my impression of the film as 'meh'
I loved the movie, I saw it in theaters, went home immediately downloaded it, and watched it again, Then I watched it once more a few weeks ago.
Hahaha I watched it on the plane XD
The ending was hilarious bahahah

I just think the movie is a tad bit overrated X_X
I was a little sceptical when I went to the theaters, because I don't really like the superhero-kind of films..
but this one had good special effects and it entertained me all the time...n_n
did you get to see after the credits where Samuel L Jackson pops up?
mann no sad.gif
i found out that he pops up AFTER i finished watching the movie =_=

it's not that important, right? XD unless they're like introducing a sequel or something o_O
I forget what is the point of it, but it is just funny to see Samuel L Jackson just out of the blue. If it really bugging you, look it up on youtube
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