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Full Version: Various Ways To Annoy The Cast Of FMA
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ENVY* エンヴィー
Don't deny it, torturing is fun... especially when it comes to the cast of FMA. Knowing that, if you will, please name a character and state your idea on how to annoy him/her. It can be anything so yeah, be creative!

As far as examples go, here are some of mine:

  • Edward- Lock him in a room with Wrath after an "all-you-can-eat" buffet consisting of mounds of sugary goods and cappuccino.
  • Riza- Deliver a giant cake to her and, when she takes a bite, have Roy pop out wearing a miniskirt.
  • Envy- Dress him up and put him in a compleatly different anime. Afterwards, yell at him for being in the wrong show.

You forgot to add:
Roy- steal his gloves and soak them in water just before he has to go on a mission
(ways to annoy voice cast) go up to vic mignogna and say "say roy mustang is dead sexy in a mini skirt"
or say the same thing to arron dismuke. lol
(ways to annoy characters)
go to envy and say. "sway"
go to wrath and say look its trisha's grave
go to winry and say "haha. your mom and dad are dead, mine are just in jail"
go to rose and say "are you interested in converting"
go to al and say "what food do you contain and how do i open you"
go to lust and say "those have gotta be implants"
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