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Full Version: Those Who Tread In The Night
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The Mad Bomber
Everyone can join, please join biggrin.gif

Well I hope I get at least someone to take part in this... I mainly made this due to 2 earlier naruto rp`s, which utterly failed, first due to utter randomness as I failed to dictate any sensible rules I guess and the other just kinda dropped due to the fact that no one had the time for the rp, except me that is or did they? Well I`ll probably find out, if any of the three decide to join this one. Those looking to join, read the rules and the plot, then make your character profile and post it. I`ll probably accept every OC, but there are somethings were I draw a line for example having the last name Uchiha, but saying that the character is not from the same clan that is from konoha(honestly, this has happened, not that it`s outright stupid, but stupidly confusing).

Our characters are to be missing-nins teaming up ok? Or if you want you can be from some village, probably from konoha in this case, but I`ll have to see how we manage that


1. No killing other characters or overpowering(god modding) by this I mean that no one is really allowed to do things like(especially in combat):

"Ninja A hit Ninja B in the face, sending him flying into the wall and rendering him unconscious."

That I don`t like to see, all tough comical violence can be allowed etc, but the following is what I`d like to see
"Ninja A threw a punch, aiming for Ninja B`s face"

Into this the other one can answer.

"Ninja B ducked out of Ninja A`s fists way and counter attacked by slashing at Ninja A with his kunai". So we will do this, but there have to be some hits and the targets have to give something to their opponents etc...

2. Preferably no ONE LINER posts, it`s a preferable recommendation, I for one like the rp`s to have more depth and observations etc, it`s just kinda annoying when the rp is about 100 pages with one liner posts.

3. OC and Canon characters allowed, tough I am myself creating a OC character and I would like everyone else to create one cause it might fit the plot better, but we can have some Canon characters along, if you wish it. I`ll just see what we can do to smuggle them into the plot.

4. When granted the possibility of rping as a canon character, you must try to act like that character normally would because I believe that it wouldn`t be true to the anime or the manga if you went wherever you wanted with an already created character. You aren`t required to be the best or exact at it, but at least try to because it shouldn`t be too hard.

5. When creating an OC make them to be Nukenin (missing-nin), they can be genin, chunin or even jounin(but nothing too powerful yet) with their own reasons to have left their villages(not all nukenin have necessarily be considered `evil`). OR you can create an OC still attached to a village and hunting these ninjas, but in these cases I`d like to have a little chat about the characters in order to make the plot easier flowing.

6. Those that do not follow/read the rules shall be reminded, warned and finally banned I guess.


A number of nukenin have been gathering around the border of the fire country, all bent on stealing certain scrolls holding certain forbidden ninjutsu from Konoha, which naturally aroused a lot of interested for their secrets. Originally everything started out as a rumor, that some ninja were traveling with such scrolls and thus began war of espionage to determine whether these were true. Various illegal organizations put rewards for one, that was able to deliver these scrolls to them.

However a number of nukenin that had teamed up tried to assault a vault where the scrolls were being held and they were slaughtered by ninjas from Konoha(mainly due to the fact that everyone was fighting for themselves), after the fight, a number of remaining/newly arrived nukenin all access the situation, waiting for their competitors or the guards moves. A moment of uneasy peace settles and a small group meets by chance in order to hatch a plan...

(PS. This starts around the time naruto & co become genin or at least before sasuke decides to leave konoha)


First Name: Kazuo
Family Name: Ashida
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Blood type: A+
Rank: Nukenin (Formerly Chunin level)
Date of Birth: April 7th
Hair: Dark brown, somewhat medium length, but so that they do not bother his vision.
Eyes: Brown
Weapon of Choice: Needles, Shuriken and kunai.
Known Elements: Air (Related to his sound jutsu skills)

Appearance: Kazuo wears black clothes, a sleeveless vest, black pants, sandals and gauntlets, he wears his bandanna around his head. He wears a large brown holster on his left arm where he stores an array on needles and shuriken whilst storing a few kunai in a holster near his left knee. Finally he has a cursed seal mark on the back of his neck, which takes the form of three connected triangles. ( , PS. ignore the name mentioned in the adress biggrin.gif )

Personality: Kazuo is a rather distant person, he doesn`t like expressing his emotions very openly, although he prefers a manner of sarcasm and stinging mock at others he has come to know, foe and friend alike. He tends to be straightforward and doesn`t even sometimes realize his own rudeness all tough it might hardly bother him. However the only signs of respect and comradeship he shows to those, who in his opinion have earned their strength or have known true pain.

Skills: Kazou specializes in a long ranged jutsu combat, he utilizes bells as his weapons in order to create sound waves, which he boosts with his chakra in order to create sound blasts and other attacks. He also has some skill in genjutsu as sound based genjutsu is harder to avoid and whilst doesn`t require sight contact. He can also use his sound based abilities for more than just fighting, scouting is one of them. However as he is quite concentrated in attacking from a far, his skills in close combat are minimal and he is easy prey close up for anyone specialized in close combat. As a last move of desperation he possess the cursed seal, which is located on the back of his neck, but having first hand seen what the seal can do to men, he refrains from using it.


Kazou lived as a youngster in the rice field(sound) country, he had been born into a low-level ninja clan, which hardly had any power at all, but still managed to come by. Kazou proved out to become one of the leading youngsters in his clans every days struggles, but his life would be shadowed by various tragedies. As fate would have it after Orochimaru arrived to the country and created the sound village, Kazou and his clan eager to join, hoping to increase their power by the `guidance` of one of the famous sannin.

However they would be proven horribly wrong as most of them were made out to be Orochimaru`s experiments and guinea pigs, Kazou was no exception, but in a way he for one was a success at first, receiving a cursed seal. He was later on assigned as a guard into one of Orochimaru`s facilities, the northern hideout, the main site for Orochimaru`s human experimentations. There he would spend his days keeping the experiments in line and when the opportune moment presented itself, training against them, always seeking stronger and stronger opponents amongst them.

But at the same time he saw what happened to his own clan, a minor clan, that was wiped out or twisted by experiments. Inside he hated the sound for what they had done to his people, but at the same time stayed there and remained grateful due to the fact, that he had for one received what no other of his clan had ever achieved, true power. However one day, he had enough, he realized that skulking around the hellhole and fighting beasts was no longer sensible. He knew that he would never become a great shinobi, if he couldn`t face a real shinobi in real combat, thus he left the sound and didn`t look back at his life that lay in ruins. He set only one goal for himself, to become strong and skilled enough to one day make a place into his own liking.
I'm in the mood for a Naruto roleplay. happy.gif Now, let's see if I can create a good OC on the spot...heh.

Name: Naomi
Family name: Mizuki
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Blood type: AB
Rank: Nukenin (Jonin level)
Date of birth: January 2
Hair: Short and unkempt, black/brown.
Eyes: Purple
Weapon of choice: Kunai knives, shuriken, strong thread.
Known element: Ice/water

Appearance: Normally wears dark-colored clothing and sandals; her most common outfit is a dark-brown, sleeveless zip-up top (similar to Sakura's) with a pair of knee-length black shorts. Like most ninja, she keeps a holster containing kunai knives and shuriken strapped to her right leg. Wears an Amegakure headband around her neck (naturally, with the symbol upon it crossed out) and a pair of fingerless black gloves.

Personality: Naomi is very much an introvert and often acts as though she's lost her tongue, being very quiet and calm until trouble stirs up or something gets in the way of her goal. However, despite her withdrawn attitude, she's notorious for her sarcastic and sharp tongue, almost giving her multi-personality syndrome...?

Skills: Mostly speed: she can throw kunai knives at such a speed that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Using her chakra, she can direct the kunai at long-distance ranges toward her enemy, despite their mobility. She has a water-type chakra, which provides her with techniques similar to Zabuza of Kirigakure. However, most of her jutsu are ice-based attacks, enabling her to freeze liquid in the air, clouds, etc...

History: Working on it.
The Mad Bomber
Cool, btw when making up a history, just a thought that amegakure has usually been a battlefield for various conflicts between larger nations as the land is between the sand, rock and fire countries, so that might make a factor in the history of your character. Otherwise good one and welcome! Hmh, about that freezing thing, all tough it is Haku like I can see that there are more than one way to gain access to such abilities so no problem there. I`ll see whether I can lure in more people all tough for once I might actually prefer rping with one person, but lets see about that anyway....
Heh, thanks. You know, I actually forgot about Haku, so...lemme think...

Normally, I wind up changing my characters as I roleplay, which is probably because I don't quite know their personalities until I've actually used them. Hm.

Alright, I'm working on her history, so thanks for reminding me about Amegakure's history. You know, I really should keep my Wikipedia windows open when I'm working on roleplay characters. laugh.gif
The Mad Bomber
Hehehe, I kinda thought about the haku thing and thought that there is the possibility of having a jutsu, that can modify temperatures etc(water or air related probably related) and Ill probably make the first post sometime today, but for now I haven`t got time all tough I`ll have to see whether I can have more ppl to join however of course we can start and ppl can join later on.
Yeah...that is probably possible since Haku's ability was a bloodline-limit. So, yeah, probably...

Well, we can start. I need to go to bed after this post, though, since it's around 3am here and my laptop's wireless connection is faulty.

Will you be starting, then?
The Mad Bomber
(Ill create an opening for you)

Near the edge of the fire country, in the midst of a woody terrain, at the slopes of a mountain side resided a lone building. It was a large building, almost like a temple or a shrine, but it had never served none of those purposes. It had long been a vault and a gathering place for Konoha`s ninja`s, protected by the surrounding woods and a mountain, keeping prying eyes from discovering it. It had also long been surrounded by various barriers and traps, there had only been one safe route to the hideout, but as of late all of those obstacles had been systematically removed. A large number of Nukenin had set their eyes on the vault, all seeking to advance their own goals, whatever they may have been, but mainly it was about power in one form or the other. At first it had started out as rumor, that valuable scrolls containing forbidden techniques from Konoha had been held there in secret, but once the rumor passed around it grew.

And as confirmation came, that shinobi of Konoha had indeed been increasing their activity in the area, a number of illegal organizations set their eyes on the price and hunt began. At first there was an uneasy moment of spying before all hell broke loose in a confrontation between two ninja teams. As everyone thought that their rivals were moving out so did they and the woods surrounding the vault became a battlefield, slowly the battle moved closer to the hideout and before the leaf ninjas could escape they were trapped between the rock and the hard place. Now an uneasy silence reigns over the area as everyone prepare for the battles to come, the leaf ninja guarding their secrets can only hope to be reinforced in time whilst the nukenin after the secrets can hope to steal them before anyone else.

One such nukenin sat quietly on a tree branch amidst the woods, he dangled his left leg down from the branch whilst keeping his eyes closed, listening. Kazou Ashida, utilized his sound based talents as he listened to the sounds all around him. From time to time he listened in on the conversations of other nukenin around him, their movements and whatever he could find out, occasionally he made sure no one was approaching him and sometimes he even tried to listen in on the Konoha shinobi. However he had no luck there, despite his enhanced hearing abilities, which covered well around everything over 300 meters around him, he wasn`t able to make out anything from his target. Within that range he could even hear a conversation, but anything further away began to fade away from the range of his abilities. He quietly opened his eyes and sighed whilst scratching his hair, he was all alone in this mess and backing down didn`t seem like an option to him. His original company had died fighting against another group and the last of them fell to infighting, this had already made his paranoid enough to set up a perimeter of sound traps around him. Anything that set off the traps would sound the alarm and he could act upon it as he had seen fit. The thought of joining another group nearby had crossed his mind, but then again he would be back stabbed the very second he turned his back. Not that his earlier companions had been reliable, but at least he had been able to work with them.

Suddenly there was sound approaching him, someone was moving right towards him, probably in order to take a better look at the building. Kazou hid partially behind the tree and took out three needles between his fingers whilst waiting for the possible opponent to approach, however he reassessed the situation and wondered whether the he could gain an ally in this situation. He stepped partially into view of the approaching shinobi, but held the needles in his hand ready to fly.

"Greetings, might I inquire, who approaches me in this ghastly hour?"

He inquired out loud in order to attract the approachers attention.
ooc| Thanks. Hm. Let me might sound a little non-missing-nin, so whilst roleplaying I'll probably be re-reading Naruto mangas. So, forgive me, please. And, in comparisson to your'll be a tad short. Heh.

BiC| Stupid bastards, Naomi Mizuki thought as she ran through the trees, occaisionally leaping off of branches and tree trunks to gain momentum. She kept her ears open, however, for any other ninja. She had just run into a pair of Konoha ninja and had barely taken them down; fortunately for her, their corpses would not be found for some time.

Suddenly, she sniffed the air, smelling another ninja, and came to a stop on a low branch, crouching low with a calm expression on her face, slight irritation in her dark eyes. She kept her hands at her sides, right hand touching her holster for her kunai knives and shuriken...and nearly fell off the branch when the other revealed only half of him from behind the tree.

"Greetings, might I inquire who approaches me in this ghastly hour?" the stranger said whil holding his needles. Naomi blinked, steadying herself while in silent debate. After a moment, she flipped open the holster but did nothing else. "Only if he who asks me this gives me his name first," she said, furrowing her brow as she spoke.
The Mad Bomber
OOC: ah np, I just made that kinda long as I explained the story etc.

My... aren`t we cautious, are you afraid that I`ll put a hex on you once I learn your name?

Kazou thought with a brief smirk rising to his face, but he wiped it away as soon as it had appeared and he took a step forward out of the tree`s cover. Now that he looked at her, as he realized that the stranger was in fact a she, he almost wanted to sigh in relief at the fact that the symbol on her headband had been crossed over. He kept his hand down at all times, but kept the needles ready in case the confrontation would turn out hostile, hopefully it wouldn`t have to come to that. Furthermore the strangers appearance seemed rather rugged as, if he had just encountered foes in battle and cautious acting would support that theory, thus she might not be looking for any unnecessary fights. Kazou knew he had to make a move, that would determine the future course of the next few minutes or hours and all tough information was everything, giving your name wouldn`t probably matter too much despite he would have wished to have remained incognito.

"Ashida Kazou is the name I carry, I am one like yourself nukenin of Amegakure."

He said with a calm face, but at the same time he kept a keen eye on the stranger all tough listened to his surroundings in order to make sure no one was following her or trying to sneak up on them.

"I suppose both of us share the same goal, after you`ve told me your name I`d like to offer you an exhange, a deal, if you will. It could benefit us both and as you surely are aware, these woods are not safe to tread alone during these nights when there is all this... commotion about."

He said whilst suddenly dropping the needles between his fingers and letting them hit the forest floor, it was a test to determine both of their futures. Was she a merciless bird of prey after another victim or would she listen to reason?
Naomi raised a brow in suspicion. A deal? she thought, studying him as she crouched on the branch, keeping her hand at the open holster. After a moment of thought, she took a breath and muttered in a steady tone, "Naomi Mizuki." Her eyes, however, still held suspicion as she spoke.

Hm. And he states he also from Amegakure, she thought, exhaling slowly as she waited for him to speak again. She looked almost frozen on the branch, as though she would not move until she was positive that he was not an enemy.

The Mad Bomber
(Eh, sorry for the poor use of words, what he actually meant that he was a nukenin like her)

The response was somewhat shorter than he had imagined, but it sufficed, at least she seemed rather peaceful at the moment all tough understandably cautious. Kazou suddenly dropped down onto the forest floor, where lay his camp, which was quite well hidden amongst the tree`s. The remains of a recently snuffed out fire was still there along with a few packages of equipment, bu hardly anything heavy as he had traveled lightly. Kazou gazed briefly at Naomi and waved his hand as a sign for her to come down from the tree branch before he quietly sat down against a fallen tree trunk. It was a gamble, but he had no choice and besides if there was an emergency, he always had `it`.

"Look, we are all after the same scrolls and as it seems that both of us are alone I suggest we team up. There are surely a number of other groups far more numerous than the two of us, but if you wish to go in alone, you are on a fools errand. I already lost my `comrades` whilst clearing the woods of enemies, but at least I am here because of my skills.

What do you say, an alliance of convenience? After we acquire the objective and utilize them to our best interests we split ways? I understand, that my word might be hard to trust, but I guarantee you it is the best one around here."

Kazou said, trying to reassure Naomi, that he was not a threat and he was they could both benefit from this encounter. This was very unlike him, but he had come to learn in the short time he had been in the outside world, that battles had to be picked carefully.
ooc| Ah, I see. Apology accepted. Heh.

Naomi watched him, keeping an air of caution about her as she thought over his words, brow furrowed. An allegiance...but can I trust him...? She exhaled through her nostrils, lips set in a line as she stared at him as though she were an emotionless statue. She seemed like one, frozen on the branch with her fixed gaze.

After several moments of silent debate, Naomi dropped from the branch and landed cat-like on the forest floor. She rose up on her feet and put her hands on her hips, head tilted to the side with her eyes set in a mellow tone.

"Fine," she said in a dull tone, exhaling smoothly as she spoke. "But, after we get the scrolls, I'll have nothing more to do with you. Got it?" These words she spoke with a seemingly sharp, irritated tongue, as though she herself did not enjoy the company of others, which probably explained decision of wandering alone.
The Mad Bomber
Kazou couldn`t help chuckling slightly at the strict and harsh manner she presented her opinion, it was not uncommon for nukenin to despise each other or everyone for that matter, they were outcasts. They were the one`s that were driven away for their beliefs or chose to leave because of those beliefs, they were the radicals of their villages, they were the `monsters`, that villages hunted. Kazou gazed at the woods to his right and listened for a moment, it was safe, no one was coming nor moving about.

"I assure you the feeling is mutual, hence the choice of words about convenience of an alliance, neither of us want to stick together for our own reasons, which is completely understandable. All tough I can`t tell how strong or skilled you are, it`s better than nothing and who knows? You might be even better than I thought at first.... no offense meant there, but forgive for not getting to the point."

Kazou said with a rather amused tone of voice as this was what one might actually call a conversation, he hadn`t been talking this much in a while, even around his former `comrades` he had been silent and spoke only when neccessary. Kazou grabbed a scroll from his belt and laid it open on the ground, it vaguely described the area and it had a trail marked on it, the route that Kazou had used to get there. Kazou moved his fingers accordingly as he spoke of each part of the area.

"As you are aware, the whole area as of late has turned into a battlefield and everything has no concentrated around the hideout where the shinobi of Konoha are hiding in, leaving every single blood hungry nukenin near the forest border before the open terrain before the hideout. No doubt starting tomorrow morning all hell will brake loose and many will die on that field, not to mention at that hideout. I have no grasp of the hideouts insides, no one except konoha has, and from here on out it`s only going to get more dangerous as you can imagine.

However, I have been able to scout and learn a few things during the night, there are about 10 groups of nukenin, varying from 3 to 6 in numbers near us, within the range of my Samon(can be translated as hearing or inquiry) No Jutsu. Farther than that I can estimate, that there are about half as much as that, probably within the same numbers. They have been making battle plans as covertly as they could have, but they didn`t seem to realize, that there could be someone listening for a far. It`s going to be a waiting game, no one really wants to go first and if they have to they are going to perform a shock attack right trough in order to infiltrate the hideout. Yet I believe that the konoha shinobi guarding the hideout will be better equipped and in better positions, I have no clue of their overall skill levels, but they are no pushovers.

Also... All tough the hideout is outside my range of hearing, I have naturally deducted, that since the beginning of the battle at the forest they sent out various messengers to call for reinforcements. When those would arrive.... Id say about three days at tops, but at worst they`ll be here in two so escape will become hard as they`d love to turn this place into a death trap. Personally the situation is far too chaotic to make up any plans, I say we`d have to sneak in unnoticed as the battle rages or we improvise utilizing our specialties to their fullest... Any thoughts so far?"

Kazou inquired whilst grabbing a bottle of water and taking a mouth full, afterwards he stopped to stare at his newly found ally, she would not want to tell too much about herself, but in order for this to work they would have to work together.
Naomi listened calmly and quietly to everything he'd just said. She was crouching down on the ground again, her arms resting on her knees as she looked down at the map, taking mental note of important information. Her expression appeared to be bored, but she was paying attention. After he stopped, she thought for a moment, replaying his words, then scratched her shoulder.

"I'll let you know when I have any. Go on," she said, resting her chin in the palm of her hand as she watched him expectantly, waiting for him to continue.

ooc| Sorry for the short post; gotta go to bed.
The Mad Bomber
"Anyway... if everyone is going all out tomorrow, a two person cell like us should wait for the battle to unfold and try to brake trough the battle with caution. Upon reaching the building we should be able to enter or well that is, if that heavy reinforced door there won`t cause us any problems. The problem really isn`t breaking it down as I using a long-ranged sound blast am able to bring down trough targets yet trouble is the shinobi guarding the entrance....

Now that I have shared some of my information I think it`s about time you tell me of your expertise and skills. I will have to know what you can do so that we can work trough and Id like to know how capable you are of... well protecting a target for a while... no doubt you can handle water jutsus?"

He inquired with an interested expression on his face, but there was a hint of suspicion in them as was trying to determine her overall powers.
ooc| Sorry for the long reply; needed to think. Ergh.

Naomi raised a brow as she thought the plan through carefully. When he asked her of her capabilities, she responded in her usual dull tone as she leaned back and folded her arms over her chest.

"Yes, I can use water jutsus, though I'm rather fond of the ice type," she explained quietly, as though this were something she had rarely ever thought or spoken about. After a moment, she continued.

"If I utilize my chakra properly, I can direct threaded kunai towards my target as long as I can sense their chakra."
The Mad Bomber
(uh oh, sry I have been a little busy etc)

Kazou nodded with a quiet face as went trough their options, water ninjutsu and this ice type would come in handy as long as she had water on her side of course. At the moment it seemed, that luck wasn`t on their side as there hadn`t been rain in a while despite the clouds yet truth be told water could be found almost anywhere. Kazou opened his mouth to continue explaining his proposal of attack when he stopped and suddenly turned his head to listen, activating his jutsu to sharpen his sense of hearing.


Kazou made a silent whisper and glanced at Naomi with alarmed eyes, after that he quickly jumped up the nearest tree with a pair of needles between his fingers. Someone had approached one of his bells and broken trough the perimeter, it hardly seemed like a social visit as he could sense the sounds approaching fast. Kazou quickly hid himself amongst the leaves of the tree`s, standing upside down on a branch and with his hand already forming seals. A trio of ninjas appeared to a nearby tree, eying the camp from the shadows and would have gone normally undetected until attacking.

Hopefully Naomi had found a suitable hiding place so that the ambushers might be ambushed or they might be fooled to think, that the person at the camp had moved on. However deciding against allowing it Kazou allowed his blood lust to kick in and a thirsty grin formed onto his mouth. They were unaware of the threat possessed by the bells hanging from the tree`s around them and Kazou had the perfect way to deal with the situation, quickly forming seals he began to perform a jutsu before the enemy could leave. After the final seal the bells his own clothing began to rhyme as, if in concert with the others around them and creating a sound, that resembled a unrecognizable whisper.

Sasayaki No Jutsu

As soon as the three ninja realized what was going on, they had already been trapped in Kazou`s genjutsu all tough he couldn`t swear, that they wouldn`t be able to resist. If it ad worked then the three ninja would feel like something was crawling in the back of their skulls and paralyzing them, as if ready to devour them whilst all they could see was darkness.

"Finish them!"

Kazou demanded from the nearby Naomi, hoping that she would do her own part.
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