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Full Version: Looking For Rp Buddies
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Hello I just wanted to let people know that I would love to rp with anyone (as long as it's not oc (A made up character) I love rping FMA I can rp as Envy, Alphonse, Riza, or Izumi but really I can rp as anyone. I like yaoi and the pairing I like are. Ed X Envy, Ed X Alphonse, Al X Envy, Envy X Winry, Roy X Riza and many more XDD. But if you don't like yaoi that's fine I can rp anyway. But please don't be shy to come and rp with me i'm nice like Alphonse lol and btw I also like Slayers so if anyone is a Slayer's fan please come here as well. Bye bye
Vermillion Alchemist
I'm game.

I love to RP.
Yaoi isnt my thing, but I can still do it if its what you want to do.

dont hesitate to contact me if you want someone to RP with =)
happy.gif Woohoo! sure i'd love to do you like Envy? cause he's ussually the character I rp as.
Vermillion Alchemist
Yea, Envy's pretty cool.

I can do mainly Winry, Alphonse, and Edward...I write fanfictions with them all the time so I can control them better than any other characters.
Oh ok XDD So which of those characters do you prefer to rp as? I like them all :3
Please take this to PM or start your RP game with a new thread. Otherwise this will quickly become spam
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