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"16-year-old Juno McGuff is a cool and confident teenager...who's about to take a nine-month detour into adulthood through pregnancy. Deciding adoption is the best choice, she finds an affluent couple to give the baby to while going through the frustrations of motherhood with her supportive father, and best friend (as well as 'father-to-be'), Paulie Bleeker."

Hilarious, cute, and interesting movie, if not for the vulgarity. It has a great soundtrack as well as the dead-pan Ellen Page (from Hard Candy) playing the role of Juno. Saw this movie last week and loved it, though it didn't need that many sexual references. Seemed to ruin it a bit.

Still, it was cute and interesting. Heh. I loved the last scene with Juno and Bleeker; very cute.
Little Washu
I saw lots of previews for it. The humor seems like Napoleon Dynamite humor though, which would make it an awful movie, and makes me not want to see it.
Nah, it's not that kind of humor at all; it's actually funny, not dumb. Loved it.

Heh...hated Napoleon Dynamite. The only reason all my Mormon pals loved it so much was because Jon Heder is a Mormon; I hate his guts, and lost all respect for him when he starred in Blades of Glory (horrid movie).
Juno was an entertaining movie, but I'm probably a bit biased since I'd support any movie with 2 Arrested Development actors <__<...

on another note here's a slightly altered version of the movie script titled If Juno was 10 times shorter and 100 times more honest (Warning contains movie spoilers)
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