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(Okay, everyone! This is my first roleplay I'll doing!! happy.gif You can join this rp with your originals chara and OCC fan chara from FMA! I'll post here my two chara's profile and after that I'm gonna put there too the information from the roleplay.

Charater name: Alexandria Hendric (Alexia or knowing as Alchemist Steel Woman)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Apparence: Soon Picture
Important family: Younger brother: Alexander Hendric (Alex)
Hometown: Very near from Resembool
History: When she and her brother were children, they were borned into a little village near Resembool. One day the two Hendric's brothers discovering the Alchemy by reading some books from their dad's bookshelf and so they're starting to practing it. When they've got almost 7-8 years old they discovering other three children (Edward, Alphonse and Winry) playing each other but Alexia and Alex don't playing with them because they were already late and so they return back at home and founding that their mom and dad weren't in the home. So they're waiting for them as one night a young woman opened the door and telling to Hendric's brothers that she was a very closely friend to their mom and she tells too that their mom was dead like their dad. So, she deciding to adopting Alexia and Alex and the two were now living near Central City with the young woman, called Jessica Mustang (I know.. She was another of my OCC fan chara just like Alexia, Alex and they're parents.. ^^'').
One day, after Jessica was leaving her house to working into Central City, Alexia and Alex deciding to doing together the Human Transmutation but something was accidently wrong and Alexia were losing her two legs and two arms as Alex went into the Gate.
So right now Alexia were deciding to walking around Central City to realizing her dream: getting back her young brother and be the new Alchemist of the State just like her dad.
Looks: She has got four auto-mail, two on her legs and two on her arms (all giving by her private teacher Jessica Mustang.)
Personality: She's sometimes acts like Edward and sometimes she's a rebel with the others. But she is very carefully with her friends and especially with her lost younger brother.

Charater name: Alexander Hendric (Alex)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Apparence: Soon Picture
Important family: Older sister: Alexandria Hendric (Alexia)
Hometown: Very near from Resembool
History: When he and his sister were children, they were borned into a little village near Resembool. One day the two Hendric's brothers discovering the Alchemy by reading some books from their dad's bookshelf and so they're starting to practing it. When they've got almost 7-8 years old they discovering other three children (Edward, Alphonse and Winry) playing each other but Alex and Alexia don't playing with them because they were already late and so they return back at home and founding that their mom and dad weren't in the home. So they're waiting for them as one night a young woman opened the door and telling to Hendric's brothers that she was a very closely friend to their mom and she tells too that their mom was dead like their dad. So, she deciding to adopting Alex and Alexia and the two were now living near Central City with the young woman, called Jessica Mustang (I know.. She was another of my OCC fan chara just like Alexia, Alex and they're parents.. ^^'').
One day, after Jessica was leaving her house to working into Central City, Alexia and Alex deciding to doing together the Human Transmutation but something was accidently wrong and Alexia were losing her two legs and two arms as Alex went into the Gate.
All that we know is where Alex deciding to escape from the Gate to hugs again his older sister and followed with her his dream: beggining the new Alchemist of the State just like his dad.
Looks: He only discovering that he has lost all of his memory from the past, apart the moment with her older sister.
Personality: He's sometimes acts like Alphonse and sometimes he's a rebel with the others. But he is very carefully with her friends and especially with his older sister.

Okay, and right now here's the information to the roleplay:

The scene to start: Central City

Weather of the day: Sunny day

The new mission: Trying to meet some new Alchemist into all of the people of Central City, beggining friends and after then try to save Central City and the others places from Homunculus.

Okay, I think this is for all at the moment! wink.gif And remember: have FUN here!! Okay, let's start with my chara.)

Alexia and her younger brother were walking into the people from Central City. They're were just quite boring as the Hendric's brother looking with a bored face on all the happy people, including some happy family.
<<If we have again our mom..>> though Alexia as she continued to walking around.
"Damn it.. I'm quite annoying.. Hope that we can meet someone, right sis?" said Alex to her big sister.
"Uh? Yeah... Hope so.. ^^''" said Alexia.
The two continued to walk as they recognized a man near the place of Military of the State. Alexia smiling a little as she continued to look the man who was that day went to take a look from all the people.
Inside of her mind, Alexia were againg thinking to her born village and.. Her mother and father too. She remembers those days when they're parents were Commanders from the Military. Suddenly the same man from Military saw the Hendric's brother and yelled to them.
"Alexia! Alex! Roy Mustang want to see you!! Right now!"
"Damnit.. Not again.." groaned Alexia as she and Alex following quickly the man.
When they be into Roy's room, Roy Mustang were there sitting into his favourite sofa.
"So.. What happened right now to called us, Roy Mustang?" asked Alexia.
"I want that you two going to found some new Alchemist guy so we can have him or her as our new Alchemist of the State.." replied back Roy.
"I see.. So the new mission is to found some new Alchemist to know they're very well to accepting into the Military, right?"
Roy Mustang nodded as his black eyes looking into Alexia's one. Alexia before some seconds take a very surprising face on but then she grinned with a evily smile as she spoke.
"Alright, Roy! We're gonna to found some of these Alchemist!!"
As then Alexia exit the door with her younger brother right her side. When the two went off to the Military's place, Alex was only looking with a worried face her older sister's face. And after then he sighs inside as he continued to walking with his sister into the people.
Alexia were looking around, hoping to found some younger Alchemist like her and Alex.

OOC| Okay, now you're turn everyone! ^__^ And don't forget to post here your chara's profile (maybe two chara's profiles and not over these two chara's profile)!
I am in!! Whit one of my new characters!!

Name: Jillian (Also called The Illusionist)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
(Whit other clothes)
Hometown: Aquiroya (Not sure if it is spelled like that, but basically is were Psiren lives)
Personality: Friendly, funny, loyal, tricky, shortempered, sarcastic, prankster and agressive.
Info: She dosent really talks about her past, when people ask her she just avoids the subject.
Currenltly she travels around only whit a small backpack and her violin, she gets money doing street performances (Basically magic tricks whit alchemy, they are pure illusion reason why she is called The Illusionist and playing violin!)

A large group of people were gathered in a circle, in the middle of the circle there was a girl sitting in a chair and a small table infront of her and an opened violin case were people were trowing money, she was suffling a deck of cards a smirk in her face "Well that is all people!! Thanks for your attention and coperation!!" She said "How do you do that??" A boy asked, she gave him a playfull grin "A magician never reveals his secrets" She said the boy shighed dissapointed, Jillian then picked her violin and the bow, she then started playing and a slow and beatifull tune filled the air (Nocturne-Frederic Chopin), more people gathered and soon the violin case was being again filled whit money.
(Alright! ^__^ Your chara seems very wonderful!! Now you're into the rp! biggrin.gif)

Alexia and her brother suddenly noticed a very large group of people in front of their eyes and then Alex asked to her sister.
"What's happened, sister?"
"I don't know, Alex.. Let's take a look.." replied Alexia as she trying to walking into the large group.
Alex followed quickly her sister and suddenly he discovering that her older sister was suddenly stopped. He then saw a girl at the middle of the circle playing a violin.
"What it can be, Alexia?" he then whispered to Alexia's ear.
"Hmm.." she mumbled back "I don't know.. Probably it's Alchemy.. But who knows what it's be.."
As Alexia takes a quite confuse face on, Alex continued to watch the girl playing her violin. Then his eyes were taking by the movements of the girl as one hand going throw his chin. And Alexia did the same just like her brother.

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Jillian raised an eyebrown when heard the two brothers words (Everybody was quiet while listening the music so it wasn't really hard for her to hear them talk) She then finished playing and the people clapped, she then put the money in her backpack and the violin in the case and then looked at the brothers "Well infact..." she was saying when somebody yelled "There you are!!" A man pushed the people aside as he walked toward the girl and then gave the girl a dead glare "I was looking for you!! You cheated!! So give me my money back!!" He yelled, the girl rolled her eyes "Well you were cheating too!! I just payed you back whit the same coin!!" She hissed "W..what?? No!! You changed the cards or something like that!! I dont know what you did but you cheated!!" The man said angrily, the girl just got up took the violin case and her backapack and smirked "Ok seems that it is time to go!! So many places to visit and so little time!" She said, suddenly she clapped her hands and then a big sparkle like thunders of pale blue light surronder her, everybody closed their eyes or covered their eyes blinded by the light. When everybody opened their eyes the girl was gone.
But she had only trasmuted a hole in the ground and she was currently running trought the sewers (I am not sure if that is how those things are called)
(XDD Don't worry!! Everyone getting confusing of how they called some words!! Just like me, of course.. wink.gif )

Alexia and Alex suddenly looking before the man and then the girl. Alex was very worried for the girl as suddenly Alexia clapped her hands and putting one hand throw her arm.
"Heh.. I think that girl is very in danger.. Hey you!" then she points with her other hand to the man "Leave alone this poor girl or I'm gonna showed to you my blade!"
As she was saying those words an automail-blade comes out to her hand after a very light blue thunder covered all of Alexia's left arm.
As Alex trying to helping too her sister, a voice came out behind their back.
"Leave me this guy, Hendric's brother!!"
As Alexia turned back her head she discovering that voice was from Roy Mustang. Alex were impressed too as he asked to him.
"C-Colonnel Mustang! When you're discovering this news?"
"Heh.. Well, my assistants have noticed to me that there was quickly a dangerous moment between this girl and this guy and so I've deciding to enjoy!"
Alexia were going to speak others words as suddenly a light covered her eyes and after that she turned her head in front of the place to see then that the girl had disappeared.
Roy Mustang wasn't so impressed and telling to the Hendric's brother as he takes a serious look to the guy.
"You two.. You must followed that girl! I'm gonna fighting this guy with my special flame alchemy."
"O-okay..." Alex nodded as she starts to run, following by his older sister.
As they following quickly the girl, Roy was now changed by the guy as he didn't move any expression face apart his serious face on.
Alexia was only taking back her head to looking Roy Mustang and the guy who he was now fighting.
<<Good luck, Colonel Mustang..>> she though.
When the two brothers were quickly saw the girl running Alexia yelled to her as she takes out to her mouth some breaths.
"Hey, you!! Stop running!! Please!"
She was now quite closely to the girl as she continued to running, but suddenly she discovering that her younger brother were now stopping running.
"I.. I need some breaths right now..." he whispered as he painted very hard.
Alexia then stops running too as she takes out some sigh and then walked near her brother and waiting that he finished to his break-time. As she waiting, she takes now only a look throw the way that the girl were running.
Jillian cursed when heard the girl yelling at her *Can't belive it!!! I just wanted to teach that guy a lesson and now I am being chased by some state alchemists??* She thought angrily still running, she then noticed the alchemist werent following anymore, she stopped and took a deap breath "I think I lost them" She mumbled as she looked around.

The man looked at coronel Mustang "You may be a state alchemist and coronel but the bussines I have whit that girl is not your problem" The man hissed angrily.
As finally Alex have taking some of his breaths he looking around, discovering to have lost the girl, and so he asked to Alexia.
"Hey, Alexia!! Where's that girl? Have we lost her?"
"No way!! If maybe we can searching her with one of our animals golem." Alexia blinking one eye as she clapped her hands and put them to the floor.
Immediately, appeared from the floor a tiger-golem and Alexia were clapping again her hands and put them on the back of the big animal-golem's head and it quickly start to running, following too the air that the girl have leaving.
"Hope that this idea did work very well, sister.." murmured worriedly Alex as he saw running Alexia's golem "You know that Roy Mustang went very angry with us if we not doing his orders.."
"I'll know.. And don't worry.. My tiger-golem is very perfect to following some Alchemist!" said Alexia as she looking to the way that her golem has picked.

Meanwhile Roy Mustang were calm as the man spoked. Then he said with a calm voice on.
"Heh.. I suggest you to don't disturbing some poor innocences like that girl! Only because I've send my two new apprendist State Alchemist to following the girl and trying to knowing everything about her so maybe we can have new State Alchemist into our Military.. But if ya wanna at your risk, then I suggest to fighting me and not losing time to talk.."
He immediately smiling as he finished those words, fingers of his flame's glove ready to snapped in front of the man.

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ooc| Hope it's not too late for Rosi to join! happy.gif I'm starting with this character, then later I'll probably introduce her brother.

Name: Susi Faolan
Alias: Susi, the Acrobat Alchemist.
Age: 19 yrs old.
Occupation: State Alchemist
Hair: Black, thick, cropped, cut just above her neck, and unkempt; once had long, black hair worn in braid, but in a fight with Envy, she was forced to cut the braid off to free herself.
Eyes: Dark-blue.
Personality: Sympathetic, calm, kind, warm, altruistic.
Strong points: Determined, focused, flexible and strong (physically); a skilled fighter.
Faults: Emotionally weak, merciful.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Arrays tattooed to palms of hands and, oddly enough, feet.
Family: Younger, half-brother, mother (deceased), father (unknown).
History: Susi is looks so much like her mother that it's scary: same black hair, same eyes-color, even the same physique! However, personality and morality wise, she's much like her father, who also gave her a love for alchemy. Sadley, when Susi was a toddler, her father left the home after learning of an affair her mother was having with an Ishbalan at the time. Upset over this, Susi never really took a liking to her step-father, but became really close with her step-brother, Jett. They all wound up living in Ishbal with Jett's biological father until the war when Susi's mom took Susi and fled to Dublith, leaving Jett and her lover behind to face the massacre. Thoroughly upset by this little turn of events and betrayal, Susi's never made an attempt to be like her mom, and has made a vow to never treat her own children (if she ever has any) the way her mom treated her brother.
She started studying alchemy when she was 10 years old while taking acrobat lessons from a friend's older sister. Her reasons for joining the military are similar to her brother's: 'To prove that not all State Alchemists are 'demons'.'
Theme song: Let Love In - Goo Goo Dolls

"Hm. Trouble again..." Susi muttered in an almost disappointed tone as she watched the chaos ensue in the streets of Central. Perched on the balcony of a food shop nearby sat a young woman with short black hair and an expression of mild interest crossing her somewhat-tanned face. Despite the weather, she wore a long, black coat (one that was often seen on Roy Mustang) and a pair of black pants, but perhaps due to the sun she wore a pair of black sandals. A pair of leather bike-gloves could be seen on her hands that rested in fists on her knees.

Susi furrowed her brow, biting her bottom lip. "Trouble, trouble, trouble," she muttered, standing up to observe the ruckus better. She folded her arms over her chest and watched the streets, somewhat wondering if it was her brother causing this. "...Hm?" She raised a brow, hearing the Colonel and hopped onto the roof, the chain of her pocketwatch clinking as she did so. "That sounded like Mustang," she said under her breath, looking around from the higher perch of the building roof.
Cya Tomorrow!!

"Ha!! An innocent?? Yeah right!! Do you know who that girl is?? She can be a lot of things but she is not innocent" The man said, suddenly the man noticed the glove and gulped "You are....You are" The man said as he backed away slowly and then started running "The Flame Alchemist!!" He screamed as he ran.

Jillian heard something run toward her, she then noticed the tiger-golem, she cursed and picked her backpack and her violin case and started running again.
OOC| Oh, don't worry Rosicrucian! You're very early to join at my roleplay!! happy.gif And I think your chara is pretty cool! ^^ Really!!

Suddenly Roy smiles as the man was running away and after then he puts in front of his left leg his hand with the glove of the fire's symbol. Then Roy looks back to the way that have picked Alexia and Alex to found the new girl.
<<I hope that the two Hendric's brothers have followed that girl. She's got a lot of Alchemy that she didn't know herself. I think she can be helpful for the Military if we can take some new battles against Homunculus.>>

Meanwhile the tiger-golem was running now very fast and it going in front of the girl, making her stopping. It growls so angry as its dark black eyes looking through the girl's ones. Behind the girl were running Alexia and Alex as then Alexia saw her and her tiger-golem who she was evocating before.
"Hey, you! Why did you escape from us? We haven't doing nothing aren't we? We're only searching some new friends.. ^^'' Ah, sorry if we havent said our names. We're Hendric's brothers! My name is Alexandria Hendric but people call me Alexia or simple Alchemist Steel Woman. And this is my brother, Alexander Hendric but people including me call him Alex. And.. What's your name?"
Then she smiling happy as she waiting an answer from the girl. Meanwhile, on the sky appears some dark clouds that telling on Alexia's mind that probably it's gonna rainy a few minutes later. Alexia sighs herself as her eyes were now looking to the dark clouds.
"Damn it.. I think it's gonna probably rainy.."
"Huh? Really big sister?" said Alex as his eyes looking around the sky very curious.
"Yep." replied Alexia with another sigh. "So.. I suggest to search something to going, if we're not going to be wet all cause from those rains.. ^^''"
Then she waiting that the girl answered herself.
ooc| Heh, thanks! happy.gif

Susi walked along the building's roof and, spotting the Colonel, leaped off the roof and landed in a crouching position in front of him. "Hey, Mustang, what's going on?" she asked, dusting off her jacket as she looked at him with her head cocked.
Suddenly, Roy Mustang heards some familiar voice as his head looking through another girl. She's got black hairs and dark-blues eyes. He then smiles as he speak to the girl.
"Oh, hello Susi! Hmm.. Well, I think that me and the others State Alchemist's Military have found a new girl that right now is with our new two State Alchemists, the Hendric's brother.. And you? Have you got some nice day around here??"
He then waiting only an answer from the girl if someone didn't runs throws him and spoke into one of his ears. That guy who was talking now very silently with Roy Mustang was wearing a Military uniform just like Roy Mustang and he wears some glasses on his nose. As after Roy nodded his head and the guy with the Military uniform left away, Roy spoke as he looks the girl.
"Well.. I think the Military has discovering the new Homunculus' secret place. It's into a building very quite away from Central City.. Damn it.. I was thinking to found first some new State Alchemists before going to change the Homunculus to a battle."
Then his eyes looks serious as he looks the cloudy sky.
<<Huh? Is it already rainy?? Damnit.. I hope that Hendric's brothers finding very quickly that girl.. We're not in the good mood now to waiting them.. We're gonna hurry up if we're gonna blocked all the Homunculus' attacks to Central City..>> he though inside as he pulled out a quite sad sigh.
Susi blinked. "The Hendrics'?" she inquired, raising a brow. She racked her brain for any other Military personnel that she knew, then remembering the sister and brother, she slowly nodded in recognition. "Ah, yes...I think I've seen them around," she said, scratching her head.

"Hm? Looks like rain," she muttered, noticing the dark clouds in the sky. However, unlike the Flame Alchemist, she loved the rain and often times would sit on the roof of Military Command in the middle of a rain shower, sitting contently without a care in the world.

"More trouble with the Homunculi? Well, I'm gonna come along, then," Susi said, watching Roy with a curious expression.
*Enough running! Time to fix this* Jillian thought she then turned around and looked at the brothers "My name is Jillian" She said "And well infact I was running from that man, cause if there was a fight I would end in a big mess" She said as she shrughed "It has happened before" She mumbled "So why did you guys ran after me?? Whit no intention to offence. Running after somebody is a weird way of making friends" She mumbled as politely as she could.
Roy Mustang blinked his eyes with very surprising emotion: does really Susi have noticed the two Hendric's brothers? Pherarps he now doesn't care of what happened. He was a little now worried about the Homunculus' future attack to Central City. He mumbled of some few minutes and after then he finally spoke.
"Well.. It's a certain news that Hughes telling me before.. But.. Are you sure you want to join the attack against Homunculus? I think it's really too dangerous.."
He put out a very serious face as he looks so quite close to Susi. Alright, he was now so worried about her life too.

Meanwhile, Alex deciding to spoke before her sister goes in a very mad mood at the girl calling Jillian.
"Well.. It was Roy Mustang's orders to follow and find you Jillian. He was telling to us that he went to fighting by himself that man..."
As finally Alex finished to spoke, some drops of rain falls down to the dark clouds of the sky and went to broke on the floor. Then Alexia went to murmured so nervously as she puts on her head her dark red coat.
"Damn it.. It finally starts to raining those dammnit clouds.. Alex! Jillian! We must hurry up to find a perfect place to stay away from the rain!!"
As she quickly finished to talk, she trying to found some very sets dry to stay away from the rain. Then her eyes turns into her little brother's one and Jillian and then she yelled again.
"C'mon, hurry up you two!"
Then Alex, in a very terrified mood, going to searching too with his eyes something to stay.
"Err.. Big sister? Maybe we can stay under there.." he speak after he points a bar near them.
"Whaaa... That's a very nice place! ^^ Okay, guys! Let's go!"
Then Alexia starts to running very fast to the bar, ignoring for some minutes her brother and Jillian. But then she stops to run and she takes a look to the others two. She then sighs as she deciding to waiting them.
Susi glared at him, but understood his worry and cocked her head to the side. "I'm already involved; I've fought them before, and for some reason..." she said as she walked past him, arms folded across her chest, "they seem particularly interested in my younger brother, Jett, the Blade Alchemist." She looked back at him with an expression of interest, "So, I suggest we leave before the rain turns you into a 'wet match'."
Name: Petra White
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hair that she most of the time has in a pony tail. When loose, it goes about two inches down her back. She wears black pants, and a blue t-shirt and at times wears a gray jacket with a hood. And she wears black elevator shoes, her height is 4'11.
Hometown: Central
Personality: Somewhat like Edward's, and somewhat like Alphonse's.
Info: Around the age of 10, Petra began to learn alchemy in her own interest. One day, her father went off somewhere and never came back, even her own mother doesn't know. She got her alchemy skills from her grandfather. Petra wears two thin gloves(they cover the hand besides the fingers) that have transmutation circles on them. She good at a variety of different kinds of alchemy and never really found her specialty. She normally just wanders around town all day.

Petra strode along the sidewalk alone. Yet another day of doing nothing... she thought with a sigh. Soon, she started to feel slight trickles of rain. Good thing she had her hood with her. After pulling the hood over head, she glanced around and saw a State Alchemist with some girl. Petra didn't have any clue if the girl was a State Alchemist as well, but didn't care was a job she's always wanted...
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From atop a building a man with long white hair wacthed the converstation. he soon Sprouted his wing and slowlly floated to the ground around the 2 girls. He reconised the girl "Susi" most-likelly from The jett person he met before, as they looked like brother and sister. "Girl." He called from behind Susi. On another note he reconised the mustang fellow and eyed him in his omnious aura.
Jillian followed the brothers a puzzled look in her face "What is the deal whit the rain?" She asked curiolsy.
Petra looked over at the man with the long white hair and the wing and then saw him float down to the ground. "Thats something you don't see everyday..." she murmured to herself while staring at the guy without thinking.
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Alexia looking to her younger brother and Jillian who were finally followed herself. So the three guys walking throw the bar as finally Alexia spoke.
"Hmm.. I don't really know.. Probably because something went very bad soon.. Roy Mustang always said that when he just knowing about some coming mysterious things from Homunculus."
As finally the three arrived to the bar Alexia went into the bar and sitting calm to a chair of a table. And her brother doing the same.
"Whoa.. I'm a little thirsty now.. Aren't you, big sister? ^^''" asked suddenly Alex to Alexia.
She went to looking through her brothers' eyes and then she spoke.
"Well.. I'm a quite thirsty too.. Damn it.. I always doing some work for the Military.. And it happened eeevery day and night.. Man, I'm quite tired to work right now.. But I can't do nothing to not went to these works for Military.. Pherarps, it's my job for a very gentle Alchemist of State.."
After she finished to groaned inside she looked to Jillian and then asked to her as she smiled too.
"Hey, Jillian! Want something like some food or maybe like water? I'll pay for all of our of course."
She then waiting some new answer, as she continued to take out her special grin.

Meanwhile, Roy Mustang was very sure that Susi had right: she wasn't now like that little girl who he meet herself in the first time. Now she's really involved. As Roy takes out a smile he said.
"Hmm.. That's a right suggestion, Susi! Alright.. Let's go inside the Military's building.. ^^"
As he finished to speak those words he went to discovered two others new people. One girl and one who seems like an angel because he's got the wings and his hair were very long and white.
"Hn.. Who are you?" asked irriquiet Roy as he looking to the man who was appearing.

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Jillian shook her head "No thanks" She said and then looked at the brothers "So you guys are state alchemist?" She asked
As Jillian finished to speak, Alexia and Alex went to looking to each others and then Alexia put off to her pocket of her dark purple jeans a silver pocket watch as she showed to Jillian. On the silver pocket watch there was a familiar symbol of a chimera.
"Well..." Alexia said with a quite calm face on "You're right Jillian. If you looking very well this pocket watch, maybe you can recognized it.. My younger brother has one too!"
As she finished to said her words, she pointing with a finger her younger brother who was smiling happy. Then she stood up as she spoke.
"Well.. I'm gonna to buy something to drink for myself and for my brother.. Err.. Alex, what do you want to drink?"
"Hmm.." said Alex as he trying to thinking "I like to drink some water if there are some. ^^"
"Okay, fine.. I'll return back."
As Alexia went to the owner of the bar to ordering something to drink, Alex looking Jillian and then he takes out a happy smile.
"So.. Why did you enjoy the music very well? I was very impressed, you're very good to play that violin."
Walking into the bar, Petra went to the owner and asked in a polite voice, "Excuse me...may I have some water, please?"
"Thanks" Jillian said as she smiled as she looked at the violin case "So were are you guys from?" She asked curiolsy.
As Alexia started to speak to the owner, a girl went in front of herself and order a water. Then she make some quite angry inside as she yelled to the girl.
"Hey, there was me before!!"
She starting to make her face quite nervous as her blue eyes went to looking into the girl's ones.

"Well.. Me and my big sister are from near to Resembool! ^^" said Alex to Jillian.
Suddenly he heard her big sister's voice yelling angry to someone and then he sighs inside as he puts on his face one hand.
"Hey! Hey! I'm sorry, I didn't see you. Here, you can have my water." Petra picked up the water in the glass and handed it to her.
Jillian "I am from Aquiroya" She said, she then turned around when heard Alexia yell, she sweatdropped.
Alex sighed again as he decided to stand up from his chair and went quickly to her sister and trying to calm her down. As he quickly comes trough the place that he was see her big sister, he noticed another girl near Alexia and so he said to the girl.
"Ehm.. Hello here! ^^"
Then he comes near Alexia and then he said calm.
"Alexia! Would you calm down for some reason? Remember that an Alchemist of State will never getting angry to one person. Okay?"

As Alexia was trying to refuse the water that the girl were offered to her (just because Alexia hate so much water or milk! xDD) she quickly discovering that her brother was quickly near herself and trying to calm her down. And finally she calmed down and said in a quiet voice.
"Okay, sorry brother.. I didn't suppose to use again my higher voice on in front of some people.. And I know that is my fault and so Mustang will supposed to killing me.. So I must trying to not get my voice very high, just for you!"
Then she smiling happy as she continued to ordering to the owner her drink and her little brother's drink. And at last she getting a water for her younger brother and... Some orange juice for herself! She then starts to drinking it on as her eyes went quickly looked the girl. Then she stops to drink and said calm to the new girl.
"Well.. I'm so sorry.. It wasn't your fault to.. Well, yeah.. Be a little afraid of me.. It was all my fault as always I can do.. Sorry again.. Ah.."
She quickly looked to her Alchemist of State's silver pocket watch and discovered that she was late to meeting other people for the good of Mustang. She looks outside the window and then she discovered that it wasn't raining outside.
"Whoa.. Finally it finished to raining.. Okay, Alex! Jillian! Let's go outside.. I suppose to meet others people if we can challenge some new attack from Homunculus."
But as she finished to yelling happily and walked away, she looking back to the girl and then spoke.
"Hey, if ya wanna you came with us too. My name is Alexandria Hendric! And this from my right side is my younger brother Alexander Hendric! What's your name?"
She waiting that the girl talking to them as Alex finished to say hello too to the new girl.
Petra smiled warmly and replied, "My name is Petra White, and I'm gladly come!"
Alexia smiling more happy as she continued to walking out followed by Alex after they calling again Jillian and Petra too.
"Okay, let's go everybody!! Time to search new people!!"
Meanwhile, up to the bar, there were some dark figures who were just as familiar as Homunculus. The leader of the Homunculus, Lust, said as she grinning evil.
"Hmm.. Guess guess. Here's the stupids Alchemist of State, the Hendric's brothers. Pherarps, they've already found two of the new Alchemists. Envy! Gluttony! Prepare to attack those Alchemists.. Heheh.."
As Envy smiling evily, Gluttony starts to licking his big tongue around his mouth.

Alex was continued to following her big sister as suddenly discovered something strange around the air. He then quickly looking around and after he founds on the roof of the bar and then he yelled scared.
He quickly hiding behind her big sister's back as he take out some scared look.

"Tsk.. Well, let's guess! Lust, Envy and Gluttony were already around here, huh? Eh.. Let's see what they can doing against me!?"
Then she immediately transmutated one of her automails into an automail-blade as it shining under the sun. Then Alexia yelled angry to the homunculus.
"C'mon you guys! Come down to that roof and fighting me if you can!?!"
Then she waiting quite angry an answer as her eyes didn't stop to looking very angry trough the Homunculus.

OOC| If others want to play as Lust, Envy, Gluttony and maybe after Wrath too then you can everybody!! ^___^
V Criel
ooc| joinin'!...I'm joinin' as Ed and Al and since there oringal charas sooooooooo I don't think I need to post their profiles but I do for my own.
name: Venessa Criel (nomaly goes by V, state name: Halfmetal Alchemist)
gender: female
important family: younger twin brother: Josphe Criel
younger cousin: Winry Rockbell
older brother: ??????
hometown: Sawamisa
info: Venessa lost her right arm when she was 5. Ever since she was 7 she has been tained by Izumi. Her and Joe pritty much raised themselfs. Can impersonate anyone and hates being called stubern. speaks 5 languages and 9 deilects and can use alchemist just by claping her hands
looks:right arm automail, brown hair usaly pulled back, blonde streack only visable when hair is pulled back, brown eyes, tall as Winry
personality: pritty much she just acts likes Ed
OOC| Okay, approved! wink.gif You can now start with all the time you wanna, V Criel!
"You're gonna fight a Homunculus!? But I thought they couldn't die!" Petra exclaimed while looking around for something to transmute.
As Alexia looking back to Petra, Jillian and her younger brother she murmured sadly.
"I was.. Knowing that one of the Homunculus, my mother, was afraid of fire. Okay, she's not a perfect Homunculus my mother.. Well.. Ya know.. My mother was an human when I was very young like my brother.. But when she died me and him were trying to transmutated her with a Human Transmutation and so.. Here's the risultat of my mom.. A Homunculus just like these ones."
Then her eyes were continued to looking to the Homunculus as she speaking with a serious face on.
"If I can just found a stings secret weak on these Homunculus, maybe I can-"
But she suddenly stopped by her little brother who was putting one hand on her shoulder and looking her with a serious face.
"Petra has right, sister.. We must trying to found something to transmutating.."
As he finished to speak, Alex went to looking around to find too something to transmutated.

Meanwhile, all the Homunculus were looking evily Alexia and the others Alchemists and as Lust and Envy discovering that Petra and Alex were the first to trying to found something to transmutated they're smiling more evily as Lust said.
"Heh.. How can they bite us just trying something to transmutated?! Gluttony!"
As Lust look Gluttony he quickly jump off the roof and starts to running trough Alexia and the others.

"Ah, watch out everybody!!" yelled Alexia as she noticed that Gluttony went so fast trough them.
Then she preparing only to defending against Gluttony with her automail-blade that she have transmutated and she takes quickly a look throw her younger brother.
At Alexia's warning, Petra quickly ran out of the way. When she did, she spotted a long metal bar on the ground((don't ask me how the heck that thing got there...)). She joined the transmutation circles on her gloved hands by clapping once and then taking hold of the bar. The metal bar's end seemed to shrink off a little, only for a sharp, spear-like part to appear on the top.
"H-holy.. Kitties and birds..." said Alex in a very afraied face as he noticed that Gluttony comes quickly.
But then he remember something to pull out so he clapping hard his hands with his alchemist gloves on and put them on the floor. The floor was starting to moved quite slow as a big golem animal appeared behind Alexia and in front of Alex. It was like just Alexia's tiger golem. The tiger golem start to roaning to Gluttony who he quickly stopped and take a look to the tiger golem.
"Ooooh.. Can I eat it? Can I?" said Gluttony.
"No, it's too big for your stomach Gluttony! Hehe.." said Envy as he jump off the roof too and went near Gluttony. "So, the legend about golems animals is true! You two seems the only ones to evocating some golems like this one, huh?!"
As he pulled out an evil smile, Envy looks Alexia and Alex who were trying to stay calm.
"Hmpf.. And if so?" esclamed Alexia as she takes out a grin as her eyes went to looking into Envy's ones.
Damn, she loves always to looking people on their eyes because she thinks it's a very good strategy to not have fair of anywhere. She then waiting an answer from the Homunculus as her younger brother were already ready to put his hands on his tiger golem's leg to move it and the rest of its body.

OOC| Sorry everybody! This is my last post before I'm going to bed. ^^'' Cya tomorrow!
Petra stood her ground near Alexia, the metal weapon clutched tightly in her hands.
((Okie dokie, see ya!))
Jillian hide her violin case in a big empty trash can, she then walked toward the others as she smirked *This is gonna be interesting* She thought as she took a deck of cards from her pocket and started shuffling it.
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Vermillion Alchemist
((I'm in! Heres my stats)

Name: Elva DelaSangre (Nickname: Elf)

Alias: The Vermillion Alchemist

Age: 18


Hometown: Resembool

Bio: Elf was raised in Resembool, but never truly knew the Elric Brothers...their names and faces were all that were familiar to her. Her mother died during childbirth, so she grew with her father. He taught her basic alchemy, just enough to get her by during tought working situations, but she became so hooked that she continued on and at age 17 earned the title The Vermillion Alchemist by the state. She sports an intricate tattoo of a pointed flower on her shoulder, with a its stem spiraling down her arm, shaping into a dragon the lower it went. This flower, she believes, was the source from which the state named her.

((Let me know if im accepted, and if I need to change any info))
OOC| Don't worry! It's absolutely perfect you chara profile. Approved! wink.gif Ah, sorry for the others ppl if I haven't reply. I was trying to thinking some new post to do. Pherarps, I were with my dad so I haven't post anything. Sorry again.
Welcome Vermillion Alchemist!!
Vermillion Alchemist
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