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Ok, I've been getting so bored recently.
I need yet another role play to keep me entertained.

One thing people should know about me though is that I'm free only on Fridays after school and weekends. (maybe the occasional once or twice during the week if I'm lucky)

Now to get on to the topic of this role play.

It's going to be a mix of Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, and Naruto.
If you don't know any of the characters, then please ask me and I'll explain them to you.
In this role play though, you may have as many characters as you want, but please, just don't take a whole lot. It's a lot easier to manage and you need to let other people have some too.

You can also make up your own character. I don't care if it's an animal or not, but make sure to post it.

So I should now stop talking about it and post the forum to fill out. Well here it is:

What characters you're going to be from the mangas/animes:

Your made-up character-
Ninja, Alchemist, or something else?:
Looks (a picture would be nice):
Other (NO HISTORY! You may weve it into the role play, but history is NOT NEEDED.):

One rule I strictly go by is that you may make the characters of the anime/manga fall in love with your own, but no Guyxguy or girlxgirl relationships. it's a little weird.

So when we have 2 or 3 people including myself, I'll post my forum and we'll start.

Please join. happy.gif
'Ey, Red-chan! Heh, only on weekends and Fridays, eh? Same goes for me on Summer Vacation because of work; on the weekdays I only have three hours after work before bed and I usually use that time for schoolwork and cleaning. Heh.

Anyway...I'm joining with two made-up characters (I'll be using Hotaru from our 'Lost Heaven' RP who's alchemy is pretty much...not alchemy; I like using my characters multiple times in several roleplays) and...well, I'm thinking about the original character:

Name: Hotaru Stille
Gender: Female
Age: 16 yrs old.
Ninja, Alchemist, or something else?: Alchemist/Shinigami.
Looks (a picture would be nice): Even, dark-maroon hair cut just mid-way at her neck; pale skin; frail frame; short and small; purple/black eyes; likes to wear purple, black, and dark-blue clothing.
Other: She carries around this staff-like glaive (; the thing that the girl is holding in the picture) that's taller than herself; it can only be touched by Hotaru as it burns anyone else that holds it; Xingese alchemy symbols are carved into the blade and handle. She is something like a Shinigami (god of death) and even holds the Shinigami Eyes. However, unlike a Shinigami, she can die or be killed like a human being. Her glaive is also known as the 'scythe of the goddess of death', giving her control over the power of death and so forth.

Aaand, the original character...I'm probably gonna steal L and Teru Mikami from Death Note for a bit, but I'll start with L happy.gif
Teru! Haha! L would be good. I think I'll use Kyo. I don't think my brain is sophisticated enough to be Light, but I think I can be Naruto, Near, and um..Al? Yeah. ^^"

Name: Kyo
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Ninja, Alchemist, or something else?: Ninja/Alchemist, also Investagator on Kira Case
Looks (a picture would be nice):Linky
Other (NO HISTORY! You may weve it into the role play, but history is NOT NEEDED.): When she clutches the amulet around her neck, she turns into a white wolf. The symbol on her shirt is supposed to be a transmutation circle. She's very good friends with L and dosen't realise she actually kinda likes him. Ed has always been her best friend and she helps him with missions.
Near! <3 *huggles Near plushie* Muahaha...

Alrighty, who shall start, then? Oh, and Ash might be in ze roleplay; not sure. Mua. I'll start with L-kun and Hotaru-chan happy.gif
Uh, why don't you go ahead and start? ^^
ooc| Heh, alright...this'll start in...Central City. Somewhere. Muaha. I feel bad for using L-kun; DNA-kun usually uses him. Oh well! biggrin.gif

"Do you really need to put that much sugar in your tea...?"
"Of course: the brain burns more calories than any other muscle in your body, which is why I need the sugar."
Sitting at a table in a cafe near Central Military HQ was a seemingly young girl with dark-maroon hair and dark clothing, sipping a cup of hot chocolate due to the chilly conditions outdoors. Seated (or rather, crouching on a chair) across from her at the same table was a young man with messy black hair and pale skin. He sipped a cup of black tea, holding the handle in a rather delicate manner, opposite of the girl's clutch around her coffee mug.

The young girl, known as Hotaru Stille, the Silent Alchemist, sighed and glanced the frosted window, bored. The man across from her, L, blinked. "Bored, Hotaru-san?" he asked, sucking his thumb. She nodded and took another sip of her drink.
I am in (Hope it is ok)Whit one of my new characters!!

Name: Jillian (Also called The Illusionist)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Ninja, Alchemist, or Something else?: Alchemist.

(Whit this clothes but whitout the hat)
Hometown: Aquiroya (Not sure if it is spelled like that, but basically is were Psiren lives)
Personality: Friendly, funny, loyal, tricky, shortempered, sarcastic, prankster and agressive.
Extra Info: She dosent really talks about her past, when people ask her she just avoids the subject.
Currenltly she travels around only whit a small backpack and her violin, she gets money doing street performances (Basically magic tricks whit alchemy, they are pure illusion reason why she is called The Illusionist and also gets money playing violin!)

In the park there was a girl sitting in a bench and and next to her an opened violin case, the girl then picked her violin and the bow, she then started playing, and a slow and beatifull tune filled the air (Nocturne-Frederic Chopin) people gathered around her and soon the violin case was being filled whit money.
Kyo came into the resturant, casually strolling in, pocket watch hanging from her own pocket. She looked around, and spotted Naruto at the counter eating ramen. She ran over, waving and sat next to him. She began to talk obsessivly about how Roy was annoying her constently.

ooc| Mai can you pick a original character to be too? It's in the rules. You don't have to, but it would be nice. ^^"
"Hm?" Hotaru heard Kyo and raised a brow, noticing the newcomer. "..." She stared at the boy Kyo was speaking with in an odd manner. L blinked and looked over his shoulder at Kyo. Recognizing his friend, he cocked his head and took another sip of his tea.

"Who's Kyo-san talking to?" he inquired Hotaru, not recognizing the yellow-haired boy, Hotaru shrugged and looked down at the table. "I'll get her attention," she said as she grabbed a straw that she'd been given and tore the top of the wrapper off. Leaving it half-way in its wrapper, she blew into the straw and shot the paper at the back of Kyo's head.
Kyo felt it and wipped around. Seeing them, she smiled and waved. She spoke a few words to Naruto, then pulled him over to L and Hotaru. "Hello," she said happily. "This is Naruto. You probably don't know him because he's a Ninja, not an Alchemist." She grinned and looked at L. "We still having that meeting tonight L?" she asked, clearly meaning the Kira case. Naruto grinned and waved at the two of them. "Hello," he said smiling.
Hotaru blinked and gave Naruto a small wave, cocking her head to the side. "Hi, I'm Hotaru," she said, lifting her hand for him to shake it. L nodded and placed his hands on his knees, "Yes, at 8 o'clock." He looked at Hotaru. "Will you be joining us? You seemed interested in the case earlier," he said, sucking his thumb again. Hotaru shrugged, "Probably."
Kyo nodded. "What time is it now?" she asked curiously, "It looks like 5:30 or so." She turned to Naruto who shrugged, not knowing the time.

Kyo looked out the window, and saw the sun getting ready to set. "I'm guessing 5:30," she said calmly, then looked at L. "You seriously going to eat all those sweets??" she asked, seeing L's 3 plates in front of him. "I'm shocked you're not HUGE from eating all that stuff." She ruffled his hair playfully and looked at Hotaru. "We think one of people on the team is Kira, and L is suspecting Raito-kun the most."
ooc| ...*debates whether to play Raito or not* Lessee...considering how horrible I am with him in 'Lost Heaven'...And should this Raito be the same Raito from that roleplay...? *thinks*

L winced, lowering his head as Kyo ruffled his hair. "Yes, I do," he said, taking a bite of a chocolate doughnut he had ordered. Hotaru took a sip of her hot chocolate and checked her pocket watch. "...It's around 6 'clock," she announced, closing the watch and shoving it into her pocket.

"So, Raito's a suspect?" she inquired, grabbing a bottle of chocolate syrup that had been sitting on their table and dribbling some into her hot chocolate. L watched her pour in the syrup, expression emotionless as he chewed on his thumb.
ooc| No, this Raito is the regular Raito from anime and manga. That might make it easier on you. : D

Kyo felt her own pocket watch in her pocket, but didn't take it out to make sure Hotaru was correct. She couldn't remember the last time she'd opened that thing. Kyo nodded and looked out the window again. "Guess I better eat dinner and see Ed," she said, gazing out at the about-to-set sun.

Naruto turned his attention to Kyo. "Are you gonna eat here?" he asked, "I wouldn't mind." He looked back at Hotaru. He admired her for the emotionless she could have for so long. At that moment, Kyo realised something. "NEAR!" she yelled loudly, then clasped a hand over her mouth. She paced back and forth, rapidly cursing under her breath, debating on what to do. Naruto stood there, still in a bit of shock from her sudden outburst.
ooc| Gah, Alright; I'll bring him in later, then,,,probably, Hm. Anyone wanna be Ryuk? I'm already roleplaying a Shinigami-like person *pokes Hotaru*

L and Hotaru nearly jumped out of their seats at Kyo's outburst. Raising a brow, Hotaru looked up at Kyo as she wiped off some chocolate syrup she'd spilled in surprise. "Who's Near, Kyo? A friend?" she asked, slightly irritated that some syrup had spilled on her plum-colored sweater. L blinked and stared at Kyo, "'Near'?"

Kyo quickly turned to L. "Near is a kid from the orphanage," she said hurridly, "I accidently left him in the town alone." She continued to curse rapidly, which was unlike her because none of them had heard Kyo curse before. Naruto stared at her in disbelief, still shocked.
Jillian put her violin back into her case, and looked at the money she had, she nooded and entered a nearby cafe, she sat down and ordered a cup of tea and an apple pie, she then took a small map from her pocket and looked at it while she humphed *Perhaps Xing?? Nah!! I am not in the mood for desserts" She mumbled "Risembool?? Perhaps but a little boring* She thought as she tilted her head, she then raised her head when heard the people from the nearby table cursing, she shrughed and kept looking at her map while eating her apple pie.

Can I have Riza Hawkeye???
ooc| Alrighty, you're Ryuk! ^^

L blinked and nodded slowly, remembering his heir. He sucked on his thumb again as he turned to Naruto with (supposedly) an expression of curiosity. Hotaru looked at Kyo, eyes wide. "You left a child alone in the city?!" she scolded, folding her arms over her chest.
ooc| YEY!! and yes Mai, you can be Riza.

"I WASEN'T THINKING!!" she said, "I'M STARVING I CAN'T THINK WHEN I'M HUNGRY!" She ran out of the café without another word, coming back a bit later with Near and Mello, who happened to be with Near. "Sorry..." she said, scratching the back of her head. Near looked at L, head tilted a bit curiously.

ooc| can u be mello?
ooc| NEAR!! <3 *huggles him* Gah...alright, I'll try to play Mello, but since I don't have my Death Note mangas with me at the moment, he's gonna be somewhat OOC. Heh.

L, noticing Near's stare, mirrored the boy's movements and tilted his head to the side. Hotaru blinked, raising a brow at the two boys. Mello was gnawing on what appeared to be a bar of chocolate as he, catching Hotaru's eye, stared back at her. She shot him a glare and he did the same.
"Mello, Near," Kyo said, motioning toward L, "THIS is L." Near's eyes widened in shock while Kyo grinned. "I told you I'd let you meet him." Near's eyes still were wide with shock. Naruto looked between the two boys curiously, wondering who they were.

ooc| Fine by me : D
"But, please call me 'Ryuzaki'," L said as he took another bite of his chocolate doughnut, head still tilted as he stared at Near. Mello's eyes nearly bulged from his head, chocolate bar hanging from his teeth as he turned his attention to 'Ryuzaki'. But, he didn't address him by that name, understanding why L asked to be called 'Ryuzaki'.

Hotaru furrowed her brow, "Um...should you really tell them while we're out in the open?" she said in a low tone, taking another sip of hot chocolate. She glanced briefly out the window and caught sight of Raito walking casually down the sidewalk, passing by the cafe...along with the Shinigami that floated alongside Raito. For a brief moment, Hotaru's eyes turned red, reverting to their Shinigami form, then returned to their usual purple/black feature.
"The person who I'll sucsess..." Near murmered, facinated. "Oh right..." Kyo said, scratching the back of her head. "Ryuzaki then." She looked at the time and widened her eyes. "Uh Ryuzaki? Can you watch them? I'd promised I meet Ed I'd meet him at his house now," she looked at L with hopeful eyes.
Mello shot Near a glare and took a bite of his chocolate. L blinked and nodded, "If Hotaru-san will help." He turned to Hotaru who was staring at the window, watching Raito as he walked.

...Why's a Shinigami with him? she thought, deep in thought. She had even heard L or Kyo.
Kyo nodded. "Ok then, Mello and Near, be good," she said and gave them each a half hug. "Remind me to get you a giant chocolate bar that says Thank You Ryuzaki." After she was done talking, she quickly ran off to Ed's house, bringing Naruto with her.

Ryuuk looked from the stand of apples to Light. "Can we get some?" he begged.
Mello tried to duck from Kyo's hug, but was hugged anyway, and cringed as she left. L waved her goodbye and took another sip of sugary tea. He noticed Hotaru's dazed expression and set the cup back on the table. "Hotaru-san," he said, scratching his knee.
Hotaru didn't hear him, still lost in thought. L, after a moment, grabbed a packet of sugar and threw it at Hotaru's head. The girl muttered, "Ouch," and quickly turned to L with a somewhat irritated expression on her face that soon faded into an empty expression. "Sorry, L...I was thinking," she said, taking a sip of hot chocolate. Mello blinked, raising a brow and tilting his head at Hotaru's behaviour, and glanced out the window she had been staring at.

Raito stopped infront of the stand. "...Are you sure we're not being followed?" he asked Ryuk in a low tone, hands in his pockets.
Kyo dashed to Ed's house, half-dragging Naruto there.

Near looked up at L. "So you're the one I heard on the phone..." he murmered, mezmoried still.

Ryuuk spotted Hotaru, but said nothing. "Yeah," he said, "I'm sure. Now get some of those really ripe apples."
ooc| ...I assume I'm playing Ed---waittaminute...he lives in Resembool. And they're in Central City *blinks*

"Yes, I am," L said in his usual bored tone, tapping his finger against his knee. Mello turned to L. "Is it really wise for you to be outside like this?" he asked, chocolate bar hanging from his teeth again. L blinked. "I'd rather not, but I want to solve this case no matter what," he murmured, sipping his tea again until the cup's contents were gone. Hotaru took another sip of hot chocolate, still in thought.

Light hesitated, then sighed, "Alright, I'll buy you an apple." He stepped up to a woman who was selling the apples and bought a couple. He returned to Ryuk and, sitting on a bench while making sure they could not be seen, handed Ryuk an apple. "Be sure to eat the core, too," he ordered.
occ| Ed dosen't live in Risenpool. He stays at hotels in Central City. : D

Near nodded. "You only get involved in cases you're interested in," he said, reverting to his normal, calm self, "And the Kira case is huge. The only way he could get into this case thoroughly is it he was to come to Japan and work where Kira is."

"I know I know," Ryuuk said, hungrily eating the apple.
ooc| Ah, yes. Am I to roleplay him?

L nodded and took a bite of fruit pie he'd had sitting infront of him. "Is in Japan...most likely a highschool student..." he murmured under his breath, looking at the table now. Hotaru blinked and turned back in her chair to look out the cafe window, finding that Raito and the Shinigami were no where to be seen. She raised a brow while Mello followed her gaze.

"Aaand you're staring at what exactly?" he asked, chewing on the chocolate bar. Hotaru shook her head, "Oh, nothing."

Raito didn't say anything. Once Ryuk finished the apple, Raito stood up and headed back for the cafe.
( *twich* you...*twich* d-dare to steal L? *Puts hand to rosi's face* ROSICRUIANS THAT GO AGANIST THE WAY OF DNA MUST DIE! *Scar asplosion*

Well now that thats over with... me ug...Me steal from other go....BLEACH today!)

Before the ratio person and his shinigami could walk out the door a man with pale skin, a sword, white robe, black hair, green eyes, with cyan streaks comeing down from them entered the room. he also had a skull like feature on the side of his head. "Get out of my way." he said as Ratio was blocking him.
ooc| Sure if you want. biggrin.gif And welcome DNA-kun! *huggle*

Kyo arrived, finnaly, at Ed's house. She started to rapidly bang on his door. She called his name about five times before he came and opened the door. "Hi," she said happily. Naruto grinned and waved to Ed from behind Kyo.

Near made sure to listen to everything L said, as if L was the teacher and he was the student.

ooc| Is that a bleach character or your character DNA-kun?
Jillian now got up and payed her tea and pie, she then shighed as she looked at the street, "Damn, hate cold days" She thought as she picked her violin case and her small backpack and walked toward the door, but stopped when saw two man blocking the door "Excuse me, could you move aside?" She asked
ooc| *explodes; regenerates* Sorry, bud...Rosi's a Homunculus tongue.gif I'm the one they call...'TWISTED'!!! *raises fist*'ve already had your fun with L; it's Rosi's turn now! Even though I'm failing horribly! XD;

Are you gonna roleplay Alphonse, Red-chan? Or is he absent in this roleplay?

BiC| Ed recognized Kyo...but didn't have a clue as to who the boy with the shock of yellow hair and orange suit was. "Um...Kyo, who's this?" he inquired, pointing at Naruto with a raised brow.

"Hm?" L caught out of the corner of his eye the newcomers, recognizing only the one with red-brown hair. "Yagami-kun's here," he said, taking a last bite of his pie. Hotaru blinked and turned her gaze to Raito's direction, knowing that she was the only one that could see the Shinigami following Ratio around. Mello's eyes widened, taking a bite of chocolate, and stared at Raito, then at the white-robed character in the doorway. The boy cocked his head to the side in interest, eyes still wide.

Raito's expression fell sullen, finding this character odd, and stepped aside to allow not only him through the door but the young woman with the violin as well.
(thats why L belongs to me. And yes it's from BLEACH HUZZAH!!!!)

The odd man walked past the teenager and eyes the group stareing at him.
ooc| Merf! Nein, L belongeth to me. Not you. 'Cause your a guy. Muahaha! tongue.gif

Who's he? Odd man, Raito thought as he allowed the half-faced character to walk by him. He followed and spotted the others, recognizing L but not the other three.

"Hello, Yagami-kun," L greeted, finishing his pie. Hotaru kept her eyes on Ryuk, however, while in silent debate whether to tell them about the Shinigami or not. She took a sip of her hot chocolate and resumed staring until she noticed the man with the half-skull face eyeing them. She blinked, sensing darkness from him, and shivvered slightly despite the hot drink she was sipping.

Mello noticed the white-robed man watching them as well. He stared at him with wide eyes, cocking his head to the side while his chocolate bar hung from his teeth again, as though to purposefully weird them out.
(yes well...*takes of DNA Mask to revile horse* i'm not a man! i'ma horse!!!!)

The man looked at the human with blonde hair. he stared at him with a cold expresion that he always carryed. he turned away after noticeing the Shinigami. What is this? he thoguht
ooc| is it uriquilla??? (my friends fav. character)

Kyo smiled, then grinned. "That's Naruto," she beamed, "He's a ninja. Now come on, you said we were going to get dinner. You had something important to tell me? OMG lemme guess- YOU AND WINRY ARE GETTING MARRIED! biggrin.gif" Naruto chuckled a bit.

Ryuuk wanted to tell Light that another Shinagmi was here. He motioned for Hotaru to meet him outside. He walked outside, waiting for her to join him.

Near looked at Light, curious, but showing no emotion. He remembered something, and wanted to tell L, but he remembered he'd be 'dead' by Kyo if he did, so he kept silent.
Jillian gave Raito a "Thanks" smile and then she just walked out of the cafe and looked at the rain, she shighed "Great" She mumbled sarcastically, she then sat in a nearby bench to wait till the rain stopped, she then noticed a small girl looking at the violin case curiosly, Jillian smiled and then took her violin and the bow, she then started playing, a beautifull and sweet tune filled the air, the little girl smiled and clapped her hands happily.
(The Violin Of Tears)
ooc| ph34r.gif HOLY COW, HORSE-FACE!!! *shoots*

Ed suddenly snapped. "NO, WE'RE NOT!!!" he yelled, glaring angrily at Kyo and clenching his hands into fists. He snorted, then threw on his red coat. "Yeah, we're going to get dinner," he muttered as he pulled on his gloves, irritation still evident in his gold eyes.

Hotaru hesitated, but got up from the table and strapped her glaive (with cloth securily wrapped around the blade) to her back. "Excuse me, I need some fresh air," she said with a slight bow of her head as she walked past the white-robed man and outside. She gave the other Shinigami a quizzical look and asked, "What do you want?"

Raito raised a brow as Ryuk left. However, he didn't follow and headed toward the table where L, Mello, and Near were. L was just finishing his doughnut when Raito walked up and asked him, "Will you be at the meeting tonight, Yagami-kun?" Raito slowly nodded and looked at Near and Mello. Mello blinked, "Who're you?"

"Go away." he said as he casually slapped the girl into the wall casueing a large crack in it. after, ulquiorra saw ryuk leave the shop and started walking in that direction. a arrancar? no. this is something else. though why dose it follow this human trash? he thought as he followed ignoreing the damage he casued
Kyo grinned. "The pipsqueek loves Winry," she said. She felt a hand around her neck and the next thing she knew, she was pinned to the wall. She grinned. "What are you gonna do?" she said, "You're too sexist to hurt a girl you whimp."

Ryuuk looked at her. "How come the humans can see you?" he asked quizzicaly.

Near looked at Raito curiously, wondering about him.
"Don't. Tempt. Me," Ed said through his teeth, glaring hotly at Kyo. Why did she just not get it that Ed did not like being teased about Winry? In fact, he was asking himself why he let her travel with him when she teased him for the most part.

"I'm Raito Yagami," he said, raising a brow at Mello. Mello slowly nodded while L licked a bit of frosting off his plate. However, Raito's attention was not on them; he was watching the white-robed man that had just hit the girl and furrowed his brow. L seemed to have noticed this as well and sighed. "If there's trouble like this around, you two should leave," L advised Near and Mello as he stood up from his seat, shoulder still slumped.

"Hm? How?" Hotaru blinked and shrugged. "Because I'm a Shinigami who isn't from the Shinigami Realm, I think," she said, folding her arms over her chest.
Kyo grinned. "You can't you sexist shrimp," she said. She stood up straight and held a piece of chalk in one hand, and the other hand ready to do any sort of jutsu. "Admit it," she said, "You love Winry or you love someone else. If it's someone else, then tell. Now." She smiled, waiting for him to make a move.

Near looked at L. "I'm fine Ryuuzaki," he said calmly, "We're fine."

"So you don't have a Death Note?" he asked quizicly.
Ed twitched and clapped his hands, an expression of pure anger crossing his face. "That does it," he said, clenching his teeth as he slapped his hands to the floor and created a giant hand that grabbed Kyo and held her tightly.

L kept insisting, "He caused a crack in the wall just slapping that girl." He looked out at the window while sucking on his thumb. Mello's eyes narrowed, slightly annoyed, and took another bite of chocolate. Raito blinked and wondered where Ryuk had gone; he normally didn't leave like this.

Hotaru shook her head. "I don't; even if I used a Death Note, I wouldn't be able to add to my lifespan by killing any humans," she informed.
Kyo smiled and pressed two fingers near her head, and yelled, "TRANSFORM!" She transformed into a wolf and squeezed out the hand, and launching at Ed. She held a good grip on his neck, teeth sunk in.
Naruto watched curiously in amazement.

Near shrugged. "I"ve seen worse," he spoke calmly.

Ryuuk nodded and looked at her. "Then where are you from?" he asked.
(It was to Hotaru ya know...and was a slap)

"Human trash." Ulquiorra said as simplly kicked her in the side far out the window with incredable speed and strenth. at the same time he looked as though nothing was happing. "If i wished I could destory you." He said as he walked towards Ryuk in secret
"WHAT THE HELL?!" Ed cried out when Kyo bit his neck. Then, he actually froze, fearing her tightening her grip.

L blinked, but didn't press the issue any further. What should they do now? They still had an hour before the meeting and Kyo was visiting Edward. L sucked his thumb, "Yagami-kun, any ideas?" Raito raised a brow and looked back at L. "...No, not really..." he said, shoving his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket. Mello blinked.

Hotaru answered calmly. "A dead city. Well, it was once dead, but it came back to life," she explained.
Ryuuk smiled. "Now who do we have here?" he asked grinning.
(you forgot the kicking part rosi....)

Ulquiorra looked at Ryuk. "You are not a Shinigami, Arrancar, or Hollow. What are you?" He asked with his emontionaless expression.
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