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Prince the Ripper
@Little Washu: Side B came with a limited edition expansion pack that included a Konohana-Sakuya shirt and a Teddie plush. The best luck to getting it is to look on EBay or something. It's really just got the instrumental stuff and some of the background fighting songs.

I need to get back to playing this =.= It's been forever DX
Little Washu
I want a Teddie plushie D:

I haven't played in a while >.>...still have to save Rise...
Prince the Ripper
I'm actually at that part too~

And the Teddie plushie is pretty cute, I will have to say that.
-Ohhh just today I read a review of Persona 4 it looked pretty cool I'll look for more info and perhaps I'll buy it.
(insert demented voice here) of course you will. wont you, wont you, wont you (insert strange laugh here) wow i can really scare myself. lol. anyway yes just buy it. it is awsome and if you like what you see then you'll love it more than cheese and crackers. mmmmm chese and crackers
XDXDXD I think I will!! I looked for more info and it looked really good!
danm rightly so. anywayz my bro found the neg dub on youtube. yyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzz
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