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Okay, after seeing the amount of anime crossovers (or lack of) I decided "What the h#ll, I might as well make one" so viola! There are a few simple rules, so take them into consideration, but I will state them in a bit. Basically, this is an rp where you can basically be any character(s) from any anime, I don't care. Heck, you can be an original character, but you have to be within logical reason.

The rules are as followed:

1) No altering the said anime characters drastically. Example: Edward Elric isn't short and does not have automail. Naruto is free of the fox demon and lives as a normal ninja would, Allen Walker doesn't eat so much food because of no Innocence, etc., etc.

2) No god-modeling. I think this one is a must because it's in the madatory rules. Okay, Exorcists of the Black Order (D.Gray Man) do worship God, but they don't say "God wanted me to do this" or crap like that, got it? Get it? Good.

3) Appropriate language please. Sure, if someone (character) is pretty snappish and all, a few here and there is fine, but please keep it T rated (at least 13+)

4) No racial comments towards another anime character and/or person. Do we really need any of this in life? NO way chikuso!!! (look it up, it's Japanese)

5) Look at what everyone else has as a character. We don't want fights on who was who first, so it's best if you freakin pay attention to what others type and who they have. ex. Someone is Edward Elric, and a few pages later, someone else posts that they're Edward Elric, the two fight, blah blah blah, and I have to resolve it one way or another. Can we handle that?

and finally, 6) Please use proper grammer. Not to sound like I'm picking upon people, but I find the fact that some people do not use the space bar very, very annoying. Sure, I make many mistakes with words, but I try to space between puncuation. It only takes half a second of your time to use it. Go ahead, it's not gonna bite. ^^

That's enough of the boring rules (and my ranting, sorry about that) and onto some other, probably boring info. To start rping, you need to: state the character name and where they are from (or show they are from), usual info if it is a rarely talked about or a anime people would not know. (I don't know about xxxHolic, Midori Days, Tsubasa Chronicals, yada yada) and please be a little descriptive. If it helps, write it upon notepad, wordpad, MW (Microsoft Word) or any other device you use. Helps you stop rushing and acutally type. If you need an example of my rping skills (which I think suck!) go look at Rental Magica, Nemoisin, and The Silence Lingers. Those are probably the three only rps I am actually in.

I'm getting sidetracked, so once again, I am sorry for my ranting, and I hope a few come and join the rp, so we can get it started. I'll post the setting of the rp later, I'm tired and my clock says it's 11:45 p.m. So night all (will edit) and hope you are interested. ^^ Ciao!

Edit: Okay I'm back, and I think I've come up with a good setting. Basically, everyone happens to be transported/traveling/kidnapped (whatever you think) into a single city. I'm still trying to think of a city but that's basically it. To get out of the city, they pretty much have to team up because once they get in, they can't get out. You can also have normal people, those of the city and all, it doesn't matter, sometimes a normal human can be of great help. If someone else has different ideas, let me know by pming me, and I'll post the ideas once they have been narrowed down.

Thank you for taking this into consideration and listening to me once again rant. Must be very boring to listen to.

Edit: I have thought up a name! The city of Shinjuki. It works, and I'll have to figure out more names later for other towns around them
...Longest list of rules I've ever seen o_O

Anyway...I'll join! My characters:

Name: Hotaru Tomoe//Sailor Saturn
From: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Description: 13 yrs old, shy, quiet yet emotionally strong; based on the reborn Hotaru from the 4th part of the manga. Will add more later. When it's not so late.

Name: Near//N//Nate River
From: Death Note
Description: Calculating, rational, and quite fond of toys and the like. Will add more later.

Name: Hyuuga Hinata
From: Naruto: Shippuden
Description: Similar to Hotaru, yet possesess the powerful Byakugen. Will add more later.
Name-Tohru Honda
From-Fruits Basket
Description-A normal high school girl who cares about other people more than herself alot

Name-Toshiro Hitsugaya
Description-Captain of the 10th squad of the soul society's shinigami and the youngest captain in the soul society so far.Hates being presumed as being a child because he's so young.
I am in!!

Name: Honami Ambler
From: Rental Magica
Description: Celtic mage that works in a magician dispatch company (Astral)

Name: Tamaki Suou
From: Ouran High School Host Club
Description: Basically the "king" of the host club.
*claps hands together* Yay! Some people joined! *hyper grin* anyways, I shall edit the summary above in a bit.

Name: Yuu Kanda (prefers Kanda)
From: D.Gray Man
Description: Quite cold and sarcastic, rarely lets more then three emotions show through him. Quiet and would rather be out hunting for Akuma then being cooped up inside the Black Order building, or any other building. His looks

Name: Allen Walker
From: D.Gray Man
Description: Kind and a bit stupid/naive, a strong will and a heart of gold. Loves to eat and hates being called short, beansprout, cursed brat, or just brat in general. His looks

Basically, I'll be any character from D.Gray Man, as 1) I have the ten volumes upon my photobucket and 2) I have watched a majority of the episodes.

Name: Link
From: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Description: A strong will and feirce courage, kind at heart, and loyal to those he considers friends. Can change into a wolf with the help of a Shadow Crystal and Midna. His loooks
Reference: None

Name: Midna
From: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Description: Quite mischevious, dominant over Link in several decisions, and the ability to warp (transport) to several points, and is wanting revenge over someone for what they have done. What she looks like
Reference: None

Name: Amber Nightrow
From: The city (will edit when the city name is thought of)
Description: She's a mixture of every emotion put together, though I don't think completely evil is in her vocabulary. Not the best person to ask for directions depending on where she is, and would rather be chewing gum and not listening to the teachers then being at home and having to listen to her family. Her looks
Reference: None

Wow... I've got a lot. ^^;
I love this idea! I'm writing a story sorta like this, except the main character travels to different worlds through a door. Also, thanks for listing my RPG on here, that is so nice. Now I'm ranting...

Name: Hina-Ichigo (Or just Hina)
From: Rozen Maiden
Some Info: She is very childish, and usualy talks in third person (You know, "Hina likes it when Tomoa (No clue how you spell it) combs her hair like that). Hina is one of the Rozen Maiden dolls.
Looks: Clickie here!

Name: Shinku (Can't have Hina without Shinku)
From: Rozen Maiden
Little bit of info: Shinku is the most mature of the dolls, and is usualy found reading or kicking Jun, her medium. She reads a lot too, and her enemy is Suigintou.
Looks: Clickie de button!
Name: Naraku
From: Inuyaha
A bit about him: Once a Human, he was transformed into a demon in a jelous rage.

Name: Sabaku no Gaara
From: Naruto
A bit about him: Sealed within him is the one-tailed Shukaku and he is the leader of his village.

All i could care for emmedatlly.
........I miss my usual Kari character already ._.U
(Oh and I think I may bring L back from the dead in this rp later!)
I didn't say you could only have three. You can be however many you want Kari_Neko. You can add your character if you want. ^^

You can do that DNA. You just have to think of the reason on how he's back and how he got to the city (I'm still looking for names! Please help!!)
(Don't worry I have. I actually planned for L to come back in other rps but this will work.

Name: Deidara
From: Naruto
A bit about him: Once a serial Bomber he joined with a mysterous organasation called akatsuki )
Arigato Autumn-chan!
Name-Kari Neko
From-the odd and unknown place that is my imagination XD
A bit about her-doesn't like talking to people at first but once she opens up she's a rather klutzy and hyper person
Looks-She looks like this with that shirt with black sweats most of the time but never any socks or shoes.
((Okay, I think there is enough people here, so let's get this rp going. ^^ also note above, I changed it once again, and the setting has a name!))

To say Amber as bored as an understatement, she was bored and completely tired. I mean, of course you can be bored in school, watching the clock tick by, but the tired was something else. She hasn't had a good nights sleep in ages, or what this 15 year old thinks. Finally, the bell rung and the end of 7th period for West Shinjuki High School was out.

"Glad that's done and over with," she mumbled to herself, waving bye to her friends as she headed towards her locker. She came outside to the cool fall air, the skies looking ready to either rain or snow, but she just clutched at her books and shifted her bookbag. She was always different with what she wore at schools, no matter what. Walking down the steep hill, she headed for home. So lost in thought, she didn't noticed someone walking towards her and she felt her face plant straight into the chest of a guy, and fall backwards from the impact.

"Ahh... sorry," she murmured, going around her to pick up her spilt items, her violet hair splaying all around her.

"Che, just watch where you're going," a cold voice from above caught her attention, and she looked up to see a man of about 18 with long blueish black hair and sharp, oriental eyes. His companion had to reach up just to smack his head with... a clipboard?

"Kanda! Don't be so rude!" The other boy said, his white hair standing out againt the black material. She shook her head, thinking she was going insane and picked up the rest of her stuff, noting dully that more people were watching them and some of them she didn't recognize.
Question for example if I have Honami and she belongs to Astral (A magician company) I need Astral and for example if I have Tamaki I need all the Ouran School??
Basically all the animes collide (Ouran School and Astral in the same city for example)
I am quite confused.
no, you don't need to do that

You could add more characters from those animes, but basically, it's not animes all coliding together. Example:

Naruto walked through an alley, hoping to just get away from the village. He gets to the other side, he finds that he's in someplace totaly new to him, basically, where the rp is. You get it? Either they were sent to Shinjuki, kidnapped, or were traveling and ended up in the rp setting.
Ok got it.

Honami walked trought the streets a puzzled look in her face "Were the hell am I?" She mumbled, she then snapped her fingers "Got it" She muttered, she then made her broom appear (She uses a witch broom and she can fly but the broom needs fuel and she dresses as a witch too) She then started flying as she looked around town trying to find her way to Astral, suddenly the broom made a *BOOM* noice and smoke appeard in the fuel box, Honami cursed "Not again" She muttered as she tried to keep the broom under control, but she started falling, she had completly lost control of the broom, she then saw 1 girl and two boys infront of her and they were about to collied "Out of the way" She screamed as she flied toward them.

She is the girl whit straight short brown hair and the one that is dressed as a witch. And that is her broom.
(I have a feeling I'm gonna mess up)

Hina was running away from Shinku who was trying to get her to do something. "No! Hina doesn't want to!" She whined and Shinku sighed. "Enough of this childish acting. Hina-Ichigo you must do that." Shinku yelled at her and Hina fell. Shinku stood over Hina waiting for her to get up. Hina began to cry and Shinku shook her head. Thats when she noticed they were somewhere different. "Where are we Shinku?" Hina asked and Shinku shrugged. "I have no idea."
Dont worry I already mess up. I suck at anime crossovers sleep.gif

"Out of the way" Honami was saying to everyboy as she tried to stop the broom from flying but she couldnt, suddenly two small girls that looked like dolls appeard on the way, Honami cursed "Watch out" She yelled.
Amber looked up and in surprise dumped her stuff and catch whoever was falling from the sky. Good news, she was find, bad news, the girl landed on top of her, and is now currently sitting upon her small body.

"Oww...." she murmured, and opened her dark eyes to see the girl looking like a witch you see on Halloween.

"Of course, it's almost Halloween, that's why everyone is dressed so weird..." she stated to herself. She heard snickering, and saw that the white haired boy and Kanda, from what she heard, where looking at the sight, although the boy was trying to hide his laughter and Kanda was just looking bored.

"....Today went from completely boring and tiring, to insane and tiring," she comment, drumming her fingers upon the cold, harsh cement sidewalk and waited with an annoyed look upon her face.

((Meh, I'm not gonna snap at you guys, and you are actually doing pretty well so far))
Honami rubbed her back "Owww" She mumbled she then noticed the girl under her, she gasped and got up "I am so sorry! Are you ok?" She asked as she sweatdropped.
Amber nodded, and slowly got up, her feet coming back upon the ground and she shook her head, hair whipping around her face.

"Alright, first off, I noticed you came from the sky, on a broom no less. If that isn't classified as weird, it'd be insane for you to jump off the room and try to catch the air current just so you can fly," Amber stated, her hands on her hips as she tapped her foot, annoyed beyond belief.

"Second, I don't know any of you, and I've been here for a few years, and know pretty much everyone, and you guys are not from here," the violet-head said, her dark eyes looking right at the three. She never noticed the two doll-looking kids behind her.

"Wait... I shouldn't be asking this. For all I know, you guys could be new and trying to find a place to live," Amber stated, shaking her head and picking her stuff up once more. A gust of fall wind blue by, knocking over her beret-like hat and having it be caught up in a tree nearby.

"D@mmit!" She yelled, frustrated to a great point. She turned towards the white haired boy and held out her books. "Hold these for just a moment," she said, and ran towards the tree and up to the lowest branch, climbing until she was near the middle of the 10 foot tall tree.

"Almost got it...." She murmured, straining her arms to get the little hat, the wind shifting her bangs to reveal a have circle scar upon her forehead. Suddenly, she felt herself falling and closed her eyes to brace herself, but no impact came. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was caught by the back of her short shirt by a long, silvery-white claw. Turning her head, she saw the whole left arm was like this, and connected to the boy.

"............Thanks," she murmured, reaching for the tree once more, and finally, she caught her hat.
Honami raised an eyebrown and put her hands in her hips also "Well for your information my broom went crazy I was flying. I am not insane thank you very much" She said angrily. She then looked at her broom "Damn" She muttered. The broom was letting escape a black smoke "It is the 2 time this month" She muttered. Suddenly she saw the other girl climb a tree "Now that is insane" She mumbled. When she saw the girl fall and the white haired boy catch her whit a sort of silver arm. Honami raised an eyebrown "What kind of magic is that?" She asked curiolsy.
Amber shook her hair out once more and placed the hat securely upon her head.

"It's not magic!" The white haired boy said, returning his arm to a normal size and shape and hid the hand until he pulled a white glove on it. Amber just shook her head and looked at the witch.

"Around here, you don't find flying on brooms. It's either called a miracle or it's rigged somehow," she stated, turning to everyone surrounding her.

"So.... I'm Amber, and you guys are....?" She asked, a hand out to ask for a name.

"Allen Walker!" the white haired boy said, giving a kind, sugary sweet grin. The bluenette, Kanda as she believed, was silent and ignoring her. She grabbed one of the few things around her, and she threw the small black book at Kanda's head.

"I asked for a request, and you ignore it. I find that rude on so many levels," she said, her eyes narrowed and and her stance went from annoyed, to full blown pissed off.

".......Kanda," the bluenette said, and Amber's whole attitude changed.

"Thank you!" She stated, giving a grin at the two and waited for the other to introduce themselves.
"What do you mean??" Honami asked, she then started laughing, "You are kidding right??" She said and laughed "A miracle??" She said and chuckled "I am Honami Ambler. Celtic Mage employe of Astral" She said and handed all of them a card whit Astral simbol and her name "We are a magician dispatch company, we help people that needs magical assistance" She said as she smiled, thinking that all that was a joke.
Amber nodded and looked at the little card.

"Believe me, the only "magic" around here is mostly fake. You can find the flaws in their illusions," she stated, grabbing her few books in her possesin, and hopped up onto the low fence next to them, balancing upon the balls of her feet as she stepped over the gothic-like spears on top of the fence. From that height, she finally noticed the two dolls and grew curious, wondering why they, like everyone else, looked a bit lost and confused.

"...yep, has to be a dream," she muttered to herself. She pinched at her arm and winced some, feeling the pain.

"okay, nevermind...." she trailed off, starting to walk away, and stopped when no one was following.

"If you need a place to stay for a while, follow me," she said, and continued to walk, until she came to a steep cliff upon her left side that was eroded greatly. The fence ended and she hopped down, landing on the cement sidewalk.
Honami grabbed her broom and followed Amber "An illusion? I am not quite sure what kind of magic you are talking about but then magic I am talking about is real" She said as she looked at her broom "Ahhh here is the problem" She muttered as she took a rock from outside the fuel box, suddenly the broom escaped from Honami hands and started flying around her "Yes!! it works. Why walk when you can fly" Honami said happily, she then grabbed the broom and started flying "So two questions: Do you how can I go to Astral? Cause I am a little lost. And are we exactly going?" She asked as she flied.
Allen and Kanda were just as lost, so they followed Amber as well.

"I've never heard of Astral before, so I have no clue. And to my house," she stated simply, hopping over a yellow fire hydrate and continued on her way, cars passing by as the sidewalk went downhill.

"Catch me if you can!" She said, and started down hill, running extremely fast and swiftly dodging others who were just walking. Allen and Kanda had a startled look upon their faces but Kanda decided to take on her challege and soon followed her, long dark blue hair whipping around him. Allen wanted to follow but the two doll-looking children caught his eyes, and seeing Kanda leave a line into the side of the erodded cliff, he knew he was being led the way.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a concerned voice, bending down to their level.
Honami eyes widened "What??" She muttered she then started flying higher, her mouth widened more whit what she saw, all the surrondings were completly strange to her "Were am I??" She mumbled, she flied down a puzzled look in her face, she then noticed the white haired boy talking whit two little girls, she raised her eyebrown, she flied toward them "Something wrong?" She asked.
Shinku sighed, pestered and confused. Hina wouldn't stop whining and it was starting to get annoying. "Hina-Ichigo, please stop with all the ruckus. I'm starting to get a headach." Shinku told the blond haired doll. Hina sniffled and looked around. "I'm scared Shinku! You don't even know where we are!" Hina said loudly, and Shinku looked at the ground. "We have to be strong, Hina. Lets figure out our surrounding and then we will try and figure out where we are." Shinku declared, and Hina nodded. "Hina will do that."
Amber ran past the small golf course next to the side of the sidewalk, flipped over a stopped car, and ran into the corner house across the street. Panting, she saw that Kanda was only a meter or two behind her as she went up onto the small wooden deck.

"I win!" She shouted, a big smile upon her face as Kanda came up, panting somewhat.

Allen looked up from the two dolls to the witch, Honami was it? "I don't know... I'm trying to figure that out as well," Allen stated and the cursed boy turned his attention back to the doll-looking children.
Shinku looked up at the guy, now noticing he had said something. "We are doing fine." SHe said plainly, and Hina shook her head. "No we're not Shinku! You said it yourself. We are lost and Hina tells the truth." Hina said loudly, and shinku hit her on the head with her candy cain thing. ((If you watch Rozen Maiden you will know what it is)) "Be quite you. We have to get back to Jun, my medium. But it seems you don't know where we are eiter so you're no help." Shinku said to the guy. "You're mean Shinku." Hina whined.
Allen felt a little put out at the girls tone, but blinked it away and looked at her still.

"I think Amber, the girl that just went down the hill, might know. She seems to have seen this go on several times," Allen said, standing up and brushing some stray dust from the edge of his black and white coat.

Amber waited patiently on the deck, sneaking Kanda up her room was easy, as her parents and brother weren't home. She waited for the others, the cool breeze brushing against her bangs once more.

"I wonder what I'll see this time..." she said, as the wind blew back her bangs once more. Hearing the sound of something rustling behind her, she turned her head, and saw a wolf with a gray-green fur on top and stark white on it's paws and under belly. A small clinking sound was heard and she looked down and saw a steel chain and lock upon his leg. It just sat there, panting with it's pink tongue hanging out.
Honame jumped off her broom and looked at Shinku as she raised an eyerbrown "Did you said medium?" She asked curiolsy
"Yes, that is what I said human." Shinku said and Hina nodded. "Thats where we get our power from. If we don't have one our power really isn't that strong." Hina explained happily. "Hina-Ichigo, stop with the ranting this instant!" Shinku scolded. Hina put her hands over her mouth to stop, and Shinku sighed.
Allen chuckled somewhat. So, they weren't exactly human, but they looked like ones. He ruffled his hair some and let his left eye activate, the two gear-like monocles apearing over it as the inky black eye looked at them through his white hair. He saw nothing, they weren't human nor Akuma.

Strang... He thought, as he deactivated his eye and just gave another smile at them, "Amber-chan probably can help you. She's gonna try and help us as well," Allen said, and held out his hand to them, away from their faces but close enough for them to reach out and grab it.

Amber just looked perplexed at the wolf, right down to the insetric marking on its forehead, the blue hoop earings in its ears, and the bright blue eyes that set it apart. Slowly, she edged towards it, holding out her hand for it to get her scent. Sniffing it a few times, the wolf have a small bark and licked at her hand.

"Are you lost as well?" She asked him, not expecting answer from him. She rubbed his ear some, and hearing his tail thump against the ground in delight. She chuckled once more.
Above the conversation flew deidara on his clay owl as he easdropped. "What I bore. Maybe I should make a work of art out of them." He said sighing.
Allen looked up suddenly, sensing a disturbance in the wind from the way it was blowing. He saw a large, white clay owl hovering above them, almost as a predator. He let his eye activate once more, and only saw a hallow, clay owl and a human upon it's back.

"Who are you!?" Allen shouted upwards towards the human, not knowing if he, assuming, was actually a girl.

Amber just smiled at the wolf, leaning against the small fence that surrounded the deck. Closing her eyes, she let the wind blow by her, chilling her slightly. She opened her eyes and instead of seeing the wolf there, he saw a young man with hay blonde hair, feral blue eyes, elf ears, and he was clad in a forest green tunic, that of the medevil times. Giving a small sound of surprise, she blinked at the silence that fell over them.

"Uh.... who are you?" She asked, surprised and a bit skeptical but she had a feeling he was the wolf.

"I'm Link, nice to meet you," he said, giving a friendly smile and held out a hand that had leather brown gaunlets on. She hesitated, but she shook his hand.

"Amber Nightrow," she said, releasing his hand and looked around her.

"Quick question, were you the wolf that was just here?" She asked, and his look of surprise was almost comical to watch.
"Oh dear. He sees me." Deidara said. with a smile he dropped a clay spider behind Allen.
Allen noticed something small falling from the sky, and his eye identified it as a small clay spider. Something was off about it, and when he realized, he activated his arm and swipped the three girls out of the way, using his body as a shield from the explosion. When the dust passed, he glared up at the bomber above and had his arm extend upwards, catching the owl and crusing it.

"Never, ever harm other humans while I'm around," he said in a deadly voice, catching the young man with his arm as he started to fall down to earth.

Amber's head shot towards the sound of the explosion, and Kanda must have heard it too because he was done in no time, his sword drawn along with Link's that was on his back.

"What in the world was that?" She questioned outloud, standing up and using the railing, she climbed onto the roof of the garage and stood on it, seeing the smoke rising from the area she and Kanda had left.
As the owl was crushed Deidara jumped off. the owl Exploded and ruined Allen's Arm causeing Debrees to fall. Deidara had his hands chew another Owl as he threw some more spiders and ants. "Do you not Like my art?" He shouted down. "Isn't it .....a real Bang?" he said as they all exploded
Allen ignored the pain in his arm, and grabbed the ones the man threw down. He felt himself slip into a more evilier side of him. His skin changed to a dark tan, a line of crosses lined his hair line, and his eyes turned from silver blue, to ruby red.

"Yes, a real bang," he said, retracting him arm, and grabbed the three girls, and placed them upon the cliff above.

"But when hurting other innocent humans, I cannot stand for that," he said, a dashed towards the man, going an incredible speed.

Amber, chewed on her lip, not noticing when Kanda and Link left until she saw them going towars the explosion. She was lost at what to do at the moment.
As Allen raced toward him deidara laughed. He did a baack flip off the bird as it flew at allen and then sent spiders down to the ground as he created another bird.
Shinku got down along with Hina. "Hina is not gonna let you hurt him!" Hina yelled, strawberry vines forming around her legs. Shinku nodded, waiing for the right time to attack. "We may be dolls but we are not worthless." Shinku said sternly, and Hina nodded. "You're mean like Suigintou!" She yelled.
"Ahh more of you." Deidara said chuckleing. He sent a large snake of clay down to the 2 dolls tore into pieces. however the pieces of the snake flew down like an explosive rain at the 2.
Shinku got in front of HIna and shot rose petals at the clay pieces. They exploded before they got to them. "It's Hina's turn!" Hina yelled and straberry vines shot to the bird, hoping to tangle around it.
The bird's feet were tangled and as such Deidara jumped off once again and since he was low enough to jump to the ground, he did sending the bird at the dolls and then makeing it explode. " You yourselfs are art....but not my type." He said.
Shinku made a shield of red light and rose petals and Hina made strawberry vines overlap it. When the bird exploded it knocked the shield down but only did minor damage. "If only Souiseseki or Suiseseki were here." Shinku mumbled and Hina nodded. Shinku shot rose petals at the guy and HIna made strawberry vines come up from the ground underneath him.
Deidara jumped into the air once that happened. He threw a large glob of clay into the Air makeing it another owl and jumped on it again. after that the created more Moths to stop the Strawberry Vines and Rose into the air dropping large globs of clay, ignoreing the petals as they blew away with a flap of the owl's wings.
Allen, now in his more powerful (but unknown to him) form, he went past the little bombs, his invoacted arm making to slash at the blond, long haired young man, but he missed. A few more inscect bombs was made at him, but he nimbly dodged at looked at the young man.

"You're good," he said, his deep voice sounding very odd. He brought his arm back to normal and suddenly, a violin was in his hands, "but I can do something better," and then he started to play, the music was soft and slow, but he was playing a trick, an illusion upon everyone around him. Sure, he knew the others would be made at him, but he cared not. He started to play at a low, and deadly tone, making the illusion even nastier to be invisioned.
Deidara however drowened out the noise by constant flapping of the owl's wings. "Nice try!" he yelled. The then progressed upward to the point he could not hear to Music even if the owl stopped. he then took out a large bomb. "C4." He called knowing allen counld read his lips. He then dropped it directlly above the 2 dolls.
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