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Like the discrpition say, it's a vampire Rpg. So here is the deal, I'm not going to write a list of rules or nothin, cause it's common sense what to and not to do, but I will say this. KEEP IT FAIR! If you get in a fight or somethin, don't say you knocked the person out in an instant. There will different groups of vampires; the purebloods, aristocats, and used to be humans. Pick a group and make the person. Simple as that. But I don't want everyone to be a pureblood. It won't be fair, so there can only be five purebloods. Here is a little bit about each group
  1. Purebloods:
    Born and raised as vampires, they are the strongest out of all the groups. Purebloods are said to have special powers that normal ones can not have, and are the leaders of the other groups as well. If a pureblood bites a human, that human will become a vampire. These vampires are imune to garlic and crosses, though most do not know why.
  2. Aristocats:
    These vampires have surveved for years, and have little human blood. They are not purebloods, for they have a small ounce of human blood. These vampires are usualy not the followers of purebloods, and are rarely seen being nice to them. Aristocats are the ones who cause most of the un called for attacks on humans, and end up being punished for there trouble.
  3. Used to be humans:
    These vampires used to be humans, and have come in contact with a pureblood... and survived. Some of these vampires go mad and end up getting killed by a pureblood because they were going to give away the secret. But some lucky ones are able to will away the bloodlust and go on living normal lives. These vampires are the lonlyest because they used to be humans and not many of the other vampires like them.
Ok, thats it. To make it interesting I will allow some people to make humans as well, because how can you have a vampire RPG without humans?
I wanna join!I'll have a pure blood and a human please ^^
Pure-blood vampire
name-Isabella Raven Winters (OMG I'M USING A NEW NAME! *shot*)
personality-rather caring and kind for a vampire but when the time comes she can be a brutal enemy to fight with but that's not usual.She's loyal and smart and can be rather blunt and sarcastic.
looks-black jeans,black turtle neck,sleeveless black and blue striped hoodie and black combat boots.Her left eye is bright neon green and the other eye is a icy blue color and she has raven black hair with red streaks.
other curious facts about her:likes to write lyrics and play guitar/piano and always has a small wolf cub at her side.(now this part is true,wolves are attracted to vampires as friends alot of the time.)
Weapon-it's the usual black cat gun.

name-Jack Summers (I suck at last names so sue me)
personality-he's the type of kid who sits in the back of class and doesn't cause any trouble,most think that he's more dark and mysterious but he just doesn't like talking with simple minded people usually.He's a little narcissistic.
looks-black hair that's swept to his left side and a normal black t-shirt and blue jeans.He has bright bright blue eyes.
I'll join with Aristocat characters.

Quick question: Are these vampires immortal, and never age?

Name: Jack Lawn (*is awful at making up names*)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: shoulder-length light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, amber eyes, average height, deep red long-sleeved shirt, jeans, black sneakers.
Personality: Jack is very stubborn, aggressive, and cruel. He likes to pick on other people and make jokes. He's very bitter toward people who he doesn't like, but if he likes someone, then he will be very cooperative with that person.
Other information: Jack is Phillip's younger identical twin brother. He tends to pick on Phillip, even though Phillip is older.

Name: Phillip Lawn
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: short light brown hair, amber eyes, average height, long-sleeved brown shirt, jeans, brown sneakers.
Personality: Phillip is passive and doesn't like fighting with other people. He's quiet and is pushed around a lot. He's smart and responsible. He is very introverted.
Other information: Phillip is Jack's older identical twin brother. He looks out for Jack and makes sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
I'll join.

Name: Alycia Torrents (also known as Silverstreak)
Age: Looks about 18
Personality: Most would think she'd fight everyone but she's one of the few aristocrats that don't fight, uneccesarrily that is. She never talks and when she does, it's mostly a few short words. Walks away from everyone else, and has some control over her bloodlust, but by only half of what the human vampires do.
Vampire race: Obviously Aristocrat
Other info: She works at a local bar/strip club and that's where her nickname, Silverstreak, comes in. Always chains her self to her bed after closing the curtains to her room. A habit she had gained after the others always did it to her when she wanted outside as a young girl.

Name: Julia Teleia
Age: 25
Occupation: a human who knows the existance of vampires (aka Vampire Slayer)
Personality: Quite sadistic and sarcastic. Never keeps her promises (unless she knows she can fullfill them), would rather be out hunting then sitting around in the office, filling out mindless paperwork for idiots she calls her boss's.
Race: Human (of course), German/Irish/Polish decent.
Weapon of choice: Two metal stakes that are about as long as her arms with a long metal chain in between them.
I'll join, too! With a used to be human:

Name: Sabrina Ruith
Age: Looks 19; really 31 yrs old.
Race: Used to be human; vampire.
Personality: Fluid, poetic, calm, naive.
Strong points: Self-control, kind-hearted.
Weak points: Push-over, humble, too quiet.
Appearence: Long, straight, black hair with bangs; deep-blue eyes with near-black bags under them (natural); pale skin; fond of dressing in your typical Gothic Lolita outfit followed by jeans and jackets.
Other info: Fond of mysteries and the like, which was what lead her to becoming a vampire; an odd amount of self-control. But, when hungry, she resorts to feeding off the blood of animals.

That was quick... So one pureblood so far, only four more left. Well, I'm gonna have an Aristocat.

Name: Rozen Mista (Don't ask...)

Age: looks like she is 16 but is actual 212

Personality: Rozen is quick to judge, and hates purebloods a lot. When she was young her group that she was with was killed by purebloods, and she concedered them family. Rozen is one of the biggest trouble makers because she enjoys making purebloods mad.

Looks: Rozen has long chesnut colored hair that is always in two ponytails. Her eyes are dark purple, and are mistaken for gray in the dark. She usualy dresses like a goth girl, because she likes the color black. Her favorite necklace is the one of a black rose Also, if Rozen shows too much emotion, she will end up looking like a small four or five year old.

Weapons: None, she believes they are useless and that she doesn't need them. She uses her voice and claws to fight, and also her unbelievable speed.

Some extra info: Rozen usualy keeps to herself, even when it comes to other Aristocats. She doesn't believe she is the best, but she does believe she is pretty strong. In most casses, all Rozen does is cause trouble.
I will have two purebloods!!

Name: Roxanne
Age: 16
Personality: Shortempered, sarcastic, cunning, smart when she is in a good mood she is friendly and kind. But when she get really angry she can be really cold.
Looks: She has icy blue eyes. She always dreses in black.
(She is whit other clothes)
Weapons: Two Handguns! Also she is very good in martial arts.
Strong Points: Smart, quick, tricky, when she is in a good mood she is friendly and kind.
Weak Points: Shortempered, when lost in her thoughts lets her guard down, when get really angry she can be really cold.
History: Unknows, nobody knows much about her, and she likes it that way.
She is Alexander younger sister.

Name: Alexander
Age: 21
Personality: Sarcastic, narcissist, lazzy, sly, bossy, smart (Likes to brag about it)
History: Dosen't talk about it.
Weapons: Rarely fights.
He is Roxanne older brother.
Only two pureblood positions left, wow... Someone can start we have enough characters now.
Eh I'll start.
Isabella Raven was sitting her in her room watching the sun go down and she got up grabbing sun glasses to hide her rather peculiar eyes and started walking around town since it was dark now wanting something to eat,she always did have better control over her blood lust.
Roxanne looked at the sunset from the window of her room, she then walked out of her room and walked downstairs and found Alexander reading a book, "I am going out for a walk" She said, he just nooded.
She then walked out of the house and took a last look to the mansion, she then turned around and walked away.
Rozen sat like a cat on top of a building. Her dark purple eyes, almost the color of dark gray, scanning the area carefully. What trouble should I cause tonight? Causing a masacer at the mall? Nah, already did that. Maybe I should steal something... Thats what I'll do. Pleased with her dessision, Rozen dissapeared into the night like shadow dissapearing at night.
Raven sighed grabbing a bagful of various candies and several cartons of milk and paid for it all slightly shocking the cashier at how much candy she was getting and started walking out boredly she thought Man....There's nothing fun to do anymore.Wish there'd be something interesting happening tonight like a concert.
Rozen stopped at the sight of a pureblood. She smirked and stopped jumping on top if the roofs. Rozen decided to walk on the streets, no one actualy got a good look at her while she caused trouble. She walked right by the pureblood, looking strait ahead.
Roxanne walked trought the strees lost in her thoughts, she wasnt really hungry but she was bored, she shighed and looked at the moon, taking a walk at night was something that she just loved.
Alycia sighed, as she grabbed the key from the small, worn nightstand next to her bed and undid the lock, which was difficult from her position. She could never be outside in sunlight, it just hurt her eyes and it burned at her skin. Shaking her head, short silver hair flying around some, she went over to the small amoire in the corner, her window blocking the sunlight with a dark curtain, and looked at the outifits that hung in it.

"Let's see... I already wore this last time, and I'm sure I've worn this one at Christmas... ah ha! I haven't worn this since last year!" She said to herself, her long, pointed nails grasping a red outfit. She threw it upon her bed and searched for accesorries to go with it.

"I start work in a little while, I wonder whole I'll run into," she said to herself. She always talked more around herself then with others.


Julia gave a shout of happiness as she left the office building, her long, ankle length purple hair that was held up in a bun/ponytail trailing behind her as she dashed home, clocking out as she went by. She wanted the thrill of the vampire hunt. It was so much fun, and she always loved hunting them, the disgusting demons that infested the earth so. Her pinkish red eyes glanced all around her, as she entered her small apartment building and closed the door, locking it.

"I heard from a source that there was trouble at the mall about two days ago, and it seems they will come there again, since it was a masacre," she mumbled to herself, dropping her briefcase on her bed and going over to her small closet, ready for a battle to ensure as the sun continued to set.
Raven paid no attention to anybody around her,her head was filled with thoughts till she passed a music shop with in her opinion gorgeous green and black electric guitar and she practically ran in asking how much it was and getting it with a case.
Rozen spoted another pureblood, and smirked. There are a lot around now. She dissapeared into and alley. A few mintes later a security alarm was blaring and Rozen was running on the roof tops. She took a break, and wipped some fresh blood of her face. Think I scarred them a little too much. Rozen smirked and looked at the necklace she had just stolen. Useless. She tossed it aside, and looked at the
"Dont you think causing so much trouble is preety useless" A voice said next to Rozen, Roxanne then picked the necklace and looked at it and then at Rozen.
Rozen smirked and looked at Roxanne. "Trouble, pureblood, is one thing that is never useless." She said simply, and turned back to the sky. Rozen glanced back at her, making sure she didn't try anything.
Raven started walking back to her small apartment to put all her groceries and her new guitar back till a rather drunk man came over to her and started hitting on her until she kicked him in the gut and twisted his arm back painfully for a minute saying "Don't talk to me again,Got it?" "Y-Yes ma'm." he stammered and she let go of him walking back to her house again leaving him awe-struck.
Roxane just looked at Rozen "Not the way I see it" She muttered as she turned around and started walking away.
Alycia pulled the black trench coat tighter around herself, the sun having finally set and she was walking by an alley, and saw two purebloods chatting. She felt her dead heart pump with fear, but she kept on walking, her heels clicking lighty against the cement pavement towards the bar she worked at.


Jillian was on the move, her long hair trailing behind her, the mask that covered her eyes giving her a good amount of vision, and her short, black and purple leather tube-top dress was bending to the motion of her body. She was on the trail of a robbing at the same mall, and finding that there were several security guards there, she followed the trail of blood, the two metal stakes wrapped at her sides.

"The scums of this earth will die and wither out, I shall make sure of that," she said to herself, scaling the rooftops with ease as the blood trail started to thin out some.
Rozen watched the pureblood walk away. She stood up and before she dissapeared, said one thing. "I'd becareful, pureblood. There are some Aristocats out there that can even surpase your power." And with that she was gone like the sun at dusk.
Roxanne chuckled lightly "Yeah I can't wait to see that" She said sarcastically as she walked away.
Rozen sat on the bed in the beaten down shack she stayed in. She looked out at the sky, cleaning off the last bit of blood that lingered on her clothes. Rozen sighed and walked around the place, and finally found what she was looking for. A lose floor board was sticking up a little, and with ease Rozen pulled it all the way out. She pulled out a small book and sat back down on the bed, looking through the pages. Rozen traced her snow white finger over a picture of her family that was now gone because of purebloods. "Charels, Edward, Melody, Elli, Danni, Bella, Ben..." Rozen continued to say the names of each person she put her finger on, like she was telling a class of small children countries.
Alycia came upon her work place and entered through the employee entrance, showing the bouncer her id. Entering, she went to her little corner dressor and looked at herself in the mirror. Sighing, she applied her make-up, making her look even more pale and placed her last accesory upon her head, a pair of floppy, white bunny ears. Removing her coat, she hung it across the back of the small chair and revealed a red corset with a white bunny tail near her rear end. She placed a small black mask upon her eyes, surrounding them so they wouldn't get a good look at what she looked like to be exact. Hearing her alias name being called, she stepped onto the small stage, pass the red velvet curtains, and in front of the crowd of men, all giving wolf howls and cat calls. She gave a shy smile, the smoke and liqour smell burning her nose as she did her job, dance for the men and earn money, and tips.


Julia finally came to a stop, an alley below holding two woman, and one of them was dripping blood from their outfit.

"I have found you, demons of earth," she mumbled, and jumped down, her hair flapping as she went down five stories and unraveling her chain and stakes.

"Say hello to my friends, Vampires!" She exclaimed and held the two metal bars in her hands, ready to plunge them into the one that was closest to her decent.

((minor Aritocrat vampires))
Roxanne walked back to her house really dissapointed about her walk, she then reached the door and entered
((Sorry, but Rozen left. She gone home, I guess.)
((I just said above that it was some minor ones, not you guys))
(Oh, dats what I thought. I'm an idiot... BUt Rozen caused the masacer, not them. She works alone!)
*sweatdrop* Sorry I thought it was us I am gonna edit the post.
((Let's just say it was a different massacre at a different mall))

Alycia was dancing, the wads of money being placed in her shoes and all around her wasn't surprising. Looking up, she saw a young man with short black hair and a dark outfit, watching the room as if boredly. Looking closer, she saw the tips of pearly white fangs just barely showing from between his lips. She stiffled a gasp but continued her dance.

A vampire! But I don't know if he's one of the Arisocrats... I don't think I'll see him yet, maybe later though. She said in her mind, then backing up and giving a shy smile, then blowing a kiss to the men below her. Her next act wasn't out for a whlie and she could use a break from the stifling smell of alcochol and smoke from inside the club.


Julia grinned at the two vampires, both of them thinking they could beat her with numbers alone. When will they ever learn? She never gave them time to attack, because she was sticking one metal stake through the one nearest to her, the screams of pain and the dead blood pouring out from the stab to the heart. The other one started to run, but she threw the other stake and it wrapped around that one. Pulling the one impaling the screaming vampire out, she yanked on her chain and the other came at her, back pointed straight at the other stake.

"Hope you have fun in Hell," she said, and the other started to scream as it's heart was stabbed through. Soon, they died and turned to ash, being swept away by a small breeze. Looking at the blood that was covering her, she huffed and walked away, flicking the weapon to rid of it most of the blood.
Jillian entered the mansion "So how was your walk?" Alexander asked "Horrible" She said, he just chuckled "We will have a meeting tomorrow night" He said, she nooded "All the heads of the others clans?" She asked, he nooded.
Rozen ears twitched at the sounds of screams, and her noes twitched as well. She closed the book, placing it on the bed. Rozen was a blur through the night as she ran. When she got to the area she shook her head. What idiots. Rozen began to follow the girl, making sure to stay out of site. Maybe I'll make a little more trouble. She looked at a nearby window, sucked in her breath, and let out an ear piercing scream. All the windows in the are shattered to pieces, and Rozen smirked.

(That will work.)
Roxane raised an eyebrown when she heard the scream, she then jumped out of the window of her room and started running.
Alycia's head whipped around, hearing the high pitched scream. Wincing some, she clutched at her stomach and gave a weary smile to the other ladies around her.

"Stomache," she simply said and sat back down, her fibs always working. She took a couple of deep breaths, as she looked around with a worried look upon her face. She knew that scream, and it was one of a a pureblood, or a very high level aristocrat. She chewed upon her sharp nails a bit but took it out and sighed. Worrying wouldn't do any good, so she went back to looking at herself in the mirror. Contrary to belief, all vampires could see themselves in the mirror and they doo appear in photographs. It's just if they don't want to appear, they don't. It was rare for her to be in a picture, because she was so 'shy' as her family said. She sighed some more. She was in for a rough night.


Alycia heard the scream and felt shards of glass whip around her body, only to brush against her exposed skin and leaving thin red lines. Turning around, she saw no one but her instincts were telling her 'move you fool or you're dead!'
Rozen grinned at the girl, wind whipping her hair in front of her face. I'll teach you to mess with aristocats. She got into a stance that was like a cat ready to leap. Rozen jumped, but could not be seen because she was only a blur. She skidded on the roof of the building on the other side. "Where are you looking?" Rozen yelled to the girl, an evil grin on her face.
Julia seemed to whip her head around, her visor now going to black out mode and enhancing her hearing some. What good would her eyes do if she couldn't see the enemy. She heard the wound of something whisling through the air and ducked just in time, backing up some and making a stab to the sounds of feet touching the ground, and only scrapped against the vampiric flesh.

"I really want to hear you scream in pain, but you seem to be making it difficult Vampire," Julia said, jumping as a sweeping kick was aimed at her legs, and she kicked with her leather clad boots, getting the aristrocrat vampire in the head and knocking her backwards. Exhaling, she grinned and licked at her lips, not having this much fun in such a long time.
Rozen caught her self on a wall, and felt her cheek. "Oh look at what you've done. I'll have to torture you bad now." She said with an evil grin. She straitned herself and brushed off her clothes, noicing a spot of blood she had missed. "These were hard to steal too." Rozen said, trying to rub out the stain. She shrugged and turned back to her enemy. Suddenly Rozen was behind her, a claw to her neck. "I'd be careful when messing with me. I may not be a pureblood, but I'm the only aristocat of my group to survive in an attack by purebloods. I was pretty young then too."
Julia felt a smirk grace her face and she whiped her stake around and made to stab at the aristocrat.

"I survived five purebloods at once, only losing my hair to them," she said, ducking once more to another claw swipe but was caught in the stomach by the vampire's foot.
She hit the wall but straightened up and coughed a little as dust rose. She listened once more, and stabbed with both her stakes towards her right side, snagging the cloth of the vampires clothes. Going with the momentum, she swung one of the stakes around and feeling it wrap around something, hearing the slap of flesh against metal, she knew she caught the vampire, if only by something.

"And I hope you have fun burning in hell, demon," she said and made to stab at the vampire once more, but she missed and hit the building, a comical expression upon her face.

"Ah I knew I should have switched back to normal mode on these things," she grumbled out, and hearing the sound of claws going through the air, Julia ducked once more and leapt back several paces.
Rozen picked up the black rose necklace, looking at it lovingly. "To think, you could have taken this. Or at least scratched it." She whispered, holding it to her chest. "I would surely have to send you into a never ending nightmare or something. I mean, this is very, terribly special." Rozen tied it around her neck and turned back to her enemy. "Now, I wish for you to sleep. Not for long, but long enough for me to get home and go to bed." She smiled dully, almost insultingly. Rozen took a deep breath, getting her voice ready, then sang out a lulaby. ((Don't feel like putting it down.)) When she was done, Rozen dissapeared sliently. She laid down on her bed and looked at the photo again. "Promise not to lose it Dark. I promise." Rozen whispered and curled up in bed, making sure no light could come in. As she fell asleep, her features turned to one of a four year olds, cute and peacefull.
Kari had been sitting in the park righting music and she noticed the sun starting to come up so she started sprinting back ot her small apartment flat and she got in and shut the shades as the sun was coming up and started sleeping peacefully.
Roxanne was back into the house, she was sitting in a big sofa just looking at the ceiling thoughtfully, when suddenly a small knife flied toward her, she then caught the knife inches away from her face whit her fingers a smirk in her face "What exactly are you doing?" She asked to her brother the one that trowed the knife, he srughed as he smirked "Wanted to see if you were on guard" He said, she just put the knife on a nearby table "Bored?" She asked "Yeah" He said simply
Alycia was running home now, the hood of her black coat pulled over her face as the sun was slowly rising. Just when she had closed the door to her small, run down apartment and closed the shades, she heard a small beeping noise from her alarm clock, signaling the rise of the sun. Turning it off, she changed out of her uniform and into lavender nightgown and chained herself to the bed once more, placing the key in her mouth sideways as she fell into a blissful sleep.

Julia watched as the sun rose and growled in frustration. She didn't want to go back to work! Not now!!!! Seeing that her pray has left, she sighed and left as well, and came to her own apartment, ready to sleep for a few hours and let herself heal.
Rozen yawned as she woke up, and streatched like a kitten. She looked around, makining sure everything was right. When she inspected everything from her bed, Rozen got up and changed into a black hooded sweatshirt and black baggy pants. On the back of her shirt was the word DEATH in blood read letters. She ran out the door, looking at the crescent moon. After a long gaze, she ran off.
Alycia noted dully that her alarm clock was beeping, and the cold of the night was setting in. Unlocking the chains that bound her, she turned off the alarm and looked at her work scheduale.

"I don't have to work for a couple of nights," she said to herself, and went over to the armoire once more. She finally chose a small, black, tubetop shirt with belt straps and a black sailor collar, a short black skirt that went to her knees, a pair of black boots, black gloves that went up to her eblow, and a silver necklace that had the Los Illuminados symbol upon the crimson pendant (if you haven't played Resident Evil: 4, you will have no clue what it looks like). Stepping out of her apartment, she looked up at the silver moon, which was whiter then her hair, and walked along the sidewalks, her boots gently thumping against the ground with each step. Passing by here was a group of laughing and giggling girls, who sneered at her, thinking her to be goth. She felt herself scoff mentally but she continued onwards.

"They will never learn..." she mumbled to herself, coming upon a small costume store, an idea stricking her. She fingered the money pouch she kept hidden between her ...ahem assests and walked inside, figuring she had enough to buy a few things.


Julia was not a happy camper, that's for sure. So far, she was late for work, had to work overtime, and filled and signed about 500 packets of teh same thing over and over again. She'd rather be at home then hunting tonight but sadly, once she finds a vampire, she was sworn to chase it no matter what, or if she died. Sighing, she closed her briefcase and clocked out, waving bye to a good friends of hers, and walked along the light of the street lamps, her eyes trained around her to keep an eye out for danger.
Rozen watched from her usual pole, sitting like a cat on the top. She scanned everything, hood up making her look like a shadow. Once she was sure everything was clear she hopped down, and began to walk through the streats. People backed away from her, thinking she was going to murder them at any second. Don't worry, it isn't your time yet. She smirked as she stopped at a recording building. Rozen leaned against the building, listening to the girl singing inside, wishing it could be her. She walked away and just roamed the streets.
Roxanne walked trought the streets lost in her thoughst like all the nights, she looked at the moon and shighed, suddenly she stopped when saw in a music shop a violin, she looked at it a sad expeccion in her face, but then she just turned around and closed her eyes angrily.
Rozen finally took her hood down and fixed her hair, tying it in one ponytail. She noticed the pureblood she had seen yesterday and put her hood back up. Rozen noticed her eyes shut angrily, and the music shop next to her. "So, you wish you were human sometimes too?" She asked her softly, hood still up.
"No" Roxanne said angrily as she looked at the floor angrily "No" She repeated sadly in a whisper to herself.
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